August 24, 2008

Cigar Girl Real Closeup

women smoking cigar

This is one of the better up close pictures I've seen recently, I believe this hard core cigar smoking girl is one of the models from Noemie's Quebec Smoke. 

March 30, 2008

Sultry Cigar and a Drink

Wouldn't mind seeing this scene in real life in a bar or maybe a party, how about you?

woman smoking cigar

September 14, 2007

Serious Cigar Smoker

Her name is Mistress Devilyn, and she used to have a site on the net that featured some serious cigar smoking, almost all of it huge, fat cigars like this one. I don't know what happened to her but she has been off the web for a while now.busty woman smoking cigar

March 13, 2007

Nice Cigar Pics...

are a little harder to find for the discerning SF fan, as I have blogged about in the past. This is one of my faves with one of Rachel's models named Nicole, who Rachel says was one of the most prolific smoking models that she has shot. The word is that Nicole will have a clip package coming out real soon that will feature this cigar clip. BTW, Rachel says that although Nicole was great with the cigar, she much preferred her normal cigarettes.blonde woman smoking cigar

February 10, 2007

Beth from Colight

brunette smoking a cigarThis is a cigar pic from an old video from Colight that was called, I think, "Cigars". It is an older video that featured three models, all of whom smoke cigars.

The video is about 45 minutes long and the models do inhale for those of you who need that element to fully enjoy your cigar smoking videos.

I have it on VHS, which dates the video a little, but I think Colight has put most of their old stuff on dvd, too. This model's name is Beth and, in my opinion, she was the third best of the three models, which is my way of telling you that I think this was a very good cigar smoking video. So, if this is what you are looking for, I would say that its the best cigar video I have ever seen. 


January 29, 2007

NIce Cigar Inhale Pic

This is one of the better cigar inhale pics I've seen recently. I know you are thinking, its not an inhale pic, its a nostril exhale pic. Well, you're right, but my pal Rachel tells me that many cigar fans insist that the models have to inhale or else it just doesn't work, then some don't think the models really are inhaling when they think they are. So, a thick nostril exhale is about the best way to prove that a model really did inhale her stogie. This pic is of cigar model Shelby, one of the more prolific models in Rachel's VIP Room.woman inhaling cigar

January 12, 2007

Lorie: One of the best cigar models

blonde woman smoking a cigarthat I have seen recently is Lorie, who is one of Smoking Rachel's models who did a shoot with Rachel back in the summer and has a couple of hours of video in that member's site.

I think what I liked best about her was her enthusiasm, and Rachel told me that, even though Lorie was not a cigar smoker before she decided to do the shoot, she had tried them once or twice and was really into it during the shoot. Lorie now prefers cigars to cigarettes.

In fact, in a couple of her clips she is really power smoking her cigar and the smoke is so thick that her face is covered by the smoke so much you can't see her for a few seconds.

All you fans of models who inhale their cigars have to love that. I only hope that Lorie makes some future appearances in Rachel's VIP Room.      

January 03, 2007

Women Smoking BIG Cigars...

is another of the never ending sub-fetishes of the smoking fetish...heck, it may even be a sub-sub-fetish, but I think this pic from Noemie's site certainly fills the bill for those of you guys who want the cigars your models smoke to be BIG.

blonde smoking big cigar

December 25, 2006

Always Room for a Cigar Pic

Another good cigar pic, this ond I got from Southern Style. Real good quality cigar smoking pics and models, so you always have to jump on one when you see it, if you are a cigar fan. I'm not talking about the countless cigar holding or unlit cigar pics, but the real deal. This is a good pic in the hall of real deal cigar smoking pics. Don't you agree? 

woman smoking cigar

December 03, 2006

Cigar Pic from Colight

I have blogged before about this excellent cigar video from Colight, and I think I used a pic of this model, whose name is Becky. Its a shame there aren't more quqality cigar videos on the market like this one, as I don't even think that Colight has produced one like this since, and this video is from like 1998 or somewhere in there. I know Smoking Rachel has some models who really smoke cigars, maybe there will be a new, high quality cigar video out there before long. 

women exhaling cigar smoke

October 30, 2006


Mistress Devilyn is another smoking wemistress who has left the web in the last few years. She was more into the femdomthng,but she also had a definite thing for cigars, particularly the bigger, thicker kind of cigars that are necessary for some fans of cigar smoking women. Its been a while since Mistress Devilyn and, in fact, until I saw a couple of pics floating around recently, I had kind of forgotten about her and her site. That is no slam at her, but it just didn't seem like she was around very long, but what she did do certainly left an impression, especially for those fans of smoking women who puff huge stogies.

buxom woman smoking a cigar

September 10, 2006

The First Cigar Pic...

that I remember seeing on the 'net was this one, which I came across recently. I do not remember where I saw it or if there was any info. on the model, or how I got there, or if I was looking for cigar smoking pics, but I probably wasn't. That's the thing about looking for smoking pics on the web at a site like Angel's Archive, a pic that is at least 9 years old, like this one, will be right next to one that was posted for the first time yesterday, and there is no way to tell in some cases. For some of you, this might be the first time you've seen this pic which I think, for whatever reason, is really, really sexy.

woman smoking a cigar 


July 02, 2006

Cigar Inhaling Women...

woman inhaling cigarI blogged a few times way back about my personal affinity for women who smoke cigars, particularly when they inhale them. Of course, even though you can easily find a ton of pics on the net and in popular culture with models posing with a cigar, or even chomped between their teeth, for those of us who need them to be really smoking, legitimate cigar vids and pics are few and far between.  

The pic I found and chose to decorate this post is one of those rare ones, from a Coherent Light video from back in the nineties, which I owned. The video is called "Cigars" and features three models who basically smoke their cigar while inhaling and, in one case, making small talk. the girl in the pic was the last and the best, in my opinion. She did no talking, but some serious inhales and exhales, including about a dozen nostril exhales like the one captured in the pic. Awesome. I don't know if the vid is still available, but you definitely want to check out the site if you are into serious cigar smoking, you won't be disappointed, even if it is still only available on VHS.   

May 27, 2006

Vanessa Del Rio Smokes....

vanessa del rio smokingLegendary porn star Vanessa Del Rio is one of those who have made a "transition" to mainstream recognition, and still is out there in the "public eye" well into her middle age years.(I believe she had an appearance as herself on "NYPD" or "LAW & ORDER" a couple of years back...not sure, didn't see it, just heard about it...correct me if I'm wrong ) 

I do not know that she is an in real life smoker, as she seems to be a fitness buff, but there are 1 or 2 pics, at least, of her smoking and doing it in a very, very, sultry and alluring way, such as the pic I found at Angels Smoking Archive here on the left.

She also has a website on the web, and there is always the possibility that there are smoking pics/video there, although I have never had a membership, so I cannot endorse or point you there (not that you listen to anything I have to say, anyway, which is smart on your part) Sometimes, for me, seeing a pic or video of a female celebrity smoking, when she is not known to be a smoker or such pics are rare, kind of adds to the allure, as in the case of Vanessa Del Rio.

Of course, the pic has to be a good one, and this one fits the bill. 

May 17, 2006

New Cigar Smoking Amateur Model

girl smoking a cigarI blogged the other day about what makes a quality smoking site and talked also about the  variety of models. Well, to my pleasant surprise, I found that Smoking Rachel has a new model who promises to be very productive in terms of smoking content, especially with cigars. 

Her name is Leah and she is pictured at the right in a vidcap from Rachel's home page from a cigar smoking clip that was shot recently. Rachel also tells me that Leah has some clips in her smoking clip store and will be shooting more with Rachel in the future.