February 03, 2009

Kelly Preston Smoking

kelly preston smokingKelly Preston smokes, or at least she does in movies. She had a couple of nice exhales in the movie Twins and I was able to find this small vidcap from some unknown movie where she seems to know what she's doing with a very nice and thick exhale.  

September 12, 2008

Alyssa Milano Smokes

I believe this picture is from a movie called Embrace of the Vampire, or something like that, kind of a cult classic, bawdy drama type in which Alyssa Milano smokes several times and is pretty attractive and sexy doing it, too. I'd have to say that, even though the smoking of her character was obviously written in the script, she does a very good job with it and fetishists who need more than just a beautiful actress holding will be satisfied...actually, its been several years since I've seen the flick, but I's have to say that by memory I think most fetishists will be more than satisfied.

alyssa milano smoking      

August 17, 2008

Priscilla Presley Smokes

Probably the most famous smoking picture there is of the few showing the former wife of the King of Rock smoking. I have seen some others though, and will try to find them and post them for you. I know this one is not an exhale or inhale, but the lipstick on the cigarette is proof oenough, for me anyway, that Priscilla is legitimately smoking here. Not sure of her in real life smoking status, though. 

though.priscilla presley smoking

August 01, 2008

Jenna Jameson Smokes

There are not too many quality smoking pictures of arguably the most well known adult movie star of all time, but there is more than enough out there to prove to the most discerning smoke fetishist that Jenna Jameson is an in real life smoker. Good thing for guys who follow that kind of thing, don't you think?jenna jameson smoking  

July 28, 2008

Paulina Porizkova Smokes

paulina porizkova smoking

This Czech super model was on the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue back in the day, so maybe I dated myself by giving that up to those of you too young to know who she is.

But, anyway, I do recall having seen some smoking pics of her on the 'net and in the media along the way, but not enough for me to make a call on whether or not she is, or ever was, an in real life smoker.

What I can say, however, without any hesitation, is that she is one very sultry and sexy smoker when she does smoke, no question. 


June 05, 2008

Clair Danes Smokes

clair danes smokingNot the best smoking pic you will ever see but one of the only ones, if not the only one, I have ever seen of the star of the Mod Squad, Terminator III, and other films actually smoking. Can't make too educated a guess on her in real life status from the pic, but it does look like she's dragging hard.   

June 02, 2008

Gisele Bundchen Smokes

I have to admit I had never heard of Gisele until she started dating Tom Brady (I follow football a little more closely than the supermodels), but I did see this pic that purports to be Ms. Bundchen smoking and must say she does not disappoint in the least.gisele bundchen smoking   

August 29, 2007

Tracy Scoggins Smokes

tracy scoggins smoking

These are not the best quality smoking pictures, really just vidcaps from a B movie, a sci-fi flick with middle age beauty Tracy Scoggins playing an alien life form who is always smoking. Unfortunately, she is only in the movie for the last few minutes, but the smoking is pretty sexy from her and might be worth a pickup if you can find it cheap. I don't remember the name of the flick, but you can probably find it on IMBD by searching under Tracy Scoggins name.tracy scogins smoking

September 12, 2006

Natasha Kinski Smokes...

natasha kinski smokingand Natasha-or Natassja-is one og those rare beauties who tantalizes us over a period of time as we see her grow from a teen to young adult to middle age and beyone, looking great the whole time and, luckily for us, smoking some of the way as well.

This pic is one of those that you might think that I would like, but I do, particularly because of the depiction of the lightup...of course, having a smoking celeb like Kinski adds a lot to this, but this is one of my favorite celeb smoking pics that I have posted here on this blog.   

September 07, 2006

Carla Gugino Smokes...

Carla Gugino is one of those younger actresses who, to me, caputures the essence of the old time movie smoking queens, who mesmerized smoking fans with their mysterious and sultry clouds of smoke wafting out of their mouths and above their heads, often in black and white...and Carla Gugino does this as well. Of course, her smoking performance in Sin City-which was in black and white- is the first thing that comes to mind, she also was puffing away a great deal in a movie called Jaded, although the nature of the film was not meant to make her look glamorous...but her smoking glamour and sexy exhales still came least to me. There is a smoking model named Leah on smoking rachel's site who reminds me of Carla Gugino, but make no mistake about it, Ms. Gugino is definitely a smoking queen.    

carla gugino smoking 

June 15, 2006

Kate Beckinsale Smokes...

kate beckinsale smokingKate Beckinsale, who is emerging as a female action hero with recent roles in such movies as Undergound Revolution, is apparently a dedicated near chain smoking Englishwoman in the way of Kate Winslet.

Smoking Sides has more than the usual share of Kate smoking, including the pic I have posted here on the left, but as of now, I am not sure of her smoking performances, if any, in any movies to this point. However, I have only seen here in the action roles and Pearl Harbor , and none of those roles was conducive to a smoky performance.

I'm one of those fans who doesn't really need/want the beautiful woman to be too addicted to the habit or smoke like a chimney, but if she is a Kate Beckinsale type star, I can look the other way, maybe in hopes that I may see a candid shot of an exhale on the street, just like this pic. 

June 07, 2006

Winona Ryder Smokes...

winona ryder smokingIts well known to smoking fans who surf the net and readers of gossip magazines that Winona Ryder is a regular smoker.

According to, she smokes about a pack a day and has several listings for smoking scenes in her movies.

I have not actually seen a Winona smoking moment on screen, but there are several dozen good smoking pics, including some black and whites, of her floating around in cyberspace.

So, add this one to your celeb list, if you did not already know, and maybe with increased "smoketivity" onscreen Winona Ryder may take the next step to being an unquestioned smoking queen.

May 02, 2006

Scarlett Johannson Smokes...

scarlett johannson smokingand does it very well, too, as her sultry smoky voice seems to indicate.

To me, she evokes memories of Smoking Queen legend Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not , possessing way more sensuality than someone should have at that young age.

I just saw Ms. Johannson in a movie called Match Point, where she does a fair amount of smoking, although the editing didn't favor us smoking fans too much with cuts away from the exhale on almost all occassions.

 Still, fans of dragging will not be disappointed and smoking fans need to make room for Ms. Johannson in their personal Hall of Fame Smoking Beauties.

The pic on the left is a still from the upcoming movie The Black Dahlia , the most current remake of one of the most famous unsolved crimes in U.S. history. I would be watching it for that reason alone, but now that I've been introduced to the smoking prowess of Scarlett Johannson, count me in among the first to see this flick when its released.

April 23, 2006

Great Movie Smoking Performances: Sean Young

sean young smokingI remember as a teen, going to see the movie Blade Runner , which had just looked so cool in the trailers. the joy of sneaking into this R rated movie though underaged still pulsating through my body, what I take most from this sci-fi cult classic is the images of thick, bluish-white smoke just billowing from Sean Youngs cigarette...literally clouds of smoke every where.

 She smokes early and often in this movie, but nothing beats the first scene she is in, when she sweetly asks Harrison Ford "Do you mind if I smoke" as he is about to give here a test to determine if she is a human or a replicant (a fairly standard thing in the dark, raining, futuristic Los Angeles of the middle 21st century)...I remember my stomach tightening as those combo nose-mouth exhales flowed oout of her.

There are other smoking females, as well, with Daryl Hannah having one pretty good drag-exhale scene, and there being several instances of women smoking in advertisments, which are huge movie shorts playing always constantly on the sides of skyscrapers and huge murals.

Evidently, the writer of this story, which was filmed probably around 1980, envisioned Southern California to be a lot more smoker friendly in the next century than if appears that it is actually going to be. For you young pups, remember that you will be seeing a much younger version of the still beautiful Sean Young and Daryl Hannah, neither of whom could have been more than 21 or 22 when this was filmed. A good pickup for either a sci-fi or smoking fan who prefers a real life setting to seeing women smoke as opposed to the artifical settings most smoking sites/producers give you on the 'net.         

April 21, 2006

Kate Moss Smokes, Too...

kate moss smokingIn response to an early post about super models who smoke, a reader commented that the, arguably, most famous supermodel of them all was also a smoker, Kate Moss. This is absoultely correct, of course, and their just might be more pics of Kate smoking on the 'net than any other two supermodels put together. In fact, it seems that Kate is a chain smoker who has admitted to smoking 4 packs a day. Wow. For me, over doing it kind of takes away some of the mystique and the anorexic looking model thing has never been my cup of tea, but when you tale about gorgeous female celebrity smokers, you have to mention Kate Moss. Thanks for the comment and keep 'em coming.

April 07, 2006

Goddess Heather Smokes

goddess heather smokingGoddess Heather is a multi-faceted fitness babe who eagrly indulges several fetishes on her website. I had a membership briefly about a year and a half ago, and I can tell you that there was not much smoking available in the way of clips or pics,  and all of that was incidental to some other theme fetish, mostly B&D.

However, the smoking content that Goddess Heather does put out is choice stuff. She smokes like an IRL, which is of the upmost importance to many smoking fetishers. Also, she was good enough to shoot the cigar smoking pics that you see pictured on the main site, including the one on the left.

We are going to try our best to see if she will do more smoking galleries, or better yet, some clips in the future. She seems so nice and willing to work with people, but the popularity and wide ranging nature of her site take a whole lot of time. Wish us luck.