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October 31, 2009

Debra Messing Smokes

Sultry TV star Debra Messing smokes, and her she is doing a Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct turn in this pic.smoking models

Nice Set Up By Smokingsweeties.com

I know this is a staged pic with this exhaling smoking model, but it really caught my eye as the type of in real life smoking sightings that every smoking fetish fan has encountered and some prefer.

smoking models

October 30, 2009

Jessica Smoking Two

Buxom smoking model and webmistress Jessica also has rocked the two cigarettes at one time thing, which is something that I have always liked if its done in a sexy way, like this pic, not with the smoking girl jamming a bunch of cigarettes into her mouth for one second like some side show deal.  

smoking models


Wind Swept Smoke

smoking model

The flower in the hair of this exotic looking smoking girl is a nice touch, and I also like the wind swept effect of her exhale, so we know this was an outdoor shot.  

Nice Twin Jet Nostril

Well, we know the smoking models we see online are of age, regardless of "role played", but I will say the folks at random snaps do the naughty school girl fantasy thing quite a bit. Most of us probably didn't see this kind of nostril exhale from our smoking girl classmates, though.

smoking models

October 29, 2009

In Real Life Model Exhale

Nothing special, but still a very nice exhale from this smoking model, another quality production from in real life.

smoking models

More From Jessica

smoking model

More from well known smoking model Jessica, this time with a seriously intense nostril exhale, which you won't see from just any smoking girl.

Nostril Exhales From The Side

The tried and true when it comes to shooting nostril exhales from smoking girls is the profile view and that will always be the easiest way for smoking fetish producers to capture it. 

smoking model

Smoking Fetish With Audio

Notice the yellow ball on the strap of this smoking model? Coherent Light was one of the first to put mikes on its smoking girls to pick up the natural sounds some smoking fetish fans like to hear when watching smoking clips

smokign model

Two Smoking Girls On The Street

smoking models

When you see a pic or clip with two smoking girls, it would be awesome if they were both exhaling at the same time, but you can't always get that lucky. In this case, the thick upwards exhale of the smoking model on the right makes up a little for the fact that her friend is not exhaling.

October 28, 2009

Now, That's The Way To Shoot A Nostril Exhale!

smoking modelsA jet stream nostril exhale from this smoking model, I love it!

Smoking Model Jessica OMI

This is Jessica from 1000 cigarettes doing one of her trademark incrediblythick open mouth inhales, smoething she does as well or better than any smoking model on the 'net.

smoking models

Exhaling Out The Match

smoking models

Some smoking fetish fans are partial to match lightups. We can always count on our pals at randomsnaps to provide a high quality pic, here its an ultra thick exhale from the smoking girl putting out her match after lightup.


smoking modelsI really like those pics where the smoke the smoking model releases from her mouth stays thick and close to her face-"tight" as I call it-because its easy to envision it being inhaled back up into her nostrils.  


October 27, 2009

Kate Bosworth Smokes


smoking models 

Visual proof that the star of Superman Returns, Kate Bosworth, smokes and looks pretty good doing it.

Curly Blonde Exhale

smoking modelsI think this well lit exhale picture is one of the always thick exhaling smoking models from specialized videos. 


Bikini & Thigh High Boots Exhale

Nice, thick exhale from this smoking model all dolled up in her fetish best from randomsnaps.

smoking models

October 26, 2009

Dual Lightup From Smoking Sweeties

Something you don't see very often, a multiple lightup picture from this smoking model.

smoking models

Exhale In The Window

Yet another high quality capture of an exhaling smoking model from our friends across the pond at smoking sweeties

smoking models


Cigar Smoking Model In Leather

smoking model

Another closeup picture of smoking model Shelby, in a leather jacket clad smoking clip she did for smokingrachel.com a while back.

October 25, 2009

Sexy Smoke In The Face

smoking girls

This a very sexy smoke swap between these two frisky smoking models.

October 24, 2009

Nice Combo Exhale

A pretty nice capture of this smoking girl doing a combo nostril/mouth exhale, which is harder to do from the front.

smoking pics

October 23, 2009

Buxom Smoking Model From The Front

Another picture of this smoking model, who I've blogged about before, but this front view exhale pic shows off her bosom in addtion to her smoking prowess. I didn't think you guys would mind. 

smoking models

Smoking Sweeties Model Combo Exhale

This blonde beauty is a smoking model from the website smoking sweeties, which I'm going to be checking out more and more often, I can assure you. 

smoking models

Exhaling In The Mirror

I like it when smoking fetish producers shoot pics, or even clips, in the mirror so we're actually seeing the reflection and know that is what we're seeing of the smoking model.

smoking models

October 22, 2009

Busty Smoking Model From IRL

This buxom blonde smoking model has done a few clips for the smoking fetish producer in real life

smoking model

Penny Flame Thick Exhale

smoking modelI believe this pic is from Bob's Videos and the smoking model is adult film star Penny Flame, but I'm not one hundred percent sure of that. 

Smoking Model From Quebec Smoke?

smoking modelI believe this small, but good quality smoking picture of the model exhaling upwards is from the smoking site Quebecsmoke, but I could be wrong. 

Supberb Exhale Lighting

When it comes to the narrow category of lighting exhales, no smoking fetish producer did it/does it better than Coherent Light.

smoking girls


October 21, 2009

Nice Nostril Exhale From The Distance

smoking models

I would like a little bit closer point of view for this angle, but this is more than enough to satisfy me that this smoking model is producing a very thick and high qualitry nostril exhale.

Tried & True Set Up

There is nothing magical about, any serious smoking fetish fan has seen it many, many times, but it always works. Smoking model sitting in front of a dark background and smoking with good back lighting. Works every time.

smoking girls

Nostril Exhaling In Profile

smoking girls 

This easiest way to capture the mot difficult shot in smoking fetish-the high quality nostril exhale-is to have the smoking girl in profile to the camera, which is just what in real life did for this picture, it works so well you have to wonder why we don't see a lot more of it.   

October 20, 2009

Nostril Exhale From Specialized Videos

smoking girlsA nostril exhale from a smoking model for Specialized Videos, one of the best smoking fetish producers out there when it comes to showing off exhales from smoking girls that are very well lit.


Sexy French Inhale

Nothing we haven't seen before, but this is a nice, sexy, french inhale from this blonde smoking model. 

smoking girls 

October 19, 2009

Casual, But Just Fine

smoking models

You don't always need a fashion model looking smoking girl decked out in provacative fetish wear to have a quality smoking pic. Sometimes, a pretty smoking model dressed casually and exhaling thick streams of smoke will do just fine.

October 18, 2009

Jessica: Thick OMI

Very popular and prolific Canadian smoking model Jessica, who has been a productive mainstay on the 'net for years. She might produce the most consistently thick exhales of any smoking girl you've seen. 

smoking girls

Super Thick Smoke Ring

Now, this is one serious, thick smoke ring. I know I've posted pics of this smoking model before, but she really outdid herself this time.

smoking models

October 17, 2009

Yet Another Nostril Exhale

smoking girlsIts the hardest thing to capture for a smoking fetish producer is a quality, thick nostril exhale. So, any time its done well its going to be recognized in this blog.


Grainy, But Thick Exhale

Kind of grainy, but still a very good exhale pic. I'm just very partial to thick exhales where you can see the smoke stream at its thickest from the mouth of the smoking girl.

smoking girls

Blonde Cigar Babe From The Side

smoking girls

Nice view from the side of this cigar smoking girl, the way the smoke is curling upwards, you might even believe she is doing a french inhale off a drag, but it is probably just serious puffing. That's the thing about  smoking pictures, though, they let you dream a little.

October 16, 2009

French Inhale In Color

smoking girls

Very sultry, thick french inhale from this smoking girl. By the way, why don't we see more women of color in pictures and smoking clips? What we see now for the most part is certainly fantastic, but more diversity-if that is the word-would be just as fantastic.

Redhead Cigar Model Shelby

Shelby is well known to many who have seen her work online from smokingrachel or at her clip store at dreamflixx, she is one of the more prolific cigar smoking models in the genre. 

smoking girls

October 15, 2009

More Katherine Heigl Smoking...

As you know from this blog, Katherine Heigl of Grey's Anatomy smokes, this pic captures a prett thick exhale outdoors.

smoking girl

Outdoor Smoking Scene

The thing about smoking fetish producers shooting content outdoors is that you will often see of the best possible lighting because the natural, when it hits the smoking girl and her exhale just right, illuminates things much better than most artificial light.smoking girl

Small Pic, Thick Exhale

smoking girlsThis picture of the smoking girl's voluminous exhale is a little smaller than Ii think we'd like, but when you get a huge exhale like that, its going on this blog. 

October 14, 2009

Thick Exhale From Specialized

Yet, another in the long line of high quality smoking model exhale pictures produced by Specialized Videos.

smoking girls 

One Of My Favorites

smoking girls 

This one of my favorite smoking fetish pictures of the thousands I've seen all over the 'net. 


October 13, 2009

More Diane Lane Smoking

diane lane smokingNot the greatest quality pic because its a vidcap, but just further photographic evidence of Diane Lane smoking.

Sultry OMI Modern Noir Look

smoking girlsThis smoking girl i posing in kind of the classic noir era; pinup girl type of pose. With the long hair that will also satisfy the hair fetish guy brushed around part of her face like Veronica Lake, its a film noir smoking babe in modern color.

October 12, 2009

French Inhale Eye Patch

This french inhale is so thick and voluminous it blocks out the eye of the smoking model who is producing it.  

smoking girl

Diane Lane Smokes

diane lane smokingDiane Lane is one of the more classically sultry actresses, in my opinon, and this small lightup pictures shows she is sexy while smoking, too. 


October 10, 2009

Intense Nostril Exhales

smoking girls

In spite of the bow in the head and the prototypical 'school girl' outfit, this smoking model is producing some wicked intense and defined nostril exhales.

Neve Campbell Smokes

Neve Campbell smokes. Here, she is handsfree dragging on the lightup.

neve campbell smoking

More From Below...


Another of the list of 'from below wafting exhale' pictures that seem to be making it into this smoking fetish blog with more frequency. 

Wafting In Latex

smoking girls

The latex look for the smoking model as "female dominant" never gets old and nevr gets overused in smoking fetish clips and pics. 

Black & White French From Below

smoking girlsThere is always room on this smoking fetish blog for another good black & white capture of a smoking girl in the middle of a french inhale. 


October 09, 2009

More Thora Birch Smoking

smoking girl 

Another picture of actress Thora Birch smoking, in this pic I found at smokingcelebs.com. Its not the greatest picture in terms of quality, but it does show her doing a more than adequate combo nostril/mouth exhale. 

October 08, 2009

Another Closeup Of An OMI

It just seems like I'm on a run of these close up pictures of smoking models captured in the middle of open mouth inhales.

smoking girls 

October 07, 2009

French Inhale In Black & White

smoking girls

Kind of a classic pose, almost like the photog wanted a smoking portrait of this model.

Unique Lighting Of The Exhale

smoking girlsThe smoking model is almost completely covered in shadows, but I think it helps set off the wel lit exhale even more, which is why I wanted to place this pic on the blog.


October 06, 2009

Black & White Open Mouth Inhale

smoking girls

Yet another very good closeup picture of a smoking girl in black in white doing a very attractive open mouth inhale.

Thora Birch Smokes

This seems to be a very interesting young actress who has some real talent, but for our purposes here, the only important thing to note is that this picture proves that Thora Birch smokes. Found it on the awesome smoking fetish website smokingcelebs.com

smoking girl

Combo Nostril/Mouth Exhale In Black & White

smoking girls 

Very nice combo nostril/mouth exhale of this smoking girl while she is on her back. I just like it when smoking fetish producers do things that are a little different with their scenes, and this one is in black & white to boot.  

October 05, 2009

Carla Gugino Smoking

A decent vidcap of sultry smoking actress Carla Gugino smoking in a scene with her gal pal.smoking girl

Muscular Smoking Babe

smoking girlA pretty good picture of something that you don't see very much: an athletic muscle girl smoking.

October 04, 2009

Real Closeup In Black & White

I like the closeup shot of this smoking babe, as she does the lazy, sexy exhale. 

smoking girl

Wind Swept Exhale

smoking girls

I know most smoking fetish fans probably like their smoking pictures to capture the straight, thick exhale of a smoking girl, but this picture proves that, like natural light, natural wind sweeping away the exhale can work well.

October 03, 2009

Black & White Exhale Picture From Behind

You always like to see interesting angles in smoking fetish pictures, as well as smoking girls pictured in black and white, so this photo certainly captures both.

smoking girl 

Soft Exhale In Black & White

Nice, sultry, sexy pose by a smoking model for a non-smoking fetish producer that is the epitome of what I like to call a soft exhale, plus its in black & white. 

smoking girl

October 02, 2009

Interesting Angle For A Wafting Exhale

smoking girlI really kind of liked the downward angle of this wafting exhale and the angle of that this smoking girl is being photographed. Really makes it just that much more seductive.

Sexy Exhale Over The Pool Table

Hot smoking babe doing a thick, sexy exhale while leaning over the pool table, you have to like it.  

smoking girls

October 01, 2009

Sexy, Sexy Exhale

This one heck of a sexy exhale picture from this smoking model, don't you think?smoking girl


PG Two Smoking Girl Picture

This is a pretty nice pose for two girls smoking by the producer, a lot of times we like our pics and clips with two smoking models to be "naughtier", but sometimes cute, innocent, yet sultry will do just fine thank you.

smoking girls