February 15, 2010

All Through The Nostrils

 Those of you who have read a few of my posts on this blog know I'm partial to a nice smoking picture, particularly when the smoking model is performing a nice nostril exhale.

smoking girlhe

February 09, 2010

Intense Nostril Exhaling

Love, love, love an intense, thick, jet stream nostril exhale like the one that is being produced in this picture by this smoking girl.

smoking girl 

December 05, 2009

Jessica With A Strong Nostril Exhale

Smoking model Jessica is well known for her thick exhales of all kinds, and her nostril exhales are no exception.

smoking models

October 30, 2009

Nice Twin Jet Nostril

Well, we know the smoking models we see online are of age, regardless of "role played", but I will say the folks at random snaps do the naughty school girl fantasy thing quite a bit. Most of us probably didn't see this kind of nostril exhale from our smoking girl classmates, though.

smoking models

October 29, 2009

Nostril Exhales From The Side

The tried and true when it comes to shooting nostril exhales from smoking girls is the profile view and that will always be the easiest way for smoking fetish producers to capture it. 

smoking model

October 28, 2009

Now, That's The Way To Shoot A Nostril Exhale!

smoking modelsA jet stream nostril exhale from this smoking model, I love it!

October 21, 2009

Nice Nostril Exhale From The Distance

smoking models

I would like a little bit closer point of view for this angle, but this is more than enough to satisfy me that this smoking model is producing a very thick and high qualitry nostril exhale.

October 17, 2009

Grainy, But Thick Exhale

Kind of grainy, but still a very good exhale pic. I'm just very partial to thick exhales where you can see the smoke stream at its thickest from the mouth of the smoking girl.

smoking girls

October 10, 2009

Intense Nostril Exhales

smoking girls

In spite of the bow in the head and the prototypical 'school girl' outfit, this smoking model is producing some wicked intense and defined nostril exhales.

September 28, 2009

Two Smoking Babes Cuddle & A Nostril Exhale

Very cute, very cute....two smoking girls snuggle up next to each other while one is the middle of a high quality nostril exhale.

smoking girl


Well Captured Nostril Exhale

smoking girls

An upper echelon smoking pic with the well defined capture of the smoke coming out of the girl's nostrils.

September 22, 2009

Handsfree Nostril Exhale

smoking girls 

A pretty good capture of a handsfree nostril exhale from this smoking girl.

September 16, 2009

Small, But Good Nostril Exhale Picture

smoking girlThis a little bit smaller-actually, a lot smaller-pic than I usually like to post on this blog, but for those of us who are particular to pictures of women exhaling smoke through their nostrils, I couldn't pass this one up, this smoking model is just nailing the essence of the nostril exhale, producing two thick jet streams from her nose. Awesome.  

April 18, 2009

Green Tinted Backlight

The green tint the photographer put on this picture of the smoking girl is different, can't honestly say I'm a big fan, but it is eye catching and she is doing a nostril exhale off of her drag, which is usually a good thing.

smoking girls

April 08, 2009

Combo Exhale Draggin'

A pretty serious handsfree drag resulting in a combination nostril and mouth exhale from this smoking model.

smoking girl

Nice Nostril Exhale

smoking girls

No, I have not forgotten about the beauty of the nostril exhale, it had just been a little while since I saw a good picture of a pretty smoking girl exhaling smoke through her nose, but this one passes muster.

March 15, 2009

Yes, We Still Love The Nostril Exhale

Just when you thought your faithful smoking fetish blogger had forgotten about the beauty of the well shot nostril exhale, he posts a nice pic of a smoking girl demonstrating her sultry exhale through her nose.

smoking girl 

February 19, 2009

Strong Nostril Exhale Off An Inhale

You don't see this too much in smoking fetish videos and pictures, but a thick nostril exhale from a smoking model off a strong drag/inhale is a really good thing.

girl smoking

February 17, 2009

Nostril Exhale To The Max

smoking girl

I'm a big fan of nostril exhales, to me there is something extra sexy about them. I don't think you see them shot well in smoking movies and pictures as much as other types of exhales because they are a little bit harder to capture and/or light from the producer point of view. I've blogged about all of this before, but its worth repeating everytime I find and post an outstanding pic of a smoking girl with an awesome nostril exhale, just love the "jet stream" effect coming out of both nostrils. 

May 07, 2006

Neat Nostril Exhales

redhead nostril exhaleI have always thought nostril exhales were especially sensual, although there are a lot of people, including some smoking models, who do not agree. The picture in this post is of smoking rachel, who has a good bit of nostril exhale material on her site and in her member's area.

Keep up the good work, ladies, and keep those slow,thick, sultry, nostril exhales flowing!