February 10, 2010

Smoking Queen Julie Simone

redhead smoking girlThis sultry smoking beauty is named Julie Simone, who has her own smoking fetish site that has produced some quality smoking fetish content over the years. I hear pal smoking rachel is in negotiations to shoot with Julie very soon.


March 18, 2009

Classic Smoking Picture

Found this classic posed smoking picture of one Esther Ralston, who was a smoking celebrity back in the day...I have to admit that, unlike legends like Bette Davis or Joan Crawford, I know absolutely nothing about her.  

smoking girls

February 25, 2009

Bette Davis: Smoking Queen of Queens?

Not the greatest smoking picture, I'll give you that, but the classic star Bette Davis is probably the all time smoking queen of cinema.

Bette Davis smoking

August 25, 2008

Joan Crawford: Smoking Queen

The incomparable Joan Crawford, maybe the ultimate smoking queen of the film noir era. This smoking pic is from a movie called Rain, where Joan Crawford has a few very good dangle scenes like the one shown here in this picture.joan crawford smoking

August 04, 2008

Shannon Doherty Smokes

shannon doherty smoking exhalingI am from the generation of Shannon Doherty, but I was never into the 90210 thing that made her famous...nor was I that surprised that her current return to that show was met with some laughs.

Whatever. My thing about Shannon Doherty is that any smoking picture I've seen of her shows me, at least, that she is a very sultry smoker. Often times, in real life regular to heavy smokers are not necessarily the most sultry smokers. I don't know why, maybe its because its more of a habit to them.

I seem to remember years ago reading somewhere that she smoked heavily and was trying to quit. I have no idea if she still smokes or not. Any picture of video clip that I've ever seen of her is from the '90s.

What I've seen is enough for me, at least, to crown her as a smoking queen

July 11, 2008

Marlene Dietrich: Smoking Queen

marlene dietrich smokingOne of the most classic smoking vamps of yesteryear, and probably one of those smoking sirens from the film noir era who is probably, in some small way, responsible for the creation of the smoking fetish as it exists in the cinema.

Marlene Dietrich actually did have some virtuoso smoking performances in herw movies, though most of them will probably be hard to find. I did see one years ago on TV but, alas, I do not recall the name of the flick, but it is clear she was a hellacious in real life smoker, she did some awesome handsfree inhales and exhales.      

June 30, 2008

Open Mouth Inhale From Celete

A pretty good pic capturing Smoking Queen Celeste with a fair open mouth inhale.women smoking