January 28, 2007

Smoking Fiction: Identical Smoking Babes

twin girls smokingMike thought that there was nothing more erotic Than watching a beautiful woman smoking a cigarette, especially if she was doing it in a sultry, seductive way. He was partial to french inhales and open mouth inhales, but most smoking tricks would get him going.

When he checked into the Super 8 that Friday afternoon, it had been a long week in a town he didn't really care for, and he hadn't sold anything at all. Mike figured he just get some sleep, and head for home on Saturday morning.

He had a little trouble falling asleep-ticked off about the lousy week-so he turned to the cable in the hotel room and saw that they were showing Natural Born Killers , a movie Mike only cared for because of Juliette Lewis and her smoking. After seeing the scene where Juliette takes a desperate drag, blows about a dozen of the thickest smoke rings ever caputred and then puts out the cigarette with her bare foot, Mike was jonesing pretty bad. He needed an IRL sighting that night for his smoking fetish fix and so he got out of bed, got dressed, and prepared to go ut. He would just ask the desk manager where there was a nightclub or bar nearby that was lively-sure to be some smoking women there. There has to be some place, thought Mike, even in this one horse town.

He quickly walked downstairs and saw that there was a line of three people wating to check in right in front of the desk clerk. So he would be busy for a couple of minutes. Mike let his eyes drift off to the crummy little hotel bar, whose sign said they closed at midnight. It looked like the kind of bar that maybe saw 10 people a day, thought Mike, and that was counting the nine hard core alcoholics who didn't need atmosphere, just liquor. What the hell? Mike decided he'd have a quick beer while he waited for the desk clerk to get free.

As he walked in the dark litte bar, he immediately picked up on the only other people in the bar, besides himself and the bartender who was watching sonething on a little TV. There were two women, blonde haired who looked like sisters, sitting on a sofa at a small table with a couple of  drinks on top of it. They looked like sisters, in fact, upon closer relection, Mike could tell they were twins.

He sat at the bar and ordered a beer from the bartender, who said "You got it" without even looking at Mike. Mike pretended to look out at the reception area as an excuse to get another look at the women, and to his delight saw that each one of them were taking cigarettes out of their purses. The one on the left had a pack of Virginia Slims and the one on the right has Misty 120's. Mike's heart jumped a little and he let his gaze stay on the women for a minute as they lit their cigarettes off of the lighter of the one on the right.

O.k., thought Mike, play it cool, you know how to do this. He tuned back to the beer the bartender had placed in front of him and took a sip. He turned around to look towards the reception area and the women again, timing it so he should get a look at the exhales. He saw that both of the women were in the midst of deep french inhales! Perfect, thought Mike. He let his gaze stay on them as they weren't looking at him.

The sister on the left blew hers out first, the exhale going right past her sisters left ear. A split second later, her sister's exhale was flowing in a cone past her right ear. Mike turned back to his beer, ecstatic but not wanting to get caught staring. He could hear the chatter of the twins sisters and could make out that they were talking about some long trip they were taking, obviously just bunking down here at the motel for the night. Mike didn't care. He turned again in his pretend look at the lobby and, once again, saw that the sisters were both serious smokers, inhaling deeply, and always performing a snap, french, or open mouth inhale. The exhales were always thick and eassy to see against the dark background of the crummy, dimly lit bar.

Mike turned again, and this time, saw both sisters looking at him. Oh no! Mike smiled and said, "Howya' doing?" in a voice that wouldn't let them know he thought he just got busted for staring too long.

The women didn't say anything right away and Mike turned back to his beer. That was close, he thought. As deep as Mike's fetish was, he had never told anyone about it, not even his non smoking girlfriend.  

A few seconds later, both of the women were standing beside Mike. Mike's ears burned and his palms felt warm. Did they catch him staring....?

"Hi", said the one on Mike's right. "Mind if we sit here?"

"Oh, 'course not", mumbled Mike.

One blonde twin sat to his right, the other two his left, their respective cigarettes still burning.

"My name is Mary", said the twin on the left.

"...and mine's Carey", finished the one on the right.

"Nice to meet you ladies", said Mike, quickly turning his head to each side, and catching Carey in the middle of a french inhale.

Carey blew out her stream of smoke and then said, "Do you mind if we smoke?" 

"No, of course not", said Mike as he tried to look inconspicuous at the same time he oogled these smoking twins.

"What's your name?", asked Carey through the exhale of her cigarette. Mike's heart rate picked up a little.  

"I'm Mike", he said to Carey, then turned his head to Mary to see her finishing off a jet stream nostril exhale.

"Well, hello Mike", said Mary as she took another deep drag. 

"Nice to meet you both", Mike said, looking at Mary start a french inhale and then turning to see Carey in the middle of a snap inhale. Were they toying with him on purpose, he thought. 

"So, what brings you to these parts, Mike?", asked Carey with a talking exhale.

"Oh, just work", answered Mike, turning slightly to catch Mary, who was blowing some smoke rings towards the ceiling.

They were definitely toying with him, though Mike. I can't keep up with both of them without being obvious.           

"How did it go, Mike?", asked Mary as she finished her rings and blew out some residual smoke.

"Oh, uhh...o.k., I guess. Well, not so great, actually." Mike turned slightly again and Carey had the thickest glob of smoke between her mouth and nose he had ever seen. She finished her french inhale and blew the smoke right in Mike's direction.

"Is it getting better now, Mike?", asked Mary from Mike's other side.

Mike's head was almost swimming with the thought that these two smoking twins were putting on a show for him.

"Oh, yeah. No doubt."

"I'll bet it is," said Mary and Carey in unison. Then all three of them laughed.

Mike stammered, "Oh, look, I'm sorry...I mean..."

"Don't worry, Mike," soothed Carey with a wink, "we have plenty of cigarettes." 


January 25, 2007

Smoking Fiction...Brenda & Lizzie

   two girls smoking

Brenda and Lizzie were both sophomores at the prestigious all girl  boarding college that was known for its high standards of academics, and strict discipline codes, barring the use of alcohol of tobacco. Lizzie had invited Brenda over to her dorm room one day after class to study together for their upcoming Latin examination.

Both girls were 19, with Brenda having honey brown hair and blue eyes, Lizzie had jet black hair and green eyes. both wore the red and black pattern skirts that were required by the school code, as well as the stark white blouse to match.

Brenda knocked on Lizzie's door with her right hand, her left holding her textbook and notebook for the study session. Brenda was surprised when Lizzie answered the door in her uniform, but with her blouse tied up so as to expose her midsection and belly button.

"Lizzie", exclaimed Brenda, "you can't show your navel like that, its against school code, even in the dorms."

"To hell with that", answered the more rebellious Lizze, "I'm in my own room and its warm in here, don't worry about it. C'mon in." Brenda entered and saw that Lizzie had her books strewn out on her bed. She also smelled the faint but unmistakable odor of tobacco in the room.

"Lizzie, have you been smoking?" asked Brenda.

Lizzie smiled her evil smile at Brenda and answered, "Well, yeah, it helps me relax when I'm studying."

"Don't you worry about getting caught?"

"No, oh, get real, so many people smoke around here, teachers, students, you just have to be smart about it, you know." With that, Lizzie opened up her desk drawer and pulled out a pack of Winstons, popped one out and into her mouth, and quickly lit it with a match. She inhaled deeply and then let out the smoke in an open mouth inhale, drew it back in, and blew out a thick stream towards the open window.

"See, you just have to be smart about it." Lizzie paused. "Would you like one?"

Brenda hesitated, she had tried smoking a couple of time before, sneaking a one of her mom's Eve cigarettes, but had not really become hooked and certainly hadn't really thought of trying it in this strict school.

"I don't know, Lizzie, what if we get caught..."

"We won't get caught, if you want one, just say so." 

"O.k", Brenda started, "but I will just have a drag off of yours..." Lizzie smiled and took a very deep drag off of her Winston. As she let the thick, white smoke seep out of her mouth in a delicious open mouth inhale, she put the burnig cigarette up to Brenda's lips.

Brenda sucked on the cigarette with hesitation, savoring the harsh but sweet tobacco flavor that filled her mouth and lungs, She looked at Lizzie, whose eyes seemed evil and inviting as she let the smoke out of her mouth.

"So, do you like it?" asked Lizzie.

"Uh, yeah..." started Brenda. She was interrupted by Lizzie placing the cigarette back into her mouth. This time, she dragged with more confidence and attempted an open mouth inhale of her own.

Brenda was surprised when Lizzie placed her mouth close to Brenda's in order to capture Brenda's exhale...

After it was over, Brenda and Lizzie lay on Lizzie's bed, sharing another cigarette and giggling over what just happened. Brenda's white school uniform blouse was tied up to expose her navel, just like Lizzie's, and the girls shared their Winston in between smokey kisses.

"You know what?" asked Brenda just before exhaling a stream of smoke straight up in the air.

"What?" answered Lizzie.

"I think tomorrow will be the first time that I'm not going to be prepared for class since I've been here."

Lizzie laughed and placed the Winston back in Brenda's mouth. She blew a soft stream of smok in Lizzie's face and said, "No, I don't think you will, either".         

July 26, 2006

The Smoking Schoolgirls....

two school girls smoking

theme is certainly a familiar one for smoking fans who surf the net regularly. For me, it captures the innocent smoking angle, though the models themselves can't be of real school age. Also, it satisfies the desire to see more than one smoking female at a time. I also think that, for many of us, who realized that we had this attraction at an early age, a smoking school girl theme takes many of us back to the first time we realized that this was a major I bet that, other than maybe movies, this is the most likely place/time when smoking fans realized they had the fetish.

The pic on this blog is from Coherent Light, one of the oldest, if not the oldest, smoking site on the internet. Their photography and videography are excellent, and all of the models are serious smokers. The have an inventory that goes back a decade, so there are plenty of tapes to order and plenty of content in the member's area. I know that they have had some customer service issues of late, however, with the webmaster having a serious illness. So, you might want to shoot him an email before joining or ordering anything. I have nothing but good to say about the service I received when I last ordered from them, but that has been a while and my understanding is the delayed orders have been more recent and related to the health of the owner.

I could do without the fem/dom/male emphasis myself, but there is plenty there for serious smoking fans and, there is no doubt that each and every model is a very serious smoker.  

May 27, 2006

Smoking Fiction...Lucky Bellhop

2 busty girls smokingWill, the bellhop, knocked on the door of room 2341 as he stood by the cart of special order room service food he had pushed over to the door of this usite.

He waited for a answer. He knocked again and thought he heard some giggling coming from 2341. "Its open, honey", came a deep, sultry feminine voice from the room.

Will opened the door and smelled the thick scent of cigarette smoke coming from around the corner of the large room. As he pushed the cart carrying the plates of scallops and wine into the opening where the bed was, the smell of smoke was even stronger and Will saw, to his shock, two extremely busty blonde women, each dressed in provactive lingerie, were smoking and cavorting on the bed.

Will was a secret smoke fetishist, but this was the best in real life thing he had ever seen. He tried to play it off and stammered "Uhh, here is the food you, uh..the food..."

The blonde on Will's left in the dark blue nightie blew out a stream of smoke towards him and said, "That's fine, honey, just leave it there for us, we're probably going to eat...later."  Her friend, a powder bulue nightie barely covering her ample chest, dragged hard on her cigarette, and said through a talking exhale, "We need to tip him, babe", and she finished her sentence with a stream of smoke coming out of her nostrils.

"Oh, yeah", said the blonde on the left. "Uh, where is my purse...sorry, honey, I don't have any pockets on this old thing." She giggled as she looked at Will.

Will said, "Oh, that's o.k., don't get up or anything..."

"Is there something else we might be able to tip you with?" asked the blonde in powder blue.

"Yeah, I think he likes to watch", said her friend, as she blew a plume of smoke up in the air over her girlfriend's head.

"Oh, uh, no...sorry", stammered Will. "I'll just..."

"Do you like what you see, honey?" asked Powder Blue bonde seductively.

Will was overwhelmed with the remarkable smoking scene that was unfolding before him. Not one, but two, big busted and smoking babes.

"Uh, yeah...I mean, well..."

"O.k., tell you what, dear", said Dark Blue blonde, "I'm going to do my girlfriend here while we each have a smoke, then we'll eat...and you can"

"Deal", answered Will as he felt weak in his knees. This was going to be the best tip he ever had...  

May 06, 2006

Smoking Fiction: Alyssa Learns to Smoke

two girls smokingAlyssa was very excited about her new job, it was good money  and all the people there seemed real nice, especially Gayle, who worked in the cubicle right next to Alyssa.

Gayle was real friendly, talkative, and very helpful in showing Alyssa the ropes around the office. Gayle often invited Alyssa outside for her smoke breaks, as there was no smoking allowed in their building. Alyssa was a non-smoker, and she did feel kind of funny standing outside the building while Gayle smoked away for the 10 minute breaks, but Alyssa wanted to be nice since Gayle always invited her.

Some people around the office started to joke that Gayle and Alyssa were "twins", since they both had blonde hair and similar facial features.

One Friday, after another long, hectic week at the office, Gayle turned to Alyssa and said, "Hey, Lis, why don't you come over to my place tonight, we'll hang out, watch some movies, drink some wine, whatever, just take it easy?"

Alyssa, surprised by the invitation, didn't know what to make of it. She liked Gayle, of course, but she didn't know her very well and, if Gayle thought that were more than just work friends...

"Uh, o.k., why don't I drop by for a while, maybe around seven?"  

"Sure, sounds good."

Alyssa didn't know exactly what to think when she knocked on Gayle's apartment door that evening, but she was looking forward to hanging out with an interesting person who just might become a great friend outside of work.

When Gayle opened the door, Alyssa could immediately smell the smoke from Gayle's cigarette as is floated out of the door. Gayle was dressed in a black, sleeveless top and black slacks with no shoes. She had her cigarette in her left hand as she withdrew it and blew her exhale out past Alyssa's right ear.

Alyssa walked in and saw that Gayle did not keep the best house, so to speak. But, it was a nice apartment and Gayle did have a large plasma TV in her living room.

"I figured we could just order some take out", said Gayle.

"Sounds cool to me", said Alyssa as she settled down onto the sofa. She noticed that Gayle was closing the door and walking back into the apartment space, but as she did that, she was dragging on her cigarette hands free. Gayle sucked in a large amount of smoke and let it out through her nostrils very slowly.

Gayle noticed Alyssa looking at her and said, "I hope smoking doesn't bother you".

"Oh,no", started Alyssa, slightly embarrassed, "I just have...well, I've seen you smoke a lot before and..."

"You think its looks attractive?"

Alyssa, now really embarrassed, could only blush and shake her head unconvincingly. "Well, uhh,"

"Its o.k., Lis", interrupted Gayle, "I want it to look attractive and sexy, that's why I practice so much. Plus, I just love smoking."

Alyssa was wide eyed as Gayle eased down next to her on the sofa...real close.

Gayle said, "Would you like to learn how to smoke like me, Lis?" Gayle had dropped her voice down an octave lower and Alyssa's ears burned with embarrasment, but she quickly realized that Gayle was holding her cigarette right up next to Alyssa's mouth.

Alyssa tried to say something, but Gayle kept talking. "Go ahead, Lis, take a drag, just put your mouth on it and suck it in."

Before she knew what she was doing, previously non-smoking Alyssa had her mouth on Gayle's cigarette and drew in the acrid smoke in a rush, she drew back and tried to puff it right out, but it came out like she was spitting smoke.

Gsyle giggled and said, "O.K., that's o.k., for your first drag..."

"What am I doing wrong", asked Alyssa.

"Nothing, you just need to get used to it. Just suck in the smoke and then breathe." Gayle put her cigarette to Alyssa's mouth again and this time she took a little deeper drag, breathed in like Gayle had told her, and felt the smoke filling her mouth and lungs. She blew it out quickly, like before, but this time she noticed that it was in more of a stream, instead of  a puff.

"See, " said Gayle, "you're getting it, now you just have to keep practicing." Over the course of the next few minutes, Gayle kept feeding Alyssa her cigarette and Alyssa got progressively more efficient at blowing out thick streams of smoke. When Alyssa first cigarette was done, Gayle popped two more out of her pack and lit them at the same time, she drew in the double dose of smoke and let out a thick french inhale. She blew the remainer into Alyssa's open mouth and the lips of the firls touched briefly. Alyssa swallowed the smoke and blew it upwards as Gayle handed her the lit cigarette.

After all these years, Alyssa was now a smoker, she hadn't hardly coughed and already she loved it, she felt sexy and seductive.

"Gayle, are you going to teach me any smoking tricks?"

"Of course I am, Lis, of course I am", said Gayle as she leaned forward to blow another soft stream of smoke across Alyssa's lips.

"Gayle, are we going to smoke all night?"

Gayle flashed a wicked smile at Alyssa through the smoky air between them and said, "Oh, yeah, we're smoking all night, babe. You bet we are."                




the picture for this story was taken from the Random Snaps website 

April 09, 2006

Smoking Fiction: Traffic Jam

rose mcgowan smokingThe gal in the left hand lane sat in her '04 Ford Escort, not moving like those of us in the center land, irritated at yet another traffic jam  on the  405. I was used to it, but that didn't mean I wasn't just as pissed off as everyone else.

I had been sneaking peeks over to my left for a few minutes now, because the woman seemed to be a real looker. Young, maybe 25 or so, jet black hair with sexy bangs coming down just over her shades. I could see well enough to determine that she had a nice figure and a perfectly shaped bust. Always a plus for me.

My palms didn't really start to get sweaty, however, until I saw her pull out a pack of  Newport 100's and stick one in her mouth as she was muttering to herself. Probaby either in disgust at being stopped in traffic, but maybe singing with the music pumping on her CD player, it didn't matter to me. The only thing that mattered to me was seeing her do those crisp, open mouth inhales, balanced by the occasional french inhale. I eased my foot off of the gas when necessary to move forward as the traffic in front of me crawled...and I did it to make sure that I was even with my Newport Girl in the left lane.

The time, which had been moving slowly before I noticed Newport Girl, now seemed to speed up as she seriously smoked down her Newport. Her windows were up on this smoggy day, so I could see the smoke eddying around her head in the front seat....she was, as they used to say, filling up the cabin with smoke.

I began to fantasize that I had the front view, the only thing in the world that is better than the profile view of a gorgeous smokers. I thought of looking at her through the front window, being able to see her face, eyes hidden behind the "don't mess with me shades", the smoke looking even whiter and thicker against her dark hair, the smoke seeping back up her nose as she snapped off her French inhales with attitude...

It made for a pleasant traffic jam and, for the first time that I could ever remember, I was glad to be in a traffic jam on the 405.           

April 07, 2006

Smoking Fiction- The Chain Smoking Bride

big bust woman smokingJimita was nervous as she glanced at the clock and saw the time growing short until her nuptials...the clock read 10:30, only two and one half hours and then she would be married. It was all she had wanted for a long time, being a wife to a nice, upwardly mobile man. Everything was perfect...except for the one thing that she had, somehow, managed to keep from Jeff for the six months that they had been dating.

Jimita smoked. And Jeff was one of the biggest anti-smokers that she had ever met, if not the biggest. She had found out about Jeff's feelings on their first blind date, and she had been lying, sneaking cigarettes, and scarfing down Altoids every since then. Jeff had no clue.

Jimita lit up one of her Marlboro Light 100's, and looked down at the pack of what was, she assumed, the last pack of cigarettes she was ever going to buy. She had thought this out, of course, but there would really be no way to sneak once they were married and living together. Plus, even if she did, there would be the matter of Jeff finding out when it came time for an insurance policy or something...still, as she inhaled deeply on her cigarette, she thought that it shouldn't really matter, and that Jeff couldn't possibly dump her just because of a habit she had had since she was eighteen. She was twenty-nine now. On the other hand, if he did find out, it would be better after they were married...

"What's up girlfriend?"

Jimita spun around in the middle of a cloud of smoke to see her maid of honor, Betsy, walking into her dressing room.

Betsy was red haired,  thin, and about 3 inches shorter than Jimita. She had evil green eyes and wore her aqua blue dress very well. 

"Hey, Bets", said Jimita as she inhaled so deep on her cigarette that her already large bust heaved out a few more inches.

"Old habits die hard, huh", asked Betsy as she reached for Jimita's cigarette. Betsy took the Marlboro Light into her mouth and sucked just as hard as Jimita had, letting out her exhale through her nose handsfree. "Girl, you got some serious cleavage going on there."

Jimita was lighting another cigarette while she darted around the room. "Thanks, Bets, but I'm going crazy here..." Jimita blew out a stream or smoke and followed it with several thick smoke rings.

"Why, not having second thoughts?"

"Uhh, no, its just that...he doesn't know I smoke."

Betsy was in the middle  of a french inhale when she heard Jimita come clean."You've gotta' be kidding, Jimita! You haven't told him!?"


"Whaddya' gonna do, Jimita?"

"Right now just smoke my brains out"

"Yeah, but, I mean, can't he ever smell it, you smoke like a chimney."

Jimita pointed to the box of Altoids on the table next to her. "That's what those are for."

"I see", said Betsy as she blew a plume of smoke towards Jimita. "Jimita", she started, " know I'm your friend..."

"This sounds bad, Bets, just get it over with", interrupted Jimita. She punctuated her sentence with a loud exhale that was a combo mouth and nostril.

"I just don't like this guy, Jimita. I mean, its one thing if he just says don't smoke aroound me, but you're telling me now that you won't let you smoke at all! I mean, does the think he can control you like that?"

"Apparently he can, Bets. I want to get married..."

"Yeah, but you don't have to marry this guy, is what I'm saying. I mean, Jimita, we started smoking together, ya' know, don't you remember..."

"Yes, Bets, I remember...high school after cheerleading practice." Jimita let her voice trail off at that thought and thought of what Betsy was really talking about. How the two of them snuck cigarettes, originally Betsy's idea. And how they practiced smoking together, with Jimita marvelling at how good Betsy looked while she was smoking. One time, Betsy remarked to Jimita that she looked really sexy while smoking, and before she knew it, she and her best friend were playing kissy face after practice. It had never really gone much further than that, and the two friends had put the kissing and groping incidents behind them, never speaking of it as time wore on and their friendship reamined.

"I remember, too, Jimita", said Betsy as she crossed the dressing room quickly and placed her cigarette up to Jimita's lips.

Jimita, surprised, took in a lungful of smoke and then felt Betsy's free hand softly on her breast. "C'mon, Bets, stop that", barked Jimita through her cloud of exhaled smoke. "C'mon, stop it."

"That's another old habit that dies hard, I guess. Smoking in here with you brought back some memories..."

"Bets, that's not the point, the point is that I'm lying to the man who is going to be my husband, its not about kissing my girlfriend in high school, I was just experimenting..."

"I'm not a lesbian, Jimita, I just like the way you look when you smoke...I always have and I can't believe Jeff doesn't. I mean, you know him and you're not telling him because you're afraid of what he might say...or do."

Betsy moved close end on Jimita again and placed her cigarette in Jimita's mouth. Despite the fact

big breasted smoking biride that she had a cigarette of her own going, Jimita inhaled on Betsy's cigarette as she let her eyes drift up towards her friends. This isn't happening, though Jimita. My best friend and maid of honor is hitting on me before my wedding.

"Bets, c'mon, not now, I mean, I'm getting married here."

"To a guy who won't even let you smoke, Jimita, what is look so good when you smoke. Do you know how long its been since you and I had a cigarette together?" The tone of Betsy's voice told Jimita that her thought was true, Betsy was hitting on her.

Jimita blew out a stream of smoke and said, "Bets, its not that he won't let me smoke, he doesn't know, he has never said anything..." 

"Because you haven't told him because you're afraid he will not let you do it. You're afraid he'll dump you, aren't you Jimita?" Betsy moved in again, her right hand holding her cigarette to Betsy's mouth, her left hand finding its way upwards again to Jimita's large breast.

Jimita was flustered by everything that was happening: being hit on by her best friend, nervousness about getting married to a guy she had not been truthful to, and the fact that she was trying to get as much smoke in her lungs as possible. 


"Bets", she started as she bent down a little to suck on her friend's cigarette, "I don't know what he's gonna' say, I just can't let him find out, you know? I just have to stop smoking..."

Betsy blew out some smoke of her own and laughed, "No way, Jimita, no way. You love smoking, plus, it would be a shame for me to think that I'll never see you smoking again."

With that, Betsy moved up real close to Jimita and tried to place a kiss on Jimita's lips, something she had not done since back in high school. Jimita gently pushed her friend away and said, "Bets, not now, this can't happen right now." She turned her back on her friend and crushed out her cigarette. With the smoke still wafting up from the ashtray, she popped another out of the pack and thought that she was going to have to have about 3 altoids to cover the smell up, plus maybe a little perfume on the gown to help with the clothes.

Jimita lit her cigarette quickly and savored the taste of the smoke in her mouth...a taste that had been there for the past 20 minutes and four cigarettes...a taste that she might not ever have again if she quit to satisfy her new husband.

"O.k., Jimita, not now, but when?" Betsy was something, she really wanted this to happen right here in the dressing room a few feet from where Jimita was to be married!                   

"Bets, it can't happen...not here. I mean, we're in a public place that I'm going to be married in a few minutes, this can't happen now..."

"When, Jimita, when, I just want you so much, especially when I see you smoking..."

big bust woman smoking Jimita turned slightly from her friend and took another drag.She was trying to think of any way to diffuse the situation. the smoke felt comforting in her mouth and lungs, but she was anything but calm as she felt Betsy's hand on her shoulder. Jimita tunred quickly and thought she was going to tell Betsy that was enough.

Before she really knew what was happening, Jimita was touching her mouth to Betsy's. their mouths opened and Jimita's smoke wafted out onto Betsy's tongue.

They kissed passionately, as if they were making up for lost time since their high school days.

Betsy pulled back from Jimita and said, "Please, Jimita, keep smoking...please..." Betsy lowered herself down, not caring about her new dress, and Jimita felt her dress being pulled up and her panties coming down.

It was all so unreal, and gelt so good to Jimita. She voraciously smoked her cigarette, as Betsy began to explore Jimita down below.

With each deep inhale and exhale, Betsy seemed to work more rapidly, and the result was an intense feeling that Jimita had seldom felt before.

Jimita started to blow her exhales down towards Betsy, which seemed only to make Betsy more excited. Soon, Betsy would raise her head up every so often and Jimita would feed her the cigarette.

The smoke, and Jimita's excitement, were building in the small dressing room so fast that it was inevitable what would happen. Jimita knew she had to be quiet, but it finally got to be too much for her, and her high pitched squeal was involuntary.

Jimita's wedding dress was halfway up her body, her head tilted back and blowing a stream of smoke up towards the ceiling, when she heard a deep voice mixed with shock and anger scream "What in the hell is going on here!!!???!!"  


Jimita stepped outside of the office building to have her first smoke break of the day. This time, it was just her and Ralph, one of the guys from the accounting department in the office. He was o.k., just a real busy body, always in everyone else's business. Almost as bad as an old lady.

Ralph lit Jimita's cigarette, and Jimita blew her exhale up into the soft June mid-morning wind.

"You know, I didn't even know you smoked until recently", started Ralph. It was about the fourth time he had mentioned it over the past couple days.

"Yeah", started Jimita, "I've always been a closet smoker, was trying to kind of quit because my ex-fiancee didn't like it." Jimita thought, what the hell, everyone would find out anyway.

"Oh, yeah, I heard some of the girls in your department say you called off your wedding last week, sorry to hear about that." Ralph continued, searching for the real scoop. "He found out you smoked and gave you a hard time, huh? I'd have dumped him, too."

Jimita took a drag and felt relaxed. She knew who she was and didn't care what anyone thought. Plus, she was tired of the fishing for dirt questions she was getting from everyone.

She finished a nostril exhale and said, "Actually, Ralph, he dumped me."

"No way."

"Yep, called it off right there. Had the hall for his club rented for the wedding, all his friends there, everything. Called it off."

"Man, you're kidding. All because you smoke. That's stupid. Hey, I'm sorry Jimita, not trying to pry..."

"Yeah, you are, Ralph. But its cool, you know?"

"Its not cool if he dumped you at the altar because he found out you smoked..."

"Ralph, listen, he found out because I was having a smoke in my dressing room with my maid of honor going down on me, o.k.? His best man smelled the smoke and heard the moans so he came in to see what was wrong, o.k.? Just so you know."

Ralph looked at Jimita, stunned, and said nothing.

Jimita took one last drag and flicked her cigarette away as she exhaled and walked back to the door. Her break was over. Just then, her cell phone rang and she took it out of her purse.

"Hello?" she said.

"Hey, girl, its me", said Betsy.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Nothing, just wanted to know if you wanted to get together and maybe have a cigarette after work."

Jimita stopped, looked back at Ralph, and smiled, "Bets, you know I do." 

April 04, 2006

Smoking Fiction-Denise's First Smoking

two girls smokingDenise was impatient as she paced about the room, waiting for the new maid to show up. Denise was an impatient woman, 29 years old, blonde, a physical fitness nut, the epitome of a California girl. She was the "trophy" wife of a much older man, who had deep pockets and old money in them from  the family  business.

Denise was wearing a low cut rouge blouse, and was anxious to meet some of her girlfriends for a shopping date. But, the house was a mess, a result of Denise having impetuously fired the previous maid, Ilsa. Well, Denise, an OC girl, had high standards and Ilsa just wasn't meeting them, no matter how punctual she was.

The doorbell chimed and Denise walked quickly over to open it, fully prepared to give this new old bag maid a piece of her mind. She opened the door to find a woman about her own age, dressed in a skin- tight black blouse and skirt. She had dark hair, shapely legs, light brown eyes, and a very ample bosom, even bigger than Denise, which was saying something. She wore five inch closed toe high heeled FMPs.

Denise stared at the woman a second too long before she said, "Yes?"

"Oh, yes ma'am, my name is Betsy and I'm your new maid".

Denise was speechless for several seconds before she said, with disbelief, "You're the new maid?"

"Yes", said Betsy, "the agency sent me did call the Parisian Maid service, didn't you?"

"Well, uh, yes, I did, but you don't look much like a maid to me". Betsy smiled and came in the door as Denise moved to the side.

"Well, I guess there are different looks for different clients, Mrs. Dunphy." 

"Well, yes," said Denise, recovering a little, "your agency was recommended to me by a friend, so I assume you're good."

"I'm one of the best, Mr. Dunphy, you can count on that as she walked over to the plush sofa and sat down, slowly crossing her legs.

"Well, you'be better be, the last maid was just not good enough, which is why I tried your service". Denise was more than a little peturbed by Betsy just sitting down on her sofa, plus she did not like the way she was dressed...although Betsy was very attractive. Denise continued, "I'll want you to start in the kitchen, and then move on to the dining and living room areas...". Denise's voice  trailed off as she looked at Betsy pull out a pack of Virginia Slim 120's as she listened.

Denise said, "Uhh, Betsy, or whatever your name is, there is no smoking in this house."

jewell marceau smoking Betsy smiled, lit her VS 120 with a lighter, and let the smoke waft up slowly around her head.

Denise was steamed at this woman. Who did she think she was?

"Didn't you hear what I just said", snapped Denise.

"Yes, I did, Ms. Dunphy, but its going to be hard to for me to...uhh...warm things up in here without smoking, I love to smoke, you know, it helps put me in the mood."

"Mood for what, cleaning my house!?!" Betsy blew another stream of smoke tantalizingly out of her mouth and towards Denise. "Well, I guess we can take the fantasy as far as you want, Mrs. Dunphy..."

"Fantasy, what the hell are you talking about?" Denise was near screaming now. "You come in here dressed like a porn star, you make no effort to start cleaning, and you're smoking when I told you to..."  

The wicked smile ran away from Betsy's face. She sat forward on the sofa and looked at Denise, who was as pissed off as she could ever remember. To think, she had fired Ilsa for this

Betsy looked at Denise for a few seconds and said, "Mrs. Dunphy, you really think I'm a maid, don't you?"  Denise was silent as she thought about this question. What in the world was this girl talking about...then it hit her. Her friend that had recommended the Parisian maid service was Jeselle, who was always taling about her "lesbian days" years ago when she lived in Santa Monica and it was the in thing to do. Jeselle had given her the number, and she knew it wasn't a maid service at all...

"Mrs. Dunphy, the Parisian Maid service is, well, we service our customers..."

"You're a call girl!!"

Betsy grinned and took another drag off of her cigarette. "Yes, Mrs. Dunphy, I guess you could say that", Betsy finsihed as she blew her smoke away from Denise for the first time. "When you called and asked for our best maid, well, that's code word for..."

"Oh, my gosh, ", yelled Denise, "I am going to totally kill Jeselle".

"Sounds like someone played a real joke on you, Mrs. Dunphy." Betsy leaned forward and said, "I need somewhere to put my ash, Ms. Dunphy."

Denise, flustered, said, "Well, I told you that you couldn't smoke in here..."

"Yes, you did, Ms. Dunphy, but I still need someplace to put my ash." Denise looked at Betsy who smiled at her  through  the  slowly rising haze of smoke that surrounder her head. Denise had to admit, despite herself, that Betsy did look very good when she was smoking...

"Uhh, well, you can put your ash in here." Denise picked up an empty stein that was just used for decorative purposes on the cofee table. It was her husband's and Denise hated the stein.

Denise watched Betsy tap her long ash into the stein and then said, "Well, Betsy, this has been a horrible mistake, I guess the joke is on me...I guess you better go..."

"Why, Mrs. Dunphy, I mean, you paid for the service, no matter what, why don't you just take a load off and sit here and talk to me?"

"Well, I'm supposed to meet my girlfriends..."

"Is one of them the one who played this joke on you?"

Denise thought about that and shook her head. "No, I'll talk to Jeselle about her referral later, for sure."

"Maybe Jeselle wasn't trying to play a joke on you, Mrs. Dunphy, maybe she thought you might enjoy this service."

Denise shook her head, "I'm not into that, women I mean, I'm mean, people can do whatever, but I'm not..."

"Have you ever been with a woman?"

"Of course not", snapped Denise.

"Then how do you know?"

"I just know."

Betsy leaned back on the sofa and stretched out her right arm on the sofa as she held her cigarette with her left. "Why don't you just sit down here and chat, Mrs. dunphy, you seem like you have a lot of stress."

Denise hesitated, before going over and plopping down on the sofa, as far away from Betsy as she could . Denise felt she was stressed, Jeselle had given her a phony referral, the place was a mess, she didn't feel like hanging out with the girls , she was going to be behind on her shopping...she was stressed.

Denise looked over at Betsy, who was bowing soft smoke rings as she reclined on the sofa. Denise noticed her heart beating a little faster at the sight...she was a good California girl, after all, and therefore hated smoking. But, she had to admit that Betsy looked nice while she smoked.

"Do you smoke to relieve your stress, Betsy?"

brunette smokingBetsy crushed out the cigarette in the stein and popped another one out of her pack. "No, I do it because its sexy, and most of my customers like, in fact, some of them are what you might call smoke fetishists."

"Smoke fetishists, what's that?"

"Well, that's a person who is attracted to the look of a beautiful woman smoking...", Betsy paused as she lit another VS 120 and blew out the smoke towards Denise, " you are, Mrs. Dunphy."

"What? I'm not attracted to that, I don't like smoking..."

"I can see the way you've been giving me the eye, I'm not blind, I see." Betsy finished her sentence and moved closer to Denise on the couch.

Denise, again flustered, said, "What, what are you talking about, Betsy...what are you doing?"

Betsy, now only a couple of feet from Denise, took in a lungful of smoke and let it out slowly, directly into Denise's face.

"Betsy! Betsy...stop that..."

"I can tell you love it, Mrs. Dunphy, I can tell you are excited by looking at me and my smoke, why don't you just admit it?

Denise, strangely attracted to the smoke and Betsy's dominating actions, still did not want to admit that she did feel a little turned on, and she hated smoking... 

"See, Mrs. Dunphy, I can tell you love it, you're speechless and I can see you're excited." Betsy let her eyes drift down to Denise's blouse. Denise could feel her nipples stiffening against the fabric of her bra, which was tight against her blouse.

"Betsy, no...I mean, I just can't..."

"Why don't you just let me smoke you, Mrs. Dunphy, remember, you already paid for it." 

Denise was too far under the dominance of Betsy now to resist, and she didn't want to resist. But, she was still too prideful to admit it out loud to Betsy.

Betsy didn't care. She proceeded to slowly and deeply drag on her VS 120 and slowly bathe Denise in her smoke...moving gradually up Denise's torso.

Denise, still not wanting to admit her attraction, was growing more excited as she was covered with Betsy's smoke...the thought of being bathed in the acrid smoke was in itself very exciting to her...the look of Betsy as she exhaled the thick white smoke down at was beginning to really build up in Denise.

"Ms. Dunphy, why don't you take off that top so I can really smoke you good?" Before she even realized what she was doing, Denise had her top off and was completely passive in letting Betsy warm her bare torso with her smoke...Denise particularly like the feeling of the smoke against her hard nipples, and the way the smoke made them feel hot against the cool room air.

Betsy removed her top, revealing her red bra which was barely emough to contain her overflowing bosoms. Denise was not surpised to hear her own first moan of excitement, and the ones that followed were in tandem with her own body reactions...

busty brunette smoker The intense initial smoking of Denise continued for several minutes, and two more VS 120's. The climax of the smoking bath, which came just before Denise's own climax, came when Betsy placed her lips close to Denise's and exhaled her smoke straight into Denise's mouth. 

Denise took the smoke in, and blew out her first ever lung full of smoke back at Betsy, before her lips met Betsy's. It was the most erotic moment Denise had experienced since marrying the older rich man.

An hour later, as Denise and Betsy relaxed together with a cigarette, Betsy asked Denise, "So, what do you think of being smoked, Mrs. Dunphy?"

Denise laughed and said, "I loved it, Betsy, and, in fact, I think I'm an occasion smoker now."

"Really, won't your husband mind?"

"Oh, he won't find out, I'll only smoke during the time when the Parisian maid company-specifically Betsy-is here...uuuhhh...doing their 'maid' service."

Betsy laughed and placed the cigarette she was sharing with Denise in Denise's mouth. Denise dragged deeply, exhaled the smoke, and thought that smoking, or being smoked, was a great stress reliever.

Now, she just had to find someone to clean her house.       


March 28, 2006

Smoking Fiction


julie strain smoking 


Danielle wasn't sure if she wanted Kellie to have to struggle as she felt the warmness of Kellie's hand under her brassiere, moving around evenly over her breast. Danielle leaned in closer to Kellie as Kellie was taking another drag of her Marlboro.

Danielle wanted to taste Kellie and the smoke even deeper and more than ever. Danielle knew that she was in big trouble with her job, she hadn't done any cleaning and this was the first room she had been to, but at this point she didn't care.

Once again, Kellie and Danielle's lips met in a fiery, smoky embrace of lips that sent another charge of excitement through Danielle's supple body as she could feel the moisture building below and the rapid pounding of her heart in her chest. Danielle ran her hands under Kellie's blouse and experienced the soft, supple, feeling of Kellie's breast. The taste of the smoke she was sharing with Kellie and the realization that she was making Kellie excited, too, gave Danielle more confidence and determination to see this experience through to the end.

Danielle and Kellie both pulled their heads back and blew their smoke out over each other's shoulders. They moved in closer and quickly locked lips again, the four hands doing a mutual exploration of each other. Danielle experienced that now familiar charge welling up in side of her, but this time more intense than before, actually more intense than she had ever felt in her life before. She could sense that her body was reacting in a way that it never had before, and the feeling of the impending loss of control was intense. Danielle squealed her pleasure as she and Kellie worked their bodies in unison.

Kellie whispered breathlessly in Danielle's ear, "Danielle, did you you just come?"

Danielle, suddenly a little embarrased, whispered back, "Yes, I'm sorry..."

"No need to be sorry, that's what I wanted". Kellie rolled completely on top of Danielle, and their activity continued, without words for another hour. Finally, both exhausted, Kellie rolled to the right side of the bed as Danielle watched her. Danielle's unfiform was now completely off and crumpled on the floor by the bed. She was covered with a film of sweat, and her bare skin felt cool against the air conditioned room.

"I need a cigarette, how about you, Danielle?".

"Yes, please." Kellie popped two Marlboro Lights out of her pack and put both of them in her mouth, lighting both with a match as she had before. when she got them both lit, she inhaled deep on both and let the smoke out of her nostrils slowly. She then took both out of her mouth and handed one to Danielle.

Danielle took a deep drag and blew the smoke out in rings towards the ceiling as Kellie snuggled next to her. The smoke tasted better than any smoke she had ever had in her mouth before. Why, and exactly how, this smoky seduction by a woman she didn't even know had happened, she was not sure, but she was glad that it did.

"Can you believe that I was actually going to quick smoking, Kellie?"

Kellie giggled and said, "Well, I've been there myself, Danielle, but I can tell you that I don't usually try to seduce housekeepers when I'm in a hotel, its just that you were very cute and I could tell you wanted a cigarette. When I saw how sexy you were when you are smoking, that kind of sealed the deal, you know?" 

Danielle blew out another stream of smoke and said, "Really, wow. I mean, I noticed how good you looked when you were smoking, too."

"I guess you are not going to quit now, huh?"

"Probably not. This is like the best cigarette I've ever had."

Kellie laughed, snuggled some more, and said, "They say that that's the best time, after sex."

"Yeah, I guess that's true."

Kellie pulled herself up towards Danielle and took a drag off of her own cigarette. "Of course, since that's true", she began while exhaling, "then you aren't going to quit anytime soon, do you know what I mean. I don't check out until tomorrow."

Kellie leaned forward and her smoke flavored lips met Danielle's again. Suddenly, they were interrupted by the jangling of the phone on the nightstand near Kellie's side of the bed. "Sorry, "said Kellie, "this might be my office." Kellie picked up the phone and said, "Hello?". A cold feeling went through Danielle's body as she saw Kellie turned to her, point at the phone and then at Danielle. "Yes", said Kellie into the receiver of the phone, "someone from housekeeping has been here..." Kellie paused. "Yes, she's still here...we just got know, chatting." Kellie looked up at Danielle with a wicked smile as she finished the lie. "O.k., hang on", Kellie held out the phone towards Danielle. "They want to talk to you."

Danielle grabbed the phone and heard the agitated voice of her manager, Donna, on the other end, "Danille! What in the world do you think you are doing! You have twenty-one rooms to clean. You've been there for over and hour and a half! What in the world is going on there!?! 

"Well, ma'am., I'm sorry, but..I...I..." Danielle stammered as she felt Kellie's hand running gently over her thigh.

"I don't want to hear any excuses, Danielle! This is just your first day and you're screwing up already. You get your little butt out of there and start cleaning those other rooms now!!

Danielle had taken a drag off of her cigarette as she listened to Donna and concentrated on the feel of Kellie's hand and the warmth of her body next to hers.

"...know there is something strange going on there, Danielle, I don't know if its drugs or what, but you better get those other rooms cleaned and you better believe that I'm going to talk to management about this..."

Danielle was feeling the excitement and blew out a stream of smoke as she listened. "Danielle!" screamed Donna. "Are you smoking!!??!!"

"Well, uhh, yeah..."

"Its a non-smoking room, Danielle. that's it! You better get those other rooms cleaned, but either way,you are in big trouble young lady..."

"I can't do that ma'am", said Danielle as her body began to react to Kellie's touch once again.

"Can't what!!"

"Clean other rooms."

"Why the hell not!!???"

"Because I'm on my smoke break."

Danielle giggled as she said this and Kellie paused to laugh.

"You're fired, Danielle, do you hear me..."

"No ma'am, I quit", said Danielle and hung up the phone. She would deal with the fall out from this later. Danielle took a drag and blew her smoke into Kellie's face and said, "Kellie, I want to take the lead for a while."

Danielle, her non-smoking and housekeeping days behind her, happily fell into a deep embrace with the beautiful  smoking sedcutress. And she couldn't have been happier .    










March 24, 2006

Smoking Fiction


    Danielle certainly did want to do another smoky kiss with Kellie, but edverything was starting to fall in on her at once: she had been in this room for several minutes now, and hadn't done any cleaning, she was being seduced by an older woman for the first time, she didn't know what to do. The only thing Danielle knew was that her non-smoking days were behind her and if she didn't get out of that room-and fast-she was going to be in trouble. But she didn't want to go.

"Kellie", she started, "I'm not sure I should be doing this, I..."

    Kellie took another drag as she listened and interrupted Danielle again, "Danielle, do you want to kiss me again, or not?" Kellie followed her direct question with and exhale into Danielle's face and Danielle coughed slightly. It gave Kellie the opening to brush up against Danielle and engage here in another embrace, this one even tighter than before.

    Danielle was now totally at the mercy of the other woman, and she loved it, savoring both the lingering taste of the acrid smoke in her mouth as well as the electrifying sensation of her most erotic experience and first seduction.

    Kellie's hands were running over Danielle's back as she used both hands-the lit Marlbor still burning in her right-to unbutton Danielle's dress. Danielle held onto Kellie, feeling the firm pressure of Kellie's bust against her own, thinking quickly how good it felt and that Kellie's bust was considerably larger.

"Kellie, I, I...Kellie..." stammered Danielle as she moved her hands clumsily up and down Kellie's back.

"I know, Danielle, I know...don't worry, just relax and let me do all of the work." Kellie was breathless as she finished the last sentence and put the cigarette up to Danielle's mouth for another drag. Danielle took a deeper drag than she ever had before and immediately felt Kellie's soft mouth on hers as she pulled her mouth away from the cigarette. Her mouth was again engged with Kellie's, and her tongue was caressing Kellie's. Danielle could feel the smoke billowing from her mouth into Kellie's as the charge of the kiss raged through her.


beautiful girl smoking  

Danielle's dress was off, revealing to Kellie her schest adorned in a new lace bra. Kellie stepped back and sat down on the bed, bringing her cigarette up to her mouth and again patting the bed with her left.

    "C'mon, Danielle, lie down, honey. Lets finish this cigarette together." Kellie's voice sounded to Danielle deeper and more inviting than before. Danielle knew that she couldn't resist this invitation if she wanted to: which she didn't. 

    Danielle moved over to the bed, shyly aware of being in her underwear while on the job, but no longer caring to the point where she did not want this to happen. She laid down next to Kellie and admired a long cone-like exhale of Kellie's that went straight up as Kellie reclined beside her. Kellie turned her body more towwards Danielle and again put the cigarette in Danielle's mouth. Danielle's drag was this time accompanied with the feel of Kellie's left hand searching for the skin beneath Danielle's bra.

    Danielle exhaled quickly and timidly asked Kellie, "Do you want me to take that off?" Kellie shook her head as she took another drag of her own and said, "No, its better when its a little bit of a struggle."

March 23, 2006

Smoking Fiction

blonde smoking picture


     Danielle gazed at Kellie as she thought about the question Kellie had just so seductively asked her. On one hand, Danielle desperately wanted anothere smoky kiss, on the other, she felt that she was on the verge of going somewhere that she really shouldn't.

     "K-Kellie," started Danielle, " tasted really good, but I...I need to get back to work and I'm not supposed to smoking and..."

     Kellie blew a soft cloud of smoke at Danielle and interrupted, "Sounds like a rejection me, Danielle." Kellie leaned up on the bed and unbuttoned her bluse one more notch. "If you don't find me attractive or don't like the way I smoke, just say so, Danielle."

     "Oh, no, ma'am, I'm not saying that..."

     "Call me Kellie, Danielle." 

     Danielle straightend up a little more and edged towards the door of the huge hotel room. "I'm not saying that, Kellie, I..I this is my first day on this job, Kellie..."

     Kellie got up off the bed and stepped up close to Danielle. "You are doing a wonderful job, so far, Danielle". Kellie put the lit Marlboro up to Danielle's mouth and smiled evilly as Danielle inhaled deeply on it . Danielle pulled back, let the smoke curl out of her mouth and up her nostrils before blowing out the stream over Kellie's left shoulder. "Thanks," said Danielle quickly, followed by a quick little cought that told Danielle that she might have gone too hard on the french inhale, especially after not smoking for months. "But, yeah, I'm not supposed to be smoking at all, and this is a smoking room..."

     "So you do find me attractive, is that it, Danielle?" asked Kellie.   Kellie took a deep drag off of her Marlboro and moved her mouth very quickly close to Danielle's. Danielle, expecting another stream of tasty smoke from Kellie, opened her mouth slightly and was surprised when she felt Kellie's lips meet hers. The tingle that shot through her body was electric, both out of desire and surprise. Her tongue met Kellie's softly at first, and then more roughly as Danielle felt the string rush of smoke Kellie was exhaling inside her mouth as they kissed.

     Kellie put her arms around Danielle and Danielle instinctively moved hers up and around Kellie's neck, not even thinking about what she was doing. When Kellie pulled back and her lips left Danielle's, there was a barely audible smacking sound as both set of lips left one another and a little string of saliva that follwed Kellie's lower lip as she pulled back. Danielle, still stunned by what was happening, automatically blew out the residual smoke that was still in her mouth and lungs as she looked at Kellie wide-eyed.

     Kellie gently wiped off her lip and smiled evilly at Danielle. "Now that wasn't your first kiss, was it Danielle?"

    "Uhh, no, but, I, I've gotta'..."

     "I didn't think so, Danielle, that was a very satisfying smoky kiss. I'd like to do it again, wouldn't you?" 


March 22, 2006

Smoking Fiction





blonde smoking

    Daniell's heart continued to race as she tried to make sense of what was happening to her: sghe was slacking off work on her first day of a very good job, but she had had a couple of drags of a sweet tasting cigarette-something she had missed for months-and she was being hit on by a beautiful woman! Or was she?

    Kellie leaned a little closer to Daniell and repeated her question. "Do I make you nervous, Danielle?" Kellie smiled at Danielle, as if she knew the answer might take a few seconds. Kellie crushed out her cigarette and popped another on out of the pack and did a quick match lightup. Danielle watched enthralled and Kellie blew a thick stream of smoke right at Danielle's face.

    Danielle, realizing that she was staring too long at Kellie, recovered to answer, "Well, uhh...Kellie, uuhh, I guess its just..."

    Kellie interrupted Danielle's stammering answer to place her lig Marlboro in Danielle's mouth. Danielle drew in harder on the cigarette than she had previously and took in a delicious lungful of smoke. Danielle exhaled in a combination of smoke out of her mouth and nose simultaneoulsy as she finished her answer. "...Its just that I think you might be hitting on me, Kellie", she said nervously while quickly blowing out the residual of her smoke.

    Kellie laughed and replied, "So, what if I am, Danielle? What if I like cute young women who smoke? Is that a problem for you?"

    "Well, no, I mean, I guess, I'm supposed to be working...". Kellie took a deep drag off of the Marlboro, held it in and leaned closer to Danielle than she had before. Danielle, with her heart beating fast and her palms sweaty, realized she was aroused and wanted to lean towards Kellie. Danielle inched forward with a mix of nervousness and excitement aned insticntively opened her mouth, expecting her first kiss from a gorgeous woman.

    Kellie stooped her lips an inch from Danielle's and blew a furious exhale of smoke into Daneilles' mouth trhough her parted lips. The smoke stung Danielle's throat a little in her surprise and she quickly took the mouthful down into her lungs and tried to savor it. Danielle inhaled the passed smoke and blew out a plume of it over Kellie's left shoulder.

        Just as Danielle finished her exhale, Kellie's lips touched hers and Danielle felt excitement welling up inside of her that she had not felt before. Kellie's lips tasted sweet with their smoky flavor, yet soft and inviting. Danielle wanted to open her mouth, but Kellie pulled back, smilked, and said, "That's called a smoky kiss, Danielle. Was that your first one?"

    Danielle, still basking in the taste of the smoke and her excitement, did not speak but only nodded.

    "Well," said Kellie as she raised the cigarette to her lips for another drag, "did you like it, Danielle?"     





March 20, 2006

Smoking Fiction


Danielle was nervous as she considered the invitation, if that's what it was, from the blonde woman who was asking her to break the rules-big time-in a good new job that she had to have.

"I don't know, ma'am", stammered Danielle.

"My name is Kellie Watts", said the woman sweetly, "please call me Kellie." The tone of the Kellie's voice made Danielle's heart beat even a little faster, and not just because she really wanted a cigarette.   Kellie kept patting the bed with her left hand, holding her Marlbor Light in her right, and Danielle found herself walking over towards the large bed.

"There you go, honey", said Kellie through a plume of smoke. "That wasn't so hard, was it? Just live a little. Having one smoke isn't going to kill you, is it?"

Danielle sat down nervously on the bed next to Kellie and said, "Well, no, but, well, I really shouldn't be smoking, plus this is a non-smoking room..."

"Well, just take a drag off of mine, if that makes you feel better...technically, its not your cigarette, its mine, honey", sad Kellie with an emphasis in her voice on the word mine.

The woman raised her right hand with the burning Marlbor in it to Danielle's mouth and Danielle first noticed Kellie's long, perfectly manicured fingernails as she took the cigarette in her mouth and dragged deeply on it. Danielle let her eyes drift up slowly towards Kellie's as she inhaled the smoke and thought they looked deep, dangerous, and erotic.

blonde smoking

Danielle savored the taste of the first smoke she had taken into her lungs in months as she did a deep french inhale.

Kellie asked her, "Honey, what is your name?"

"Its Danielle", said Danielle through her exhale. Her brand of choice when she was smoking regularly had been Newports, but this Winston Light tasted sooo good.

"Danielle, that's a pretty name and....that was a very pretty french inhale, Danielle", said Kellie. As she finished her compliment, she was holding the Marlboro out for Danielle again, only this time a little further away so Danielle had to lean closer to Kellie to take her drag. It seemed incredible, but the smoke tasted even better to Danielle this time than it had on the first drag. Danielle blew her exhale in a thick stream over the left shouldr of Kellie and said, "Thanks."

Kellie nodded and smiled as she tapped some ashes off of the Marlboro into the soda can. "Danielle, you seem a little nervous, do I make you nervous?" Kellie smiled again and took an elegant drag on the cigarette.

Danielle's heart was in her throat a little as she watched  this gorgeous women smoking and savored the lingering taste of the cigarette in her own mouth. Danielle had the disticnt impression that she was being hit a beautiful blonde woman on her first day of the job!   

March 19, 2006

Smoking Fiction


                                THE HOUSEKEEPER AND THE GUEST   PART ONE

    Danielle Mears had all of the excitement and nervous energy that anyone would have on their first day of work. For Danielle, it was working as a housekeeper in the oldest and most elegant hotel in town, the Plimpton Hotel. Danielle was eighteen years old, of medium height and build, with honey brown eyes and full seductive lips. She had recently finished her GED, having gotten expelled from school for repeated violaations, the last of which was being caught smoking on school grounds for the fifth time. Her parents, both active in the local movement to make smoking in all public places illegal, had been unbelievably upset. They made Danielle swear off the vile weed, and told her she would only get help from them if she refrained from smoking completely, worked hard, and completed her GED in short order.

    Danielle had done all of these things. Upon reporting to the Plimpton and getting her cleaning cart, Danielle went up to the luxurious 20th floor to begin her rounds. Her first room was 2001, and she knocked on the door and said "Housekeeping." A firm, feminine , voice answered, "C'mon in, if you like."

    Danielle pushed her cart into the large, mahogany decor room with some trepidation. Her first room to clean, and she had to do it in front of an auience. As she entered the room and took stock of the plush carpeting and magnificent dresser and large TV to her right, she first caught the aroma of cigarette smoke coming from the left side of the room, where the King sized bed was located. Upon pushing her cart past the wall and looking into the opening of the lest side of the room, Danielle saw a woman dressed in a flora print dress, with shoulder length blonde hair laying on top of the sheets, slowly smoking a Marlobor Light 100. The woman was in her mid 20's, has long slender legs, and an ample bosom. Danielle's heart raced a little as she watched the woman's thick upward exhales accentuated by the dark mahogany headboard.

"Don't mind me", said the woman, "just go ahead and leave the bed for last, I was out late last night and I'm just having a smoke."

Danielle nodded and clumsily began to get to work on the rest of the room. The smell of the smoke was so good to her and she surreptitiously looked at the women in the mirror across from the bed as she began to pick up and dust on the dresser.

"Hope the smoke doesn't bother you", said the woman as she tapped her ashes into an empty Diet Coke can.

"Oh, no", said Danielle, "I used to smoke. Ummm. can I get you an ashtray for th-..."

"I think this is a non-smoking room, honey", said the woman with a smile as she took another deep drag.

"Oh, yes,", said Danielle, flushing slightly. "Of course, I just..."

"You said you used to smoke?", the woman asked against a thickj nostril exhale.

"Umm, yeah", said Danielle, who realized she was looking at the woman's bust and blushe again slightly. "Yeah, got in trouble at school because of it and my parents freaked...this is a big anti-smoking town, you know?"

"Oh, I know, honey, I know. So, you didn't quite because you wanted to, huh?"

"No, I mean, well, no. Like I said, it was, like my parents..."

"Would you like a cigarette, honey", said the woman as she blew out a plume of smoke and sat up on the bed, revealing that her bust was even larger than Danielle had thought.

Danielle's heart raced a little at both the prospect of her first cigarette in eight months and the seductiveness of the woman. "Uh, I don't know ma'am, I mean, its like..."

The woman smiled slowly and took a last drag off of her Marloboro as she crushed it out and said< "Honey, I won't tell if you don't." She grinned and reached for the pack of cigarettes on the night stand to her right while she began to pat the sheets with her left hand. "Take a load off, hon, have a cigarette with me."       

blonde girl smoking