December 30, 2008

Nice Smoke Swap

As I often say, the only thing better than a pretty smoking girl is two pretty smoking girls, when they are swapping their smoke, it gets downright hot, let me tell you. In this pic, can you even tell which smoking babe is blowing and which is receiving?

two girls kissing smoking

December 07, 2008

Erotic Smoke Swapping

woman exhaling smoke  

Kind of a grainy smoke kiss picture, but I think it will do the trick for a quality blog post, don't you?

September 27, 2008

Smokey Kiss Just The Beginning?

woman exhaling smoke 

I think these two smoking girls are really into each other, its a pretty suggestive smoking kiss, but you can kind of tell they might go quite a bit further. I'm wondering if this pic was taken from another kind of fetish video and the smoking part of it was secondary.

August 04, 2008

Smokey Kiss, Lips Touching

women kissing smoking

Well, its going to be hard to beat this smoking kiss picture for really capturing all the necessary elements of the quinteessential smoking kiss: exhale visible from both smoking girls and a legitimate "kiss" with their lips actually touching at the time of the capture. There are some like it floating around in cyberspace, but if legit smokey kiss is what you want, you won't find too many others this well rounded.

July 22, 2008

Swapping Smoke: Asa & Fayth

This is a pretty good smoke swapping pic from a couple of Smoking Rachel's models, Asa and Fayth. The clip this is taken from actually has three models swapping smoke from their exhales.girls smoking kissing

June 22, 2008

Cigar Smokey Kiss

women smoking kissing 

One of the few smokey kiss pics I've ever seen with the two smoking models smoking cigars. It works real well with cigars since you know you're going to see so much smoke...pretty good on the kiss for these two as well.


April 07, 2007

Smoking Kisses....

 are always popular with one faction of the smoking fan community, though even in that, what some really want to see is "smoke swapping", which I learned a while back is distinct from a "smokey kiss", although some people mean the women swapping smoke when they say "smokey kiss". Regardless, when done right, a pic or video with two women kissing while they smoke or exchanging the smoke is certainly very stimulating to a lot of us.two women smoking kissing

January 27, 2007

Nice Smokey Kiss Pic

This one is from Random Snaps, a well known SF site that is probably the best when it comes to smokey kiss pictures like this one.two women smoking kissing

December 12, 2006

Smokey Kiss Pic...

two women smoking together smokey kissI know I have several of these throughout the blog, but when I see a good one, I cannot resisit and, not surpisingly, this good one comes from smoking models  , which is just 'kicking butt" so far when it comes to well lit pictures and videos, along with a good variety of quality models. Hopefully, this will continue and they will be a long running highlight in the smoking fetish community. 

August 21, 2006

Colight: Smokey Kisses

It won't surprise some of you that when I blog about Colight Megan is in the mix , and here she is again in probably the best "smokey kiss" pic I've seen, with the way both models exhale is thick, clear and not blocking the eroticism of the kiss. I had said in an earlier blog that, for me, the models involved don't necessarily have to be actually kissing, the phrase is used if one or both is exhaling into the others mouth. But, when a pic is as good as this, I'm willing to make an exception : )

For those of you who don't now, Megan is the one on the left of this pic. She was a serious in real life smoker, I say was since she no longer models for Colight, to my knowledge. Also, I saw the video that this vidcap comes from, called "Rings". Anyone who is into smoke rings should definitely check out that video, though I'm not sure if it is available on DVD now, maybe just VHS. 

women kissing while smoking