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February 27, 2009

'Come Hither' Smoking Secretary Look

Those of you who still work in offices or buildings where smoking is allowed probably wouldn't mind coming back from lunch to a smoking girl posed like this outside of your door, now would you?

smoking girl

Smoking Girl In Public Outdoors

blonde smoking girlYou've got to love any kind of originality that you see in smoking fetish pictures or videos on the 'net, and I do like this one for that reason, not only is it a pretty good outdoor/natural light shot, it combines the "peek a boo" in public thing, too. Nice job.

February 26, 2009

Jessica Alba Smokes

jessica alba smoking

Beautiful, lovely, exotic and sultry actress Jessica Alba smokes, here's your proof right here.

Blonde Smoking Girl In The Mirror

blonde smoking girl

This blonde smoking beauty has a neat smoking video clip where she blows smoke at her pretty reflection in the mirror. Check it out if you can. 

February 25, 2009

Bette Davis: Smoking Queen of Queens?

Not the greatest smoking picture, I'll give you that, but the classic star Bette Davis is probably the all time smoking queen of cinema.

Bette Davis smoking

Two Smoking Girls, Colored Cigarettes

I am not a big fan of colored cigarettes, but I do like any good quality smoking pictures that feature two female smoking models, so here it is. 

smoking girls

February 24, 2009

More Molly Parker Smoking

Trust me, you smoking fetishists who particularly like smoking female celebrities, I am constantly on the lookout for pictures of Molly Parker actually exhaling smoke.

smoking girls

February 23, 2009

Trio Of Smoking Girls

smoking girls

This one of a pretty good set of smoking pictures I found online of these three smoking models getting frisky with each other, edited to comport with our PG-13 limits of this blog, of course. 

French Inhale Mega Closeup

Very, very nice closeup picture of this smoking model executing a french inhale.

smoking girl

February 22, 2009

Patricia Arquette Smokes

Weel, if you're on the lookout for female celebrities that smoke, you've got to love this picture. Patricia Arquette just after what seem to be some perfectly formed smoke rings that she has produced. I would like to have seen her doing with a capture of the actual exhale, or better still, in a smoking fetish clip, but you've got to like this. 

patricia arquette smoking

Molly Parker Lightup

smoking girls

She's not a big star, but I've always thought Molly Parker was a very good actress. And, while I don't know or have a strong opinion on her in real life status, there are some movies in which Molly Parker smokes, in this pic she is getting an elegant looking lightup.

February 21, 2009

Closeup Of A Smoking Kiss

This seems to be about as legitimate a true smoking kiss as you can get between two smoking models. This is an awesome picture if you like this sort of thing, it would be even better in a smoking fetish video clip. 

smoking girls

Kate Hudson Smoking In Public

kate hudsonMovie star and beauty Kate Hudson smoking in a picture that seems to capture this popular smoking celebrity in real life. Judge for yourself. 


Mary Carey Back Again....

mary carey smoking 

and this time the former California candidate for Governor and adult movie star is showing her smoking talents off with a little bit of a french inhale, as captured in this pic, not the best french inhale that a seasoned smoking fetish guy will ever see but when its Mary Carey smoking, you make some allowances.

Long Haired Smoking Girl

Nice shot of one of smoking rachel's models doing a smoking clip that was shot entirely from the perspective of her reflection in the mirror and her profile.

brunette smoking girl

Kelly Preston Smoking

I don't usually post smoking pictures unless the smoking girl is exhaling or inhaling, but when its a smoking celebrity like Kelly Preston, I will make an exception.

smoking girls

Smoking Girl With A Beer Bottle

This smoking model picture reminds me of a scene I saw years ago in an old Lynda Carter movie when she was smoking out of a can.

smoking girls

Smokeswapping Blonde Smoking Girls

Always a good thing to see a two girl smoking picture, and this one is kind of unique in that each of the smoking models has her own cigarette visible in the picture as they are swapping their smoke.

smoking girls


More Lucy Zara Smoking Pictures

smoking girl

The ever leek, sultry, and seductive U.K. smoking model Luczy Zara doing a smoking set with a sports car as the back drop.  

Just Another Nice Exhale

The second time if I'm not mistaken, that I have posted this particular smoking model doing a very casual yet very sexy exhale.

smoking girl

February 20, 2009

Open Mouth Inhale

smoking girl

Nothing we haven't seen before, but you can't look at a picture of a pretty smoking model doing an open mouth inhale too many times, can you?

Busty Smoking Girl Inhaling

smoking girls

This busty smoking model is, I believe, the star model of the smoking site Ms. Inhale. I have not seen too much of her work but the smoking pictures of her I have seen show a lot of promise so I will be checking for more.

Aimee Sweet Smoking A Cigar

brunette girl smoking cigarFormer Penthouse Pet and adult webmistress Aimee Sweet  smoking a cigar.

Smoke Rings With Wet Hair

This smoking picture pretty well sums up one of the fanatasies of many smoking fetishists, pretty smoking girl comes out of the shower with her hair tantalizingly wet, and begins to smoke very sensually, carelessly blowing smoke rings with that aftergow look. I'm sure it happens all the time...or at least maybe "all the time" when some smoking fetish producer hires a smoking model to recreate the fantasy scene. 

smoking girl

February 19, 2009

More Andrea Parker Smoking

andrea parker smokingA very small vidcap of chainsmoking actress Andrea Parker doing a nostril exhale in her old TV show, The Pretender, which in many ways was a mainstream smoking fetish video series.

Randi Rushmore Smoking

big bust smoking modelThis post's smoking picture is an open mouth inhale/french inhale from an adult star named Randi Rushmore.

Strong Nostril Exhale Off An Inhale

You don't see this too much in smoking fetish videos and pictures, but a thick nostril exhale from a smoking model off a strong drag/inhale is a really good thing.

girl smoking

Thick Rings In The Background & Foreground

Been a little while since I've posted a new picture of a smoking model doing smoke rings, but this post is meant to rectify that little oversight on my part.

smoking girl smoke rings


More Brooke Shields Smoking

Brooke Shields smokes, in fact, the rumor mill is that she is now, or was recently, a heavbrooke shields smokingy smoker in spite of her anti-smoking advertising efforts back in the '80s.

February 18, 2009

More Nikki Nova Smoking

nikki nova smokingPlayboy model and "B" movie star Nikki Nova smokes. This is one of the few pics that make up the only smoking set I've found of her on the 'net.

Mimi Rogers Smokes

mimi rogers smokingThis is a small, but fairly clear, picture of Mimi Rogers, who I believe was Tom Cruise's first wife, smoking. I actually have seen quite a few smoking pictures of Mimi Rogers, and she can do it very well, mind you. I wish there were some bigger pictures out there. I will certainly post them if I ever see them. 





Mimi Rogers exhaling through her nostrils, one of the best female celebrity nostril exhales I've ever seen. 

mimi rogers smoking


Claire Forlani Smoking

Claire Forlani smokes. The English actress who often plays American characters isn't exactly a star, but probably recognizable to a lot of you from movies like Meet Joe Black or her turn as Sean Connery's daughter in The Rock. In this picture she seems to be in the middle of a pretty emotional or intense open mouth inhale. 

smoking girl

February 17, 2009

MInka Smoking Again

big bust asian girl smokingMinka is a well known and popular big bust model who smokes in real life and has produced a couple of smoking fetish videos on her site. I bought one years ago, in the VHS days. Not bad, wouldn't compare with what you can get from most smoking fetish producers today. But, for the time, pretty good. I know I liked it. 

Olsen Twin Smoking In Real Life

olsen twin smoking

This purportedly one of the Olsen twins smoking, I don't know enough about them to make a call on which one is which, but it does look like a legit in real smoking picture to me.

Tight French Inhale

This redheaded smoking model is doing what I call a "tight" french inhale, as the smoke from her mouth is being pulled 100% back up into her nostrils without any floating up past her face...not that there is anything wrong with that. 

smoking girl


Leather Clad Smoking Model With Holder

I'm not normally a big fan, or really a fan at all, of holders, but as you know I've posted several pictures of this leather jacket wearing smoking model with her holder, it just does it for me probably because you just wouldn't put a holder in the hands of the kind of smoking girl who wears a leather jacket. 

smoking girl

Another Smokey Kiss

Yet another awesomely erotic, sensual, and intense smoking picture featuring two female smokers sharing their thick exhale, love it :) 

smoking girl

Claire Forlani Smoking: Dragging With Effort

 I've got the companion exhale picture to this one, actress Claire Forlani smoking. Man she seems to be putting everything she has into this inhale, this is one intense draggging picture, don't you think?

claire forlani smoking

Nostril Exhale To The Max

smoking girl

I'm a big fan of nostril exhales, to me there is something extra sexy about them. I don't think you see them shot well in smoking movies and pictures as much as other types of exhales because they are a little bit harder to capture and/or light from the producer point of view. I've blogged about all of this before, but its worth repeating everytime I find and post an outstanding pic of a smoking girl with an awesome nostril exhale, just love the "jet stream" effect coming out of both nostrils. 

February 16, 2009

Busy Phillips Smokes Some More

My favorite smoking picture of Busy Phillips is this exhale pic.

smoking girl

More Busy Phillips Smoking

As we all know from regularly reading this blog, actress Busy Phillips smokes. This is one of the bigger smoking pictures of her that I have seen, although the capture of her exhale here is not top notch.smoking girl

Smoking Girl From Smoking Heaven

This ebony smoking model is a regular at Smoking Heaven, I've posted smoking pictures of her before and I will again. I'd love to see a smoking clip or video from her. 

smoking model

Smoking Model In Black & White

I've posted a couple of pictures of this smoking model in black and white before, and this is another one I like.

smoking girl

Busy Phillips Smoking

Busy Phillips smoking outside in one of her movies, I wish you I knew the name of it, but I can't recall it off the top of my head. Saw it a while ago on cable and she does, in fact, pretty much just smoke throughout the whole flick.

smoking girl

Sexy Smoking Kiss

smoking girl

Pretty much, whenever there is a pic of two smoking models doing a smokey kiss or smoke swapping, I'm there, so to speak. This particular smoking picture is one of the more artistic and sensual poses of two smoking girls that I've seen.

February 15, 2009

Pretty Awesome French Inhale

smoking model

I'll bet you have never seen a more closeup smoking picture of a french inhale where you can clearly see the smoke going back up into the smoking model's nose. The only pics I've seen that are closer up are basically pictures of the smoking girl's mouth, where you cannot see her whole face.  

All White French Inhale

smoking girl

I know a lot of you smoking fetishists out there are particularly fans of all whites, so you can join in with the open mouth inhale fans and the fans of busty smoking women to celebrate this good smoking picture. 

Juliette Lewis Smoking

juliette lewis smokingJuliette Lewis cememented her legacy as one of the best pure smoking celebrities in the movie Natural Born Killers with those awesome smoke rings in the jail scene.

She has more smoking credits in movies and  a number of smoking pictures on the 'net, unfortunately a lot of them are lower quality like this one, but she is a high quality smoking celebrity all the way.  


Brunette Smoking Model's Thick Nostril Exhale

A pretty strong and voluminous nostril exhale from this smoking model, also impressive to me since its shot outdoors.

smoking girl

February 14, 2009

Mary McCormack Smoking

As I proved through posting before, actress Mary McCormack smokes, as she is doing here in a picture from the movie High Heels & Low Lifes. Personally, I like to see older smoking pics of her, without the over the top lip job she has recently had done. Still pretty, but those unnaturally thick lips don't work....for me, anyway. 

smoking models

Jennifer Esposito Smoking

For a vidcap, this is not too bad. Its grainy, but at least its big enough to leave no doubt that its smoking celebrity Jennifer Esposito taking a drag.

smoking girl

February 13, 2009

Familiar Redhead Smoking girl

I love this thick, open mouth inhale where the smoking model just lets the smoke waft out. Love it.smoking girl

Nice Exhale in Black & White

blonde girl exhalingI came across thi pic in a neat group of smoking fetish pictures on a site I can't recall right off the top of my head, but I thought they were really good except for the lighting could have been better. The smoking model has to be blowing thick exhales for it to show up this well in a dark background. 


Cameron Diaz & Tea Leoni Smoking

A pretty decent dual montage of smoking celebrities Cameron Diaz and Tea Leoni. Wish they were exhaling, but its pretty good anyway and I do think that that both are, or have been, in real life smokers.celebrity smoking pic

Familiar Looking Cigarette Babe

For some reason, the cigarette smoking girl in this picture looks familiar to me, but I can't place her. I don't think she is a celebrity, maybe I have just seen her in smoking picture sets before and I just can't place. She seems like the kind of smoking model that you would want to be able to place.

smoking girls

Paige Richards Smoking

paige richards smokingThis is Paige Richards, adult webmistress, fetish model, and "B" movie actress who starred in a bio flick of Bettie Page. I know for a fact that she is an in real life smoker, or at least used to be, because she was once scheduled to shoot with pal smoking rachel but the logistics did not work out.

February 12, 2009

Elegant Smoking Girl Lucy Zara

Lucy Zara is an elegant, English  webmistress, who has done a lot of smoking sets and video clips for sites like Elegant Smoking. She has been featured on this blog before and will be again.

smoking girls

Two Smoking Girls Getting Along

smoking girls

as you all know, I have a soft spot in my heart for two smoking girls who are sharing their smoke with each other or, as it is sometimes called, "smokeswapping" or "smokey kisses".

Nice Exhale In Full Body Recline

I really like this full body shot in recline, you don't see too many of these because its not easy to clearly capture the full body of the smoking model when she is in recline or a laid back pose. Most times when you see a full body smoking picture, the smoking girl is standing.

smoking girls

Blonde Cigar Babe Back Again

Our buxom blonde cigar smoking girl from Cigar Glamour is back again, this time doing a closeup turn in our blog.

smoking girls

Nikki Nova Smokes

nikki nova smokingFormer Playboy model and "B" movie star Nikki Nova smokes...although I don't think she does it in real life, but this pic is one of several I have seen on the 'net of her smoking for a posed set, a least, and sometimes that is good enough for me.

February 11, 2009

Almost Crossed The Line...

Have you ever seen me go closer to crossing the line than I am with this busty, sultry, beautiful ebony smoking girl? I don't think so.

smoking girls

Deep Dragging Busty Smoking Babe

I like this deep draggin' picture of this kind of big busted smoking girl.

smoking girl 

Tough Smoking Girl With A Holder

One of the things that I usually don't like about holders is that they make the smoking girl look too aristocractic, but that isn't the case in this setup, kind of a tough smoking babe mixed with a holder makes her look not too uppity, at least for me.smoking girl

Busty Smoking Girl Dangle

Pretty much the epitome of a big bust smoking girl, and all the dangling fans out there in the smoking fetish world will like this one, too.smoking girl

More Andrea Parker Smoking

smoking girlAnother poor vidcap of actress Andrea Parker smoking in the old tv show The Pretender. Her character was a chain smoker and, its just too bad that there are not better pictures of her around the 'net, but believe me, I will post them if I find them.

February 10, 2009

Blonde Smoking Babe

smoking girls 

I really thought this was an outstanding picture of a smoking model, I didn't see it on a smoking fetish wesite, but it really captures a lot of the sensual elements of the smoking fetish. Plus, I really love black & white smoking pics. Wish the open mouth inhale was a little thicker. 

Aimee Sweet Smoking Cigar

aimee sweet smoking cigarPenthouse Pet and higely successful wemistress Aimee Sweet smoking a cigar.

Frisky Smoking Girls

About as raunchy as you can get in a smoking fetish blog that is PG-13, maybe even a little over that line, but I didn't think you'd mind too much. Two frisky smoking girls sharing their cigarette probably brightens your day a little if you're a serious smoking fetishist.  

smoking girls 

February 09, 2009

Nice, Sexy, Exhale

don't yu think its pretty cool how this smoking girl's mouth forms the perfect "O" for this exhale? well, maybe its not perfect, but I thought it was pretty cute.smoking girls

Big Time French Inhale

Now, this is one serious french inhale picture, I think it is from smoke city, which I don't really like too much as a site in terms of joining, but the pictures of smoking models are top shelf.

smoking girl 

Busty Smoking Babe From Smoking Heaven

This is another in the long line of sultry, busty, English smoking girls that Smoking Heaven seems to churn out very regularity.

smoking girls 

Two smoking Girls, Very Sensual

Very, very sensual picture of two pretty smoking girls exhaling at the same time.

smoking girls 

February 08, 2009

Two Smoking Girls Cozy Up

well, this is about as suggestive, erotic, and provacative as you will get on a PG-13 smoking fetish blog like this one, like I've often said, the only thing better than a pic of a pretty smoking girl is a pic of two pretty smoking girls.

smoking girl 

Long, Thick Cigar

The big cigar in the mouth of the smoking girl guys will appreciate this pic on the blog, I know.

smoking girl  

Molly Parker Smoking

molly parker smokingThis is a very poor vidcap of actress Molly Parker smoking, since I can't find many pics of her smoking on the 'net, it goes on the blog for that reason only.

Brooke Shields Nostril Exhale

brooke shields smokingThis is a vidcap of Brooke Shield's doing a nostril exhale in a movie she did with Chris O'Donnell some years ago. Some of us may be old to remember when Ms. Shields was the spokes model for an anti-smoking campaign, but the net rumor is that she now chain smokes. Don't know about that, but I do know she smoked quite a bit in this particular movie in her small role. Wish I could remember the name of it, but anyone looking for it shouldn't have a hard time finding it. The big thing is, Brooke Shields definitely smokes.   


February 07, 2009

Busy Phillips Smoking

busy phillipsBusy Phillips is a very sultry smoker and there are several pictures of this young actress smoking around the 'net, this one is a little small, but the quality is pretty good and leaves no doubt that Busy Phillips smokes. 

Combo Nostril/Mouth Exhale

You have to look kind of close at this pic to see it, but this is definitely a combo mouth/nostril exhale from this smoking model.

smoking girl 

Smoke Rings From Celeb Look-A-Like

This smoking girl reminds me a little of smoking celeb Virginia Madsen in the face, though she has darker hair.

smoking girl

February 05, 2009

Smoke Rings By Redhead Smoking Girl

I've posted pics of this redhead smoking hottie before, this time is my favorite picture because smoke rings are probably my favorite smoking trick.

smoking girls

February 04, 2009

Aimee Sweet Smoking

aimee sweet smokingPenthouse Pet model and successful webmistress Aimee Sweet smoking a cigar in one of her sets from her website.


More Blonde Smoking Girl

smoking girl

A pretty nice cigar puffing picture from this cigar smoking girl, I've posted her before and probably will again.

Another Nice French Inhale

Always on the lookout for a nice french inhale from a smoking girl and this is a pretty good capture and I think it is natural, not posed intentionally for a french inhale. The picture is somewhat 'edited', but trust me when I say there is more going on in this pic than just one smoking model. 

girl smoking

February 03, 2009

Smoking Girls Smoke Bath

smoking girls

This is a really hot idea for smoking fetish producers that I wouldn't mind seeing more of, two smoking girls giving each other a 'smoke bath'.

Mary McCormack Smokes

Mary McCormack is probably best known for playng Howard Stern's wife in the movie Private Parts, but the vidcap here from a movie called High Heels & Low Lifes captures only a little bit of her serious smoking capability. She smokes quite a bit in the movie and there is no question Mary McCormack is a sultry in real life smoker.

smoking girls

Molly Parker Smokes

molly parker smokingMolly Parker smokes, though I would not say, based on what I've seen, that she is definitely an in real life smoker or even exceptionally sultry when she does smoke. No put down on her, she is one of my favorite actresses and, in my opinion, very underrated.


Kelly Preston Smoking

kelly preston smokingKelly Preston smokes, or at least she does in movies. She had a couple of nice exhales in the movie Twins and I was able to find this small vidcap from some unknown movie where she seems to know what she's doing with a very nice and thick exhale.  

February 02, 2009

Tiffany Amber-Thiessen Smoking

A pretty nice smoking picture of Tiffany Amber-Thiessen, actually a little sharper image than some of the other pictures of her I have previously posted. Too bad she is not exhaling, but you can't have everything. 

smoking girls

Holder Exhale

girl smoking

Smoking girl exhales from a pretty modern looking holder, don't know if I've ever seen a red holder in a picture or clip before.

February 01, 2009

Blonde Cigar Smoking Girl

I found a few nice pictures of this cigar smoking girl on a site called Cigar Glamour. I'll be posting them from time to time.

smoking girls