October 30, 2009

Jessica Smoking Two

Buxom smoking model and webmistress Jessica also has rocked the two cigarettes at one time thing, which is something that I have always liked if its done in a sexy way, like this pic, not with the smoking girl jamming a bunch of cigarettes into her mouth for one second like some side show deal.  

smoking models


September 16, 2009

Over The Shoulder Exhale

I like the over the shoulder shot in general and like it in particular when its of a smoking girl producing a nice exhale, like the open mouth inhale in this one.

smoking girls

June 20, 2009

Another Great Smoking Pic From

This British smoking model seems to be in the middle of a french inhale in this nice smoking picture.

smoking girl 

April 04, 2009

Small, Sexy Exhale

smoking girl exhalingNot crazy about the tatooes, as you know, and this smoking picture is barely within our PG-13 guidelines, but I thought you'd appreciate a well backlit exhale from a hardcore and serious smoking babe


February 09, 2009

Nice, Sexy, Exhale

don't yu think its pretty cool how this smoking girl's mouth forms the perfect "O" for this exhale? well, maybe its not perfect, but I thought it was pretty cute.smoking girls

January 29, 2009

NIce, Easy Exhale

I kind of like this type of lazy, nonchalant exhale coming from a smoking girl posing in a laid back manner. I like her bikini, too.

smoking girl

January 27, 2009

Nice Exhale To the Side

smoking girls

I wish this exhale picture was lit a little better but it does the job for me, nice looking smoking girl exhaling as if she is in the middle of a conversation with someone. Personally, I like it when smoking women turn their heads to exhale better than when they exhale out of the side of the mouth. Just me

January 26, 2009

Elegant Holder Exhale

If you really think about it, you will probably see 100 times more images of smoking models using holders on the 'net than you ever will in real life. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen a smoking girl using a holder in real life. Maybe I don't hang out in enough aristocratic circles. 

girls smoking

January 23, 2009

Nice Outdoor Exhale

girl smokingIts not too often you see an nice exhale picture like this from a smoking girl outdoors that is so well lit with natural light that the exhale is so thick.They got it just right with the sun illuminating the stream of smoke.


January 20, 2009

Nice Exhales From Elegant Smoking

smoking girl

Elegant Smoking does a great job of always highlight the exhales of the smoking girls very well. Their models are almost always regular to heavy smokers, usually smoking all whites. They do a nice job most of the time.

January 19, 2009

Blonde Smoking Girl's Combo Exhale

I'm not crazy about the glasses on this blonde smoking girl, but it is a very good capture of a combo exhale, if you look close you can see the streams of smoke coming from her nostrils along with her mouth exhale.smoking girl

January 16, 2009

Small Pic, Thick Waft of Smoke

smoking girl

I generally like my smoking pics to be big...really big (a little William Shatner from the early days of Priceline for 'ya) but when it is a clear smaller pic of an incredibly thick wafting exhale coming from the mouth of the smoking girl, an exception has to be made.

January 06, 2009

Good Capture of Thick Exhale From Smoking Girl

smoking girls 

It is very, very hard to capture a thick exhale when the background surrounding the smoking girl is light colored or, worse, white. But this picture did it, must be a highly skilled photographer with just a touch of the smoking fetish

December 16, 2008

Ultra Lighting The Exhale

woman exhaling smoke

 One thing I've always liked is when smoking fetish producers or photographers light a shot in such a way as that the exhale covers the face of the smoking girl.

It probably seems a little weird to say that because so many of us like it very much when our smoking models are beauties and, of course, if there is a huge plume of thick smoke blocking her face we can't see her too well.

I understand that, but I really still like these kind of smoking pics anyway.

Thin Stream Of Exhale

A nice smoking exhale picture, nothing outstanding, nothing to write home about, but good enough for placement on the blog, or so I thought, at least.

woman exhaling smoke 

September 24, 2008

Another Good Exhale From Specialized

blonde exhaling smokeYou can almost always depend on Specialized Videos for good quality, well lit smoking exhale pictures.

You are also going to get pretty much the same look and setting most of the time, but if you are just looking for a nice exhale from a pretty smoking model like in this picture, you can't rightly complain. 

August 14, 2008

Where There's Cards, There's Good Smoking

There is something about a card playing setup that often brings out the best in good looking smoking models, especially for those of us who really dig thick exhales. Randomsnaps has done quite a few smoking sets with the 'playing cards' them and this pic is another excellent capture.woman smoking

July 21, 2008

Can't Get Enough Thick Exhales

I love, and do mean really love, very thick exhales in a high volume.woman smoking

June 21, 2008

Small Pic, Thick Exhale

woman exhaling thick volume smokeMan, do I wish this smoking picture was a whole lot bigger than this, it would be one of my all time faves if it were, not that it is anything to sneeze at right now.

I just love thick, voluminous exhales that, due to the capacity of the smoking model and the lighting, look almost impossible to have come from one petite (or even if she is buxom) smoking woman.   

June 11, 2008

Graceful, Thick Exhale

I like the kind of exhale pic where it does not even look-from the smoking model's mouth-that she is really even trying to exhale.

brunette exhaling smoke

June 09, 2008

That's The Way to Light an Exhale...

woman exhaling smoke

Now, as all of you discerning smoking fetishists will agree, this is how you light a smoking fetish pic or video!!