January 14, 2007

What I think about Smoking-Models...

its probably my favorite site for getting pics for this blog, as you might guess, but what I think I really like abouit it is that they capture the sdultry smoking angle on pretty much all of the pics and videos that I've seen. I mean, the models really get it,   and they seem to know how to play to the wishes of their unseen smoking fans. Not that other SF sites don't do this, but I'm just impressed with how frequently Smoking-Models is right on target. I also know that the new owner has the site going further into the area of "R" material, which is something that many SF fans want to see. But, I would not call it dark side. I think this site, along with Smoking Rachel, are the sites to keep an eye on as far as seeing change and new and better thinks in the SF community. Just my opinion.blonde woman smoking

November 27, 2006 Smoking Lounge

two women smoking face blowingHas always had some provacative and awesome pics in its "Smoking Lounge", but that was not updated regularly, at least when I was a member. But, is not focused just on the smoking fetish, but deals with pretty much every "mainstream" aspect and fetish in adult entertainment.

But, what it does have is choice and I decided to blog about this site again since it looks as if there is some new smoking content being added, so some of you might want to give the Lounge a try.

The quality of the content, lighting, and models is second to none.  

November 04, 2006

Quebec Smoke

Noemie has been producing smoking fetish content on the web for some time now and her latest site is Quebec Smoke which seems to be her own baby, most of her earlier video work is with Smoke Signals now. Noemie definitely walks on the edge, so to speak, with a lot of her work being forced smoking or in the in your face variety. Her current site seems to have a pretty good variety of models, and the videography is pretty good as well, judging from the few clips that I have seen. As you might think, Noemie is French Canadian and most all of the dialogue that I have heard in the clips is French, but that may or may not make a difference for some of you.

The pic here is from a clip she calls Extreme Smoking, where two models basically have a race to see who can smoke down their cigarette first. Its pretty intense, with some serious exhales going on, for a good part of the clip the smoke clouds are so thick that you can't really see the model's face. I'm guessing that some will really like this type of action and some won't be into it at all, but you can say that about almost anything. There is also some good cigar work on this site, though the models are always smoking those huge, huge, oversize cigars that don't do it for me as much as something a little more realistic.    


two women exhaling cigarette smoke

September 24, 2006

Smoking Site: Smoking Heaven...

I'm still not sure how I feel about the prospects of this site, Smoking Heaven. It is based in the UK, features multiple models, and seems to know what the fetish is all about and not pretend to be a smoking site when it is really a porn site. On the other hand, the previews, while there are some interesting and jaw dropping pics, does not deliver on sample clips that long promised nor is it readily apparent that the site is regularly updated. I have never joined, but did send an email inquiry a while back and heard notshing. I think the the previews are promising, but would be interested in hearing from anyone who has actually taken the plunge.

busty brunette woman smoking

September 07, 2006

Smoking Sites: The Smokegirls

girl in pink hat smoking This is a realtively new smoking site that I just recently came across. The set up is that all of the models offer webcams in addition to clips and videos, but all of it is custom, as the site says, you are in control. There are about twnety five girls or so, such as Cashmere, who is pictured here in this pic for the blog. Each girl has her own page with a little blurb about her smoking history and thoughts on smoking. The girls range a little in age and looks, but all seem to be in real life smokers. To me, the concept is nice, but the cost is a little high...they say video clip start at $1 per minute and $50 for 30 minutes of a webcame show...but I should also say that it does give the models the ability to negotiate their own prices if the want. Think of it sort of as a Southern Charms type idea, only with a total concentration on smoking and a much more pleasing interface and system that is easier to find your favorite smoking girl. It will be interestting to see how this site does.       

September 04, 2006

Smoking Sites: Smoking-Models

This is a British based site that has a name very similar to another high quality smoking site, but its smoking-models with the hyphen. I blogged previously about how this site seemed to have changed ownership and, with all due respect, the change looks like its for the better. Its a little pricey, and the content is all availiable in downloadable volumes of approximately 1 hour each for $19.95 each. Not outrageously priced, but compared to what you get as a member to some sites like Visual Smoke, Lady-Madonna, and Smoking Rachel when you break it down in terms of how much content you get for every buck you spend.

On the other hand, the quality of models is first rate, they are all serious smokers, and they seem to update very regularly, so its definitely a good site to bookmark and check out again and again. The pic I chose to use for this blog is one of model Dani, who is not really a hooters girl, but I have no problem with the outfit, do you? As for the models, it appears that they are all high level models or adult performers over there in Britain, so those of you who rank looks very high will be pleased. I know I am.   


busty blonde smoking in hooters top 

September 02, 2006

Smoking Sites: Southern Charms:

Actually, Southern Charms is a huge collection of websites of amateur webmistresses, a lot of whom feature smoking on their sites. They also have a searchable database on their main panel, where you can search the sites for what you want to see, such as age, body type, and other things, including, of course, smoking. I was not a huge fan, as most of the sites are cookie cutter, and its hard to find individual sites through normal search engines, unless you know the specific URL.

But, there are some quality smoking pics and some of the weg gals are even willing to do custom videos as well. Its certainly a site to check out, specifically if you really like the girl next door thing for your smoking models.

woman smoking thick exhale 


August 23, 2006

Smoking Site Reviews: Bob's Videos

woman exhaling thick stream of smokeBob's Videos have long been at the forefront of putting out smoking fetish films, having been on the web and doing business for almost ten years now. Bob does a heck of a lot more than smoking stuff, with legs, heels, and some hardcore material on his site, which is foucsed primarily on full length movies as opposed to memberships and downloadable material as most of the sites out there are now. The thing I like about Bob's Videos is the obvious effort and money that Bob puts into his productions, most of the models are webmistresses or models, who are more expensive than amateurs, and you can see the effort in production that goes into the sets he uses. His material shows he really understands the fetish, although there is a lot of emphasis on the hardcore aspect of the fetish, particularly the smoking bj. Not necessarily my cup of tea but a real quality site without a doubt.      

August 20, 2006

Smoking Sweethearts is now "Southern Style"

girl exhaling smokeI'm not sure why the former "Smoking Sweethearts" site (formerly Twinkles Little Stars) changed its name to Southern Style

but I can state that the high quality content does not seem to be affected in anyway. PG-13 themed with a real good emphasis on well lit exhales makes them definitely one of my favorites. Also, they have a big number  of models on their site, which has been up under its different names for a number of years. I think this is a real good bonus, better than those sites where you see the same, or the same three or four, models all of the time. I'm not putting those sites down, because I know from pal Smoking Rachel how hard it is to find, pay, schedule, and shoot smoking models, so it is easy to use the old reliables when you find them. so when you have 15 or 20 plus models on a site, all the better.

Southern Style has a members area and videos for download. At $44, they are on the high side for vids, but the quality makes it worth it, in my opinion. You get what you pay for, guys.

August 14, 2006

Colight: Smoke in the Face...

girl blowing smoke in girl's faceColight is heavy on the domination aspect of the smoking fetish, so its no real surprise that the site has a lot of smoke in the face material, which along with forced smoking, is a big theme that you see over and over on the site. Not particularly my cup of tea, but when done right, like in the pic for this blog, I'm not complaining. Colight is really out there to satisfy those with the "dark side" of the fetish.

July 19, 2006

A Little Talk About Suze Randall...

woman smoking with holderwhich is probably the best site out there in representing the smoking fetish in glamour, of all of those sites who are not smoking only. I have been a member of Suze' site off and on, and my main thing as far as the smoking portion of the site goes is that Suze does not update her smoking section with new content as often as you'd like.

But, when it comes to quality of models and videography, its hard to beat her site, if it can be beat at all. For twenty bucks, you get a good amount of smoking material, although it is always in conjunction with some other theme. I don't know if there is enough content for the hardcore smoking fan, and, like I said, I don't think there is enough new content to satisfy  most of us. You might want to join for a month and see what you think.        

July 14, 2006

Another New Smoking Model...

girl nostril exhaling cigar smokeisup and at in Smoking Rachel's VIP Club.Her name is Lorie and she is a gregarious blonde model who seems to have a new  found love for cigars, as she smoked them primarily in her clips for Rachel.

As you can tell from the pic, Lorie inhales her cigars and I am such a sucker for cigar nostril exhales that it was no question which one of Rachel's pics of Lorie that I was going to use for this post.

Also, look for Lorie to have some of her clips selling in packages apart from Rachel's main site. 


July 05, 2006

Smoking Cinema Site

brunette french inhalingThere is a newer site out there, smokingcinema, that is going to focus just on selling full length smoking dvds and also downloads.

Right now there are smoking rachel dvds and clips there, I also hear that Visualsmoke might be interested. So, maybe it can be a one stop shop for smoking glamour/fetish dvds. I'll keep you posted.   

June 06, 2006

Smoking Erotica Site Set to Close

brunette girl smokingI read on a smoking related board that the long standing site  of Smoking Erotica is going to stop accepting orders and shut down on July 15.

As usual, there is not a lot of info coming from that site, such as whether its PG sister site, Smoking Models will remain open. But, those of you familiar with the higher quality of work of the previous VSI and who like adult content with your smoking material may want to get over there and check out the dvds remaining for sale within the next couple of weeks.

P.S. This blog's pic is from Cinesmoke, another site that has closed its doors recently.   

June 01, 2006

A Change at Lady Madonna...

two girls smoking

Well, maybe its not a change, but it does seem  that the very classy smoking website  Lady Madonna will soon have a related site, which will feature nudity. You can see  some info on the change on their homepage. Apparently, the other site will be avialable later this month.

Whether you need or want nudity with your smoking or not, there should not be much doubt that the high quality pictures and beautiful models, such as the one I posted with this entry will accompany Lady Madonna with its new vision. Just so I'm clear, there wasn't any indication that they are going to shut down their PG site.

It will be interesting to see what they come up with, I'm sure I will blog about that site when its up and running. 

April 17, 2006

Smoking Site: Lady Madonna

girl smoking outsideIn my opinion and history of surfing the net, the website called Lady Madonna probably is the best at capturing beautiful, every day women smoking. Their site is heavily waited towards pictures, but the members area does contain 100 video clips, which are rotated on a monthly basis. They also sell several DVDs, almost all of them  are compilations containing three to four models.   

There is a wide variety of models, both in body type, facial appearance, and ethnicity, something that not all multi model sights can say. The lighting and videography on the clips is outstanding.

I would like to see a little more creativity with the scene setups, but I also realize that there are only so many things you can do with a smoking model and keep the focus on what the clips is really about. There is no nudity or implied  sexuality, which is what many smoke fetishers like best. I do think the membership is stiffly priced, but the quality of the work makes it worth it. My grade: A-


March 24, 2006

Site Review


                                                            SMOKE SIGNALS ONLINE 

    I recently joined Smoke Signals Online , probably the most heralded and longest running smoking fetish paysite on the 'net. Smoke Signals needs no real introduction to anyone who is even vaguely familiar with the smoking niche online, so I won't waste much space on background other than to say they have been around since 1994-almost like the beginning of time in internet terms-have a print and online magazine as well as two other sites ( and


    I must say that I was somewhat disappointed in the video material available in the member's area. That could be just because my expectations were so high, but I think its fair to say that the amount of content available is probably not what one would expect, given how long they have been around. They claimed, and accurately so, to have done an update with regard to new video. They did have some recently added clips, Krista I think the model's name was, and there was approximately 30 minutes of new clips featuring her. In fact, brwosing through the last three months of recently added video, its clear that most all of the clips range from 50 seconds to a minute and a half. I saw none two minutes or longer, although I did not go through their video archive, which contains their video updates back to 2002. The clips are available for playing in WMV and MPEG.


    There are a lot of pics, however, seveal galleries of the same models and more models than seem to be there for the video portion. This includes some high resolution pics. the pics, like the videos are fairly well described, mainly with a movie-like rating of PG, R, X. It seems like th evast majority of the pics, like the video clips, fall into the PG/R camp. 


    Membership also gives you access to the online edition of their magazine, Smoke Signals, which I learned will only be published online after the June/July issue. The magazine also carries a "Dark Side" column for those who like the edgier side of the niche as well as a very good movie review section and smoking fiction column. The magazine itself will be worth the price of membership for some. After all, aside from smoking message boards with guys posting things like "who was that babe smoking a cork in that one scene of that one Colight video that came out about 5 years ago?" and "anyone know where I can find free nude pictures of Anna Kournikova  doing a combo nostril/mouth exhale?", there is relatively little  fresh and entertaining dialogue about the smoking fetish out there. Smoke Signals is easily the best in this regard, which is evidenced by the fact that they have been publishing so long both online and offline with a very loyal readership.

    One thing that I must say bothered me was getting my membership, logging in that first time and seeing all the links of where I could go now that I was a full fledged member of the site. My eyes immediately went to the link that said "Full Length Videos" and I clicked there only to find that I was now at, obviously run by the same folks, guessed it, my $18.95 didn't get me into, where, apparently, all of the full length videos are (or at, a pay-per-view site owned by smoke signals with a large library of content)  That was something that I would have liked to have been clear on before I joined, as the advertising on the page definitely indicates members get access to all of the huge library of content Smoke Signals has amassed over the years. I could have missed it, but since their home page and Online store landing page have, literally, been the same for years-not even a pic swapped out-I don't think so. I'm not saying I felt deceived, just disappointed. I'm the kind of guy who feels you should get the whole shebang with membership or, if not, then it should be made crystal clear that joining one area or club won't get you this or that, yada, yada, yada.

I think this site is a must for those who really enjoy pics and would enjoy reading interviews with smoking models and directors, as well as smoking fiction. For video/clip fans, I have to say that the content is just nediocre. Most of Smoke Signals video content is material made by outside producers, and I think there is some fresher, more imaginative stuff out there than what I saw in the member's area. However, for the money, and if you're really into the fetish, you know, can't get enough, you need to check this membership out, even if its just for a couple of months. My overall grade: B