June 29, 2008

Unknown Redhead from Colight

woman smoking

This is a vidcap from a pretty good smoking fetish video I saw years ago produced by Coherent Light. It featured three women smoking in a leather domme scene and this redhead was the best, in my opinion. As with all videos from Coherent Light, all the models were seriously heavy smokers. I don't know her name and I don't think she ever did another video that I'm aware of. I don't know the name of the video, but if you see it somewhere, go ahead and pick it up. 

September 04, 2007

More Specialized Videos

There is something to be said for doing basically one thing and doing it right, and that is the deal with Specialized Videos. From my past membership, I can tell you that all the clips are pretty much shot in the same location/setting with the same lighting. Different models, of course, no frills, but excellent work if you like their work. I think you probably will if you don't need to see much different than this pic.blonde smoking

February 27, 2007

Tara Now at Smoking Rachel

woman smoking sunglasses


Smoking Rachel tells me that there is a new model on her site this month, actually three new smoking models, but I will only deal with one per blog post.

Her name is Tara and she is a college student with her heart set on med school who has been smoking since her teen years.

Some of her content is up in Rachel's VIP Room and she also has clips for indiviudal download in Rachel's clip store.

Its always neat when we get to welcome a promising new smoking model to the scene, hopefully lots of smoking fans out there will enjoy Tara's work.  

August 27, 2006

Smoking Site Review: Smoking Bunnies

This is a site I just found recently on the net, and I don't know too much about it, but wanted to give it some props in case there are some of you out there, liker me, who don't know about it. The pics on the homepage, as you can see from the pic on the blog, seem to be high quality and so, we can guess that the guys running the site really "get it" and understand the type of quality we're looking for.

I think the site is definitely "R" and might even be XXX, but I don't know for sure, one of you will have to take the plunnge and join, then let me know. So, even as some old reliable sites such as Specialized Videos seem to be on the way out, there are new ones like this one to try and fill their shoes. 


girl smoking in cowboy hat

Smoking Site: Visual Smoke

Visual Smoke has been talked about in this blog before, it is a high quality one man site that has been on the web for years, and is serious about focusing on the glamour aspect of the fetish as its a PG 13 site. The owner is based out West, has produced several quality videos, and the members area is very reasonablyh priced. I also hear that there is a new release coming soon. This is the kind of site that I feel we in the smoking fan community owe it to ourselves to support in any way that we can.


mature blonde smoking 



Smoking Site Review: Lady Madonna Undercover

As I blogged about a while back, previously high quality and PG-13 site Lady Madonna opened a sister site that shows nudity with the high rez and quality smoking models that the site has always had. This pic is of model Paris, who seems to be one of the newer smoking models at the Undercover portion of the site.

When they announced the opening of the naughty site, they said that very few models would be in both places, though there are some. But, it's pretty clear that the quality of smokers has not gone down one inch, which is a very good thing to hear for fans of this excellent site.


brown haired model smoking 

July 18, 2006

Another Smoking Penthouse Girl...

penthouse pet smokingis rumored to be coming to Smoking Rachel's site very soon. Rachel scored her first coup with a Penthouse Pet a couple of months ago with Layla, pictured on the left.

Rachel tells me that October Penthouse Cover girl Melissa Jacobs is scheduled to shoot  with Rachel sometime soon. Like Layla, Melissa is an in real life smoker and Rachel tells me that she is looking to do an even better job of videography with her top tier models.

Well, it seems lile Rachel is doing just fine as it is, and if she keeps getting smoking Penthouse models, she can count on the readers of this blog hearing about it, that's for sure. Rachel has promised me some vidcaps of Melissa to post here as soon as she shoots with her, so keep your eyes peeled.       


July 16, 2006

A little love for Random Snaps...

woman smoking on the street

As I've said many times before on this blog, the guys at Random Snaps  have some of the best videograohy out there on their site. I love pics like this one. Though it is no doubt "staged", its got that candid flavor while still doing a great job of capturing the exhale. In fact, on this point, as well as their variety of models. I think they are among the best.  

July 03, 2006

Updated Galleries on the main site

busty brunette smoking

There has been a long needed update to the galleries page of the main site. I know its been a long time since new pics were posted, but time has a way of slipping away, you know? Anyway, there are about a dozen new pics of some of Rachel's best new smoking models, like the one of Kristen that is decorating this post. Look for me to update the galleries no less than once a month from here on out, we can't be going a couple of months without new pics, now can we?  

May 24, 2006

A New Smoking Model....

blonde girl smokingis at Her name is Layla and, from the looks of her pics on Rachel's home page, she is one sultry smoker in addition to being a Paris Hilton lookalike.

Layla is a professional model who has been featured in both Playboy and Penthouse magazines, so she is quite a coup for Rachel.

Rachel had told me she was in the hunt to snag an upper level model and, its looks like she lived up to her word. Rachel says that Layla's pics and videos are coming real soon in her member's area and also at her clip store


April 11, 2006

Smoking Rachel Video

smoking rachelFirst, lets get the full disclosure out of the way, smoking rachel is a very big contributor and supporter of this site. So, with that out there, I wanted to tell you about one of her videos called "Cigar Central". Its an all cigar DVD, running approximately one hour, and features Rachel smoking cigars in a variety of poses, both inside and outside, in a variety of outfits such as the one in the picture to the left. For thos eof you who love women smoking cigars, this is your thing. Rachel inhales her cigars, so its not just a posing or puffing thing with her: you'll see french inhales, open mouth inhales, and even some nostrils in this DVD. The lighting for the smoke is good, although the videography could be better. Its not bad, but I don't want you to think I'm saying it is absolute top of the line, either. It was one of Rachel's earlier DVDs, and judging from some of the clips at her clip store    , its jut getting better. Also, this video just features Rachel, and not some of her other smoking models that she worked with after the filming of this , some of who smoke and inhale cigars just like she does. As I said, the video is on DVD and Rachel does have chapter breaks for you in the menu, which is good. Unlike some of Rachel's later DVDs, there is not much talking or skit scenes in this movie, which is either a plus or a minus depending on your point of view. Also, I could have done without the background music in some of the segments. However, this is a quality cigar video , and Rachel's site shows a large  selection of cigar videos for those of you interested in that specific aspect of the smoking fetish. You can get "Cigar Central" at Rachel's Order page, where she has all of her videos available, all on DVD, with a promise of more to come. Also, there is a  very good write up on Rachel in the two most recent editions of Smoke Signals Online.  My grade on this DVD: B+

April 06, 2006

Smoking Site Review: Celeste

celeste smokingCeleste has one of the oldest member sites out there, and I've been a member on more than  one occaasion. Celeste is gorgeous, imminently sexy, and a terrific smoker. Her smoking pictures and videos show variety and she works with several different models in her smoking sets and her videos.

Those of you who are  into sites where  the females are smoking only should no that  Celest's site features many fetishes: balloons, domination, girl/girl, etc. There is, of course, nudity, but no hardcore, as Celeste only models with other women.

My most recent membership in Celeste's site was about three months ago, and, quite frankly, there was not a lot, if any, new content from my previous membership. It seems as if Celeste is focusing more on her booming Ifriends business. Also, she has hooked her membership up with a network of other amateur webmistresses, which seems to account for the numbers of pics and videos advertised elsewhere. However, if you have not seen Celeste's site or pics before, this is a quality smoking site, a reaonable amount of content, variety of models, good filming, a gorgeous and sexy star, and quality smoking. Its well worth your initial 9.95. My grade: B+