May 02, 2008

Smoking Model Shelby

woman smoking cigar


This is a pic from some of the outtake footage that will be in Smoking Rachel's smoking fetish movie "with a plot". Apparently model Shelby is playing a character who is in jail for murder, luckily they let her smoke her cigars in there...I guess you will have to suspend disbelief a little.

September 02, 2007

Smoking Model Emma

blonde smoking bikini

Emma is actually a fashion/glamour model with magazine credits who did a smoking shoot for pal Smoking Rachel some time back, she is a very beautiful woman who did a few really nice smoking clips that I had the chance to download. 

August 21, 2007

Smoking Model M.J.

M.J. is a new addition to the growing stable of smoking models on Rachel's site this month. Very petitie, but a powerful smoker as you can see from her clips.brunette smoking bikini 

August 08, 2007

Smoking Model Nicole

blonde exhaling smoke

Nicole is one of the most classically beautiful smoking models that I have ever seen on the web, bussy Smoking Rachel says that Nicole was fun to shoot with, unfortunately her burgeoning career means that she might not hook up again for another ahoot...don't be shocked to see Nicole one day in the future when you go to see a flick. 

May 20, 2007

Asa Smoking Bikini

brunette smoking bikini

















There is something, to me at least, about a beauty smoking while wearing her bikini. This beauty is Asa , one of Smoking Rachel's most popular models.

April 11, 2007

New Model at

redhead smoking cigaretteSmokingrachel tells me that she has a handful of new models on and coming to her site in the upcoming weeks. One who is already there is Raven, pictured here, who is a tall auburn haired beauty who started smoking before she reached double digits in age.

But, that has not stopped Raven from pursuing the active life, as she currently plays hockey, if you can believe that and, no, we're not talking field hockey, guys.

Raven already has a bunch of clips up for download at Rachel's huge clip store as well.    

February 25, 2007

New Model at Smoking Rachel

Her name is Paris and her content is up in Smoking Rachel's VIP Room and her download clip store. It seems that Paris really likes pink and it certainly looks good on her.

woman smoking in bikini 

February 24, 2007

New Model at Smoking Rachel...

Her name is Dee Dee and she is a pin up throwback to the 40's model, with her look and love of the glamour of yesteryear. She is also a very powerful and sexy smoker, as her clips have shown me already. Rachel says there will be a lot more coming from Dee Dee.woman smoking on stomach

January 15, 2007

Model Jess...

is one of my favorite models from Smoking Rachel, I saw her clips in the VIP Room, Rachel's member's area, and she almost chain smokes the whole time. Plus, 6 ft models who are former basketball stars aren't exactly the norm in the world of SF models. I have a sample clip of hers on the this blog as well.

big bust redhead smoking


December 22, 2006

Smoking Shelby...

                                                                                                                                                             red hair woman smoking thick exhale   
















 is a newer model at Smoking Rachel who looks like Jennifer Garner and s  mokes both cigars andcigarettes. Rachel tells me that Shelby is a former runway model who is a budding entrepreneur and is getting more into the smoking glamour thing every time they shoot. 

December 21, 2006

New Model at Smoking Rachel....

woman smoking cigarand her name is Amanda Lyn. She is a cigar  smoker, and seems to be a sultry one at that. Rachel tells me that she is very funny, does some stand up comedy, and is a very good actress who will have a very big-and smokey-role in Rachel's full length movies, which tell a story with lots of actresses doing lots of smoking. For now, those who join Rachel's VIP Room can see more of Amanda Lyn.

November 28, 2006

Smoking Rachel Model Poll

A fan of Smoking Rachel's website made a poll looking for opinions for the model fans would most like to see again on her site. The 8 models are pictured here and the link is: favorite smoking model

Rachel would also want me to let you know that there are 10 more models on her site (the poll script probably had a limit) and each one has her own gallery. And, of course, Rachel has downloadable clip packages with most of her models in her clip store.

brunette smoking












brunette girl smoking 











melissa jacobs smoking



Melissa Jacobs











blonde woman smoking











blonde woman smoking a cigar


layla taylor smoking



Layla Taylor










blonde model smoking










redheaded model smoking




October 18, 2006

New Model at Smoking Rachel

Yet another new model is on Smoking Rachel's site. Rachel reports that the model's name is Carey and that she is an amateur model who smoked when she was real young, quit for five yeas, and has recently picked up the habit again! There is a hour plus video of Carey smoking her Camels in Rachel's VIP Room and several free pics of her as well, such as the one here that Rachel let me post for this blog post.  

busty brunette smoking

August 28, 2006

Smoking Site: New Model at Smoking Rachel

blonde smoking by windowNicole is just the latest in the long line of new smoking models at Smoking Rachel. Rachel tells me that this college student was one of the best models she has worked with, an unabashed binge smoker who is very beautiful and has a fantastic personality.

Rachel says this is one model she definitely wants to work with again and again, if possible and they have made plans for another smoking shoot in the near future.

She says it will take some time to edit all of Nicole's footage, but there are already some real good Nicole smoking clips available in one of Rachel's stores.

Also, there will be a gallery coming soon on the main site as Rachel promises me pics, so keep your eyes peeled.  

August 13, 2006

New Smoking Model at Smoking Rachel's Site

big bust blonde smokingHer name is Tiffany and Rachel tells me that she is social smokers who was an absolute blast to shoot with. They have done one shoot together and Rachel says that there is already another one planned, so it looks like Tiffany is another quality addition to Rachel's ever growing stable of smoking models.

As I've said in this blog before, you can see all of Rachel's content of herself and her models by joining her VIP Room, which is where her members can view all of her content. Rachel also has her own clip store, where those of you who would rather own than rent can download clip packages of various smoking models for as little as 8 bucks in increments of 30 minutes and up.