September 01, 2006

Drew Barrymore Smokes....

drew barrymore smokingand she smokes quite a bit, being almost a chain smoker, according to her own words in some interviews that I have seen and read over the years.

I think I read that she started when she was 12 or something and was up to 3 packs a day in adulthood. Generally, I'm not as much of a fan of those women who smoke "too much", but Drew is an example. She has a picture out there where she is dressed s Little Bo Beep or something, and she is blowing some of her famous (to us smoking fans) thick, creamy smoke rings. She also has a real good smoke ring scene in one of her movies, and she does smoke in a lot of her films, in addition to in real life. She is probably my favorite female smoker, because she does it so well and so obviously enjoys it, too. There are literally a ton of Drew smoking pics at both Smoking Celebs and Smokingsides for you guyas to add to your collection. As for this little blog, this is not my first post about Drew...and you can bet it won't be my last, either.   

August 29, 2006

Julia Stiles Smokes...

This young, sulty blonde actress is also a very alluring smoker who is an in real life smoker to boot. For some reason, she reminds me a lot of the classic smoking queens of the golden age of Hollywood, I don't know why, but she just does. I also like the fact that she is a serious deep get thick exhales with deep drags and many of you know that I like my exhales thick and creamy. There is a new model named Nicole from Smoking Rachel's site that reminds me a little of Julia Stiles.


julia stiles smoking a cigarette 

August 28, 2006

Asia Argento Smokes...

Asia Argento is one of Italy's leading actresses and also a budding young director. I don't know much about her work,  but I can tell from her pics that she is a serious smoker, and a very sultry one at that. Many of you really like nothing more than a serious deep drag from a good looking female smoker, and the pic on this blog is certainly about as good as you will see when it comes to that aspect of the fetish. There are a ton of pics of Ms. Argento out there on the web, but of the ones that I have seen, this is my favorite. 


asia argento smoking 

August 24, 2006

Jennifer Esposito Smokes

jennifer esposito smokingThe dark haired, sultry beauty is the epitome of the sensuaal smoker, in my opinion, of the look of the sultry, sensual smoker.

You know, sexy, yet dangerous kind of femme fatele that almost always smokes in the movies?

Unfortunately, I have never seen her smoking in an actual movie or vid clip on the net, but the pics, like this one, show all that smokey sensual promise that you want in a smoking celeb. Anyone who can point to a place that has any clips of her smoking, or any movies that she smokes in, will be my pal for life 

August 22, 2006

Minnie Driver Smokes....

minnie driver smokingThe tall British actress is undoubtedly an in real life smoker, as seen by her many pics floating around on the internet and in some of her movies.

She seems to be definitely an in real life smoker and, to me, she has that almost perfect "look" when she is smoking, the rare celeb who can look as good in my book when she is just holding or dragging as she does when there is actually an exhale, which as you know, is by far my favorite type of smoking pic.

Like a lot of the current female smoking celebs that are in real life smokers, her actual smoking in movies that we may have seen seems to be fairly ever notice that a lot of the celebs who turn in quality smoking performances on screen seem to be those who are more likely to put out the "I don't smoke in real life" line? While the ones who we see with the really good candid pics are the ones who you don't see smoking as much on screen? That's not always the case, of course, when you look at celebs like Kate Winslet who are always puffing away onscreen and make no bones about their real life smoking habit.

Or maybe it just seems that way. Its probably because, in today's movies at least, an actress is only likely to smoke a fair amount onscreen if it is part of the script, where as in the older movies, characters often smoked "just because".       

August 21, 2006

Pamela Anderson Smokes...

pamela lee anderson smokingalthough it seems she denied it for years, and might even still deny it. But, according to her credits in Barb Wire and the TV show VIP . Now, I've seen the movie and I don't remember any smoking from Pam, but there are some pictures of her smoking on the 'net, particularly on Smoking Celebs, though most of the pics are obviously vidcaps.

On the other hand, the TV show seems to have some legit smoking from Pam, as she evidently plays twins, one of whom is a "bad girl" type who smokes a lot.

So, it should warm the hearts of smoking fans that arguably the hottest celeb babe of the last decade is a smoker, although she seems to be reluctant to admit it, but for some of you that might even make it a little more enticing.

And, although most of Pam's, shall I say, assets are obviously not natural, there is no question she remains not only a good lookin celeb, but a hot babe as she approaches the big 4-0. So, thank you for smoking, Pam, even if its just a little.  

August 20, 2006

Gina Gerson & Drea Dematteo Smoke...

gina gershon drea dematteo smoking Well, its kind of rare to find a smoking celeb pic where both are in real smokers, you can easily tell it really is the celeb claimed,  and both are smoking, but this one hits the nail on all those heads.  

The only thing that would make it absolutely perfect, of course, would be if we could see a well lit dual exhale from Gina and Drea...but you can't have everything now can you?   

August 18, 2006

Andrea Parker Smokes....

andra parker smokesand smoked and smoked in the first few seasons of her role on the series The Pretender, where she played a sarcastic, chain smoking tough femme. I remember reading somewhere when the show was still being made that, even though she was an in real life smoker, she found it hard to smoke in take after take.

So, obviously, her character was supposed to smoke in the script. I didn't watch regularly, but I can say that she was a very deep dragger and produced some wonderful talking exhales as well as a lot of residual exhales.

Apparently, she quit smoking in real life in part because of the amount of smoking she had to do on the show...or so they say.  

August 10, 2006

Angie Everhart smokes...

angie everhart smoking

Or at least the sultry auburn haired actress sure does pose for some provacative smoking pics, with the candle light up. Its seems the evidence that she is an in real life smokers is somewhat thin, but there are a couple of pics of her smoking out there on the 'net. Now, you know that I am partial to pics that actually show an inhale or exhale, but I've always liked the candle light up thing a whole lot, sometimes there is nothing better than a lightup. I wouldn't go so far as to say Angie Everhart is a smoking queen based just on this pic of her doing a candle lightup...but she is darn close.  

August 03, 2006

Bobbi Billard Smokes...

bobbi billard smokingBobbi Billard is a well known internet fitness/adult entertainer who has a very popular website at Bobbi Billard .com . I don't know that she is a regular or IRL smoker, but she does have a couple of very provactive smoking related sets out there on the web. Well, for whatever that is worth, she does seem to be really inhaling and exhaling. Can't be too picky here, guys, still a very good smoking model, no matter how often or seldom she does it.  

August 01, 2006

Ashley Olsen Smokes...

ashley olsen smokingand, apparently, so does her twin, Mary-Kate. It seems that the famous twins fall into the category of "no, no, I don't smoke...", but there are all kinds of pics floating artound the internet of both of them smoking, like the candid pic on this post.

I'm not really that familiar with their work, I never saw an episode of the Full House show that, I guess, made them famous.

But, I do know that if they both keep inhaling and exhaling away often enough to be captured in pics or on video, their fame will continue for a legion of female celebrity smoking fans.  

July 28, 2006

Kate Winslet: Smoking Queen...

kate winslet smoking and she needs no introduction or hype for anyone who is a fan of smoking female celebrities and, yes, she has been honored on this blog before.

But, she is arguably the most accomplished and most unapologetic female celeb smoker right now, with several awesome movie smoking credits to her name (you've got to see the talking exhale in Jude to believe it) as well as countless smoking pics on the 'net in places like smoking sides and smoking celebrities.   


She is also an in real life smoker to the point of almost being a chain smoker, based on what I have read. But, she doesn't seem to be in danger of getting into the hacking-chain-smoker thing and still looks great in every clip or pic that I have seen her smoking. 

July 25, 2006

Jennifer Lopez Smokes...

jennifer lopez smoking even though, apparently, she has made a big fuss in the past about being a non-smoker, but the pics on the web and her smoking in movies such as The Cell pretty much put that to bed for me.

I know not everybody agrees, but I have the school of thought that says either you smoke, or you don't smoke. And, even though some of our celeb beauties want, for whtever reason, for us to  not believe our own eyes, its pretty hard when you see a pic like this one, of Lopez dragging pretty heavy on a cigarette in a candid setting, to buy the "I don't smoke in real life" line.

So, add Jennifer Lopez to your list of smoking female celebrities in this non-smoking culture we live in.  

July 23, 2006

Monica Bellucci Smokes...

monica bellucci smoking

So she is in both categories of smoking celebs, as she is both an actress and a model. All I know is that she has the kind of sultry beauty that, personally, I really like in my smoking celebrities. She seems to be in real life as well, jusdging from what I'de read on the 'net, her preferred brand of cigarettes seem to be Merits, and and there does not seem to be be any question that she is in real life as well. Based on what I've found on the 'net, her preferred brand is Merits.

She fits in both the main categories of females smoking celebrities, being both a model and an actress. There are quite a few smoking pics of her floating around as well. I choose this paticular one because its nice and in black and white, which adds to the aura of the smoking model, in my opinion.

June 19, 2006

Kirsten Dunst Smokes....

kirsten dunst smokingYep, the cute little girl from Interview with a Vampire and Peter Parker's girl friend in Spiderman is not only a smoker, but a pretty dedicated in real life smoker to boot.

There are lots of pics of her smoking available on the web, the one I chose to adorn this post is the only one I could find with her exhaling, actually exhaling is fairly rare in candid celeb pics, so I decided to go with it.

I'm unaware of any movies that she has good smoking scenes in, but maybe someone will clue me in, or maybe she doesn't smoke onscreen to preserve her goody two shoes image.

Who knows, but I bet for a lot of smoking fans, her image is just fine as it is.  

May 23, 2006

Awesome Smoking Pic: Charlize Thereon

charlize theron smoking

May 13, 2006

Shannon Doherty Smokes...

shannon doherty smokingShannon Doherty is probably the epitome of the 90's era TV "good-girl/bad-girl" with her good girl looks and aura and bad girl behavior. Or, maybe its more like "fun" girl. For those of us who are smoking fans, its good that Shannon is a serious in real life smoker who manages to be very attractive and mischievous while doing her smoking.


There are plenty of Shannon smoking pics available on the 'net, both from and, of course, smoking celebrities. 

I seem to remember reading a while back that Shannon had resolved to quit smoking, but I don't know if that was successful. Of all the 90210 girls, a show I never watched, it seems that most of them are smokers and, for my money, Shannon is the most sultry.  

May 11, 2006

Alicia Silverstone Smokes...

alicia silverstone smoking

Alicia Silverstone has long had a ton of smoking pics available for smoking fans on the 'net, such as the incredible combo nostil/mouth exhale I posted just above. I actually have never seen her smoking in any movies, although I know there are several out there. The pic above is from a cable movie called Excess Baggage, where she apparently smokes in almost all of her scenes. Check out some of her very nice smoking pics at smoking celebrities.    

April 13, 2006

Brooke Shields Smokes

brooke shields smokingWell, yes she does. Not that big a deal unless you remember when Brooke was at the height of her career when Brooke was the most visible of the first wave of anti-smoking campaigns. But, over the years, it seems like Brooke had, indeed, picked up the habit and rumor has it that she is a chain smoker. Her smoking scenes in movies would seem to indicate that she is at least a serious IRL smoker. Smoking Celebrities has four pages of pics of pretty Brooke smoking and an anecdote about her being hospitalized briefly due to  the amount of nictotine she inhaled on the set of one of her movies.

Obviously, Brooke Shields is one of the prettiest women of the last generation, and still is to many. So, of course, it just follows that she would be one of the most beautiful smokers, doesn't it?