October 22, 2009

Penny Flame Thick Exhale

smoking modelI believe this pic is from Bob's Videos and the smoking model is adult film star Penny Flame, but I'm not one hundred percent sure of that. 

October 14, 2009

One Of My Favorites

smoking girls 

This one of my favorite smoking fetish pictures of the thousands I've seen all over the 'net. 


September 08, 2008

Wafting, Wafting, Wafting...

I know a lot of smoking fans like a good, thick, wafting exhale from a smoking girl and I'm no exception.brunette smoking

June 19, 2008

A Voluminous Exhale

Some say its all about lighting the exhale, others might say its the lung capacity of the smoking model plus how hard she drags, others would say the type of cigarette/cigar that is smoked is really the key, or it might be a combination of all of these factors to some degree as to the age old question of how and why some female smoking models are able to produce such thick exhales with almost unbelievable volume.women exhaling thick volume of smoke 

February 23, 2008

Thick Exhale Redux

Thick, creamy exhales are the cornerstone of any quality smoking fetish pic or video, in my humble opinion. Its really all about the exhale for me, not as much the type of cigarette or those types of things.woman exhaling smoke

August 15, 2007

Thick, Thick Exhales from Astrid...

busty woman thick exhale

Thick exhale from Astrid, who Smoking Rachel says is probably the deepest inhaler and thickest exhaler of all the models she has ever shot with, what's even better is that, though Astrid lives quite a ways away from where Rachel shoots, they both has a great time, loved working with each other, and have talked about that next shoot. So, smoke fetishists, stay tuned.  

March 31, 2007

An Exquisite Exhale...

This pic is probably the signature pic for Random Snaps, one of the ones they feature prominent ly on their homepage. To me, its one of the best exhale pics I've ever seen, everything is perfect, lighting model, pose, etc. You can't get much better than this.brunette exhaling smoke




February 06, 2007

Thick Exhale Pics, Continued...

blonde woman smoking thick exhaleYou've got to love how Specialized Videos consistently comes through with thick, glowing exhale pics.

Again, its not as easy as it may seem, and the first thing you have to do is to credit the model for her efforts, but applause goes to the videographer for capturing this at the max volume point of the exhale.

To me, you can never get enough of pictures like this, itsa mostly about the exhale for me and many smoking fans, I would think. A pic set like this would be enough for me to join a site or buy a DVD if I were on the fence.

December 29, 2006

Well Lit Exhale Pic

This pic is another in the long, endless line of high quality, well lit exhale pics from Random Snaps. Keep on keepin' on, guys.

blonde girl smoking

October 19, 2006

Holiday Exhale Pic

Well, I have always had a thing for excellent pics of thick, streaming exhales, and this pic of the model blowing her stream exhale straight up is possibly the best lighted exhale pic that I have ever seen. It may seem like I say that type of thing often, but I don't think I actually say any one pic is the best, not to mention that there is also the possibility of me seeing another pic that blows me away...which is just what happened here. I saw this one at Smoking Angel's Archive  the

busty women smoking




















treasure chest of awesome smoking pics, in my opinion. The santa hat is kind of a nice touch here, as well, but to me this one is all about the exhale. Also, lets not overlook the fact that the model is also doing a great job of playing into the whole aura by the way she really seems to be enjoying her Xmas morning cigarette. And the tight black top doesn't hurt either.   

August 08, 2006

More thick Exhales...

blonde blowing thick exhaleI just can't resist the beauty of the thick, well lit exhale, as some of you well know by reading this blog. Notice how the exhale smoke from this girl's mouth seems to have a glow? I love that, whether its because of the well placed back lighting, or whether its because of the way the natural light hits the exhale, which is what I think i going on in this pic.

I know that there a lot of fans out there who prefer candid pics or in real life stuff and, of course, I like that, too. But, it just seems that when it comes to the well lit exhale, you can't beat a well lit posed pic or video from an in real life smoking model.    

August 01, 2006

The Beauty of the Thick Exhale...

girl blowing thick exhaleneeds no extra pump from me on this blog. To me, its the best part of being a smoking fan. You know, the anticipation of seeing a good looking woman holding a cigarette or about to receive a light, the buildup when she takes that drag, especially if it is a deep drag for what is going to be a really, really deep inhale, and then the final part of the reward is seeing the thick exhale. Its all good, of course, whether its in real life, a pic, or a video.

If it is in a pic, then you really want to see a well lit exhale, you know the lighting is perfect when the smoke seems to glow against the background, like it does in the pic I have on this blog, you know that it is a first class job of lighting.

Some of the sites I talk about on this blog are very good with lighting the exhales: Coherent Light, Lady Madonna, Smoking Rachel, and Random Snaps all do a very good job of this. Believe me, I'm looking really hard, too.