February 19, 2010

First The Ring, Then The Exhale

O.k., you don't see this every day, a smoking girl following up a nice, tight smoke ring with a fairly thick exhale...I suppose it could be off of a different drag, but if not, well, if any of you know her lt me know because I want to order a custom video.

smoking girls 

October 18, 2009

Jessica: Thick OMI

Very popular and prolific Canadian smoking model Jessica, who has been a productive mainstay on the 'net for years. She might produce the most consistently thick exhales of any smoking girl you've seen. 

smoking girls

Super Thick Smoke Ring

Now, this is one serious, thick smoke ring. I know I've posted pics of this smoking model before, but she really outdid herself this time.

smoking models

September 24, 2009

Getting Back On Track With Smoke Rings

smoking girls I'm making a concerted effort to get more up to speed on finding worthy pictures of smoking girls producing smoke rings, I know its been a little bit of a dry spell, but hopefully, this picture is a good start.


September 12, 2009

Not Quite A 'Smokey Kiss', But...

smoking girls 

I thought you guys would not mind including it in the blog under that heading. The french inhale by the blonde smoking girl is awesome, and the cute little peck on the cheek the brunette smoking model is giving her is very alluring. Wonderful pic.

September 05, 2009

The Best In Smoke Rings

No one does smoke rings like the folks at the old Smokevision, as you know from reading this blog and from pics like the one of this redheaded smoking girl blowing her thick, perfectly formed smoke rings. 

smoking girl

June 11, 2009

Now, That's The Way To Do Smoke Rings

Now, this is the way you like to see your smoke ring blown out by a smoking girl either in a picture or smoking fetish clip, tight, circular, and numerous.

smoking girls 

April 20, 2009

Catching Up On Smoke Rings...

Another pretty good smoke rings picture, I know I had fallen a little short in that particular category.

smoking girls

April 11, 2009

Tight, Little Smoke Rings

smoking girl smoke ringsAnother good quality smoke rings picture for you, of all the sultry, enticing smoking tricks done by girls in smoking fetish clips and pictures, smoke rings are my favorite, beating out nostril exhales by a nose. (get it?) 

March 07, 2009

Nice Blonde Smoker Doing Smoke Rings

girl blowing smoke ringsA pretty good smoke rings picture from a vidcap of a smoking video produced by the old Smoke Vision website.

February 21, 2009

Smokeswapping Blonde Smoking Girls

Always a good thing to see a two girl smoking picture, and this one is kind of unique in that each of the smoking models has her own cigarette visible in the picture as they are swapping their smoke.

smoking girls


February 20, 2009

Smoke Rings With Wet Hair

This smoking picture pretty well sums up one of the fanatasies of many smoking fetishists, pretty smoking girl comes out of the shower with her hair tantalizingly wet, and begins to smoke very sensually, carelessly blowing smoke rings with that aftergow look. I'm sure it happens all the time...or at least maybe "all the time" when some smoking fetish producer hires a smoking model to recreate the fantasy scene. 

smoking girl

February 07, 2009

Smoke Rings From Celeb Look-A-Like

This smoking girl reminds me a little of smoking celeb Virginia Madsen in the face, though she has darker hair.

smoking girl