January 15, 2009

Provacative, Buxom Smoking Girl

I usually do not post smoking pictures that do not have the smoking girl exhaling or at least dragging on the cigarette or cigar, but with a smoking model as provacative as this, I decided to make an exception. Hope you don't mind.girls smoking

December 23, 2008

Danni Ashe Smoking

danni ashe smokingThis is internet website superstar and mega 'net business woman Dani Ashe who, as many of you know, built the biggest subscription website and claims to be the most downloaded woman in history.

This is the only pic I've ever seen of Danni smoking, as you can tell by the phone she is holding, its a good decade old, if not more. But, it is Danni Ashe smoking and not just posing with a cigarette or cigar, so lets be satisfied with that.  

November 11, 2008

Minka Smokes

big bust Asian smokerThis is a picture (censored, of course) of big bust smoking webmistress Minka, who is definitely an in real life smoker and does offer a couple of smoking fetish themed videos on her websites. 


September 30, 2008

Letha Weapons Smoking


This is, I'm sure, the only smoking picture out there on the 'net of former big bust and adult star big bust smoker Letha Weapons. I'm always on the lookout for big bust smokers, and this is the only one I've ever seen.


June 18, 2008

Close, real close

busty woman smoking

For various reasons, this blog has and will continue to maintain a policy of no nudity in the pictures posted directly on the blog. I believe its more than possible to enjoy pics/videos of beautiful smoking models without seeing the smoking women nude, though I have nothing against it, its a blog requirement thing. This is probably as close as we'll come...on this blog at least.

June 12, 2008

Smoking Misc.

busty woman exhaling smokeThis is the quinteesential afterglow smoking pic, what with the robe on, the slightly devilish look, and the high sun that makes it look like its her first smoke of the morning. 

June 09, 2008

Smoking Thoughts

The proportion of nice quality smoking pics that are candid (opposed to posed/studio) is, in my opinion, about 1 in 10 at best, but there is something kind of special about capturing good smoking in a real life situation with an attractive female smoker. I can see where the candid/in real life smoking fans are coming from.  

buxom woman smoking

April 07, 2008

Lipstick on the Cigarette

I know some people really like the lipstick on the cigarette look in their smoking pics/videos. Me, I can take it or leave it, depending on the pic and, of course, the model. This model, named Adonna, pulls it off pretty well, in my opinion.big busted woman smoking   

September 27, 2007

Busty Babe Smoking with Holder

An angle I'm not real crazy about,, but its different and I do like getting outside of the box. So, I'm not going to complain with a decent smoking picture featuring a busty smoker with a holder shot from a weird angle. Also, the exhale is well lit.woman smoking

October 15, 2006

A Nice Pic

I really like this pic, thought its hard for me to classify it...the exhale is o.k., but what I really like about it is the fact that the model seems to be a fitness gal, who you might not otherwise think of as a smoking girl. I love it when good looking models or female celebs are smokers when you wouldn't think they would be based on whatever stereotype. I just do.  

muscular woman smoking

September 14, 2006

The Downloadable Smoking Clip

One of the things that I really like is the advent of the downloadable smoking clips, especially where you can get a preview clip or pic of the particular clip or clips you want to buy. Some of us don't want to get into a recurring membership deal or buy DVDs...or, even if we do, being able to download a clip for a much better price per capita when compared to a DVD or membership if its one they want to see. I know that Smoking Rachel has her own clip store on her site  as well as puts clips in the huge clips for sale site.  Clips4sale, in particular has a nice setup where you can search for the types of clips you want to view, and there are many smoking related clips, believe me. The only problem with that site is that it caters to most any taste you can imagine, and some of the producers might have 2 smoking clips in the 200 in their store, or might include "smoking" in their description, which can mean your search results are not as accurate as you might like, especially if you want to see smoking only, not tied up with some other fetish or scene. But, that seems, to me, like  a small price to pay if buying clips a la carte is what you want to do.

blonde woman smoking nostril exhale 

July 29, 2006

Taylor Wane Smokes...

taylor wane and jenna jameson smoking

and she does it very well, although she know says she only smokes for shoots. If you don't know who Taylor Wane is, she is English and a former Penthouse model who was an adult star in the 80's and 90's and is now one of the more successful adult entertainment webmistresses. Her site caters to all the across the board action/fetishes, boy-girl, lots of girl-girl, and everything else. But, happily for some of us,  she also has more than just a sampling of smoking related material.

A few years ago, Taylor was kind enough to do a custom video for me, with her and Mary Jane doing a skit that included lots of smoking. Taylor said that she used to be a heavy smoker, but only does it now for shoots and videos. Well, she was certainly good enough for me and, the last time I checked her site, she offers custom videos and specifically lists smoking fetish as one of the things that she is willing to do for her fans. 

In the pic that decorates this post, that's Taylor on the right (in a wig) blowing smoke near the face of, I think, Jenna Jameson.    

June 20, 2006

Lisa Lipps: Big Bust Smoking Queen

lisa lipps smokingI'm a little partial to pics and videos of big breasted smokers, and adult star Lisa Lipps is cleary the best of that narrowly defined part of the niche.

She has her own website, and is obviously an in real life smoker. There are tons of pics of her smoking on and 

The breasts may be fake, but the long thick exhales are definitely real. One time, a few years back, I emailed her about doing a custom smoking fetish video and she replied and said she would, but that she was so busy it would be a while, and it kind of died on the vine there.

But, who knows, maybe some smoking video producer out there could persuade Ms. Lipps to bring her considerable smoking talents to the forefront of a video that focuses primarily on her smoking assets.

May 27, 2006

Memories of a Custom Smoking Video...

busty blonde smokingThe gal on the left once did a custom smoking fetish video for me...I'd say about six or seven years back...

At the time, she had a website up and her "name" was Plenty Topp. I was new to the whole online fetish thing but, figured, what the hell? I wrote her and she agreed to do it and she did...I think it cost me a couple of hundred bucks and was about a half hour long.

She did exactly what I asked and the video turned out real good. I haven't seen it for years, as the ex kept it after the divorce (don't ask), and I'm not sure if Ms. Penty is still on the web or if she has another name, but, when seeing this pic recently at Angel's Smoking Archive, it did bring back a nice memory of a real life smoker who did my first ever custom smoking video.    

April 27, 2006

The Custom Smoking Video

taylor wane smokingSmoking glamour and fetish fans who are in search of smoking models who will do custom videos are familiar with what can be one of the most frustrating, or rewarding, adventures on the 'net.

Speaking from experience, there is a high, high likelihood of getting ripped off, waiting a very long time for your movie, or just being plain disappointed in the quality of the custom video.

On the other hand, when you do get one done that is just what you want, its perfect. I've gotten a few customs over the years, and paid between $200 and $800 for them, depending on length and other factors. Taylor Wane, pictured at left, did perhaps the best custom smoking video ever- of course I'm biased since it was for me-she did exactly what I wanted, the right length plus a little more. Now, it wasn't cheap, but its what I wanted. She is a very good smoker, although she does say she quit smoking years ago and only does it now for customs and pic sets. But, I was pleased. Other smoking webmistresses who I know do custom videos are Smoking Angel, Smoking Rachel, and Coherent Light.   

I'd just use caution when contacting a smoking model/webmistress. Most will only communicate through email, which is understandable and almost all will want a down payment or the full price up front. Again, understandable, but realize once you send your money, that is pretty much it. Try to work out something that is fair for both and try to communicate with her multiple times, just to make sure she is going to remember you once she gets your money. Most of all, make sure that she is able and willing to do the smoking that you specifically want to see.