June 20, 2008

Blog News

woman smoking

 I haven't forgotten about my promise to start placing some smoking fetish clips on this blog for you.

I'm trying to make the main site and this blog a completely enjoyable and regular stop for you on your surfs around the internet for quality and fresh smoking fetish material.

Give me a few more days to start posting them, they will be free, of course, and right now the only producer I have on board is smoking rachel with some of the material she has produced in conjunction with dreamflixx.

I'm thinking that the clips will be posted within blog posts and will be in addition to the smoking pics and my random smokey musings and observations.


November 03, 2006

Pay Per View...

is a way of getting content that seems to be more and more prevalent. Its no different in the smoking fan community as producers are offering it more and more. Not surprisingly, Smoke signals is at the forefront, with hundreds of clips and movies that you can view by paying for a set amount of minutes. I also noticed that Jessica's 1000 cigarettes site has a couple of videos that can be viewed by buying a license for a particular amount of time, during which you can view the movie as many times as you want.   

Also, I hear from Smoking Rachel that she will soon be jumping into the fray with her site, which will still offer its member area and clip download store, but will add the option of buying a license, ticket, or whatever you want to call it, to view movies and clips.

Of course, the thing about this is that the content is rights protected, so it can't be copied or downloaded. But, for some, this is perfect and its also a good way to preview content for a smaller price before joining a site or buying a dvd or downloadable clip.

redhead girl smoking  

September 05, 2006

One of My favorite smoking pics

woman french inhaling smokeI wish I could remember where this pic originates because I know I've seen it many times before, I think maybe  on Suze Randall's site, but don't quote me on that. I'm glad I found it recently on Angel's Ultimate Archive, because I really think it is one of the best smoking fetish pics I've ever seen.

There are a lot of pics with beautiful girls, but this is one that hits it out on all points, very sultry, well lit, perfect caputre of the smoke, thick exhale, everything that you look for in a smoking pic, at least in my opinion.   

August 15, 2006

One of the best wafting pics I've seen

woman smoking with holderThis pic is a familiar one to those who have been surfing the net for a while, and its probably 15 years old or so.

I'm not sure who the model is, but I have the impression, for some reason, that it is an actress or someone of note, possibly foreign. Some might call this a french inhale pic, but its more wafting to me and one of the few holder pics that I really like. I'm not too much into holders, I don't really know why, I guess its just too aristocratic.

But, good smoking is good smoking and this one is good smoking from all aspects...go lighting of the smoke, good looking smoking model...sultry look, the whole nine.

August 07, 2006

The Open Mouth Inhale...

women doing open mouth inhale is another very popular trick in the smoking fetish community/smoking fans. A close "cousin" to the french inhale, in my opinion, it does rate very high on the "sexy" meter.

Jessica of 1000 Cigarettes is one of the best at this trick and, from what I have seen on her site, seems to kind of specialize in this trick.

You can see a little of the classic open mouth inhales (OMIs) as well on both Random Snaps and some of Rachel's own work at Smoking Rachel  

If it were me rating the smoking tricks, as neat as OMI's are, they would still be behind thick exhales, nostril exhales, and french inhales...but, that's just me. They're all good. 

July 31, 2006

Update Coming This Week to the Main Site...

girl french inhalingLook for about 30-40 new pics and possibly a new gallery or two  on the main site of Best Smoking Sites. Also, I have received some new sample clips that I will be posting on the blog for links as well.

One of the galleries on the main site is one for Smoking Videos, a British site, that has today's blog pic. I really like the what they do with their pics, they do a wonderful job of capturing the smoke of the model's exhales. I wish there were more pics available, and the site seems to be gradually going more to emphasize the porn/adult aspect than just the straight smoking aspect.

Which is fine for some people, but to me, you go elsewhere for porn, if that is what you want, and you go to a smoking site for smoking, because you are just not going to find the emphasis on that anywhere else. Just my opinion.      

July 15, 2006

Girls Blowing Smoke...

two girls exhaling cigarette smokein each other's faces is always a site to see. I know that some are real big fans of the "smoke in the face"/dom thing, whether its a woman or man on the receiving end. I like that o.k., but in the rare times when you get two girls blowing their exhales towards each other, what more could you ask for? Even if its not the classic "domination" thing, the sexual smokey innuendo is always there.  

July 07, 2006

The Thick Exhale, Always....

bride exhaling cigarette smokeand forever my favorite thing about watching good looking women smoke. The thicker the better, the prettier the girl, the better.

I know other guys get into the brand of cigarette/cigar smoked, but that is not important for me and, while I like to see smoking tricks and things like that, if she is exhaling a thick plume of smoke, what more can you really ask for?  

June 26, 2006

Smoking Multiple Cigarettes

girl smoking three cigarettesI guess it makes sense that, for those of us who are smoking fans, the only thing that is more alluring than the sight of a hot woman smoking a cigarette is if she is smoking two-or three- at the same time.

I don't think we see very much of this depicted on most of the smoking sites that I am aware of, I know Coherent Light has done some multiple stuff in the past as has Smoking Rachel. Its probably hard enough to get smoking models who know what they are doing and meet other crieteria without having to try to convince them to smoke two or more cigarettes at one time.

For me, it helps a lot with multiple smoking if the girl is really smoking them like she would smoke just one cigarette instead of two or more. The special holders I have seen in some pictures don't do a whole lot for me, maybe its just too artificial. And, if the model is just smoking one while holding the other in her off hand, then alternating drags, it does not have the same effect as a true multiple smoking scene/pic. But, that's just my opinion.    

June 25, 2006

The Wafting Exhale....

brunette smoking a cigarOne of the more alluring types of exhales that I have found while looking at smoking glamour and fetish sites in my time surfing the net is the wafting exhale, particularly when practiced to perfection by a beautiful female smoker who is actually inhaling.

The pic on the left is of Leah, one of Smoking Rachel's newer models, and comes from a set where she is smoking cigars. So, the smoke is even thicker than normal and she plays that wafting exhale to perfection. 

June 24, 2006

The attractiveness of the lightup...

woman smokingThe lightup just might be the sexiest part of watching any beautiful woman smoke, although its certainly hard to say or to single out one aspect of the fetish.

There is no question that the lightup itself is the primary thing for many smoking fetishers, whether its enough to be a large percentage or whether its yet another sub-category of a niche fetish, I don't know.

But, I do know that, in many cases, the woman is never inhaling more deeply or smoking more intensely than she is at the lightup phase, also, it may be that the beginning of the smoking of the cigarette is more exciting because of all of the promise it brings.

Who knows? I don't claim to have the answer, of course, but I do know that many of the best and most appealing smoking pics out there feature the lightup, probably more than any other portion of the female smoking experience other than the candid holding pics, and much more prevalent than my favorite, the exhale.

How about you, are you a lightup fan? And, if so, does it matter if its match or lighter or even cigarette to cigarette? So many little time.   


June 14, 2006

The Seductiveness of the Nostril Exhale

blonde girl nostril exhale

Is there anything more sensual to a fan of female smoking than a thick stream of smoke billowing out of a beautiful lady's nostrils? I don't think so, but it is something that has to be done right to make it max effective. I mean, there is nothing seductive if she is snorting the smoke out like a bull.

I don't know, its almost like it means the fire is internal or something, at least to me. I think the best nostril exhale I have ever seen on screen was from Kate Winslet in Jude. It was actually a combo nostril/talking exhale. I've seen some good ones in real life as well, particularly in bars or clubs, maybe its because the girls inhale more deeply or womething if they are drinking, I don't know.

If you are going to do it ladies, just make sure you do it right. And thank you very much.

June 13, 2006

Some Random Smoking Thoughts...

blonde girl inhalingIt does seem like some of the more established smoking sites have gone through some major changes, if not shut down operations recently.

Smoking Erotica, Specialized Videos, Colight, and Lady Madonna have all either had some extended periods of down time or, in the case of Smoking Erotica, are closing down. Not sure what this means, but there does seem to be some newer or less well hyped sites out there who are coming along. Its interesting to see what the ever changing nature of the web does to smoking content producers and their sites...will we see even more go to a more adult flavor? I don't know, but as long as there is new and quality content coming out, I'm good.

Along those lines, there is yet another new smoking model at Smoking Rachel's site, as pictured on the left of this blog. Her name is Becca and I hear she drags pretty hard on her Camels, which seems to be true if the pic is an accurate indicator.      

May 16, 2006

What Makes a Quality Smoking Site?

smoking in the bikiniThere are a lot of sites out there that either focus solely on smoking fetish or have a lot of smoking content.

What makes one good or better than another is subjective, of course, but to me one thing that is key is the quality of the videos/photographs. Its amazing how high quality videos online can be today, with WMV and DIVX.

Another thing is the quality of the lighting, which is critical to being able to enjoy the exhale as well as the model's face. Its not as easy as some might think, with just the right amount of backlighting and frontlighting, or just the right amount o natural light.

Next, to me, is the models themselves. Look, its different strokes for different folks, so there is no point in saying there is one particular look, although for an individual smokefan this might be true.


But, generally, a good smoking site has some variety of models, and they definitely should be proficient smokers, although with me its kind of a sliding scale, a little deficiency in one can be made up with outstanding performance in the other.


I think Lady Madonna, with their pic used for this post, is probably the best when it comes to variety of models, but keep your eye on Smoking Rachel, who has almost a dozen smoking models in less than a year of her video club and, I hear a rumor that there is a former Playboy Playmate on the near horizon.      

April 18, 2006

Fitness Girls Who Smoke

cindy margolis smokingOne of things about people who are female smoking fans is the amount of subfetishes within the smoking fetish, and one for me is the "fitness" type women who are also IRL smokers. I guess its the aura of someone smoking who you would least expect to smoke, and, if they can do it in a glamorous and attractive way.

There have been rumors floating around the 'net for years about closet smoking athletes like Anna Kournikova and Jennifer Capriati, and I think that plays into this aspect of it, too. In a time when smoking is supposedly so taboo and scorned in society, the specter of top notch athletes is all the more shocking-and therefore more alluring to those of us with this interest in that particular aspect of the fetish. There was a series of pics on the 'net years ago of a buff woman smoking, and I mean really smoking, doing pushups, treadmill, etc. And you could tell that she was inhaling, even one pic  captured her in the middle of a french inhale. Wish I could find that pic now.    

April 09, 2006

IRL sighting: Fast walking smoker

kate winslet smokingNo, I'm not going to tell you that this pic of the gorgeous Kate Winslet inhaling in mid-stride is the subject of my in real life sighting. This picture just conjures up a memory of my favorite in real life  smoking view. It was  years ago in Boston on a college campus. A group of young women were walking together, as they almost always do, obviously heading for a party or some other social event. It was dusk time on campus in the early spring time, so the light was still pretty good.

The smoker in question seemed to be leading the pack, walking fast and a sstride or two ahead of her girlfriends. She was smoking, of course, but it was the way she was smoking. She smoked continuously, with only the time it took her to exhale between inhales. I remember looking at the group of girls from the side as they walked past, and kept my gaze on them until they disappeared down the hill between the dormitories.

My Smoking Walker led the way the entire time, the stream of smoke she exhaled being swept behnd her by the soft evening wind. The amount of smoke made like a white column of train smoke as she led the way. As I remember, the girls were fairly loud, a bunch of them yapping away about whatever they were going to do. My Smoking Walker didn't say anything, however, she just kept smoking and walking fast, maybe more determined than her friends to get where they were going.

Certainly, she appeared more confident and aluuring, at least to me, just because of the way she smoked and how fast she walked. I had never seen anything like it, before or since. She seemed to exhale more smoke than anyone I had ever seen. Now, this was at a time when I knew I was attracted to good looking females smoking, but I had never heard the term "smoking fetish". And, being on a campus that was more than 50% female, seeing a girl smoking was not exactly the most unusual thing. So, it might tell you how amazing it was that I watched this girl for several minutes, walking further away from me until she and her friends went over the hill and to the fun on the other side of campus.

 Its funny the things you remember, isn't it? I can still see her smoking and leading the pack, and I can describe how she kept walking, dragging hard on her cigarette to create the deep orange circle of light in the gloaming, still see her titlting her head upwards to exhale, still see the smoke being swept back behind her and over the heads of her girlfriends. However, I can't say that I remember anything about how she looked. Dark hair, I'm sure, but I couldn't tell you anthing else about her. I don't even think I could have then, right after she disappeared from my line of sight . But her commanding, rapid, smoking march and the trail of smoke she left will never leave my memory.     

The Allure of Smoking

mamie van doren smokingThere is no shortage of what I'll call "smoking-come-hither" pics on the 'net or in the popular culture. Its obvious that the connection between smoking, paticularly in females, and sex is very real and explited in  movies, advertisements, etc.

I guess the big question is the chicken and the egg argument. Do we all make the connection between smoking and sexy because of classic smoking pics like the one of Mamie Van Doren on the left, or do the people who push their movies and products on us use sultry smoking pictures because the connection between smoking and sex is just naturally there?

I've got to go with option A. A brief reading of the pop culture history of this country shows us that not too long ago smoking was frowned upon by "respectable" women, and that a half century of advertising and promotion basically evolved into a society where women were slightly more likely to be smokers than me. Of course, this was done primarily through the use of beautiful women smoking or at least posing as smokers, with the result being the implied connection between smoking and sexual attractiveness.

Even in the harsh anti-smoking climate of today, the implication is still there, if you think that it was just by happenstance that Sharon Stone smoking while she did the famous leg-cross seen, you're crazy. In fact, its my opinion that the sex/smoking relationship will only get stronger as it becomes less accepted for women-or men-to smoke for all of the other reasons given for the habit: peer pressure, stress relief, etc.

Anyway, thats my take on it, in the meantime, I'll just enjoy the exploitation of beautiful women smoking in the popular culture. I bet I'm not the only one.      


April 06, 2006

Smoking Pictures Needed

asian girl smokingThis site, like the blog, will seek to be update regularly. And, to do that, we will need to have fresh pics and/or galleries submitted by smoking fans and models. We;re working on a script right now to allow that easily on the main site, but any pics can be emailed to our contact address on the the main Best Smoking Sites page.

We make no claim to be the origianl posters of any pics, or to hold any copyright. So, if you find or have any smoking pics you'd like to submit, go the main site and drop us an email. We will not post any pictures that have nudity, however sexy and provacative is o.k...color and black & white pics are welcome. No pics of undergage female smokers and female smokers only please!   

April 03, 2006

Smoke in Black & White

Monique smoking The image(s) of women smoking in black & white film is, for me, the epitome of sultry smoking. Now, don't get me wrong, I love color too, but there is something about black and white film. For me, its probably because my firts stirrings of the smoking fetish were initiated by watching actresses on those old movies that would be shown on TV during the day on the local channels in the days before HBO, Cinemas, and the 'net. Even today, pictires of the great female smokers of yesteryear like Joan Crawaford, Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth, etc. can evoke stirrings and their pictures can easily be found on smoking related websites thorughout the 'net, such as Smoking Celebs. The only thing with some of the classic black & white film smoking pictures, is that so very few of them show the ladies actually smoking, usually just  posing. But, when the woman is inhaling and exhaling thick streams of smoke in black & white....well, sigh. The picture that decorates this post is of smoking model Monique, one of the models from Smoking Rachel , in a clip from an upcoming movie that, will, if rumor is true, but available in both color and black & white.  On the other hand, it may just be the fact that not many movies are shot in black & white anymore, which makes the ones that are seem more exoctic. Anyway, we will always have those old movies, and Hollywood serves up a black & white smoking masterpiece like Sin City. Good stuff, if you ask me.

April 02, 2006

Smoking Miscellany

girl smoking with holderI think that one of the things that keeps a smoking site fresh and informative is regular  posting of new or diffrent material. One thing I know is that Best Smoking Sites

will be committed to posting pics and galleries from around the web, so please email and pics that you'd like to see posted. It seems that sites like Jay's Smoking Links, and Angels Smoking Archive

are so good because of the fresh material/information and the participation-so to speak-of surfers who contribut so much to making them the kinid of site they enjoy visiting on a regular basis.

Along those lines, I wanted to mention a guy out there who is putting forth a site that should be near and dear to the hearts of those of you who only want emphasis on sites of models who are true and attractive smokers, not intertwined with adult themes or porn. Scott at Visual Smoke   is a one man producer-and hell of a nice guy from personal experience- who is doing the real hard job of putting up his vision for the enjoyment of smoke fetishists, recruiting beautiful in real life smokers, and then filming them for the site he hosts and maintains. I have not, as of yet, had a membership in the Visual Smoke site, so I wouldn't feel right reviewing one way or another on the specifics of membership, but I can say that there is a wide variety of models, some of whose work-Nikki and Cody-Ive enjoyed and has been displayed elsewhere on the 'net.

Also, membership runs just 12.95 per month, with pictures and video, about the lowest membership I've seen anywhere, along with Smoking Rachel    whose monthly price is currently 14.95 for the first month, and then 12.95 thereafter.  So, I think those of us who are smoking fans should, if we can, support sites we like and/or that are making every effort to put out a quality product: bookmark it and go by there regularly, grab a membership here and there, offer constructive criticism and suggestions to the producers. It helps, believe me, and a guy like Scott at sure deesrves our support, in my opinion.

March 21, 2006

The Perfect Smoking Model...

       I guess one thing I've learned about this niche from surfing around the 'net for the past couple of years is the wide ranging ideal of the desired female smoking "model". It seems that some people are into the famous and the "celebrity" aspect of it is very important. Sites like smoking celebs focus exclusively on celebrities and other great sites like Angel's Smoking Archive give a lot of space in their galleries to celebrities.

      But its clear to me that fame is not even close to being a prerequisete for fans or fetishers attracted to women smoking ( I guess this makes some sense, since most attractions develop in youth with what we see, and how many are next to gorgeous actresses/singers on a regular basis in the pre-teen and teen years). A lot of it, of course, has to do with how the smoking woman looks: whether that is age, race, ethnicity, bust size, hair color or whatever. Some sites like Draggin Ladies and La Verite seem to have a certain look or body type that they focus on almost excluaively.

     Of course, for tons of people, the issue is what the woman is smoking more than anything. There are boards and groups a plenty dedicated to Virginia Slims, Marlboros, filterless, cigars, etc. One site I've found dedicated soley to cigars is The Right Cigar, which, I think, is a German site that focuses soley on females smoking cigars. Other sites are clearly focusiing on a theme incorporated with smoking babes. the best example I can think of is Coherent Light, where 90% of the material seems to incorporate a "fem-dom-male" theme, although there are some variations, such as fem-dom-fem. But, to me, its a very good and long running site that is perfect for the fan of dominant female smokers, especially those who want to see female smokers dominating men.

       So, I don't know, there is something for everyone, I guess, although it is always interesting to hear what does it for different people. One thing I think is interesting in talking about this is, often times, those of us in the "smoking fetish community', tend to forget that almost everyone who posts on a message board or a blog related to smoking women knows that he (or she) has the attraction. But, all of us didn't always know we had the attraction (or if we did, didn't know how or if to define it) . I guess what I'm saying is, there must be thousands of guys out there who, for example, if you asked them what their dream babe would be might say something like (depending on their generation, of course) "Sarah Jessica Parker", "Sharon Stone", or "Joan Crawford". How much of this has to do with these women being sultry smokers, and demonstrating that in so many, or at least in the most famous, of their roles? How many men (or women, of course) are attracted to Sharon Stone in large part because of how sexy she looks smoking and don't even realize it?  ( I don't know what the poin tof this thought is, just rambling :) )

     Anyway, one of the thing I want to help do on this site is to pay homage, so to speak, to all those different aspects of the female smoking fetish. some of the sites and galleries you'll see here aren't smoking fetish only, but do have some very good smoking content. It will be intersting to me to hear what you think of the various sites, the niche in general, or what can be done to make your enjoyment of the fetish even better.  



March 19, 2006

Initial Blog: Why are we attracted to smoke?


    Welcome one and all to the very first entry in the Best Smoking Sites blog! This site is intended soley for all of those who see and enjoy glamour and beauty in a beautiful women smoking: seductive, sultry, candid, you name it. This blog will be maintained for the sole purpose of talking about anything under the sun that relates to the main purpose of the site.

    The main site links to many different websites with one thing in common, pictrues and/or videos of beautiful women smoking. Why do we-not just those of us who are fans of the genre-but society as a whole-find smoking women beautiful, alluring, and/or provactive. Well, I think the easy answer is that the habit was so taboo for so long-with respect to women, at least-that it became so much more inviting and symbolic. Those of you who are old movie fans can especially relate to the symbolism and allure of the classic screen goddesses when they lit up, as they almost always did: Bette Davis, Barbarta Stanwyck, Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford and so on.

    There is no doubt that smoking is also symbolic of sex, even for those of us who are non-smokers. Many people would also say that it is the oral fixation involved, others would point to bad or naughty girl element, with all that implies.

    As for me, it is an undefinable combination of all of those elements, although I can't say for sure, nor do I much care, about the breakdown of which element are most important. The funny thing is, with all the anti-smoking feeling and sentiment out there over the past twenty or so years, the popular culture has done nothing to lessen the allure, in fact, I think it might even be more. You only need to look at the use of smoking and the cigarette by Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, or the accentuated smoking scenes by Rosaria Dawson and Carla Gugino in Sin City.   

    As for the 'net, there are an abundance of far ranging sites out there dealing with this niche in all manner of ways. You can draw your own conclusions. Many of these sites, if not all, will be profiled andor linked on the main site in the future. They contain everything from well known actresses to unknown models, everything from smoking mixed with hardcore to depictions that would barely rate a PG by the most hawk-eyeed observer. Some long standing sites that deserve, in my opinion, mention right out of the gate are Smoking Angel, Coherent Light,Smoke Signals   and Smoking Models

    Some "newer kids on the block" that show imagination and promise are Visual Smoke and Smoking Rachel    On this blog, I intend to talk in more detail about these sites, many more, smoking glamour related videos, clip stores, smoking fiction and anything else! Feel free to post your comments and blog here anytime!