August 04, 2008

Sabina Leigh, What A Character

buxom blonde exhaling smoke

One of the most popular clips, I'm told, on the downloadable fetish clip site Dreamflixx, is one of Sabina Leigh, a buxom SCORE model, playing a chain-smoking shrink who is seeing a patient who is, you guessed it, trying to get over his smoking fetish. This picture of Sabina is from another smokey short along the same lines, only Sabina this time is Sherry Calihan, the chain smoking "daughter" of fictional tough cop Dirty Harry Calihan. She's just as tough as Dad, but a whole lot sexier...and she is, of course, smoking all the time. Nice clip, but it doesn't take much to get you going when its Sabina Leigh.   

May 14, 2008

Smokey Thoughts

Some of you who have been by this blog in the past might have noticed a drop-off in postings...suffice it to say that I am back in the saddle and more dedicated to bringing you my thoughts about smoking models, smoking pictures, smoking clips, smoking fetish sites and, well let's be honest, pretty much anything else I want to since its my blog. But, anyway, no more months between posts...I promise. To show you how serious I am about this, I celebrate this post with a decent smoking pic featuring that big bust show stopper from the '90s, Sarenna Lee.

sarenna lee smoking 

August 08, 2007

The Wet Hair Dangle

I'm normally not a big dangle guy, though I know some smoking fetishists love a good picture of a woman dangling her cigarette. But, I can make an exception for Sarenna Lee.sarenna lee smoking    

November 30, 2006

Sarenna Lee with a cigar

Some of you know that Sarenna Lee is my favorite big bust smoking model, although smoking was not her forte in modeling, as you might guess, but the in real life habit was captured many times in pics. She had retired, but recently I found that she has her own message board, and maybe she will come back to do new modeling assignments. There are plenty of sites out there with her name and countless old pics, but they are not the real Sarenna and there is nothing new, but there does seem to be hope.

Anyway, this is one of the few, if not the only, pic I have ever seen with Sarenna smoking a cigar, there is no question she prefers cigarettes.     

sarenna lee smoking cigar

October 17, 2006

Another Sarenna Lee Pic

Sarenna Lee has made several appearances in this blog before, being a very popular big bust model of a few years ago who  also did several glamour smoking pics and was an in real life smoker as well. This pic is from a premium pic-from a smoking fan point of view-but what I liked about it is that it captures her in a totally real life, candid, pose and shows beyond any doubt that she smokes offscreen and off camera. Sometimes, when you hear that a celeb or model is a smoker, you never really know for sure because so many of them fib about it, one way or another and its often hard to be sure after looking at their pics or video. Here, there is no doubt about Sarenna, who is probably having a cigarette during a break in one of her model shoots.
big bust blonde smoking 

August 30, 2006

Big Breast Smokers:

sarenna lee smoking 

Another pic of Sarenna Lee, without question my all time favorite big bust smoker, who has a look like Marilyn Monroe and definitely using smoking to add to her allure in many of her pics.

Sarenna no longer has her own site, but there are some out there with her pics and many of them have her smoking, which isn't surprising as she was an in real life smoker. Don't be shocked to see more Sarenna pics in this blog under my big bust smokers catergory.

May 27, 2006

More Sarenna Lee Smoking...

sarenna lee smokingJust thought that some of you big bust smoking lovers would not mind another pic of Sarenna Lee smoking too much.

In fact, there are quite a few pics like this of her smoking at Angels Smoking Archive ,

which is where I found this last pic. There is also a website with her name, but I don't think she actually runs it or has anything to do with it. In fact, I'm not sure she is still modeling, so you might want to keep that in mind before you decide to join a website in hopes that you can talk her into doing a custom smoking video for you.   

April 22, 2006

Big Breast Smokers

big bust smokersI am one of those men who likes large busts-not that I don't like small ones- and when that is coupled with smoking, it has to make you palms sweaty.

Maybe its just something about a good looking women with a large chest who is smoking, especially if she is inhaling deeply to fill out all of that ample lung capacity, I don't know.


There was a site on the web a few years back called Busty Smoking Babes which I joined and was actually going to remain a member of for a while, but they soon stopped updating and were gone within a few months, but I do remember some great pic sets of big bust smokers, such as Sarenna Lee (pic on the left) Angel Eyes, Barroca, and Taylor Wane   


Most of those were, as you might guess, the "store bought" variety of big busts, but I'm one who does not care about that, although many do. Or, it could just be the fun of seeing such a large bosom heave, if just slightly, when a big bust women takes  a deep drag off of her cigarette.

I think it all fits into the category of smokin gfans who like to see celebrity women smoke, but it has to be a distinct sub-category, beause relatively few, if any, of the female athletes or models who smoke are large breasted, of course.

Some more natural big breasted women star who have done it for me while smoking in movies are Tiffany Amber-Thiessen, Drew Barrymore, and Queen Latifah.