January 09, 2009

New Smoking Girl At Smoking Rachel

This is Joan, a lifestyle fetish model who also smokes very seductively and did some smoking clips and other content for buddy smokingrachel not too long ago.brunette smoking girl

September 27, 2008

Shelby's Cigar In Leather

This picture is of gorgeous Shelby, one of smoking rachel's models, from a custom cigar smoking video that the customer allowed Rachel to resell on a download clip site.

redhead smoking cigar 

September 14, 2008

Smoking Model: Emma

blonde woman smoking 

This is Emma, one of Smokingrachel's models who is also a print model who has been published in a few magazines, if I ever find out which ones from Rachel I'll let you know because I do have some more pics to post of her.


September 12, 2008

Smoking Model: Giselle

blonde woman smoking bikini
This gorgeous young lady is one of my pal Smoking Rachel's newest smoking girls. Her name is Giselle Flowers and she has already put out several smoking fetish clips that Rachel has and will post both on her member's site and also at the donwload clip site,

Giselle is very beautiful, as you can tell, and I understand that she is an extremely seductive smoker of both cigarettes and cigars, so there is new talent for all of you guys to look forward to...just keep checking back here and I promise you will see more of Giselle.

September 11, 2008

Sultry Smoking Model

This is Rae, one of Smoking Rachel's smoking models, and one of the more sultry smoking girls that I've seen on the net and throughout all of the smoking sites I've seen...and, believe me, I'm really looking.women exhaling smoke 

September 05, 2008

Victoria in "Cigars in the City"

woman smoking cigar

This is a smoking picture captured from the smoking fetish movie "Cigars in the City", the smoking model's name is Morgan and she is one of five cigar smoking girls in the movie. 

Smoking Model: Lorie

 This has to be one of the most intense nostril exhaling clips I've ever seen. Lorie had never smoked a cigarwoman exhaling cigar smoke nostrils before this shoot but she took to it like a fish to water, according to Rachel and the finished results of  the smoking clip were something, Lorie giving power nostril exhale after nostril exhale, almost like she didn't know she was not supposed to inhale.

Unfortunately, Lorie only did one shoot with Rachel, but at least there was a good bit of smoking content in that shoot, as she has several clips both on Rachel's site as well as on the download clip site at 

September 02, 2008

Smoking Model Sage

This blonde smoking model is named Sage, who did a shoot for Smoking Rachel with her clips now up on her site and her smoking clips at I have seen Sage's clips and she definitely had what it takes as a smoking model, but Rachel tells me she has lost touch with her, so I can't tell you guys with any confidence that you might see her smoking on the 'net again.blonde woman exhaling smoke 

August 28, 2008

Smoking Rachel Model: London Andrews

This a pic forwarded to me by friend Smoking Rachel of a great model she shoot with recently named London Andrews. London is a big bust model who has been featured in SCORE magazine and did some nice smoking clips that will be featured on the dreamflixx site for download as well as on Rachel's site. buxom brunette smoking

July 15, 2008

Cigar Smoking Specialist Leah

Leah was one of those smoking models who preferred and did most of her smoking fetish work with cigars. She was very prolific with the open mouth inhales and wafting.woman open mouth inhale cigar


July 11, 2008

Frankie from SmokingRachel

Petite, yet buxom, model Frankie has done a couple of smoking clips for Smoking Rachel's site that are, I'm told, among the best selling and most popular clips Rachel has ever produced. Even if this is the first pic you've ever seen of her, I'm sure you can tell why.big busted blonde smoking bikini

June 15, 2008

Open Mouth Inhale From The Cigar

woman open mouth inhale cigar smoke 

Thick enough for you cigar loving fetishists? How about you guys that like open mouth inhales/drifting/wafting? I think its an incredible pic of Titania, yet another one of Rachel's models and one who only smokes cigars, I'm told. 

June 06, 2008

Smoking Model Rae

brunette woman smoking

Another one of Smoking Rachel's beautiful smokers, Rae is prolific with both cigarettes and cigars.

Collage of Smoking Pics

I just got a nice litte collage of smoking pics from my good friend who runs one of the better smoking fetish sites on the ' least in my opinion. Sending me pics of smoking models like this  helps that opinion , that's for sure.two blonde women smoking 

May 31, 2008

Smoking Model Cat

woman smoking in dressCat is one of smoking rachel's more prolific smoking models. She has done several shoots with Rachel, and is also a regular in Rachel's smoking skits, which require a little bit of "acting skill" in scenes with plots that just so happen to have the model(s) smoking throughout. I understand from Rachel that Cat is wonderfgul to shoot with, very talented in many ways in addition to her burgeoning modeling career. If you follow Rachel's site, you have seen and will see more of Cat.

May 27, 2008

Smoking Model Melissa Jacobs

Melissa Jacobs was one of the more popular-if not the most popular-model who shot on my pal Rachel's site. She did two shoots with Rachel, and they both wanted to do more but the schedules just didn't work out. Alas, when we next see Melissa (Penthouse, October '05) it won't be in a smoking fetish shoot as she has given up the habit. But, we will always have the memories, not to mention the pictures and clips.melissa jacobs smoking

May 09, 2008

Smoking Model: Tiffany

A nice pic of Tiffany, one of the many alluring smoking fetish models to grace Rachel's smoking fetiash site.busty woman smoking 

April 13, 2008

Smoking Rachel Pic Collage

Rachel sent me this nice collage of pics from a few of her smoking models. Enjoy!pictures of women smoking exhaling

August 15, 2007

Wafting From Cat

This is a nice looking, hefty wafting exhale from one of Smoking Rachel's models named Cat. I love the way Cat lets the smoke waft from her mouth and often follows up with a residual exhale. But, you have to see the actual smoking clip to get the full benefit of it, in my opinion.brunette blowing smoke

September 08, 2006

Penthouse Pet Layla Taylor Smokes...

penthouse pet layla talylor smokingAs some of you know, my pal Smoking Rachel has been ablel to do shoots with two Penthouse Pets over the last couple of months, and I did a blog post recently with a blurb about October '05 centerfold Melissa Jacobs, but I had not done one about Layla Taylor, a March '06 model for Penthouse who has also been featured in Playboy magazine. Layla actually shot with Rachel first. So, I'm sorry Rachel and, particularly, Layla, that I didn't give you your propers sooner. My bad, as the kids say.

Rachel tells me that Layla was a blast to shoot with and I can testify that she is a very, very sultry smoker, judging from Layla's Smoking clip package, which I have been  fortunate enough to see.  Layla smokes Parliaments, and Rachel told me that she did an outside shot with Layla that is to die for. I think we can also agree that Layla looks stunning in white.    

July 22, 2006

Smoking Rachel Site's New Model

penthouse pet smokingWell, Smoking Rachel has come through on her promise to me and, yes, she has done another smoking shoot with another Penthouse model, this time October centerfold and Pet of the Year candidate Melissa Jacobs.

I understand that some of Melissa's content will be in Rachel's VIP Room for her members and her clip store within a day.


Word to the wise is that Melissa is definitely an in real life smoker who takes deep, deep drags and smoked up a storm. I've gotta see that.