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August 25, 2009

French Inhale In Latex

Very good closeup picture of a latex wearing smoking model doing a pretty serous french inhale.

smoking girl

August 23, 2009

Classic Exhale In Black & White

smoking girl 

This photographer definitely has the smoking fetish and portrays it beautifully, in my opinion. you'll see more smoking pictures on this blog credited to E.J. Holmes, trust me.

August 20, 2009

Two Smoking Models From Random Snaps

These two blonde smoking beauties are also from Randomsnaps, but only one is pictured while exhaling so it can't qualify on this blog as a two girl smoking picture.

smoking girl 

August 16, 2009

Titania Smoking Cigars

smoking girl

Cigar smoking model Titania here in the middle of one of her trademark thick exhales from a smoking clip I saw a couple of years ago.

August 14, 2009

Closeup of Mary Carey Smoking

A little fuzzy, but still a pretty good pic of pornstar, B-movie Queen, and former California gubenatorial candidate Mary Carey doing an open mouth inhale. Just a thought: if Mary had won the governor's race, do you think Cali would still have some of the strictest non-smoking laws in the country?

mary carey smoking 

August 12, 2009

Hot Girls Smoking In The Bathtub

Now, this is q very hot pic of the two smoking models together in the bathtub. I know only one of them is captured while actually smoking, her french inhale is so good it more than makes up for the fact that the other smoking model is just posing here. 

smoking girls 

August 11, 2009

Thick, thick open mouth inhale

Yet another very good french.open mouth inhale picture of an obviously in real life smoking girl.

smoking girl 

August 09, 2009

Garish Open Mouth Inhale

open mouth inhaleI'm not too crazy about the wardrobe of this particular smoking model,  but I like the serious capture of the open mouth exhale.


August 02, 2009

London Andrews Smoking

smoking girl

Another picture of London Andrews smoking two cigarettes at one time, this time with her beautiful brown hair down in a smoking clip that was produced last year and is available online.