January 17, 2009

Busty Smoking Heaven Girl...Again

There is something about a buxom smoking girl who is photographed or shown in a video clip smoking in her bra.girls smoking

January 10, 2009

Another Alta Smoking Girl

smoking girls

I've posted some pics of some of the beautiful smoking girls from my pals at Alta Smoking and here is another one, be sure to check out their site if you have not already.

January 07, 2009

Lisa Lipps Keeps On Smoking

The picture says it all, the incomparable Lisa Lipps, smoking in real life as some of us smoking fetishists who have surfed the web for a while well know.

smoking girl 

January 05, 2009

Another Smoking Babe From Smoking Heaven

girl smoking 

Smoking Heaven is a high quality smoking fetish site that comes from across the pond and you can always count on them to provide some really turn-your-head type of smoking girls.

January 04, 2009

Blast From The Past: Alyssa Alps Smoking

Alyssa Alps was a popular big bust model online several years back and she did post some smoking sets in her member's area that convinced me she was in real life. I think there is a site still running that bears her name, but I doubt seriously that she still runs it or has anything to do with it. Smoking fetish was not Alyssa's primary focus, but she was a very satisfying smoking girl to see in pictures, I don't know of any video out there with her.

girls smoking 

January 02, 2009

Buxom British Smoking Babe

big bust blonde smokerI posted a pic of this British smoking model, Sarah Louise, once before if I'm not mistaken. She did a custom smoking fetish video for yours truly a few years back and she can be found on the very good smoking site Smoking Heaven, too.    


December 18, 2008

Classic Noir Smoker Pose

I really liked this pic when I saw it on a site that was not smoking fetish themed. I love the classic look, and a buxom smoking model is always a plus for me, only thing from making it perfect is its not an exhale pic.   

woman exhaling smoke 

December 16, 2008

More Lisa Lipps Smoking

lisa lipps smoking 

Big bust and long time wembmistress Lisa Lipps is a very sexy smoker who has more than a few smoking pictures on line for the searching smoking fetishist. She is a good friend of mine on Myspace as well (o.k., me and 9 thousand others, but I name drop anytime I can make it sound even half way legit) and I think that many of you who know of Ms. Lipps would be surprised that she is now going as a brunette.

December 11, 2008

Busty Domme Betka Schpitz Smoking

big bust brunette smoking 

This a vidcap of Mistress Betka Schpitz from a smoking video clip she shot for good pal smoking rachel some time back. Mistress Betka was a tall, busty domme who covered a broad range of niches and fetishes, but she seems to have left the web for now as far as having an active site is concerned.

August 04, 2008

Classic Big Bust Smoker

buxom blonde woman exhaling smokeGoddess Sondra was a fixture online years ago, I don't think she still has a site up. She indulged in many different fetishes, smoking among them and she did produce some good quality smoking pics and smoking videos. I just don't know if they are available anywhere online.

July 22, 2008

Danni Ashe Smoking...

Acually, I don't think the name sake of the most successful adult site of all time does smoke in real life, though some of her many, many gorgeous girlfriends do. But, there are only a couple of legit smoking pics of her out there, and this is one of them.danni ashe lighting up cigarette  

July 14, 2008

Another Busty Smoker with a Holder

busty woman smoking with holder 

Some of you have read this smoking fetish blog a little know that I have no great love for holders in my smoking fetish content in and of themselves, but I can deal with holders if there is something about the model that draws me to it. 

July 04, 2008

Lisa Lipps: Busty Smoker

Webmistress and busty model Lisa Lipps is an in real life smoker and her smoking pictures can be found both on this blog and all over the web for the smoking fetishist who is looking.lisa lipps smoking

June 18, 2008

Chelsea Charms Smokes

O.k., O.k., I know she is not smoking in this picture and almost every pic on this blog features the smoking model exhaling or as least dragging hard for an inhale (there are more than enough posing/holding smoking pics out there), but I do have a category called Big Bust Smokers, and this gal Chelsea Charms evidently smokes and to say she is big busted is a little bit of an she fits, right? huge busted woman holding cigarette


June 13, 2008

Lisa Lipps Smokes

big bust lisa lipps smokingLisa Lipps is a well known big bust webmistress and, from what I can tell from her smoking pics, on the 'net, an in real life smoker. Lighting up a More(?) in this pic.