September 01, 2008

Minka Smokes

busty asian smokingBig Bust Internet webmistress Minka is the epitome of a big busted smoker, in fact, I know for a fact that she is an in real life smoker who has a couple of smoking fetish DVDs on sale at her website. Not the greatest I've seen, but not bad either, specifically if you like your smoking women to be...uhh...buxom.


August 27, 2008

Mary Carey Smokes

Mary Carey is a famous internet webmistress and adult movie actress who made quite a name for herself a few years back by running for Governor of California (for those of you who don't follow politics...she didn't win). She has also done at least one smoking fetish movie I'm aware of, called, creatively enough, Smoking, produced by one of the commercial adult companies. It was o.k., the director was clearly not a smoking fetishist, but Mary was the best of the smoking girls and obviously in real life.mary carey smoking

December 23, 2006

Smoking Model in Costume

I've always liked those sites and/or smoking models that do pics or clips in costumes, though you don't see it a whole bunch. Smoking Angel has done the most that I've seen, now completely on clips4sale. The nurse theme is probably the most popular, since it takes card of a couple of things that a smoking fan might be "jonesing" after. I like the whole thing of a model smoking in a scenario where you would not expect a smoker, and a nurse certainly fits that bill. I got this pic from the Southern Style site, but I think it might have been originally produced by Noemie.

woman smokinag in nurse costume

December 08, 2006

New Model at Smoking Rachel..

busty girl smoking cigarand her name is Amanda Lyn. Rachel tells me that Amanda is a super funny and nice woman who does stand up improv comedy, smokes cigars, and has never even tried cigarettes.

So, for all of you cigar aficianados out there, who like it pure, so to speak, you might have to check out Rachel's VIP Room next month when Amanda Lyn is added. 

December 07, 2006

Alyssa Alps...

big bust women smoking alyssa alpssmokes, of course, and is a close second to my all time favorite smoking model, Sarenna Lee. Alyssa was a popular big bust model over the last 10 years or so, and there is still an Alyssa Alps site online, but to be honest, I don't think it is still regularly updated and I would not be surprised if Alyssa does not run it herself day to day anymore.

Alyssa has a ton of smoking pics availiable on smoking celebs, which is where this blog pic comes from.

I was a member of her site years ago and there were some smoking sets then, so I'm sure that they are still there. I wish Alyssa would have done more, but I'm happy with the memories of what she did do that is readily available on the 'net.

December 04, 2006

Face Blowing...

two women smoking smoke in the faceis one of those dark side or edge aspects of the smoking fetish. I have said before that I am not as into that part of the fetish as others, but at times it does work for me, like this pic from our friends at Colight.

If I'm not mistaken, the two models pictured are Nadjia and Keenan, two of the most, if not the most, photographed models from that site as well as the most popular.

I like how the pic captures the thick stream of exhales, as Colight always does, plus the holder action adds to it as well.

I wish more smoking fetish producers would use the understated sexual angle like its used in this pic, leaves much more to the imagination.     

November 14, 2006

Good Wafting PIc from Smoke-City...

I can't honestly say that I've ever been a huge fan of Smoke City, a porn site pretending to be a smoking site, in my opinion, but this is one of the better wafting pics I've seen in a while,,,

big bust woman smoking

October 16, 2006

Smoking Hot sultry, wet look

This is an older smoking pic, one that I've seen a bunch of times on places like Angel's Smoking Fetish Archive a lot of times, and to me you can't beat if for capturing the essence of the sultry smoking look. Nice exhale pic, beautiful model, wet hair look that really adds to sensual look. I wish I knew who this model is or where the pic came from, drop me a line if anyone out there knows...if not, well, just enjoy the pic...I know I have.


girl smoking in bathtub 


October 13, 2006

Skye Blue Smokes...

skye blue smoking
Skye Blue is a very well known adult actress and webmistress who actually appeared in the movie "Boogie Nights" and is obviously a fitness buff. But, she is into fetish work as well and this small pic is the only one I have ever seen of her smoking...I would not hold out much hope that she is in real life, but at least we know that she is open to least she was one time which may be enough for some of her fans. 

September 05, 2006

Megan Smoking with a Holder

big bust woman smoking with holderThis is another pic  of my all time favorite smoking model, Megan, from Colight. and the first one that I have seen of her smoking with a holder. I am not normally a big holder guy, I don't know, they seem a little too aristocratic for me. But, when Megan is using one and following it up with one of her vcusotmarily awesomely thick exhales, you can't go wrong with that, its definitely a good thing.

September 03, 2006

Big Breast Smokers: Alyssa Alps

big bust woman smokingThis pic is of Alyssa Alps, a big bust model who has been on the internet for years, though her site does not seem to be updated regularly anymore. I was a member and there were quite a few smoking pictures and sets in her members area, one of which I have used to decorate this blog.

She didn't do much video, but she did do custom polaroids and may still do so, and one of the things she said on her site that she was willing to do, of course, was smoking content. In fact, she once agreed to do a set of smoking pics for me, but I never got around to the all important order, plus I was more into getting custom video work done.

Alyssa is an in real life smoker, with no intention of quitting, or at least that was the case the last time I checked on her FAQS page in the member's area. It was a nice site, with a nice amount of smoking material considering that was not the main focus of the site, which was Alyssa and her well endowed friends playing solo and with each other.

You can find dozens of Alyssa Alps smoking pics at smoking celebs, and not just posing, either, but some very good french inhales and other candid type shots.   

August 25, 2006

Big Breast Smokers: The Busty Domme

big boob woman smoking in leatherThe shot from below the smoking model, especially if it is a "domme" scenario is one of my favorite types of smoking fetish oriented shots...emphasizing the presence and the dominance of the smoker, making the whole "domme" thing a little more realistic.

My admiration of big bust smokers is no secret for anyone who has read this blog previously, and the whole domination thing goes real nicely with a goiod sized bust, don't you think.

Some real good examples of high quality big bust smokers are Sarenna Lee, whose pics can be found on this blog and Angels Smoking ArchiveLisa Lipps, and, most of all, Mistress Betka Schpitz , who has a gallery dedicated to her on the main site.

When it comes to what makes a good busty domme, the prominence of the bust is very important, of course, but again, for those of us in the smoking fan community, there needs to be some serious emphasis on the smoking, preferably with smoke either curling out of her mouth or a thick stream being exhaled. Some of you like the whole "human ashtray" thing with either a male or female being dominated. Me, I don't need that, but thats just me. If the busty domme is just holding, like in this post's pic, then the camera angle and all of that is a big factor, like I said in here.  But, the bustier the smoker, the better, as a general rule of thumb.   

August 09, 2006

See this often on the Smoke Break?

big bust blonde smokingNow, I don't know where you work or what the rules are on smoking in the workplace, but I'm sure most of you wouldn't mind having a coworker like this who smokes up a storm in the designated areas. I know I wouldn't.

May 26, 2006

Big Breasted Smokers...

big boob smoker

Sarenna Lee was one of the more popular big bust models of the 90's and several of her pic sets contained pictures of  her smoking.

She obviously was an in real life smoker who has a good number of pics you can see at smoking celebrities

I'll keep posting pics of noted big bust smokers, or even anonymous ones. I'm partial to exhale pics, come to think of it, I'm partial to seeing exhales in real life as well!

Let me know if you see or have any good big bust smoking pics you would like to see posted on this blog. You can email me here.   

May 09, 2006

Big Bust Smokers....

alyssa alps smoking

I've blogged before about big breasted smokers, and its just a fascination of mine within the whole smoking fetish. Of course, attraction to women with large busts goes throughout our culture, so to me, its not surprising that many of us smoking fans really like to see our smoking models with substantial assets up top.

To me, it does not matter whether or not the endowment is natural or store-bought. And,I'm not just talking about webmistresses or Penthouse centerfolds, the in real life busty girls do it for me as well...I have a great memory of being in a bar/restaurant in Georgia, and seeing a busty women inhaling deeply on her cigarette as she sat at the bar...the combination of her smoking so well and being large chested was almost enough for me to forget about my dinner. Seeing her chest heave ever so slightly while she inhaled...well, you guys know how it goes.

The model who is pictured above is Alyssa Alps, who has a website and has been on the net for years. Although I do not know of any smoking videos that she has done (and I know for a fact that some Smoking Fetish producers have tried to recruit her), she does have a lot of smoking pictures floating around on the 'net, especially at smoking celebrities. They are pretty good as it is very obvious that she is an in real life smoker and does a pretty fair french inhale.