February 15, 2009

All White French Inhale

smoking girl

I know a lot of you smoking fetishists out there are particularly fans of all whites, so you can join in with the open mouth inhale fans and the fans of busty smoking women to celebrate this good smoking picture. 

February 13, 2009

Familiar Redhead Smoking girl

I love this thick, open mouth inhale where the smoking model just lets the smoke waft out. Love it.smoking girl

February 09, 2009

Big Time French Inhale

Now, this is one serious french inhale picture, I think it is from smoke city, which I don't really like too much as a site in terms of joining, but the pictures of smoking models are top shelf.

smoking girl 

February 04, 2009

Another Nice French Inhale

Always on the lookout for a nice french inhale from a smoking girl and this is a pretty good capture and I think it is natural, not posed intentionally for a french inhale. The picture is somewhat 'edited', but trust me when I say there is more going on in this pic than just one smoking model. 

girl smoking

January 21, 2009

Thick OMI Side View

NOw, this is what I'm talking about when I say I like thick, wafting, open mouth inhales from pretty smoking girls.

smoking girl

January 20, 2009

Smoking School Girl Staple

girls smoking

The use of the smoking school girl is a staple of most smoking fetish sites, much like the sexy nurse or cheerleader is a staple of most raunchy mainstream movies, or the kind of schlock you see on late night Cinemax and Showtime. This smoking model probably did not learn how to produce such thick french inhales in school  

January 19, 2009

Great OMI From The Smoking Model

Now, in my honest opinion, this is the way an open mouth inhale smoking picture should be shot. Kudos to the photographer and the smoking girl. 

smoking girl

January 18, 2009

OMI From Alta Smoking Girl

A pretty intense open mouth inhale from one the awesome smoking girls at Alta Smoking.girls smoking

January 14, 2009

Wet Hair & Thick French Inhale

blonde smoking girlA pretty serious french inhale from this smoking girl, her hair being wet and all really adds to that "afterglow" effect.

January 07, 2009

Intense Open Mouth Inhale

girls smoking

Now this is some primo professional photography by a guy (I would assume) with a healthy dose of the smoking fetish. I love the way he got up close on the smoking girl and captured her wafting exhale with good definition.

January 05, 2009

Is It A French Inhale or Wafting Exhale

There is something about seeing a smoking fetish picture in black & white, maybe its a generational thing for those of us who realized we had this fetish by watching old movies on TV which were often in black and white. This pic is really good because it captures the smoking girl in the middle of what could be just a sexy wafting exhale or she could be in the process of a Hall of Fame french inhale. Works either way for me. 

girls smoking 

December 15, 2008

Artistic Rendition of the Open Mouth Exhale

You've got appreciate this picture, which I can tell you for a fact did not come from a smoking fetishist, for its focus on the eroticism of the open mouth/wafting exhale.

woman exhaling smoke 

December 12, 2008

Open Mouth Inhale, Up Close in Black & White

Now is this a cool open mouth inhale/wafting pic of a smoking girl, or what? Plus, its black and white so that makes it even more sensual, IMO.

woman exhaling smoke 

November 13, 2008

Artistic French Inhale

The beret worn by this smoking girl is what makes her french inhale, I guess, "artistic".

woman smoking 

August 14, 2008

Intense Open Mouth Inhale

A pretty thick and, I'd say aggressive, looking open mouth inhale from Colight, arguably the best smoking fetish producer when it comes to the quality of the smoking picture or smoking video.woman smoking

January 24, 2008

This is a French Inhale!

busty blonde smoking 

The very essence of a french inhale!!

October 16, 2007

Celeste's Tight Exhale

women smoking 

Smoking Celeste with a pretty tight french inhale, a great recipe for a really good smoking fetish picture or video in my humble opinion.

January 30, 2007

Nice, Tight French Inhale Pic...

and by "tight", I mean that the smoke is thick and close to the woman's mouth as it is being inhaled back up through her nose. I understand that this is tough to do, especially when the model is trying to make it very visible, like she would for a smoking fetish shoot.woman smoking french inhale  

August 07, 2006

Extreme Closeup of a French Inhale...

close up pic of a french inhaleonce again, this is old personal favorite Megan from Coherent Lightin this pic, which is one of the most intense closeups I have ever seen of a serious french inhale, although its a little bit grainy. You can really get a good idea of the depth of Megan's inhales and frenching technique, plus you can appreciate how much Colight really understands and gets into the fetish. French inhale fans have to love closeups like this.     

March 30, 2006

The thing about french inhales

alyssa milano smoking French inhales. To me the most elegant, glamourous smoking trick a beautiful smoking female can do...the sight of the smoke eddying out in a thick , strong cloud and then being inhaled back up into the woman's nose in a rapid stream...only to be lovingly exhales through the mouth later. I think it attracts me for much the same reaons as smoke rings, which I blogged about earlier, but I don't think its exactly the same. Like I said, french inhales are more elegant, sexy of course, but not as "in your face" sexy, at least to me, as smoke rings. French inhales are more subtle with their sensuality, apparent but not as pronounced as smoke rings. The first time I can recall seeing a french inhale and knowing what it was was the girl-sleepover scene from the movie Grease , when Didi Conn & Dinah Manoff's characters where teaching Olivia Newton-John how to smoke. I thought it was erotic, even seeing it for the first time at the age of 9 or 10. Hell, I didn't even know what erotic meant, but it was still erotic to me. In terms of screen smoking queens, the best french inhale practicioner that I have ever seem is, without a doubt, Virginia Madsen. She smokes in several of her  movies, but she has some closeup scenes in the movie Candyman that are, as they say, to die for if you're a french inhale fan. Got any scenes or know of any clips on the 'net that have better french inhale activity than what I've said is the best? Cool. Let me  know, drop me a line here