July 18, 2009

High Quality Pic From A Mainstream Photog

smoking girl fedoraI found this picture on a model site, and its one of those high quality smoking pictures that was not made by a smoking fetish producer, but he (we all just know it was a he, right?) certainly captured the essence of smoking fetish, didn't he?  

March 19, 2009

Noir Era Smoking Picture

Kind of a classic film noir era smoking picture, with the smoking girl wearing her tophat and, of course, the elegant holder that so many fetishists, not counting the author of this blog, really like. Enjoy.

smoking girls

March 17, 2009

Sexy, Sultry, Smoking...

Now, this smoking model is really sultry, doing her sexy wafting thing while posing in an implied nude pose, and, of course, there is no need to go on once again about how neat black & white smoking pictures are.   

smoking girls

March 15, 2009

Sexy Wafting Smoking Model

I just think there is no other way to describe this picture of the smoking model letting her exhale waft up over her face than sultry, erotic, sexy, and hot.

smoking girls 

March 12, 2009

Sexy Black & White Smoking Picture

A very sultry and erotic smoking picture here with the model smoking while nude, or at least implied nude to the point where we can comfortably post it here in this PG-13 smoking fetish blog.

smoking girls

Classic Smoking Concept

blonde model smokingA nice smokey concept from a photographer who is probably not a smoking fetishist, as I found it on an online model portfolio site, but the fact that you see so many smoking themed pictures with models on "mainstream" sites shows just how erotic and popular this unhealthy habit can be for so many people.

March 11, 2009

Dominant Smoking Girl From Below

You could make an argument that this picture is more about leg/boot fetish than smoking fetish and you'd probably be right, but I just really liked the angle and the concept behind this picture.

smoking girls 

March 08, 2009

Pretty Edgy & Erotic Smoking Picture

 brunette smoking girlA little edgier than you will usually see on this PG-13 blog, but this smoking girl's picture is one of the most sensuous and erotic that I've seen. I found it in a professional model portfolio, not on a smoking fetish site, but that does not mean it doesn't do the trick.

March 07, 2009

Closeup Exhale

Real good picture quality on the closeup, but I would like to see the smoking girl's exhale be a little thicker. Don't think that is a knock on the photographer, the exhale probably just wasn't that thick.

smoking girls 

March 05, 2009

Nice Zippo Lightup Pic

Every once in a while I go for a good lightup picture of a pretty smoking model, saw this one and really liked the way it was setup so I decided to include it on the blog.

smoking models

March 02, 2009

Backlit Smoking Exhale

smoking girlThis is a pretty good, well backlit, smoking exhale picture, nothing more, but nothing less. Enjoy.


February 27, 2009

Smoking Girl In Public Outdoors

blonde smoking girlYou've got to love any kind of originality that you see in smoking fetish pictures or videos on the 'net, and I do like this one for that reason, not only is it a pretty good outdoor/natural light shot, it combines the "peek a boo" in public thing, too. Nice job.

February 26, 2009

Blonde Smoking Girl In The Mirror

blonde smoking girl

This blonde smoking beauty has a neat smoking video clip where she blows smoke at her pretty reflection in the mirror. Check it out if you can. 

February 21, 2009

Smoking Girl With A Beer Bottle

This smoking model picture reminds me of a scene I saw years ago in an old Lynda Carter movie when she was smoking out of a can.

smoking girls

More Lucy Zara Smoking Pictures

smoking girl

The ever leek, sultry, and seductive U.K. smoking model Luczy Zara doing a smoking set with a sports car as the back drop.  

Just Another Nice Exhale

The second time if I'm not mistaken, that I have posted this particular smoking model doing a very casual yet very sexy exhale.

smoking girl

February 17, 2009

Leather Clad Smoking Model With Holder

I'm not normally a big fan, or really a fan at all, of holders, but as you know I've posted several pictures of this leather jacket wearing smoking model with her holder, it just does it for me probably because you just wouldn't put a holder in the hands of the kind of smoking girl who wears a leather jacket. 

smoking girl

February 16, 2009

Smoking Model In Black & White

I've posted a couple of pictures of this smoking model in black and white before, and this is another one I like.

smoking girl

February 13, 2009

Nice Exhale in Black & White

blonde girl exhalingI came across thi pic in a neat group of smoking fetish pictures on a site I can't recall right off the top of my head, but I thought they were really good except for the lighting could have been better. The smoking model has to be blowing thick exhales for it to show up this well in a dark background. 


January 29, 2009

Lucy Zara Smoking Again

This is Lucy Zara, a British webmistress and model who has several smoking sets and clips on the 'net, including some for smoking models and elegant smoking. I've got several smoking pictures of her on this blog and I will be posting more in the future, you can count on that.smoking girls

August 11, 2008

Modern B&W Sultry Smoking Picture

woman smoking

I think this is a modern smoking pic that captures many of the elements of a Golden Age smoking pic, with the smoking girl in a classic prose, with the expression, the eyes, and the thick, wafting smoke being all about emphasizing the sultry, seductive power of smoking least for those of us who are smoke fetishists. Obviously, the black & white aspect is a huge part of this, too.  

September 23, 2007

So So Natural Lighting

woman smoking 

A fairly good capture of an exhale from a smoking model considering this pic was taken outside. Nothing can beat the natural light when its perfect, but when its not, it can be difficult to capture visible exhales.

July 28, 2007

Smoking in the Girl's Room

woman smoking

I can't be sure, but this looks like it was taken in a public restroom, judging from the type of wall in the background and the other woman right next to the smoking girl who seems to be fixing her hair in a mirror. If I'm right, you would also wonder if this is a candid pic though the exhale is lit so well it would see to be professional or at least an amateur who know what she (he?) was doing. Interesting to think about.