March 04, 2007

Colight's Newest Video

Colight has long been one of the standard bearers in the online SF production world. Recently, it seems the owner has had a few setbacks which have slowed things a little, but the site is still pumping out hard edged and well lit smoking videos. Maybe not as prolific as some of the other SF sites, but as I've said before, you don't see a Colight video without a serious, heavy smoking model(s). This may hurt in some other areas, but like all of this, that is just subjective. The most recent new production is a single model video with Ramona, pictured below.woman smoking heavy exhale  

February 11, 2007

Bob's Videos

black woman smoking in bra












this pic from Bob's Videos shows what I think is a great talent of Bobs, finding sleek and fit looking models who are sultry smokers. Some have commented here that Bob may have loat his focus a little and does not concentrate enough on smoking. That may be true, although Bob has never claimed to be smoking fetish only. The site still looks like its producing quality content to me.  

January 17, 2007


Dragginladies is the most trafficked of the sites producing their own content according to Alexa rankings. I think its a nice site, with over 100 models in various pics and video sets.I've heard the criticism that many of the models are not real smokers, and I think there is some validity to that. Its obvious that the owners want to mix in other things along with the smoking, but I would have to say that the smoking is still the focus of the site. Whether or not models like Shy Love, pictured below, are high enough quality smokers for your membership money will have to be your call.   

brunette smoking in bikini

December 09, 2006

Specialized Videos...

blonde woman exhaling smokeis one of the long running, high quality PG smoking fetish sites out there who has set the standard for the SF community. I had not blogged much aboout them because there seemed to be a question, for a while, of whether the owner would be able to continue putting out his well known work. It seems as though he has, and no one can argue with the output over the years. Over 80 titles available, most on both DVD and VHS, which is a huge bonus for many fans. Specialized Videos has always stayed true to the SF community, with well lit productions and a wide array of smoking models. In viewing their work, I would say that I think they are a little bit top heavy on pricing, but there is no arguing the quality of their work, I'm a fan and will continue to be, maybe you should renew acquaintances or check them out for the first time yourself.     

November 10, 2006

Smoking Site: English Girls Smoking

two women smoking smoke in the faceThis one looks like it is going to be a pretty good one, too. English Girls Smoking is , as you might guess, a site based out of England with in real life English girls doing the smoking. The site is PG, focused only the girls smoking in everyday settings. Volumes of about 1 hour in length are available for download and the prices look pretty good. Up until now, I thought Smoking Rachel's Clip Store had the best price for length of content, but this one might be just as good or better, depending on the exchange rate (its priced in pounds). The sample clip I saw was good quality and lighting. Right now there appear to be 5 or 6 different models, so the variety is there or looks like it will be there. I'm going to keep an eye on this site.

October 14, 2006


two girls smoking














I've posted before of course, about Colight and the wonderful job that I think they do with the filming of exhales and, of course, edgier or 'dark side' stuff for those fans that are into that sort of thing. This pic is a great example of the "smoke in the face" act that some fans find enticing, for me its one of those female to female smoke in the face pics that I like and, of course, filmed very well to accentuate the exhale.  

September 18, 2006

Smoke Signals Website...

two girls smokingSmoke Signals
is one of the oldest, and probably, the most well known of the smoking fetish/glamour websites. Until recently, they even had a print magazine to boot. They have a large member's area, though almost all of the content is from other producers, both past and present, not original smoke signals material. To be honest, I was a little disappointed during the time I had a membership, there were tons of pics, but not that much video as most of their video content seems to be in the downloadable/pay per minute site.   Also, I would like to see some changes on their site, the pic above for this blog-while undeniably hot, has been on the home page since at least 1998. But, they are still the kings and there is no better place to get a wide varay of smoking material, from PG to XXX and all variations in between. 

September 06, 2006

Smoking Site Review: 1000 Cigarettes

woman doing french inhale1000 cigarettes is a site which is run by Canadia smoking model Jessica.

Jessica is a "next level" smoking model, with incredibly thick and always well lit exhales and is very proficient at snap inhales and french inhales as well.

Her site contains DVDs for purchase and download. YOu can join for web site access for $19.95 per month. Jessica seems fairly prolific, I drop by every once in a while and there do seem to be regular updates.

One thing to knwow going in is that this is strictly a one model smoking glamour site; there are non other models on the site other than Jessica. Also, don't let the 2257 warning on the home page fool you one way or the other, this is strictly a PG-13 site all the way. I would like to see more variety in the clips, the all seem to be shot in the same location with the same type theme, which is Jessica smoking and talking to you a little bit. But, it obviously works and, if you like this smoking model and pretty much just want to see her smoke in the same way over and over  , this site will be a dream come true for you.       

September 01, 2006

Smoking Site: Specialized Videos

women exhaling smoke through nostrilsSpecialized Videos is a high quality, long standing smoking glamour site that had been down for a while, I believe due to the illness of the producer, but now seems to be back up and running. There is no question that this is a quality site with dozens upon dozens of DVDs available for purchase, and most titles also available in VHS as well. The members site seems to be priced right around average, 19.95 per month recurring, 79.95 for six months. I have never joined the members area, but it seems from the site that the videos are in MPEG, which makes them bigger and slower to download than WMV. There isn't a clear indication ofr how much content is in the member's area, it says 200+ vids of an average of 1 minute, selected for their high quality. So, its video club content is significantly less than, say, Smoking Rachel's site which is creeping up towards 30 hours of content for its member's area. On the other hand, I haven't seen another site with more smoking only DVDs available, and the models like Courtney above, all seem to bo upper echelon smokers. Hopefully, this quality site will remain up for some time to come.

Oh, by the way, speaking of Rachel, she wanted me to give a shout out for her own smoking blog, saying she tries to post about twice a week with pics of her models and the scoop of what is going on and coming up in her growing smoking site.     

August 04, 2006

The Smokemistress Website...

leather domina smokingis one of the older ones on the net. This pic is not of Smoke Mistress hereself, but one of her mondels. Smoke Mistress has been on the net and in the community even before she got her own site, she did some vids for Second Hand Smoking about ten years ago or so.

I'be been to the site many times, the pics and sample vids are good with regard to smoking content, although there doesn't seem to be the variety of models or frequency of updates that you will find on some of the other leading sites. I don't think this is Smoke Mistress's full time job. The themes seem to be heavy on smoking domination, with a lot of latex, as in this picture, smoke in the face, and the whole smoking "slave" thing. I've never joined as a member, but I did get a video a few years back. I think its safe to say that any and all models who shoot for this site are not only IRL smokers, but really "in" to the whole thing, probably being real life submissives to Smoke Mistress.     

July 24, 2006

Smoking-Models Website....

two girls smokinghas changed its look and, if what I hear is true, is under new management. This is another British site with excellent pics and video for download.

Previoulsy, I blogged that the only problem that I had with this site is that, in their descriptions of what they are selling, they did not tell you how much time the package lasts, instead relying on the description of how many MB's are contained. This seems to have been rectifiled, however, and I like the new look of the site, complete with new samples in WMV that, I think, really help.

The site still caters only to the smoking fetish, with no nudity or porn, although, as you can see by the pic I used on this blog, they have nothing against sexy poses. Which is good.

I'm going to be checking out smoking-models a little bit more with its new look. Also, like some of the other really good smoking sites out there, its apparent that they put a premium on getting good looking smoking models for their shoots.Yes, this is subjective, but you know what I mean. Its clear that they are not trying to find just any multi pack smoking/hacing female for the videos and I think this makes it a site worth keeping an eye on...not to mention bookmarking.

June 17, 2006

A New Smoking Site...

big bust blonde smokingIts called Smoking Cinema and its yet another new thing from the energetic Rachel of Smoking Rachel notoriety.

Rachel tells me that this site will feature only full length smoking dvds, region free coding so they should work fine for international customers.

As of right now, there are about 4 or 5 full length DVDs for sale at the new site, Rachel says more will be added soon and that she is going to try to "recruit" other producers to make their DVD products available there, too.


So, if you are a Smoking fetish movie producer, or just want to make one video, you might want to talk to Rachel about the possibility of having your movie(s) up on smoking cinema for purchase. 

Also, right now Rachel also has available there memeberships and clip packages of herself and some of her smoking models. She tells me that she is working on pay per minute downloadable smoking movies as well. So, there is yet another new smoking site out there for all of you to check out. Let me know what you think. 

June 08, 2006

New Galleries Coming on the Main Site

blonde girl smokingThere will be new galleries of smoking models posted on the main site soon, with real smoking pictures like the one on the left of this post with smoking model Lyndsey.

From now on ,there will be regular updates in the form of new pictures and galleries. I am working on a script that will allow anyone to upload pictures, which seems to work much better than email, of course.

The only requirements are that the pictures are of females, of legal age, non-nude, and actually smoking. No fakes, please. I think its time that there is a new archive of smoking pics on the 'net, the ones we have are great, but some of those pics are so old...there is always fresh material, or there should be, out there to satisfy the smoking fetishist. 

June 05, 2006

Another New Model at Smoking

busty brunette smokingIt looks like Smoking Rachel has added yet another young smoking beauty to her growing stable of smoking models.

Rachel tells me that this new model is named Kristen, and pics of her can be found on Rachel's homepage, clips in her VIP Room, and downloadable clips in Rachel's smoking clip store

It seems that Kristen is just an occassional smoker, but from the pics I saw its clear that she "gets it", so to speak. she is also a dancer who has worked as a cheerleader for both a professional football and hockey team. Keep it up, Rachel...keep finding us these interesting new smoking models...and don't forget to bring back some of the previous ones, too! 

May 05, 2006

Smoking Site: Smoking Heaven

busty blonde smokingI recently came across a smoking site called Smoking Heaven. I don't think it is a really new site, but I was not familiar with it. It is a paysite with photos and video for members, and it appears that is UK based, as most of the preview models are British, but the prices seem to be in USD.

There is definitely nudity, but there does not seem to be any hardcore porn. The pics and videos show very beautiful, often voluptuos, girls who seem to be real and sexy smokers. There is both cigarette and cigar action for those who enjoy that variety.

Anyone out there who know more about this site, or can comment on the potential benefits of membership, is welcome to comment. Thanks a buch for all the comments so far and keep them coming.

April 04, 2006

Site Review

brunette girl smokingOne of the very best, and most trafficked, smoking sites out there is Angels Ultimate Smoking Archive, which is run by an individual male (as he clearly states on his homepage) wh omerely collects and posts galleries containing nothing but smoking pictures of females. You can't get any better than that, although those of you who like to see clips will have to do it elsewhere.

That being said, there isn't much more that you could ask for with regards to pictures. There are literally hundreds of galleries on the site, each containing anywhere from a dozen to thirty or more pictures of smoking females. The site is broken down into different themed galleries, such as exhales, inhales, cigars, black and white, celebrities, vintage, lesbian, domination, and so on. There is, literally, something there for everyone, from nude to smoking glamour and everything in between. Also, you will find galleries dedicated to known smoking mistresses of the web, such as Celeste, Ali, and Smoking Rachel. The site makes it easy for you to quickly assess what is newly posted by highlighting the new galleries in red. New galleries are updated frequently. Think of it as your one stop shopping for quality smoking pics on the 'net. And, the pics are almost all top quality. There is obviously a policy on pic submissions, as there are almost none of the dark, grainy, amateurish photos that come part and parcel with searching for smoking pics.

"Angel" does make sure you know who his friends are, however, as banner links are bountiful on this site. That turns off some, but I don't see how anyone can really complain when you look at the quality of the site, the frequency of updates and, hell, its free access. Also, there is a fairly active forum linked to the main site.

A must see for any female smoking afficianado surfing the 'net. My grade is an absolute  


March 22, 2006

Smoking Site Review

Suze Randall smoking picture


Suze Randall is a well known photographer of beautiful women and erotica on the 'net and her website  is one of the best and most erotic on the 'net. Fans of the smoking fetish who don't already know will be pleased to learn that Suze has a fairly large contingent of smoking related photos and sets, though not as large as some of the other genres on her site.

    This site does a wonderful job of catching the essence of the smoking niche, with erotically themed photo shoots and terrific lighting. Some of the relatively well known models and actresses who make appearances and/or have smoking phot sets in Suze's Smoking Lounge include Flick Shagwell, Justine Joli, Penny Fame (pictured above) and others from "B" movie actresses to well known webmistresses and porn stars.


     Suze's membership also offers an almost unlimited bevy of hardcore and softcore photo and video galleries, and this site seems to always ahve fresh content. Smoking fans who don't mind the intrusion of girl/girl or boy/girl softcore will have a hard time finding a better deal. On the other hand, the smoking sets don't seem to be updated as much or as fresh as the other genres, whether that is just my observation or a fact is something to figure out on your own. But, this is a site with nothing less than "A-" women and the smoking pictures are legitimate, not the unlit cigarette in the mouth variety that so many smoking fans know and loathe so much.


    It might come down to just what niche of the smoking fetish a particular fan falls into, those who need the women to be the best looking possible are going to be hard pressed to find a site with higher quality and/or more quantity than this; those who place the premium on the quality of the smoking will find this better than most, but not as good as some; those who insist on expert videography and photography of the smoking will be pleased; any smoke fetisher (and there are many) who have a disdain for nudity are not going to like Suze's site; for others it will be a balancing act. The price of Suze's site is definitely right considering the quality and quantity of the content.

    The only drawback from here is the relatively small quantity of smoking material relative to the rest of the site. But, that has to be offset against the enormity of the site as a whole, and the outstanding quality of the other aspects. My grade= B+