May 29, 2008

Smoking by Suze Randall

This is a pretty good picture from Suze Randall's site, which has a smoking section in its member's area, which is long on stunning models, excellent photography, and superberb lighting, but short on a volume of actual smoking. There is some, to be sure, but the potential of this site in the smoking fetish and what it delivers are far apart.

woman blowing smoke in womans face

March 01, 2007

Alana at Lady Madonna

In my opinion, one of the more outstanding smoking models currently on the 'net is Alana from Lady Madonna . I think that she only does sets for the PG site, not the naughty version. Its fairly rare to see black smoking models, so when you add that to Alana's beauty and smoking prowess, it makes her stand out all the woman smoking

February 09, 2007

Smoking Hot 120

There is a new smoking fetish site out there called Smokinhot120, featuring smoking model Deannia. The home page says that its focus is smoking women from California, so I don't know if there are other models on tap, but for right now its the sultry and classy looking Deannia who, as you might guess, has a preference for 120s. Right now there are just dvds available on the site, I don't know if there will be a members area and/or downloadable clips. But this is one to keep an eye on.brunette woman smoking glasses

January 31, 2007

See What I Mean About Suze.Net

I've said before that Suze Randall's site does some of the most alluring smoking shoots, though most of the site is focused on other things. But, in the few non-nude or adult sets that they have done that feature smoking, you can't top some of their scenes and the way they pose the models. In fact, Rachel told me that, before Melissa Jacobstwo women smoking shot for her site last year, she had done a set 

for Suze Randall's site.

January 30, 2007

Specialized Videos

woman smoking thick exhalehas made a real strong "comeback", so to speak, after it was in kind of a holding pattern for a while due to the health issue with its owner. Well, he is back and producing high quality content, just as before and it seems-according to Alexa-that its traffic was never better.

There is something to be said for a site like Specialized that does so muc in its own focal point of the niche, and never wavers from what it wants to do and does best.

That is a lesson that I think could be learned by some of the other sites.

On the other hand, you have to wonder what could happen with this site if it tried some things a little more outside of the box with different settings, somed new themes, etc. But, you can't argue with its success and, more important, the quality of the work. There is never an issue with lighting or the models correctly understanding the fetish. I think we will see this site alive and kickin' for some time to come. 

January 24, 2007

More from Random Snaps

This well lit exhale pic is another quality entry from Random Snaps, who always chirn out top notch smoking pictures, many of which end up decorating this blog. To me, nothing beats an exhale pic that is well lit and shows a thick stream of smoke coming form the mouth or nose of a pretty model. You just can't beat that, guys.woman exhaling smoke

January 17, 2007

Bobs Videos...

One of the oldest and most reknowned of the SF sites, but it doesn't seen to generate as much "buzz" on the message boards as you would think it deserves..., and I'm not sure why. The work is high quality, I have purchased a couple of videos so I'm speaking from direct experience. There is a god quantity of smoking models, including some of the well known like Penny Flame, Jewell Marceau, and Smoking Mary Jane as well as others. And, some of these models are not exactly overexposed on the 'net, as many of them are not smoking fetish only. One of the issues might be that there isn't a lot, if any the last time I checked, downloadable or pay per view material which seems to be the way the community is starting to strongly prefer for their material. I'm also not sure that all of the titles are available on DVD. But, I doubt that there is a producer who puts more in terms of cost into a production, though smoking models might be close.   

two women smoking 

January 06, 2007

In Real Life

is probably the most well stocked of the SF sites of them all. Its been up for years, there are tons of dvds, vhs, and pics, over a hundred models, quality seems to be decent. It does seems that the models are on the whole the "girl next door" types, without as much emphasis on the getting the real glamour models, but a lot that is subjective. I was a member briefly years ago, and have also bought a couple of videos. No complaints, though I will say a very high percentage of the shoots take place in the exact same setting. On the other hand, why change what obviously works for you.In real life also has some nudity and sex stuff, but does not skimp on the smoking aspect, so do not confuse this with a porn site trying to sucker you in. I can't say that its my favorite site, but it is one of the best out there, no doubt. 

blonde woman smoking

January 05, 2007

Smokin' Babe Site...

I don't know much about this site, just reacently found it on the net, recently. The models pictured on the home page are really pretty, but there is not much in the way of preview for video. It seems tantalizing, but I would say that the price for recurring membership is a little on the high side when compared to some of the other SF membership sites out there...but it may be worth it, I don't know, someone who does know drop me a comment. 

big bust woman holding cigarette

January 02, 2007

Southern--Style vid by way of Noemie

This is one of those hard core smoking videos where the models smoke themselves to the max in a race, in fact, its called "DA RACE"..., I found out about it at Southern Style, but it is a production from Noemie. You'vee got to love it when the smoke is so thick it blocks out one of the smoking models from view on the screen or the least if you are a fan of power smokint. Basically, it seems that these type of videos are just a high powered smoking race between the models.

one girl smoking face blowing smoke

two girls power smoking 

December 18, 2006

Superb Lighting By Specialized Videos...

  I really like the setup of a a smoking model playing cards, the ultimate girl in the "smoke filled room" scenario. Some of the SF sites out there have done this well, like the pic on this post from Specialized Videos. Also, Random Snaps had a few card playing themed sets and Smoking Rachel just added a two girl cigar smoking and playing cards movie to her member's area.  women exhaling smoke playing cards  

















November 29, 2006

Another eyer opening pic from Random Snaps

and its can sound like a broken record, but I think Random Snaps does the best job of the SF non-porno sites in capturing the fetish at its best quality and combining it with the sultry, understated "sexy" edge. I don't know, you might think thats BS, but to me, anyone can pay a model who is willing to stick a cigar or cigarette in her nether regions, but something like this pic, at least for a number of us, works a lot better when incorporated with the symbolism of a good looking smoking model.

tow women hugging and smoking

November 26, 2006

Smoking-Models Again...

two women smokingI think this new site is really looking good, it seems to update regularly and there are a good variety of new models and, as you can see, the lighting and smoking quality seems to be very good.

As I think I said in a previous post, I think that the prices of the volumes are a little steep for the download volumes, which are generally about an hour. On the other hand, you can download the content and its yours, plus there are a good set of preview pics and clips to give you a good idea of what each voume is about.

So, keep your eye on smoking-models, I think its going to give Smoking Rachel a run for the most energetic newer PG smoking glamour site.  

November 17, 2006

Force Smoking Site

women smoking face blowing Force smoking is the sister site of Quebec Smoke, who I blogged about recently. Force Smoking is, as you would think, a lot more about the dark side or edge of the smoking fetish, something webmistress Noemie has been known for on the net for years. two women smoking face blowingAgain, the pics and the sample vids seem to be of pretty good quality, and for those of you who like you're smoking models to be doing some serious face blowing into the faces of both male and female "victims" this is your site. As is the case with most scenarios that are dark side, like this site and Coherent Light, the models who participate are obviously very heavy smokers in real life.   






November 06, 2006

New Smoking Model...

woman smoking nostil mouth exhaleat Smoking Rachel's site is coming in the next update of the member's area on November 10.

Rachel tells me her name is Shelby and she is a model with some New York City runway experience who is a relatively new smoker with a general preference for Black & Mild cigars.

Judging from the neat combo exhale pic I copied from Rachel's site for this blog post, the member's of Rachel's VIP Room have something to look forward to with Shelby. 

November 03, 2006

Brooke From Visual Smoke

woman smoking a cigar












Most of you are probably aware of the high quality work done by Visualsmoke, as they put out high end smoking glamour videos featuring serious in real life smokers. And there is another one out there for you now, Harmony & Brooke, which is going to be available in DVD and in the member's area of that site. To be honest, I'm not sure if this is Harmony or Brooke in the pic, but when there is a pic with a cigar combo nostril/mouth exhale as good as this one, I don't sweat the details too much.  Hopefully, this site will continue to pump out this kind of content for a long time to come...if you can, get yourself a membership for a few months. The $12.95/month price is well worth it and one of the best deals out there for the level of quality that you will get.     


November 01, 2006

New Site for Melissa Jacobs...

meliisa jacobs smokingthe October '05 Penthouse centerfold who did a couple of smoking shoots for Smoking Rachel last summer.

Melissa's new site is obviously designed by pros and is, to say the least, very nice to look at although parts of it are still under construction. I know from seeing some of her clips shot by Rachel that Melissa is a regular smoker who loved doing her smoking fetish shoot and, according to Rachel herself, will be shooting again.

When we smoking fans have a Penthouse Pet at the top of her game who is willing and able to provide us with top quality content, I think we should support her all we can in whatever she make dang sure you check out her new site often, join it if you can. I will keep you posted as to when Melissa Jacobs will appear on Rachel's site again.  


October 30, 2006

Random Snaps

girl smoking at card tableWell, as you know, I've blogged time and time again about the quality of Random Snaps, the UK based site that is the best at putting out quality pics on a regular basis...with the arguable exception of Colight, they are second t none when it comes to lighting.

What I really like about this picture is the backdrop of the woman smoking while playing cards, the stereotypical smoke filled card game. I don't know why, but this scenario really appeals to me.

Smoking Rachel has told me that she is planning to do a shoot with this type of theme, only it will be with the models smoking cigars. She said that she has previously done a couple of clips like this, but she was not happy with the lighting and she wants to focus on this particular thing for one shoot.   

Tall Goddess Smokes

tall blonde woman smokingTall Goddess if a 6 foot tall glamour model from Germany by way of London who is now living in L.A. and producing her own line of fetish videos. As you might guess, her body of work inclues several smoking sets, especially the face blowing/domination variety. She has a pay site, which I was a member of a couple of years back. It was well worth it, as she indulges pretty much everything except boy-girl hardcore. The smoking was one of the more substantial portions of the site, and, as you can see from this pic, she is at the top of the scale when it comes to beauty and the sultry aspect of smoking, she knows what it is about. I don't know that I feel good giving her site a big thumbs up when I have not been a member for such a long time, but unless its a lot worse than it used to be-and I doubt that it is-it will be great even for fans who just want quality smoking pics and vids, its there.   

October 26, 2006

Smoking Model: Lana Cox

blond smoking in lingerieLana Cox is a Russian model who lives in Britain and used to run her own site, which primarily dealt with smoking was a big site, she did custom videos (including one for yours truly), she had a big members area, and did some sets with other models.

It wasn't completely smoking fetish, there was plenty of nudity and girl-girl stuff, no hardcore.

Then, she just disappeared from the net. Its been a couple of years now, I've looked for her here and there but nothing. Fortunately, a whole lot of her old picture sets are still on the web, particularly at Angel's Smoking Fetish Archive. 

October 18, 2006

Smoking Site: Karen Smoking

Karensmokingis a new smoking site that I have not had a chance to check out, yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so. It seems like this is a one model site, if I'm not mistaken, but judging on the pictures that I have see, she certainly looks very good and the smoking seems to legit. I'll talk more about it later when I know more.  

women smoking

September 08, 2006

Smoking Sites: Dragginladies

It kind of surprises me to realize that I have been blogging about smoking sites and other smoking glamour related topics for a few months now and have not mentioned or done a blog on dragginladies as of yet, one of the older and most trafficked (according to Alexa) smoking fetish sites out there on the web. Dragginladies is a huge site with 40 plus models, and there is an obvious emphasis on Asian models, though they do not make up the entire smoking model cast...I have never formally joined the site, but I have read and heard criticism of of it from the hard core smoking fan corner with regard to the smoking abilities of some of the models, saying the emphasis is more on style than substance. I can see both sides of the argument, there is an incredible number of models and a ton of content, but most of the pics and sample videos I have seen would lead me to believe that there is a heck of a lot more holding and posing than real smoking, and some of the models I have seen are not in real life smokers, obviously. But, that's all subjective and one man's average smoker is another man's smoking dream boat. The model in the pic I used fo blonde woman smokingthis post is Sue Diamond, who they say is one of the better smokers they have had.