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March 31, 2009

Elegant Cigar Smoking Model

This one elegant cigar smoking girl, I think it is a neat theme when photographers or smoking video producers have a girl dressed elegantly smoking her cigar, since it kind of goes against how most of us would picture a cigar smoking girl.

smoking girl

Porn Smoking Girl

smoking girls

This was about as PG-13 a smoking pic as I could find on this porn site, where I will go occassionally in search of new smoking models I haven't posted before (just doing the job, guys).  

Exhale With Authority

Now, can this smoking model exhale with authority or what? Of course, it could be the military looking uniform. 

smoking girls

Tough Smoking Babe?

This is another one of those cigarette clenched between the teeth of the smoking girl pictures I've found recently that is pretty good and therefore makes it onto this blog.

smoking girls

March 29, 2009

Small Picture of Cigar Smoking Babe

smoking girlAnother small, but really high quality smoking picture of a smoking girl exhaling for you guys.

Small Pic, High Quality Smoking Girl

smoking girlWe've all heard the phrase "short and sweet", well this black & white picture of a sultry looking smoking model should be thought of as "small and sweet". 


Smoking Girl Wafting Up Towards The Sky

smoking girls

Well, its obviously an indoor picture, so maybe the "towards the sky" thing doesn't fit completely, but I really did love the pose the photog did with this smoking girl, very intense, very erotic, very "smoking fetish".

Wafting With A Fedora

smoking girls

These professional photogs who may, or may not, be smoking fetishists, sure can do an awesome job of really capturing some seriously intense smoking pictures, whether they intend to or not.

March 28, 2009

Shotgunning Part Deux

The natural follow up to the previous smoking picture I posted of these two smoking models, when they were shotgunning with each other, you knew inevitably it would lead to smoke swapping.

smoking girls

Smoking Girls Shotgunning

At least, I think that "shotgunning" is the phrase some smoking fetishists use for a situation in which one smoking girl feeds the cigarette to another smoking model.

smoking girls

March 27, 2009

Another Extreme Closeup

smoking girlProbably the most intense closeup of a smoking model wafting her exhale of all the closeup smoking pictures I've posted recently. 

Smoking Girl, Cigarette Between Her Teeth

smoking girlAgain, not a huge fan of pictures that only show the smoking model with the cigarette clenched between her teeth, but I am open minded and do make exceptions, which is what I did with this smoking girl in this black & white picture.


Two Smoking Babes

smoking girls

About the only thing hotter than a smoking picture or video of one beautiful smoking woman is two smoking women.

Latex Wearing Smoking Girl

More good work from the excellent smoking fetish producers at Random Snaps, you can always count on a good effect when you have a smoking girl doing an open mouth inhale while wearing latex.

smoking girls

March 26, 2009

Black & White Smoking Picture

smoking girls

This is just another in the long line of quality black and white smoking pictures that I've posted on this blog, the smoking girl's sexy wafting exhale off of her cigar would look good in color, too, don't get me wrong.  

Extrem Coseup Of Smoking Model's Mouth

If you like "parts modeling" and you are  a smoking fetishist, it will not get much hotter than this clear and extreme closeup of a wafting exhale from the smoking girl's mouth. Hot.

smoking girls 

Erotic Cigarette Clenching

smoking girls

It really takes something for me to take notice of a smoking picture without an exhale, usually it has to be be an inhale pic, particularly if its a female smoking celebrity-you have to post those, there are so few celebrity smoking pics-but this angry but sexy smoking model clenching her cigarette between her teeth makes the grade.

March 25, 2009

Non-Smoking Smoking Model

girl smokingI found this picture on a model portfolio site under the smoking model's caption, "I don't really smoke". O.k., could have fooled me.

Smoke Covers The Eye

smoking girlA pretty erotic black & white smoking picture, in my opinion. Not being able to see the right eye clearly because of the wafting smoke is the key.

One Hot Cigar Smoking Girl

smoking girls

Exotic, sultry, inviting, and just plain hot...that is how I would describe this cigar smoking model. Do you agree?

Exotic Looking Exhale

Even if you don't normally go for the heavily painted face look, like me, I think you have to agree with me that this smoking girl looks very hot with tons of paint on her face and that sexy little exhale. 

smoking girls

March 24, 2009

Open Mouth Inhale With Holder

smoking modelFor those smoking fetish guys who really like the whole classic, film noir look, this smoking model pretty much has it all with the look and the elegant holder. The sultry open mouth inhale helps, too.

Good Smoking Girl Collage

I like it when producers/photographers give us sequential collages of smoking models, especially when the exhales is caputred like the wafting exhale of this smoking girl.

smoking girls

Not As Good As It Could Have Been

Very sultry, very seductive, only wish this picture of the smoking model had a more visible and thicker exhale.

smoking girls

Implied Nude Smoking Pose

I recently posted another one of these intentionally grainy but very sultry implied nude smoking pictures, not sure its the same smoking model, but its definitely the same photographer. 

smoking girls

March 23, 2009

Sexy Handsfree Exhale

smoking girls

I really loved this smoking picture, really good implication here plus I like the handsfree exhale from this smoking model.

Three Smoking Models Draggin' Handsfree

I know that some of you guys are thinking "...well, I don't know know if their hands are really free..." but that is not the focus of this particular PG-13 smoking fetish blog. We focus on these three smoking models, whose pics I've posted many times before, and the fact that they are dragging handsfree and it would make for an even more awesome smoking fetish clip if there was a clip. That's it, nothing else...get your minds out of the gutter, guys. 

smoking girls

Cigar Smoking Babe With Dreamy Eyes

I like the pin striped fedora effect on this smoking babe, but I think it was her eyes along with the thick and wicked wafting of the cigar smoke that stole my heart. 

smoking girls

Smoking Girl In Uniform

woman exhaling smokeDon't you love it when a smoking woman shows a "take charge attitude", especially when she exhales? Me too.

March 22, 2009

Smokeswap With An Edge

Sometimes when you see a picture of two smoking women swapping their smoke, its in a totally sensual pose, but sometimes-and I'm not complaining-its with a little more of an edge, where you get the feeling one smoking girl is dominant over the other. 

smoking girls

Three Together On A Smoke

smoking models 

Our three smoking models who've given us several pics that made onto this smoking fetish blog might remind the smoking fan who is also a classic movie buff of the old Bette Davis movie Three on A Match, which featured a couple of scenes of three girlfriends lighting their cigarettes on one match before catching up on the happenings in each of their lives.

March 21, 2009

Delicate Smoke Rings

smoking girls

One thing that you could always count on from the old Smokevision-and now Models Up Close-is to have the smoking models produce voluminous smoke rings that were always well filmed or photographed. Whatever the other gripes about the site-some legitimate, IMO, you cannot argue with the quality of smoke rings pictures and videos they produce.

Neat Open Mouth Inhale

Can't say I'm too crazy, or even crazy at all about this smoking girl's hairdo, but the open mouth inhale is first class all the way, so lets welcome her to the most read (shout out to BOTH you guys!!!) smoking fetish blog on the 'net. 

smoking girls

Sultry Busty Smoking Girl

smoking girls

Some smoking models, like this one, just have the knack of giving the camera that perfect, sultry, inviting look at the same time they are doing something like a slow, sensual wafting exhale. 

March 20, 2009

Smoking Model With The Afterglow Look

smoking girls

I think this picture is intentionally grainy and, for me anyway, it works well with the "afterglow" look of the smoking model and her sexy wafting exhale.

Candid Cigar Smoking Girl?

I think those of us who are in the habit of scouring the internet for pictures of beautiful women smoking or smoking fetish videos are too "sophisticated" to think the picture of this ebony cigar smoking babe is in real life or candid, but when I first saw it, it did make me think of the possibilities of hanging out in the right places/bars if you  are in one of those areas where spotting a smoking girl in public is still a regularity. 

smoking girls

Cigar Smoking Model Back Again

cigar smoking girlThis is the companion picture of a model doing an implied nude pose while smoking a cigar. Very commercial...not bad, but us hardcore fetishists usually need a little more to make our day...right? 


March 19, 2009

Busty Smoking Nurse...Again

The old familiar fetish idea of putting the smoking model in a sexy latex nurse costume never gets old, which is why it is a staple of fetish themed erotica from way, way back.

smoking girls

Happy Cigar Smoking Girl

girl smoking cigarWe see this imagery a whole lot in the publications that will show pictures of women smoking, especially if they want it to be a little on the mainstream side, the cigar smoking girl with a huge smile on her face about to puff (she will really smoke, won't she?) the big stogie. Seen it before, we'll see it again. Doesn't mean its not pretty good, though.

Noir Era Smoking Picture

Kind of a classic film noir era smoking picture, with the smoking girl wearing her tophat and, of course, the elegant holder that so many fetishists, not counting the author of this blog, really like. Enjoy.

smoking girls

Black & White Smoking PIc Redux

smoking girlYou can almost never go wrong with a sultry looking smoking model posing in a black and white picture. Some are better than others, but they're always good to some degree.

March 18, 2009

Model Who Is Smoking

Another one of those very erotic, posed, but high quality pictures of a model who happens to be smoking, as opposed to a true smoking fetish model.

smoking girls

Classic Smoking Picture

Found this classic posed smoking picture of one Esther Ralston, who was a smoking celebrity back in the day...I have to admit that, unlike legends like Bette Davis or Joan Crawford, I know absolutely nothing about her.  

smoking girls

Smoking Girl & So Much More

smoking girlI really like all the things this smoking model's picture says, the whole bondage thing, smoking fetish of course, and all other kinds of good stuff. I hope those of you who really hold this smoking fetish blog to its PG 13 standards will let this raunchy one go.   

Smoking Fetish Artist

This smoking picture is one in the large fetish portfolio of EJ Holmes who is excellent at what he does, as you can see. I found this picture in his online portfolio of of model site, and he has many others...maybe there really is an art to this smoking fetish thing after all. 

smoking girls

March 17, 2009

Two Smoking Girls In Lingerie

smoking girls

A very sensual concept here of two smoking women in lingerie.

Smoking Bunny

Don't let the bunny rabbitt ears fool 'ya, this brunette smoking model comes to you from the good smoking fetish producers across the pond at Random Snaps, not Playboy. 

brunette girl exhaling smoke

Super Closeup Smoke Swapping

The epitome of a closeup smoke swapping picture bewtween two smoking models. I know we can't see their faces but, this time, I'm willing to make an exception. I like it.girls sharing smoke

Sexy, Sultry, Smoking...

Now, this smoking model is really sultry, doing her sexy wafting thing while posing in an implied nude pose, and, of course, there is no need to go on once again about how neat black & white smoking pictures are.   

smoking girls

March 15, 2009

Yes, We Still Love The Nostril Exhale

Just when you thought your faithful smoking fetish blogger had forgotten about the beauty of the well shot nostril exhale, he posts a nice pic of a smoking girl demonstrating her sultry exhale through her nose.

smoking girl 

Our Familiar 3 Smoking Babes

Yet another one in the set I've been posting of the three smoking models getting friendly with each other as they enjoy their cigarettes.

smoking girls 

Sexy Wafting Smoking Model

I just think there is no other way to describe this picture of the smoking model letting her exhale waft up over her face than sultry, erotic, sexy, and hot.

smoking girls 

Dual Smokeswapping Black & White

O.k., they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a smoking fetish picture must be worth ten thousand. All I'll say about this smokeswapping picture is that each smoking model is certainly giving as good as she gets.

smoking girls 

Smoking Babes Can Be So Cool

smoking girl exhaling smokeNow this is what you mean when you tell a non smoking fetish buddy about how cool a pretty woman smoking can be, under the right circumstances, of course. Nice pose, great lighting, thick exhale, cool shades.

March 14, 2009

Jennifer Anniston Still Smokes

jennifer anniston smokingI think most of you have probably heard of Jennifer Anniston, she is also a well known celebrity smoker.

A Good Smoking Girl To Recruit for an SF Video

blonde girl smoking

Apretty nice open mouth inhale from this blonde smoking model, I would love to see her smoking for a segment in a smoking fetish video, she just has that look, don't you think? 

March 13, 2009

Two Random Snaps Smoking Models

Another erotic picture of two women smoking....when you think about it, when you have two smoking girls in a video or picture, is there any other way to describe it than erotic?

smoking girls

Big Bust Smoking Girl With The Dangle

smoking girls

As you know, I'm not really into dangles in my smoking fetish pictures or videos unless it comes across really strong, even though many of my fellow smoking fetishists are. Well, this smoking model with the cigarette clenched between her teeth comes across very strong. 

Selena Blowing Smoke Rings

girl blowing smoke ringsI believe this smoke ring producing model is none other than the inimitable Selena, once the crown jewel smoking queen at Colight back when Colight ruled the smoking fetish world.

March 12, 2009

Sexy Black & White Smoking Picture

A very sultry and erotic smoking picture here with the model smoking while nude, or at least implied nude to the point where we can comfortably post it here in this PG-13 smoking fetish blog.

smoking girls

Two Intense Smoking Girlfriends

two women smokingWell, not too much to say about this picture. These two smoking models are...uhh, really smoking in more ways than one and they seem to be getting along quite well.


Classic Smoking Concept

blonde model smokingA nice smokey concept from a photographer who is probably not a smoking fetishist, as I found it on an online model portfolio site, but the fact that you see so many smoking themed pictures with models on "mainstream" sites shows just how erotic and popular this unhealthy habit can be for so many people.

March 11, 2009

Novel Take on Two Smoking Girls

two smoking womenIts not too often you see a smoking video or even a picture with two smoking models in it doing anything other than blowing smoke at each other or smokey kisses-which is fine by the way-but to have them both smoking while one smoking girl is being spanked is kind of cool. 


Dominant Smoking Girl From Below

You could make an argument that this picture is more about leg/boot fetish than smoking fetish and you'd probably be right, but I just really liked the angle and the concept behind this picture.

smoking girls 

Classic Open Mouth Inhale

I think this smoking model doing a pretty hot open mouth inhale in this picture is named Artemis, who was a webmistress online at one point and actually did a couple of smoking fetish videos if I remember correctly. I don't know if she is still online or remember her last name, but she did some good quality stuff.

smoking girls 

March 10, 2009

More Jenna Jameson Smoking

Another one of the relatively few pictures on the 'net of adult superstar and mainstream celebrity Jenna Jameson smoking.

jenna jameson smoking 

Busty Smoking Model, Light Backdrop

busty smoking girlNow, I'm not one to complain too much when there is a quality smoking picture of a busty smoking model at the center of the discussion, but this picture, as nice as it is, could have been so much better with a dark backdrop.

Super Hot Wafting Picture

brunette smoking girlI know I probably say this a lot, but I promise that I mean it every time I do, this smoking model is just hot. So hot, you might say, that she is smokin'.

March 09, 2009

Two Smoking Girls With Pink Cigarettes

This is kind of a run of the mill smoking picture as far as pictures with two smoking models go, but the pink cigarettes added enough of a different twist on it to make it to this very discriminating blog.

smoking girl 

More Awesome Smoke Rings

girl exhaling smokeAnother awesome display of a girl blowing smoke rings brought to us by the folks at Smoke Vision.


Candid Exhale Picture

brunette exhaling smokeI do believe this is a posed angle for a smoking fetish clip, but it really jumps out to me as a really good candid exhale from a smoking girl.


March 08, 2009

Yet Another Busty Smoking Girl

busty smoking modelThis picture is strategically edited to comply with the PG-13 requirements of this smoking fetish blog, but its still plain that this one busty smoking model.

Another Example of Good Back Lighting

I've posted a few pictures from this smoking model's set before, there is nothing outstanding about them except, in my opinion, they really show the incredible effect of good backlighting on a smoking picture or smoking video.

smoking girl 

Pretty Edgy & Erotic Smoking Picture

 brunette smoking girlA little edgier than you will usually see on this PG-13 blog, but this smoking girl's picture is one of the most sensuous and erotic that I've seen. I found it in a professional model portfolio, not on a smoking fetish site, but that does not mean it doesn't do the trick.

Closeup Smokey Kiss

For those smoking fetish fans who love pictures of two smoking girls smokeswapping and/or smokey kissing, its going to be hard to beat this picture.

smoking girls 

March 07, 2009

Closeup Exhale

Real good picture quality on the closeup, but I would like to see the smoking girl's exhale be a little thicker. Don't think that is a knock on the photographer, the exhale probably just wasn't that thick.

smoking girls 

Nice Blonde Smoker Doing Smoke Rings

girl blowing smoke ringsA pretty good smoke rings picture from a vidcap of a smoking video produced by the old Smoke Vision website.

Lady Madonna Smoking Girl

I think this smoking picture is from the old Lady Madonna site, which always produced good pictures as well as smoking videos

brunette smoking girl

March 06, 2009

Three Smoking Girls Again

smoking girls

I've posted these three smoking models previously, be nice to know if there is a smoking video of this around anywhere.

March 05, 2009

Nice Zippo Lightup Pic

Every once in a while I go for a good lightup picture of a pretty smoking model, saw this one and really liked the way it was setup so I decided to include it on the blog.

smoking models

Three Smoking Models

I've often said the only thing better than seeing a video or clip of one smoking girl is seeing two smoking girls...so you probably know how I feel about three smoking models in a picture.

smoking girls

Smokeswapping With A Hookah

smoking girls

This smoking picture is a little disappointing, although the quality of it and certainly the smoking models are very good. I call it a little disappointing because I've seen some hookah themed smoking fetish clips and the hookah produces a huge amount of exhale smoke, which is really awesome for an exhale subfetish fan like me. So, I would have liked to see the two smoking girls bathed in smoke a little bit more.

March 04, 2009

Andrea Parker Smokes Some More

andrea parkerAnother one of the small vicaps that are so numerous on the 'net of Andrea Parker smoking in her old TV series, The Pretender, in which her character is a chain smoker. Andrea Parker might be the best smoking celebrity in terms of pure smoking skills since Bette Davis.

March 02, 2009

Backlit Smoking Exhale

smoking girlThis is a pretty good, well backlit, smoking exhale picture, nothing more, but nothing less. Enjoy.