March 14, 2007

Cindy Crawford Smokes...

even though the supermodel says she doesn't, there are many very sultry pictures like this one floating around out there on the web that sure will get your attention. This one is the epitome of a very good staged smoking pic.chrstina crawford smoking

March 12, 2007

Salma Hayek Smokes...

One of the best natural and exotic beauties out there is also a tantalizing sesuctive smoker to swoon over. There have always been a lot of her pics floating on the 'net, but this one for the post is the best one that I've seen.salma hayek smoking

March 05, 2007

Jenna Jameson Smoking

Popular adult star Jenna Jameson is a stop-and-stare smoker who is in real life. She has made a few appearances on this blog and, if I keep finding pics like this, she will make can count on that.jenna jameson smoking

February 13, 2007

Jordan Ladd Smokes...

jordan ladd smoking






















The word is that Jordan Ladd is a regular smoker who smokes American Spirits.One thing is for sure, its rare to get a real good candid pic that shows a celeb exhaling, so you have got to appreciate this pic, with the added bonus of being in sultry black & white. I don't know a whole lot about Jordan Ladd, but she definitely seems to be an in real life smoker, so she is more than welcome to be recognized here as a celeb smoker. 

February 09, 2007

Mamie Van Doren Smoking...

mamie van doren smoking

This pic is the classic "B" type movie poster of the 1950's, when posters like this were the main form of advertising for smaller budget movies. I think it is called High School Confidential, and apparently glam actress Van Doren smokes in it quite a bit, if you can get by the issue of her supposedly being in high school. Recently, she did a revealing scene in the comedy flick Slackers, and she looks wonderful for her age, which has to be 70+. I don't know much else about her smoking history, but maybe finding this old movie on dvd somewhere would answer some questions about whether she was an in real life smoker/     

Mamie Van Doren is one of the

February 04, 2007

Asia Argento Smokes...

I can't say that I know a whole lot about Asia Argento or have seen any of her movies, but she does have some sultry smoking pics out there on the net that I wanted to recognize. She just might be an automatic entry into the "smoking queen" hall of argento exhaling smoke

asia argento smoking

January 30, 2007

Ruby Larocca Smokes...

redhead smokingYou would think that "B" movie actresses like Ruby Larocca would be more likely to be seen smoking in a seductive way on screen...and you'be right.

It seems that the "A" list celebs, when they are smoking on screen, the scene is either chopped up or they cut away at some key point.

Most of all, you usually only see big name female celebs smoking onscreen if they are playing "bad girls", or if they are upset or nervous, which makes it hard to be a real sultry and seductive scene.

In the "B" movies, or T&A flicks if you will, there is a much  better chance of having it be a real sultry or sensual smoking scene or pose.     

January 16, 2007

Kate Bosworth Smokes...

I can't comment too much as I have not actually seen here smoking live, so to speak and I will swear she only holds in Superman Returns, and does not smoke as is reported elsewhere on the 'net. But, there is no doubt that, as her pictures show, she has got the potential to be one of the modern smoking queens, along the lines of Kate Winslet and Naomi Watts.  

kate bosworth smoking


December 27, 2006

Kim Director Smokes

kim direcotr smoking big bust smokerThis busty actress caught my eye in Inside Man and she also gave a virtuoso smoking performance in Blair Witch 2, which I haven't seem or intended to see, but after seeing Ms. Director and some of the smoking pics from the film, I will check it out as soon as I can find it for 2 bucks in the clearance DVD bin.   

December 14, 2006

Shannon Doherty Smoking...

is always a nice sight, as the tabloid/tv star is definitely an in real life smoker who rates high on my sultry smoking meter. This is one of the rare Hollywood type "posed" smoking pictures that I really, really like. There are plenty of pics of smoking Shannon on smoking celebrities, so you have a great place to go to satisfy your "Shannon Smoking Jones" 

shannon doherty smoking

December 10, 2006

Elisabeth Shue Smokes...

elisabeth shue smokingand some of you are probably familiar with this pic, which looks like it is the cover of a magazine or maybe an article from way back when.

Some of you will recall Ms. Shue's smoking prowess in a movie called Leaving Las Vegas, where her character does not smoke a lot, but what she does do is very noteworthy...I really remember one long, thick exhale in the trailer that I don't actually recall from the movie itself, but it has been a while. Apparently, the scoop from smoking celebrities says that E.S. was the type of young gal to sneak her smokes in the bathroom in high school and generally was a little bit of a hell raiser. I don't know that she still is, but the smoking talent is still there and that is really all we are concerned about.


November 23, 2006

Tahnee Welch Smokes...

tahnee welch smokes






















and, unlike her mom, it seems to be a regular in real life me, this is the classic film noir type pic with her, and she looks every bit as sxultry as her famous mom...maybe even more.   

November 22, 2006

Racquel Welch Smokes...

racquel welch smokingwell, mainly cigars according to the scoop on the net, with some anecdotes about cigarettes from back in the day. The pic on this blog post is the only one I have looks like she is relaxing on set during a break or something, so if it is really a candid pic, that would seem to answer the in real life question. Still, having one of the all time movie babes in the hall of female smoking celebrities is all any smoking fan could ask.  

November 21, 2006

Uma Thurman Smokes...

The tall, sultry star of the Kill Bill movies and Pulp Fiction reportedly an in real life smoker, and I would not dispute that from her performance in Pulp Fiction, not to mention the several candid pics, like this one on the post. Boy, wouldn't it have been great to see some nice drag/exhale scenes from Uma as the "Bride" in the Kill Bill flicks...not that would have been something... 

uma thurman smoking 

November 09, 2006

Courtney Cox Smokes....

and I have blogged about this sultry star of Scream and Friends before who, at least is supposed to be, an in real life smoker. I came across this pic below and just wanted to include it in the blog post.

courtney cox smoking 

November 01, 2006

Julie Strain Smokes...

Julie Strain will be familiar to anyone who has ever watched late night Cinemax movies or caught her cameos in movies such as Naked Gun. She is a tall, former Penthouse beauty who is looking very well-thank you-into her middle 40's. More importantly for us smoking, however, is the fact that she used to be a smoker, and a fairly heavy one at that, although she has reportedly quit. She has a movie-sorry I forget the title-in which she plays a socialite type who doubles as a dominatrix at night in an undergound B&D clun in L.A. You know, the standard B movie T & A plot line. Anyway, she does an incredible talking exhale/residual nostril exhale in one scene that will have you all giving her a standing ovation. The pic for this blog demonstrates a pretty darn good french inhale and there is also a movie in which she plays a cowgirl that features her smoking a cigar. I'm sure that most of her movies are on video or DVD-hell, most of them went straight there bypassing the you might want to check out smoking celebrities to see if you can get the names and availaility of any of the films I sort of described won't be disappointed in Julie Strain's smoking prowess.

julie strain smoking

October 27, 2006

Eva Mendes Smokes....

eva mendes smokingEva Mendes is another one of the Latin sultry smoking beauties that is near and dear to my heart, and I'm happy to report to smoking fans that she is at least an occassional smoker, having lit up in a couple of her movie roles.

The pictures of her smoking on the internet are, unfortunately, fairly sparce, and the few I've seen are all of the holding/posing variety, but that does not take away from the sultry look of Eva smoking for us, wouldn't you agree? 

October 21, 2006

Seductive Smoking:Naomi Campbell

I have blogged about smoking supermodels before as well as Naomi Campbell, so the background is there. this pic is an ode to seductive smoking, made all the more alluring because its Naomi. What more could you ask for in a  seductive smoking pic>

naomi campbell smoking

September 13, 2006

Cameron Diaz Smokes...

cameron diaz smokingIt seems like people either tend to really like Cameron Diaz or not. At least as an actress, that is. Put me in the "like" column, but this blog is about smoking glamour and beauty so lets focus on that and she definitely has the glamour aspect of it down.

From what I've been able to find out, it seems like she is one of those who primarily smokes in her roles, might have on in real life now and then, but would probably describe herself as a nonsmoker. You know, like Teri Hatcher, who gives all these anti smoking interviews, yet has one zillion smoking pics on the 'net from dozens of smoking scenes in her flicks...well, maybe not to that extent.      

September 09, 2006

Madonna Smokes....

Well, it should not be too much of a surprise, some of us of her generation would think that Madonna is the kind of a girl who would try least once. I remember years ago seeing her at some music awards show where she was smoking as she introduced the next act-or maybe announced an award, I can't remember which-and she was saying her lines in between drags. Her backup dancer girls were behind her and they were taking drags in sync with did I really see that or is it just a false memory? For a mother pushing 50, you have to admit she looks fabulous... 

madonna smoking

September 08, 2006

Kiera Knightley Smokes...

The British Winona Ryder look a like is a sexy smoker, I have seen her myself do a lot of smoking in movies like The Jacket and Domino, where she seemed like she smoked in every scene. Like I said in an earlier blog, it just seems like the British girls smoke more and are more  up front about it than the American girsl...of course, that might not be a good thing,unless you are a smoking fan. And, you probably are or you would not be reading this blog, would you? There are plenty of Kiera smoking pics at smoking celebs   , mostly vidcaps from her flicks, but it seems to me like she might be the type of actress to do some smoking glamour poses, ala Charlize Thereon or Drew Barrymore...hopefully, that is not just wishful thinking

keira knighteley smoking 

August 25, 2006

Laura Prepon Smokes....

laura prepon smokingOne of the young stars of "That 70's Show", Laura Prepon is, evidently and unabashed in real life smoker. I'm not familiar with her TV career, but there seemed to have been some smoking scenes in that show. I did she her  raunch role in "Slackers" and, even though she didn't smoke in that role, you can kind of tell, you know?

I think she fits into that category of female smokers who would be popular among the smoking fetish community even if she weren't a celebrity, even if she was one of those nameless or one name  models who appear on some of the quality smoking glamour websites we like to visit so often: randomsnaps, lady-madonna, smokingrachel, inreallife,  and so on.  She just seems to have the sexy, unnderstated "good girl who is a little bad" that is so attractive, and common with very popular female smoking models. For me, she would be one of a few smoking celebs who I would choose to do a serious smoking fetish video if they would...others being Virginia Madsen, Kate Winslet, and Alicia Silvertstone. Who would be on your list of smoking celebrities who could star in a smoking fetish video or smoking clip?