March 27, 2009

Another Extreme Closeup

smoking girlProbably the most intense closeup of a smoking model wafting her exhale of all the closeup smoking pictures I've posted recently. 

March 17, 2009

Two Smoking Girls In Lingerie

smoking girls

A very sensual concept here of two smoking women in lingerie.

February 10, 2009

Frisky Smoking Girls

About as raunchy as you can get in a smoking fetish blog that is PG-13, maybe even a little over that line, but I didn't think you'd mind too much. Two frisky smoking girls sharing their cigarette probably brightens your day a little if you're a serious smoking fetishist.  

smoking girls 

February 09, 2009

Two smoking Girls, Very Sensual

Very, very sensual picture of two pretty smoking girls exhaling at the same time.

smoking girls 

February 03, 2009

Smoking Girls Smoke Bath

smoking girls

This is a really hot idea for smoking fetish producers that I wouldn't mind seeing more of, two smoking girls giving each other a 'smoke bath'.

January 24, 2009

Two Smoking Girls in a Popular Clip

This picture of two beautiful smoking girls is from a clip produced by my pal smoking rachel and is one of her best selling smoking clips. It's called "Maid Smoking Lesson".

girls smoking

January 13, 2009

Serious Smoke In The Face

I guess there is no question about the seriousness of the domination inherent with smoke blowing in the face when the girl receiving the smoke from the other smoking girl is wearing a blindfold. I'm sure the sensory deprivation of one of the senses enhances the other senses.girls smoking

January 07, 2009

Two Smoking Babes...Pretty Much

smoking girls 

Really a two smoking girl picture, though the photographer didn't get the head and face of the other smoking girl, but that was undoubtedly be design, I think we get the erotic point.

December 29, 2008

Two Smoking Girls In Artistic Black & White

woman exhaling smoke 

I really love, as you might be able to tell from reading this blog, the scenario of two smoking girls smoking together in a photo or in a video scene. Especially if they are somewhat amorous with each other in sharing their cigarette or what have you.

December 17, 2008

Two Girls In The Smoking Afterglow

You guys know I love two smoking girl pictures, and I realize that both models are not smoking in this pic, but I thought I would make an exception in calling this one a two girl smoking pic because of all it implies and how well shot and lit it is. I hope you don't mind. 

woman exhaling smoke

September 24, 2008

Justine Joli Smokes With Her Friend

I think the one on the left is Justine Joli, a former Penthouse Pet and online webmistress, no idea of who her smoking girlfriend on the left is but, lets be honest, does it really matter? The point is, the only thing better than a beautiful smoking girl, is two beautiful smoking girls and when they're swapping smoke with each other, its all the better.

woman exhaling smoke 

August 18, 2008

Two Girl Smoking by Random Snaps

Do you ever notice that many times when smoking fetish producers make two girl smoking clips or pictures, they will pick smoking models that have a strong resemblance to each other, maybe trying to go for the quick, "hey, are they twins or sisters?' reacdtion. Or is it just me?woman smoking

July 29, 2008

Smoke Swapping British Style

This is the essence of smokeswapping or, as some smoking fetishists call it, smokey kisses. To me, its key that you can actually see the exhaled smoke being passed between the smoking girls and both are actually smoking. Like it, guys. No surprise, given that it is a smoking-models. com production.two girls smoking kissing

June 10, 2008

Original 2 Girl Light Up

two girls lighting upInteresting way for two smoking girls to light each other up, as they say. Not the highest quality for the pic itself, but I really like the originality of the pose, if you will pardon the overly "artsy" expression.

I would really like it if more of our quality smoking fetish sites on the 'net would try to capture original or thought provoking poses/scenes like this for their smoking pictures and clips.