June 25, 2008

Some Lana Cox...

More of the sultry smoking Lana Cox for 'ya.woman smoking

January 13, 2007

Tall Goddess...

probably needs no introduction to most of you. She has one of the most stylish websites that is well worth the membership, speaking from experience, her website is about the best for the money, you get so much different type of material, and its all top quality. As for the smoking, understand that its not one of those deals where a webmistress only has 1 or 2 smoking sets among hundreds, smoking was one of the main things that Tall Goddess did, and she has plenty of smoking pics and videos on her site. She has also done smoking vids for other SF producers. The only thing is that I think she is now focusing on directing other stuff more than her own content, but I'm not sure that is a permanent thing. You've got to check this wemistress out if you have not already.

blonde woman smoking tall goddess

January 07, 2007

Patricia Arquette Smokes...

My favorite of the talented Arquette family, Patricia Arquette is definitely in real life, smokes in a number of her movies, and has the sultry, sexy thing down pat. She has a pretty good sizeds shrine at Smoking Celebs, as well as floating around the internet. All of her smoking scenes are not of the glamour variety, however, because she is a real life smoker and such a good actress, some of her smoking scenes in her movies are in character, e.g. she's upset or something so its not always sultry. But, the overall quality is great and Patrica takes her place in my personal smoking hall of fame.     patricia arquette smoking

December 28, 2006

Helena Bonham Carter Smokes...

I know I have blogged about this smoking queen before, but one reader's comments let me know that the pic I used to honor Ms. Carter does not show up on the blog anymore. So, here is a pic that I hope equally captures her smoking brilliance.

helena bonham carter smoking 

December 24, 2006

Busy Phillips Smokes...

And its the rare younger starlet that makes it into my personal hall of fame, but this actress with the neat nickname makes it easily. A frenetic smoker, she is in this younger generation of smoking celebs who will puff away non stop on screen, as opposed to the chain smoking in real life queens of yesteryear, who might give us one or two drags in a typical flick. Oh, and when you are this attractive, it certainly helps cement your standing as well.

busy phillips smoking 

November 07, 2006

Brooke Hunter Smokes...

and she is, without a doubt, in real life. The adult star and webmistress has done some smoking fetish videos, though they were mixed with hardcore porn. For those of you who like your smoking getish without porn, she has also done custom smoking fetish videos, including one for me some years back. My pal Smoking Rachel also told me that she had been trying to hire Brooke to do a shoot for her site, but I'm not sure where that is at. I do know that she has a site that has been in reconstruction for a while now, but Brooke Hunter is a heck of a sultry smoker, as you can see by the french inhale pic below.

brooke hunter smoking french inhale     

October 27, 2006

Marilyn Monroe Smoking

marilyn monroe smokingWhat else needs to be said about probably the most famous screen legends who still makes hearts flutter more than 40 years after her death, including some hearts who weren't even alive when she was the number one object of men's thoughts?

Well, you know all of that and, if you like old movies or have read this blog for a while, you know Marilyn Monroe was an in real life smoker, too. To my knowledge, there is only one movie where she smokes onscreen, Niagara, where she takes several drags while wrapped in a towel after a shower. I've the seen the movie and, as you might guess, its a very good scene.

There are, I'm happy to say, plenty of Marillyn Monoroe smoking pictures available on the 'net, mostly in the classic old "Hollywood" pose, but I have seen one or two inhale/exhale pics, though those are candids.

The pic I've chosen for this post is probably my favorite one, courtesty of my buddy Smoking Rachel ,but if anyone has any other Marilyn Monroe smoking pictures, by all means, don't be shy. 

October 06, 2006

Brigette Bardot: Smoking Queen

brigette bardot smokingOne of the most heart stopping ingenues of the 50's and 60's was Brigette Bardot (on the right), a classically sensual European screen siren, who is also a regular smoker, at least in real life.

Bardot, to me, is one of those female celebs is a gorgeous smoker just by the fact that she is smoking, which is not necessarily the case for most celebs or smoking models. The pic on the right is older, obviously, as Ms. Bardot receives a light from her girlfriend, but more recent pictures I've seen of her prove that she looks wonderful. Any more recent pics of Brigette Bardot smoking will be happily posted here.

September 10, 2006

Maria Montez: Smoking Queen

maria montez smokingThis is one of those classic, sultrty beauties of the Black & White age of Hollywood that some of you know I'm partial to when it comes to talking about smoking queens. However, unlike Bette Davis or Joan Crawford, Maria Montez didn't have a long enough career to be widely remembered a half century or more after her heyday; she is not thought of in conjuntion with a cigarette like Bette Davis; she has no famous smoking pic like Rita Hayworth that will be posted a hundred years after her death. But, she was a sultry and classic Latin beauty who would be appreciated by any smoking fan who puts a premium on the sultry and glamour aspect of smoking,

I have not seen any old clips of her smoking, but there are some pictures such as this one on the blog post that convince me that Maria Montez deserves mention as a Smoking Queen...and so she's gotten it from this blog.

August 21, 2006

Marlene Dietrich: Smoking Queen

marlene dietrich smoking One of the most sensuous smokers from the classic black and white movie days was definitely Marlene Dietrich. Now, she is way before the time of most of you who will be reading this blog, even though she lived well into her 80's.

She was in the silent movie era, and worked with such screen legends as Jimmy Stewart and Humphrey Bogart. For me, a biography of her that I saw in the public library (where people used to do their reading before the 'net, youngsters) was oone of the first times I can remember being aroused by the sight of a woman with a cigarette, I think from a movie called The Blue Angel .

I also remember seeing an old movie of hers-I'm not sure of the titile guys-where she is smoking almost an entire cigarette hands free while sweeping a floor. In retrospect, that scene had to be done with an attraction to smoking glamour.

She was no doubt in real life, as almost all of those classic smoking queens of the silver screen were...hell, it was her generation of actresses smoking in the movies that helped turn smoking from an almost entirely male activity in the first part of the twentieth century to a majority female one by the end of the century, so we should all kind of expect to see smoking when we watch those old black and white films with their flickering images, although the lighting of the smoke will not compare to what we can see on the web today with producers focusing on just that.

But, to the point, there is not even a question that Marlene Dietrich, the German actress who turned her back on Hitler for Hollywood, was one of the very best of the smoking queens.  

June 11, 2006

Juliette Lewis: Smoking Queen

juliette lewis smokingThis a no brainer entry to the fictional smoking queen Hall of Fame. Juliette Lewis is obviously an in real life smoker and has several smoking scenes in many movies.

For me, her smoking performance in Natural Born Killers, alone, is enough to rank her near the top. Although her role is far from glamorous, her vicious smoking scenes ooze with sensuality in the film, particularly the jail scene with Tom Sizemore, where she smokes as if her life depends on it, blowing some of the best combo exhales and thick smoke rings that I have ever seen.

If you are a smoking fan and have not seen this movie, you owe it to yourself to pick it up...I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. 

Otherwise, Ms. Lewis has more than her fair share of smoking pics and vids floating around the web, just drop by smoking celebrities

May 12, 2006

Tracy Scoggins: Smoking Queen

tracy scoggins smokingTracy Scoggins is probably best known for her infomercials and top shelf body, even though she is past the half century mark. She has been in a lot of B movies, but the one of interest to smoking fans will be Alien Intruder , where she plays a seducitve, chain smoking alien creature who seduces the male members of the ship, then turns them against one another. She only appears in the last 10-15 minutes of the film, and there is no nudity, but you genuine smoking fans will not be disappointed as she smokes up the screen enough to earn an entry in the Smoking Queen hall of fame.

May 11, 2006

The Most Famous Smoking Pic of All Time

rita hayworth smokingIn my opinion, this is the most famous smoking glamour pic of all time. As most of you know, its Rita Hayworth in the studio publicity shot from the 1946 movie Gilda. 

As much as most people have seen this pic, I could not find it to post when I was blogging about Rita Hayworth a while back, but I just decided to post it now. 

Almost anyone with any knowledge of popular cultiure recognizies this picture, even though its from a little remembered movie made sixty years ago.

To me, it is the epitome of the allure of smoking, at least as its been developed by advertising and in the popular culture over the years. 

May 08, 2006

Ava Gardner: Smoking Queen

ava gardner smokingAva Gardner was, without question, one of the premier film noir smoking queens. Her smoking performance in a movie called The Killers (which also featured a B actor named Ronald Reagan) is one that has to be in the smoking actress hall of fame, black and white hall of fame, and smoking exhale hall of fame.

Even those smoking fans who are not into old movies, like moi, should check out a copy of this on DVD if it is available. Fortunately, this movie is not the only one that Ava Garnder smoked up the screen in. Also see The Barefoot Contessa and Snows of Kilimanjaro.

April 26, 2006

Alice Faye: Smoking Queen

alice faye smoking Alice Faye was a star during the 30's and 40's who will best be remembered as the object of the ape's affections in the original King Kong, a standard setting special effects masterpiece for its time and still a successful franchise more than 70 years later.

However, Alice Faye, like so many actresses of her generation, smoked and hawked cigarettes in advertisments. She gets mention as a classic smoking quee3n primarily because of her smoking performance in the musical Rose of Washington Square.

In particular, there is a scene where she sings the title song and, all throughout, is smoking. Lighting a cigarette, Alice takes a drag or two with visible exhales and throws it away, only to have it reappear again on the next refrain.

The scene last for about ten minutes and there is no doubt Alice Faye is really smoking, not t omention inhaling, during the whole scene. IRL fans will have no doubt that she is a smoker and B&W fans will love one of the classic smoking scenes.

I'm sure this movie is now on DVD and fans of classic black & white smoking will love one of the most original smoking scenes in the history of the silver screen.   

April 16, 2006

Bette Davis: Smoking Queen

bette davis smokingBette Davis needs no introduction to fans of smoking actresses who are also familiar with older movies. Ms. Davis probably did more smoking onscreen than any other actress, her Oscar winning career spanned nearly 50 years. In fact, the cigarette kind of became Bette Davis' trademark, as was remarked on once by rival and fellow legendary  actress and smoking queen, Joan Crawford.

In fact, the hit song of the early 80's, Bette Davis Eyes, featured a music video complete with an actress smoking in sihouette in the background in homage to Bette. 

Bette Davis smoked in nearly all of her movies, with the exception of those that were period pieces. A complete listing, as always, can be found at Smoking Celebrities  .

Fans of real oldies can catch Bette smoking  in a 1930's movie called Three on a Match , a story built upon the scene of three female friends lighting their cigarettes on one match, which is repeatedly several times in the film. In terms of quantity,  it might be hard to beat All About Eve  in which Bette Davis plays an aging stage actress trying to ward off an agressive young understudy. Its a classic movie, and Bette smokes, if my memory is correct, in every scene she is in. Its also a famous movie because it featured the famous initial cameo of Marilyn Monroe, who is on screen for maybe thirty seconds. [No, Marilyn does not smoke in this one]

Another personal favorite shows an older Bette, still smoking voraciously, in the movie Dead Ringer, where she plays a dual role as identical twins: one nice/one greedy, one rich/one poor and, you guessed it, one a non-smoker and the other a chain smoker, which plays into the really neat twist on the end  when one has to answer  for the murder the other committed.

More than any other classic smoking queen, there is an abundance of pictures and videos available on VHS and DVD of Bette Davis, the ultimate cigarette woman.   

April 13, 2006

Marilyn Monroe: Smoking Queen

marilyn monroe smokingThere can be no doubt that when the all time glamour girl in movie history was also a smoker, that she will be included in anyone's list of smoking queens. That said, however, it does not seem that Marilyn Monroe actually did a lot of on screen smoking. IN fact, being an old movie buff myself, I feel pretty safe in saying that the that her smoking scenes were few and far between. However, there are more than a handful of photos of her smoking in candid situations floating around on the 'net, so her IRL status is without question.

The only movie smoking scene that I can recall is in a movie called Niagara, where Marilyn comes out of the shower and askes her husband for a drag off of his cigarette. Her deep inhale and loud, thick exhale come across as a serious smoker who was dying for one. Being Marilyn Monroe in a towel doesn't hurt either.

Those looking for more Marilyn smoking pics or movies out there should definitely check Smoking Celebrites, which has a link to take you to the person's in real life status, which is followed by a list of movies she smoked in and, in a few cases, a smoking review.      

April 07, 2006

Rita Hayworth: Smoking Queen

rita hayworth smokingRita Hayworth has the unofficial distinction of having, probably, the most famous female smoking pic of all time, the pose she did for the movie Gilda exhaling a stream of smoke upwards while smiling. If you have surfed the 'net looking for smoking pics at all, you have no doubt seen the picture.

Rita Hayworth was one of the classic pin up queen actresses of the 40's and early 50's. Her smoking scenes that are remembered by fans come from Gilda and the Lady from Shanghai, in which her character actually learned to smoke, in order to help win the affections of a man who had offered her a cigarette in thei first meeting, only to refuse as she was a non-smoker.

Later in the movie, Rita says the increible line "I'm learning to smoke", as she accepts a light and inhales as only an experienced IRL can do.

The picture from Gilda, as well as other classic, sultry smoking pics like the one I've placed in this post, are the primary reason that Rita Hayworth has to be recognized as one of the classic smoking queens. She also, more prominently, is remembered for being one of the most popular "pin up" models of the World War II era, and her time at the top of the Hollywood pyramid coincided with a time when smoking was more openly thought of as attractive in females. I am not aware of other great smoking scenes from any of her movies, not saying that there aren't any, but if you find in your internet smoking fetish research that there is a less well known Rita Hayworth movie out there on DVD that features a smoking scene, do yourself a favor and pick it up.       

April 06, 2006

Hedy Lamarr: Smoking Queen

hedy lamarr smokingThe sultry Austrian born actress Hedy Lamarr was one of the more interesting starlets of the Worl War II era, and remained so until her relatively recent death. She  was outspoken and wrote a book that was very shocking for its time, recounting her thoughts and career in Hollywood, her opinion as to the direction that movies were going at that time, and her romances as well as her dalliances with men and a few women. 

Her reference in this blog is, of course, solely based on her smoking prowess. She made a movie in the early 1930's called Ecstasy  which was, as you might guess from its title, quite raunchy for its time. Ms. Lamarr had a nude scene in which she runs through the woods naked, with a brief but clear glimpse of her front...also, legend has it that she was underage at the time of the film. More imprtantly for us, however, is the smoking scene, which I refedrenced in an earlier blog. Although the is really only one visible exhale, it is one for the ages, lasting approximately 20 seconds. Not being an actual smoker myself, I'm not an expert, but I would say this is close to humanly impossible. My guess is that two different takes were spliced tofether, however, it really does look as if it is one continuous exhales, plus a nice residual at the end. Undoubtedly, Ms. Lamarr was an in real life smoker who inhaled. You can out more about Hedy Lamarr at the Internet Movie Database.  I have not seen any other of her smoking in movies, nor am I aware of any other pics other than the posing one you see here. But, believe, me that one exhale is enough to get her into any smoke fan's hall of fame.      

April 05, 2006

Smoking Site Review

brunette smokingThere is a relatively new smoking site located at The producers and models are obviously English, although the pricing on the page is in USD. They have several nice pictures on the home page, such as the one on the left, that show that the models in their clip volumes are trul in real life smokers.

There are now 10 volumes, available for purchase and download, for $29.99. The sample clips show a variety of models and smoking scenarios such as nurses, schoolgirls (which seems to be a British staple), and smoek swapping. There is no adult or nude content.

My only issue with the site is the descriptions of what I will be getting when I purchase a download. The descriptions are pretty good, and the models are named. As I said before, there are pics and sample clips sufficient enough for me to get a flavor of what I'm purchasing. My problem is that I'm not sure how much I'm getting. The descriptions are in the size of files that I can purchase for download, such as "at least 500 MB of clips..." Well, is that 501 MB or 600 MB? And, most importantly, how much is that in real time, which is what I really want to know.

For the finicky purchaser, like me, this is a little problem. My personal experience is that 500MB will give me in the neighborhood of 45 minutes of video, but this depends and I'm not sure. So, I'm not quite ready to purchase, yet, but this is a site that definitely bears watching.  

Joan Crawford: Smoking Queen

Joan Crawford smoking pose One of the most glamorous and gorgeous smoking screen queens of yesteryear was, in my opinion, Joan Crawford. My attraction to smoke in black and white has been mentioned here before, and most of Joan's movies were, of course, filmed in black & white. At least the movies made during her hey day. You can find some great smoking scenes from Joan in movies as early as the 30's such as Rain (where she does a very sensual dangle), and Grand Hotel . Another great movie for Joan smoking is Humoresque, which features a scene where Joan has to choose from several matches being offered to her. My all time favorite Joan smoking movie/scene, however, comes from the movie The Damned Don't Cry , in which she does a talking exhale-pause talking exhale-residual exhale that has  to be the most incredible smoking exhale ever captured on  film. (Hedy Lamarr's 20 second exhale-yes, I timed it once-in Ecstasy  is unbelievable, but you have to think that is the product of two sepeately shot takes being spliced together ). And, the thing about Joan was that she was sexy on screen, especially in an era when that had to be a lot more understated than it does today, and always managed to work her smoking into her sesuality. From what I understand she was a serious smoker in real life, something that certainly comes through on film. Of course, those of you smoking fans out there who just like serious female smoking will have to realize that, at best, in the movies I've mentioned you will see a total of  Joan smoking the equivalent of one cigarette. Those of you who cut your teeth on smoking fetish videos and Jones for what you see  on internet sites aren't going to get that quantity. But, the quality moe than makes up for it. Plus, of course, these movies are pretty good. It will help if you like old movies and don't mind a plot to go with your smoking. I don't know if any or all of these movies are out on DVD, but the place to find that out would be the Internet Movie Database.  If any of these are out on DVD, especially, do yourself a favor and pick one up.

April 01, 2006

Mistress Betka Smokes

mistress betka smokingThe picture on the left is of Mistress Betka Schpitz, who has a gallery of black and white smoking pictures on the main site here. Betka is a classic and, obviously, IRL smoker, and she also has two websites: one specializing in lesbian s&m and the other straight s&m. You won't find too many smoking pictures on Betka's sites, although there is a smoking related intervie with her floating out there somewhere in cyberspace, if anyone gets their hand on it, or knows where it is, please let us know here. Best Smoking Sites is going to do its best to try to get Betka to do another gallery of smoking pictures, let us know if that is something you would like to see.