August 29, 2008

Drew Smoking With A Friend

drew barrymore smoking with girl

This is a pretty suggestive and erotic picture of Smoking Queen Drew Barrymore sharing a smoke with a female friend. its pretty well known around the web for those of us who surf, looking for such things.

July 21, 2008

Julie Simone: Smoking Queen

brunette smoking wafting exhale 

Julie Simone has been a presence on the net for a while and has a fair share of smoking fetish work in her content. I'm not too familiar with it, other than to recognize her in smoking pics I find on the 'net, such as this one. She sure does have the sultry aspect of smoking down to a 'T'. 

June 26, 2008

Joan Crawford: Smoking Queen

The great Joan Crawford smoking in the movie Rain.joan crawford smoking

June 13, 2008

Lana Cox: Smoking Queen

lana cox smoking

Lana Cox is a native born Russian who now lives in Britain and ran a high quality smoking fetish site years ago. She did custom smoking fetish videos as well, including one for moi and still has a ton of smoking pictures floating out there on the 'net. Her website now seems to be focused on leg fetish more than anything, don't know if she has given up the smoking fetish niche or not. We'll have to see, won't we. 

June 12, 2008

Smoking Queen: Lucy Zara

Lucy Zara is a high profile British model and webmistress who has done quite a bit of smoking fetish work on sites like Elegant Smoking and Smoking-Models. I know that Smoking Rachel was in talks with her, too, to bring her over to the States for a smoking fetish shoot. We can only hope it comes to be.buxom blonde smoking


June 11, 2008

Celeste: Smoking Queen

I was a fan of Celeste, who has a nice site with lots of quality smoking content, I was a member several years ago and the site was nice, though I do not think it has been updated in a while, as in years. But, anyway, she was certainly an in real life and provacative smoker with a ton of smoking fetish pics floating around the 'net over the last decade. She is also very beautiful not to mention buxom, which does not hurt her appeal as a smoking queen. busty blonde smoking with holder

June 09, 2008

Selena From Colight: Smoking Queen

 blonde woman smoking in leatherProbably the first great smoking model from the first great smoking fetish site, Coherent Light, was Selena, pictured here. An incredible smoker who was featured when Colight got its famous write up in the Wall St. Journal back in the '90s.

I saw a few of her videos and was disappointed when she stopped doing smoking fetish videos. But, you can still see her work if you like as one or two of her videos are still being sold on Colight, at least the last time I checked/    

June 05, 2008

Sofia Loren: Smoking Queen

A much bigger and better close up dragging pic of the smoking Italian beauty than I've been able to find anywhere else on the 'net.sofia loren smoking

June 03, 2008

Three on a Match Pic

This picture is from a movie made in the early 1930's called Three on a Match, which features several scenes of three childhood friends getting together every so often to talk about life (one is doing well, one o.k., and one not so good) and they have a habit of lighting all three of their cigarettes on one match, which I guess is some kind of bad luck omen. I saw it years ago on TV as a little guy, so I could not appreciate the fetish aspect of it, but smoke fetishists who love lightups would like this one b/c there are at least 3 scenes of three women lighting up. Of course its in black & white which often adds to the viewing of the smoke. The one on the left is the incomparable Bette Davis, probably the most prolific of all of the smoking queens, the one in the middle is Joan Blondell (best known to people of my generation as Blanche, the bumbling secretary to the principal in the movie Grease ), the one on the right is Ann Dvorak, don't know much about her.bette davis smoking 

May 11, 2008

Sofia Loren: Smoking Queen

sofia loren smokingSofia Loren was-and still is- an amazingly beautiful woman who is definitely one of the classic smoking queens (don't know if she still smokes, but she is still great looking for 70+). I have a memory of seeing her do a hands free inhale/exhale from some black & white movie from the 50'! First ballot hall of famer in my book. 

April 11, 2008

Layla Jade: Smoking Queen

Layla Jade, pictured here, was one of the early smoking babes on the 'net. Smoking Rachel told me she tried to work with getting a shoot with her, but Layla was on her way to quitting smoking. Congrats to her on that, and thankfully we all have some pics to remember her by.busty woman drifting exhale

March 16, 2008

More Homage to Megan

Ahh, as some of you know, Megan (pictured below) from Colight was my favorite smoking model of all time. She stopped doing work for them well before Colight itself slowed down somewhat, but please, if you have not seen Megan in one of the exquiaitely shot Colight videos, go to their site and do yourself a for me, I post Megan pics every so often. If anyone out there knows Megan or the wonderful model herself should read this blog, contact me Megan, I will offer you my undying love and devotion. I'll even put you in touch with buddy smoking Rachel and maybe, if she can meet your price, you can give all of us fans one more wonderful perfor4mance. 

March 09, 2008

Rita Hayworth: Smoking Queen

Rita Hayworth is one of the ultimate, if not the ultimate, smoking queen. Some of her pics are among the most legendary and viewed within the smoking fetish, or even by those who don't even know they are looking at a piece of smoking fetish art. Rachel has a hall of fame on her site that features the great Rita Hayworth.rita hayworth smoking

December 06, 2007

Awesome Lightup Pic

busty woman lighting cigarette 

This pic is the perfect example of why so many smoking fetishists love the lightup...its the start of it all, the foreplay if you will.


November 23, 2007

Smoking Queen: Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is one of the few modern starlets who deserves the adulation of a Smoking Queen, so she is more than just a smoking celeb, at least in my book.katherine heigl smoking

April 06, 2007

Jewell Marceau Smoking...

She is primarily a bondage model with her own site on the 'net, but Jewell Marceau has also done some smoking sets for producers like Bob's Videos. Pretty seductive, if you ask me.jewell marceau smoking

March 06, 2007

1000 Cigarettes

Jessica keeps putting out the videos every so often and, you have to say, she does pretty much the same thing and has kept a lot of fans happy and her site running for a long time, so you know she is wonderful at it. This pic caught my eye because it is a hardcore nostril exhale, nothing amateur about that one.blonde woman nostril exhale


February 04, 2007

Laura Antonelli: Smoking Queen

laura antonelli smokingLaura Antonelli is a very sultry Italian actress who was at her height of popularity in the 70's appearing in a few of the very sensual Fellini films. She is also a very sultry smoker, like so many of the Italian screen queens.

I don't know if many of her movies are available to the U.S. market, but one that is and features a couple of wonderful smoking scenes is called The Divine Nymph.

She has a couple of scenes, including one unforgettable scene where she does a great combo nostril mouth exhale while she is nude. Its also a pretty good movie, if you don't mind dubbed foreign movies. Its the kind of scene that makes it worth it for a smoking fan to get the movie even if its just for the smoking scenes. If you can find it somewhere.  

February 01, 2007

Sophia Loren: Smoking Queen

sophia loren smokingFound this pic of the timeless beauty Sophia Loren at the Italian Celeb Smoking Site.

Now, there are plenty of smoking pics of the timeless beauty out there on the 'net-she's looked great for, oh, 40 years now-but this is one of the few that I have seen where she actually has a lit cigarette in her mouth.  I remember, a long time ago, seeing an old black and white movie on TV of Sophia Loren where she did not one, but two  handsfree deep drags on her cigarette while looking out of a window. It was probably one of the things that contributed to me developing a smoking fetish.

I understand that she has now quit, which is good of course, but for all of you smoking fans out there, she left plenty of pictures and scenes from her old movies to appreciate her smoking prowess which makes her an definite smoking queen.  




January 29, 2007

Martina Warren: Smokin' Penthouse Pet

Martina Warren is one of those rare high profile models who has done a smoking fetish shoot. I believe she did a shoot for Smoke Signals a while back. She joins Melissa Jacobs as Pethouse Pets who are in real life smokers and have done shoots for smoking fetish sites.
blonde penthouse pet smoking

January 28, 2007

I Wonder How Lady Madonna's

entry into the world of adult sites is going with its Lady Madonna Undercover sister site that was launched last summer is going. Like I think I said at the time, they were doing fine as is, but there is no question that doing nude work opens up an even bigger potential market. From what I've seen, most of the models from the PG site are not on the adult site. And, from what I've seen, they are staying true to the smoking aspect of things, so don't think for a minute that its a porno site.redhead woman smoking