January 15, 2009

Smoking Girl Frankie From Smoking Heaven

smoking girlAnother gorgeous smoking girl from Smoking Heaven, I believe her name is Frankie, a blonde British beauty who has done some smoking fetish sets previously and has been posted in this blog.


September 02, 2008

Whatever Happended to Angel Eyes?

Angel Eyes used to have a pretty good member website, called Club Angel Eyes, on the 'net some years back and she did do some smoking sets and clips, including a custom smoking fetish movie for yours truly. I don't know what happened to her or if she is still up online somewhere, maybe under a different name. I haven't seen anything new from this big bust model for years. Anyone got the scoop?busty brunette smoking 

June 07, 2008

Match Light Up

Something you see less and less, whether it is on smoking fetish sites or in real life, is a smoking woman lighting up with matches instead of a lighter. I know that there is a distinct sub-group among smoke fetishers that prefer or need the match light up to completely satisfy their compulsion.buxom woman lighting cigarette 

June 04, 2008

Smoking Misc.

Probably the hardest thing in terms of catching a pretty woman smoking in public-aside from the obvious that there are not that many of them because smoking is prohibited in so many places-is the "caught looking" factor, which can be kind of embarrassing. Not only to the fetishists who is trying to see, but also his company, if he has any in the restaurant, bar, know, the "what do you keep looking at her for?" factor. Been there, done that a couple of times.buxom blonde dragging on cigarette

July 19, 2007

Busty Smoking Girl Pic

This is one of the better smoking pics I've seen recently-and believe me, I'm looking. The buxom beauty certainly aids the photographic prowess, of course.busty brunette smoking 


March 14, 2007

I Miss Alyssa Alps

big bust blonde smokingA very nice pic of former webmistress Alyssa Alps, who still has a site that I don't believe she runs anymore.

Alyssa was an in real life smoker who had several pic sets in her member;s area when I was a member.

I tried to convince her to do a custom smoking video for me but she would only do the polaroids.

I don't know if her site as it still is has the old smoking pictures, I really doubt that she has posted new material of any kind in years.

Even when I was a member, there were slow updates and it was obvious she was not doing as much stuff. And that was around '99 or 2000.

Having said that, it was a quality site and her smoking material was very good, especially when you considered that smoking was not her main niche or focus. As you can see, big bust was.

This pic is an old one, but for a webmistress to post an obvious candid pic that is as good as this one is something that I'm glad will be on the internet for years to come.   


March 09, 2007

The Drifting Exhale

Drifting exhales can be extremely erotic, though I know some fans really live for the inhalew. Me, I can get into a seductive drifiting exhale pic like the one that is in this post. No problem.big bust woman smoking

March 07, 2007

Smoking Heaven

busty brunette smokingSmoking Heaven is anothe one of thew British smoking sites that are so prevalent in the SF community.

The model pictured is Vickie Powell, who is apparently a popular adult level model over there.

From the preview clips and pics on the site, its apparent that the producers understand the fetish and the models all seem to be legitimate smokers.

One thing I would note is that the site does not seem to update as often as others, I go there regularly to see what is new on the home/preview page. I've never joined, but would consider it and probably will some day just to get a front row look. You know, you just can't join all of these sites at the same time.

According to Alexa, its very well trafficked, so you have to think that the quality of the content is as good as it seems to be. One day soon,  I'll be able to give you a first hand account.    

February 25, 2007

Bobbi Billard Smoking

busty blonde smoking










Bobbi Billard is a well known fitness model and webmistress who definitely has an appreciation of the allure of the smoking fetish, which I gather from the couple of clips I've seen on her site as well as some of the pics like these I have seen on the 'net. For me, gals like this who you wouldn't necessarily think of as smokers. That just adds to it for me, anyway.busty blonde smoking 

February 14, 2007

Thick Stogie versus Thin Stogie

Suprisingly, a high number of smoking fans who like to see the models smoking cigars really don't like seeing women smoke the type of cigars they are most likely to smoke in real life...Smoking Rachel tells me that the biggest request she gets for her cigar pics and videos is a model who will smoke the big, thick stogies as opposed to the smaller, "girlie" cigars that almost all cigar smoking models smoke. Oh well, just one of those things, I guess, we are more likely to want what we are less likely to see.busty blonde woman smoking cigar

February 10, 2007

Ashley Renee...

busty woman smokingis mainly a bondage model, from what I understand and her website does not feature any smoking content, but this is definitely her in this set.

I also know she did some adult videos at some point, but would be interesting to know if this pic is from one of them.

Most times adult vids or videos with a different theme that might feaure smoking don't really do it justice, at least not to the extent that those of us in the "smoking fetish" community would like to see. So, when I see a pic of a model known for something other than smoking, it makes it even more likely that I have to post it on this blog.  

January 26, 2007

I Thiught This Was Jenna Jameson...

big bust blonde smokingwhen I first saw this pic and its always good to have a pic of the in real life smoking babe who is probably the most famous pornstar of all time.

But, now I'm not so sure, it could be some other porn gal. You know, a "Jenna wannabee" or something.

Even if no one is sure who she is, she is definitely a porn girl. That get up could only be worn by a pornstar, dragging on her cigarette before heading into some pornstar convention in Vegas.

For those of you who may keep up with the pornstars, you probably know that more of them smoke than the general population. I don't know if its just because they are entertainers-who tend to smoke more-or if the whole connection between smoking and sex is just more evident with babes who have sex for a living.

Anyway, back to the point, is this Jenna? Maybe, but I'm not betting on it. On the other hand, with a sexy smoking pic like this one, does it really matter?   

January 13, 2007

Smoking in the Bikini

is a very alluring look and you don't see as much of it on SF sites as you would like, but whenever there is a pic set or video of a bikini smoking model, I'm there.  

girl in bikini smoking

January 11, 2007

Shannon Kelly Smokes

She is not a smoking model, but has her own site that is real popular from what I understand. Its not a smoking fetish site only, she is a fitness babe who is into wrestling and various other things, but she has done some smoking fetish work for smoke signals before and I remember Rachel telling me a while back that she talked to Shannon about doing a shoot, but i don't know whatever happened with that...the point is that you might just see her pop up on an SF site more in the near future.  

redhead exhaling smoke

January 09, 2007

What is the most important thing...

to the average smoking fan, I wonder? I ask only because Rachel recently told me that a long time member expressed some dissatisfaction that all of her cigar models did not inhale all of the time. For fans of SF sites or smoking pics, videos in general, is it something like this, e.g., inhaling cigars, smoking a certain type of cigar/cigarette, or the way the model looks? Or is it the setting or the presence/absence of dialogue? Or is it maybe some sort of a sliding if the model looks a certain way, it does not matter how she is smoking or if she smokes a certain way, it doesn't matter how she looks. I'd love to hear some comments on this...if you feel like it.  

big bust blonde smoking

January 04, 2007

Smoking Angel...

Smoking Angel is one of the preeminent figures on the net in the SF community, if not the preeminent single model. Her site has an incredible amount of DVDs featuring her in every manner of sub-fetish, particularly using costumes, such as the French Maid attire that is in this pic. I have commented before on the slow disapperance of the "single girl" sites, but Angel looks to be here to stay, though she does have some newer productions with additional models. I can tell you that my pal Rachel has had communications in the past with Angel and she seems to be a very nice and open person who is extremely dedicated to giving her fans what they want in this fetish.     

woman smoking in french maid costume

October 31, 2006

Devon Smokes...

Devon is a fairly well known adult star, who also has some very sultry smoking pics like this one that really captures a deep drag, she had her own website, but I never joined and I'm not sure its still up and running. So. I would not know how much smoking related material would be on it. But, some pics like this will probably be more than enough for most smoking fans.    

devon smoking