September 20, 2008

Room For A Smoke Ring

woman exhaling smokeThere is always room on this smoking fetish blog for a picture of a smoking girl blowing a nice, thick, creamy smoke ring.

August 24, 2008

Smoke Rings From A Nurse

Models in latex fetish costumes, particularly nurses, are not rare on the 'net, this one with the smoking girl in the uniform blowing tight smoke rings kind of caught my eye. Its probably the whole aspect of a woman smoking-a nurse who we wouldn't ordinarily expect to be smoking, of course, I know this isn't a realistic depiction of a nurse....of course. 

women smoking

July 28, 2008

How to Smoking Pic on Smoke Rings

This gal is certainly in the middle of producing another real thick smoke ring to follow the one she blew earlier that is captured in the same pic. This is a good instructive smoking picture for any smoking model who wants to learn how to blow smoke rings the proper way.girl blowing smoke rings

July 20, 2008

Nice Tight Little Smoke Ring

woman blowing smoke ringsA pretty decent smoke ring from this lady in the fedora.

July 07, 2008

Smokevision Tops with the Smoke Rings

The smoke ring captured in mid formation, the old Smokevision, now Lightup Time, has to have more quality smoke ring picture sets than any other producer I've seen out there on the internet.women smoking

July 01, 2008

Thick, Closeup Smoke Ring

women smoking 

The one thing I really like about seeing an awesome smoke rings picture is when the exhaled smoke ring captured in the picture is really, really thick. The smoking fetish producer who has the lighting down to a science can provide this, but of course its really the smoking prowess of the model that is most valuable. 

February 16, 2008

Smoke Rings, My Fave Smoking Trick

I think smoke rings are, though I do not really consider nostril exhales a "smoking trick", but I do favor smoke rings slightly over open mouth inhales and french inhales.blonde woman boots smoke rings 

November 10, 2007

Volume and Thickness...

are the two main things you're looking for if you are a smoking fetishists with a particular love of a female smoker blowing smoke rings, which is definitely on display in this smoking picture in abundance.blonde girl blowing smoke rings    

November 04, 2007

Smoke Ring

A pretty healthy smoke ring from this smoking model, whose name I do not know but is one of the featured models at the smoke head woman blowing smoke ring

March 15, 2007

Good Thick Ring Pic

here from Random Snaps. Those of us who like smoke rings really like them thick, like you see in this picture. For some reason, not every smoking female model can get them out this thick, I guess it just a lot of practice or lung capacity.woman blowing smoke rings

August 13, 2006

Smokevision web site...

girl blowing smoke ringshas undergone a lot of transformations over the was never the prototypical smoking fetish site, and now, they have branched into "modelsupclose" which is, as far as I can determine, a site where you can join and/ or watch per minute of pretty models "living" among one another. Smoekvision did produce some quality smoking videos, and, in my opinion, their videography is second to none, although sites like Random Snaps come close. As you can see, from the pic that decorates this post , these guys have a talent for videography and lighting and an understanding of what the  fetish is all about for so many smoking fans.

Its hard to recommend Smokevision, however, when so much of its thrust and material is going away from smoking fetish/glamour. I have not ever joined the modelsupclose site for just that reason, I just do not know how much smoking material is in there, which helps me make a determination of whether I want to plunk down my cash for access. Having said that, when it comes to quality of videography, you won't find any better and, from what I've seen in the past, their smoking models are of high quality. This is one that depends on exactly what you want out of a smoking site.  

March 29, 2006

What is it about smoke rings?

drew barrymore smokingSmoke rings are definitely among the most popular of the smoking "tricks" out there, and smoking fetish video producers certainly indulge this particular trick in many videos available on the 'net. Coherent Light, In Real Life , and Smoking Rachel dedicate clips or videos to smoke rings, among others.  The question I have is why? I think, for me, its the knowledge that, if the female is doing thick, continuous smoke rings, it means, by necessity, that she is deeply inhaling and deeply enjoying her smoking. Also, it shows there is no bashfulness or shyness about what she is doing. She is smoking, and she wants everyone to know that she is smoking. Since I, like countless others, associated females smoking with sex and sexual attractiveness on some level, I guess it is somehwat logical that when a beautful female is blowing smoke rings, she is emphasizing those things that attract so many of us to smoking women in the first place. At least, that's my take on it.