February 08, 2009

Long, Thick Cigar

The big cigar in the mouth of the smoking girl guys will appreciate this pic on the blog, I know.

smoking girl  

February 04, 2009

More Blonde Smoking Girl

smoking girl

A pretty nice cigar puffing picture from this cigar smoking girl, I've posted her before and probably will again.

February 01, 2009

Blonde Cigar Smoking Girl

I found a few nice pictures of this cigar smoking girl on a site called Cigar Glamour. I'll be posting them from time to time.

smoking girls

January 19, 2009

Black & White Cigar Smoking Girl

A big bust cigar smoking girl posed in the seductive way in black and white. I usually like black and white smoking pictures a little more than color, but I think this one would have been more provacative with some color.smoking girl

January 08, 2009

Classy, Feminine Cigar Smoking Girl

Now this is the epitome of what I like in a cigar smoking girl, elegant, feminine, and seems to be completely comfortable with the cigar.

smoking girls 

January 07, 2009

Big Cigar Between The Teeth Of A Hot Smoking Girl

One confession that I have to make to the loyal readers of this smoking fetish blog (shout out to both of you guys!) is that, when deciding what pics to post, I very rarely post any without an exhale unless its a celeb or maybe a serious inhale picture, but in this case where the picture is so hot, so erotic, so sensual as this one with a big cigar clenched between the teeth of the smoking girl, well I made an exception. 

smoking girls

January 01, 2009

Black & White Cigar Smoking Girl

woman exhaling smokeI think this is just a kick butt picture of a cigar smoking girl, I especially love the brim and the black and white effect. 

December 05, 2008

Nothing Better Than A Girl Wafting Cigar Smoke

brunette smoking cigar

I know there are some fetishists who love wafting or open mouth inhales anytime, but for me, it is usually a lot better when the smoking girl is smoking a cigar, if for no other reason than the filmed wafting smoke is much thicker and therefore easier to see. These two pictures show a cigar smoking girl doing it right, IMO.  

brunette smoking cigar

September 17, 2008

Closeup of Titania Smoking Her Stogie

A pretty good closeup pic of smoking model Titania from going to town on her cigar in a smoking clip.

woman smoking cigar 

August 08, 2008

Smoking A Long, Long Cigar

When you look at smoking pictures like this one, you can't help but think that there is something really phallic at the heart of the smoking fetish for those of us who have it.women smoking

August 05, 2008

Thick Open Mouth Inhale

An exquisite open mouth inhale pic for you here in this post.brunette open mouth inhale

April 30, 2006

Cigar Smoking Clips

aria giovanni smoking cigarGuys who like to see women smoking cigars are a distinct and loyal sub-category of the entire smoking fetish. Unfortunately, not many web smoking models specialize or even reasonably indulge, cigar smoking in clips.

Most of the cigar pics and clips we see are of models just holding or posing with cigars, often unlit. Any pictures or clips you will see on the main best smoking site will be of models actually smoking their cigars.

One site, in particular, has a lot of smoking pictures and clips in the member's area. Smoking Rachel has hours of cigar videos in her VIP room and dozens of cigar clips in her clip store for download.

Rachel always inhales her cigars, so its the real deal.

March 31, 2006

The thing about cigars!!

christie brinkely smoking cigarWell, of course, you think its really, really phallic. Even moreso than the love of watching a gorgeous woman smoking cigatettes. I think, for me, the size and look of the cigar has a whole lot to do with it. For example, I'm not too particular about what brand of cigarettes I like to see a woman smoke, but I generally do not like the real small, thing, "girly" type of cigarettes. I think for me it is because they don't produce a lot of smoke. Of course, that is not the problem with cigars,  even if she is smoking the "girliie" type of cigars, more and thicker smoke is usually produced, especially if the woman is inhaling the cigars. For those of you who really prefer cigars, however, it seems that a relatively small portion of producers and sites on the 'net have really quality female cigar smoking material. There is a lot, if your thing can be satisfied by seeing a woman posing with an unlit cigar, or even if its lit, as long as you don't expect to see her actually smoking it. However, as always, there are some quality places for you on the 'net. Coherent Light, which needs no introduction for smoking fans who have surfed anytime in the last 10 years, has one truly good cigar smoking video, called "Cigars", which is still available on its website. The video is about 50 minutes running time, and features three diffrent women smoking their cigars. And, boy, do they smoke them! You will see legitimate inhales, along with talking exhales, nostril exhales, and some combos from all three. The settings are all straightforqward, the girls sitting in a chair facing the camerr and smoking the cigar as they have some dialogue with the camerman. No nudity or even suggestive attire, but if its all about the cigar smoking for you, you'll be happy. the first and third girls were the best, especially the last girl, who did the least talking but the best smoking, with the deepest inhales and thickest exhales. She also did about 25 nostril exhales, for those of you who are particular fans of that. Smoking Rachel also dedicates a lot of her free site and members area to cigar smoking, and has a clip package available for download which features nothing but girls smoking cigars. If you know of any other quality female cigar smoking sites or videos available, drop me a line: