June 11, 2008

Two Models Sharing A Cigarette

two women smokingI like these kind of 2 girl smoking pics where one smoking girl is feeding the other the cigarette/cigar.



There is something erotic about that, at least to me.



This kind of pose is pretty standard for most smoking fetish sites out there on the web, so there must be a whole lot of smoke fetishists who think like me.



I think the ultimate smoking pic in this regard would be to capture exhales from both smoking models in the pic.


June 05, 2008

A True Smokey Kiss Picture

two women smoking

Probably the closes thing I've seen to a picture where both smoking models are actually smoking and kissing at the same time.

May 25, 2008

Asa & Betka


two women smoking 

This pic is from the video clip "Maid Smoking Lesson" produced by starring Asa (maid) and Betka Schpitz. It was one of Rachel's first journey into smoke swapping, but not her last. I think this clip is the best one of the smoke swapping type of clips. There was a good chemistry between these two models and both are very sultry smokers.  

April 19, 2008

Face Blowing


girl blowing smoke in girls face 

A female smoker blowing smoke into another female smoker's face is pretty sexy, if you ask me. I know a lot of people are really into the whole "face blowing" scene, usually in some sort of domination type scene. But, even without that, its still provacative. In my opinion anyway.

February 14, 2008

Smoking Blonde Gal Pals

two blonde girls smokingA real nice pic doing what I said before was one of my favorite type of pics as a smoke fetishist: two smoking women, two cigarettes, one model exhaling while the other inhales. Nice work.

October 07, 2007

Two Smoking Models From Quebec Smoke

The lighting in Noemie's videos is always pretty good, you can usually see the lights, but who cares? The smoke is very well lit. All the time.two girls smoking

September 27, 2007

Smoking Trio

three smoking womenThis This a a couple of shots of three models smoking together for one of smoking rachel's video clips, called "Smoking Trio".

three girls smoking

June 30, 2007

The Power of the Picture

One of the things you have to love about pics with two women smoking is the unsoken allure between them and the what the fact they're smoking signifies ...of course a lot of that depends on the picture itself. two girls smoking

April 27, 2007

Two Smoking Model Exhale Pic

Well, normally the allure or theme of two girl smoking model pics is the smokey kiss or seduction aspect of it, but there is nothing wrong with two models captured side by side with nice exhales, like this one from Random Snapstwo women smoking exhaling

February 05, 2007

Two Women Smoking and Playing Cards...

two girls smoking exhalingseems to be a staple of  SF producers that do things other than the solo model smoking against the dark backdrop.

There is something about the setting of two smoking women playing cards and filling up the room in the manner of the well known cliche "the smoke filled room".

I can say from personal experience that Random Snaps, Specialized Videos, Smoking Rachel, and Lady Madonna all have done more than one quality pic and/or video set with this theme. I think we will see this setting for as long as there are SF producers making smoking videos for us on the 'net and in DVD.   

January 28, 2007

Tough To Get Three Girls Exhaling in One Pic...

with it being a good quality smoking picture. This one from the old Cinesmoke comes as close as I've seen to getting all 3 exhaling at the same time and being able to actually see it. The exhales from the two models closest to the camera kind of block the model on the far right, but if you squint and look close I think you can make out her exhale, too.three girls smoking exhaling

January 26, 2007

I Rate This as a Good Two Girl Smoking Pic...

two big bust women smoking

even though I doubt the focus of this pose was smoking and there is not an exhale or even a deep drag.

But, it is a two girl smoking picture, which gives it some juice right there, even with only even though the focus is probably not smoking per se and just one model is actuallysmoking.

I think its one of those pics where it is easy, at least for me, to kind of envision what comes next. The blonde takes a deep drag off of the cigarette and then feeds it to her brunette girlfriend.

The implied thing about sexy smoking surrounding a seduction is what does it for me. For some reason I feel like this pic is telling us that the one girl is using the cigarette and her smoking to help her seduce the other smoking girl.

I don't know if that is what it is telling you, but that is the thing about pictures that are posed like this one.

If they are done well, you can imagine anything that you want from the pose and the pic. I had to talk a little bit more than usual about this one because it really does not show much, which is why it is a good smoking pic, even witht any captured smoking from only one of the models. Or, maybe its just me.    

January 25, 2007

Two Girls Smoking ...

two girls smokingI think you've got to love a picture set or video that has two girls smoking, something that a number of SF producers have given us. To me, its simple, two is more than one, twice the fun for the same price, so to speak.

I know that a lot of smoking fans need there to be some "theme" when there are two smoking models, usually some seduction or sex thing among the clouds of smoke; another popular one is the theme of one smoking girl forcing or teaching the other girl how to smoke.

Others like a mother/daughter theme, which I know that in real life has done a good bit over the years. I'm not sure about this one, because I'm uncomfortable with the implications, but to each his own, I guess.  But, this is another scenario I would like to see more of, without the straight sex that you might find on the porno sites that pose as smoking sites, but more implied. It makes the whole thing more sultry and alluring, in my opinion, and it keeps it more about the smoking. At least, that's what I think.     

July 08, 2006

Two Smoking Women...

two women smoking

is about the only thing better than a beautiful smoking woman. I just love the pics and few videos out there on the net that show two women smoking together. The pic in this blog looks like a Random Snaps one to me,  though I'm not sure. They do probably one of the best jobs of showing the dual smoking women theme of most of the smoking fetish sites out there.

Of course, there is

is about the only thing that beats seeing one beautiful woman smoking. This pic is from Random Snaps, who do about as good a job as anyone in capturing the two women smoking phenomena. Its seems like there is way more of an opportunity of seeing two women smoking together for all you candid/in real life fans than some other subcategories of this niche, such as double pumps, multiples, etc.

 It just seems to me that, most times when I'm trying to steal a glance at two smoking women in a candid setting, you don't get the pleasure-usually-of seeing them both exhale at the same time. (Makes sense because they are usually talking to each other) So, this is one part of the niche that I much prefer with smoking models. When its done well, its hard to beat.    

April 25, 2006

Two Women Smoking Together

For a lot of us, the only thing more appealing than seeing one gorgeous woman smoking seductively is the sight of two, smoking together. Fortunately, this fact is not lost on a few of the smoking fetish/glamour producers on the web. For a lot of people, the implied girl/girl aspect without giving in to it totally does the trick. I guess its because of the implied sensuality in smoking itself that this does it for a lot of smoking fans. One thing I really like is one girl holding the cigarette for another, which some call a "shotgun". Of course, girl/girl smoky kisses do the trick as well. Several producers, including Smoking Rachel, Smoking Models, and Random Snaps (who own the pic on this post) have content with two smoking females without up front sexuality, although it is strongly implied in some cases. Keep up the good work, people! 

two girls smoking cigarettes