February 08, 2010

Black & White Smoking Pic Up Close

blonde smoking girlAlways nice to get a black & white smoking pic, when its in b&w, it helps the smoking girl kind of really give us that smokey film noir effect. 

February 11, 2009

Tough Smoking Girl With A Holder

One of the things that I usually don't like about holders is that they make the smoking girl look too aristocractic, but that isn't the case in this setup, kind of a tough smoking babe mixed with a holder makes her look not too uppity, at least for me.smoking girl

January 16, 2009

The Smoking Tall Goddess

smoking girlThis a picture of Tall Goddess, a German born amazon webmistress who had quite a bit of smoking fetish material on her site.

She is, or at least was, an in real smoker who even did some custom smoking fetish videos, too. 

January 13, 2009

Nice Setup For A Smoking Picture

The setup for this smoking pic is very original, at least in my opinion, plus the smoking girl is very pretty so I had to include this pic even though the strict smoking itself is not up to the exhale standards of the true smoking fetishist.girl smoking

January 09, 2009

Carolyn Monroe: Smoking Babe From The '90s

girl smokingThis is a vidcap of former adult star Carolyn Monroe, who did a couple of smoking fetish videos for Bob's Videos several years back. She was a very sensual smoking girl from what I remember and it is too bad there is not more content out there from here.

January 07, 2009

Smoking Girl In The Afterglow?

smoking girlsI really liked the setting of this pic, I wish there was more smoke visible from the model's exhale, but I liked the setup of the smoking girl leaning forward after taking a drag. You know I'm a sucker for B&W smoking pics, too. Could do without the tatoo. 


January 03, 2009

Smoking in Fishnets

smoking girlI love it when smoking fetish producers do clips or smoking pictures where the girl is smoking while showing us fishnet stockings...just love it.

January 02, 2009

Fashion Model Actually Smoking

smoking girlNot the greatest pic you will ever see, from a smoking fetishist point of view, but its rare to see a glamour fashon model posed in a non-smoking fetish set up where the girl smoking is actually either inhaling or exhaling. Usually, a fashion model is just holding the cigarette, which is often unlit.  


December 19, 2008

Who Does This Smoking Girl Look Like?

woman exhaling smoke 

I know this picture is kind of grainy, but its a nice effect shot, kind of like the "after glow" of the exhale. One thing bugs me about this picture, I'm sure the smoking model is just one of many beauties hired by the smoking fetish producers who make the content we love available on the 'net, but she sure looks like some famous smoking actress to me, but I can't figure out who. Can you?

Like The Exhale, Not So Much On The Tats

Call me old fashioned or whatever, but I'm one who misses the old days when most pretty young women didn't mark up their bodies with tatoos. Anyway, that is another blog-who knows, maybe another fetish-and this smoking fetish blog will overlook tatoos when a pretty smoking girl is blowing a nice, tight, stream of exhale.

woman exhaling smoke 

December 15, 2008

Not A Big Dangle Guy, But This Is Good

woman exhaling smoke  

I'm not normally a fan of the dangle from a smoking model, to me its one of those things that smokers do that I, for one, consider to be masculine, like holding the cigarette backwards, clenching it between the teeth, etc. And, for me, anything that makes a smoking female seem-even a little bit-more masculine kind of kills the deal for me a little, sometimes a lot. Of course, I'm not a smoker myself, just a smoking fan so maybe I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Having said all of that, I really liked this picture and choose to place it here on the blog because this smoking model is just plain hot and I love the setup of the picture.  

December 14, 2008

She Enjoys Smoking

This is a picture of a smoking model who is obviously posing for this shot, as so many of the pics on this blog are, of course, but she genuinely seems to be having a good time. One of the prettier smiles I've seen from a smoking girl.

woman exhaling smoke

December 12, 2008

The Sexiness of Implied

brunette smokingOne thing I know from talking to some artsy types is how so many of them strongly feel that what is implied is more sensual than what is shown, particularly when it comes to nudity.

Here, we're concerned completely with the smoking aspect, of course, but if a beautiful smoking girl strikes a very hot implied nude pose like in this smoking pic, no one is going to complain.

August 24, 2008

You Can't Go Wrong With Black...

One of the ways the enterprising smoking fetish website/producer can hardly ever go wrong, aside from the all important issue of lighting the smoking girl, is to provide a dark, preferably black, background for the shoot. Almost always works out really well.

women exhaling smoke

August 12, 2008

Yet Another Sultry B & W Smoking Picture

woman smokingYou guys who have been by and all through this blog over time know that I'm a sucker for a classic black & white smoking picture.

So, I did not want to disappoint you after coming across this picture somewhere on the 'net.

The thing I really liked about this capture is that it looks like it could be a nostril exhale or even the residual of a combo nostril/mouth exhale. I like the intrigue with that. 

June 28, 2008

Handsfree Inhale/Exhale

women smoking

 A handsfree inhale and exhale is pretty rare in my experience of looking at smoking fetish pictures and videos, so whenever I see one I try too get it and put it up here.

January 01, 2008

Smoking Girl From Deutschland

woman exhaling smoke in bra This is a pic of a German smoking girl that I found on a German language smoking fetish site.