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January 29, 2009

Awesome French Inhale From Busty Smoking Girl

smoking girl

This buxom smoking girl is one of the many pretty female smokers from the great smoking site from across the water called Smoking Heaven. I love, thick french inhales, guys. Seriously.

NIce, Easy Exhale

I kind of like this type of lazy, nonchalant exhale coming from a smoking girl posing in a laid back manner. I like her bikini, too.

smoking girl

Lucy Zara Smoking Again

This is Lucy Zara, a British webmistress and model who has several smoking sets and clips on the 'net, including some for smoking models and elegant smoking. I've got several smoking pictures of her on this blog and I will be posting more in the future, you can count on that.smoking girls

January 28, 2009

Laura Prepon Smoking

Another grainy vidcap of the exquisite Laura Prepon smoking on her old tv show, That 70's Show.

smoking girl

Blonde Smoking Girl Lightup

I'm not a huge fan of lightup pics like some smoking fetishists, but when there is a really good, well lit lightup picture of a smoking girl, I can be easily persuaded to post it in this blog.

smoking girl

January 27, 2009

Nice Exhale To the Side

smoking girls

I wish this exhale picture was lit a little better but it does the job for me, nice looking smoking girl exhaling as if she is in the middle of a conversation with someone. Personally, I like it when smoking women turn their heads to exhale better than when they exhale out of the side of the mouth. Just me

Redhead Smoking Girl Nostril Exhale

I've got a few pictures of this redheaded smoking model and they are all pretty good, she actually looks very much like one of Rachel's models, Shelby, and she has some very nice sets on the old smoke city website.

smoking girl

Over The Shoulder Exhale

smoking girls

This over the shoulder exhale from this busty, beautiful smoking girl kind of caught my eye. 

January 26, 2009

Elegant Holder Exhale

If you really think about it, you will probably see 100 times more images of smoking models using holders on the 'net than you ever will in real life. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen a smoking girl using a holder in real life. Maybe I don't hang out in enough aristocratic circles. 

girls smoking

Busty Smoking Girl

girls smoking

This should be a familiar smoking girl to many of you, she has done several smoking shoots for Smoking Heaven and there are quite a few pics of her floating around the 'net and, of course, this blog as well.

Juliette Lewis Smokes

Juliette Lewis smokes and gave one of the all time smoke ring exhales in the movie Natural Born Killers. You're not going to see anything better in a mainstream movie or TV show and, frankly, not in many smoking fetish videos either. 

smoking girls

Blonde Smoking Girl's Nostril Exhale

smoking girls

This is another one of the Random Snaps smoking girls, if I'm not mistaken, once again showing us that jet stream nostril exhale in very well lit fashion

January 25, 2009

Jennifer Esposito Smokes

Jennifer Esposito smokes, though I have not been able to find any quality smoking pics of her exhaling, but I have seen her smoke in movies. But, when a female smoking celebrity is as hot as Jennifer Esposito, posting the occasional holding picture will do.

smoking girls

Another Nice Nostril Exhale

smoking girl

A fairly nice nostril exhale from this pretty smoking girl. I would like the jet stream exhale from her nose to be a little thicker but, hey, lets cut the girl a little break, huh? It may not be perfect, but its pretty darn good.

More of Laura Prepon Smoking

 laura prepon smoking

I've posted pics of Laura Prepon smoking before, just like I do with every female smoking celebrity I find floating around on the net, but I'm starting to think she deserves serious consideration aslaura prepon smoking

a true smoking queen, which is relatively unusual for the modern female smoking celebrity. There is just something that is real sultry and alluring about her when she smokes and, in particular,laura preponI like the way she drags very hard on herlaura prepon smoking

inhales. But she still looks sexy when she doesit, which is unusual. I know these pictures ofher are not the best quality, but any time Ican find pics of Laura Prepon inhaling andexhaling smoke, its going up on this blog.Notice, the nostril exhale in the little pic on the right, no doubt that Laura Prepon inhales, the hallmark of an in real life smoker.


January 24, 2009

Andrea Parker Smokes

smoking girlAndrea Parker smokes. Or at least she used to. The star of the '90's TV show The Pretender actually played a chain smoking character. I remember reading somewhere that even though she was an in real life smoker, it was hard for her sometimes in having to smoke in take after take for the show. I also read that she had quit smoking at some point.





 Unfortunately, as is the case for many of the female smoking celebrities I recognize on this blog, I can only find these crummy, lo rez vidcaps. As always, you have my word that I will be on the look out for some bigger, sharper smoking pictures of Andrea Parker

andrea parker smoking

Tiffany Amber-Thiessen Smokes

girl smokingThis is a vidcap I found on Smoking Celebs.com of Tiffany Amber-Thiessen, who is a very sultry and sexy smoker, one of the better smoking celebs out there. Unfortunately, the only pics I can find of this obviously in real life smoker are these kind of low quality vidcaps, but, I'll keep looking. 






smoking girl



Two Smoking Girls in a Popular Clip

This picture of two beautiful smoking girls is from a clip produced by my pal smoking rachel and is one of her best selling smoking clips. It's called "Maid Smoking Lesson".

girls smoking

January 23, 2009

Nice Outdoor Exhale

girl smokingIts not too often you see an nice exhale picture like this from a smoking girl outdoors that is so well lit with natural light that the exhale is so thick.They got it just right with the sun illuminating the stream of smoke.


Some More Lisa Lipps Smoking

One of the quintessential big bust smokers on the net, the inimitable Lisa Lipps, who has been prominently featured on this blog many times.

smoking girl

January 22, 2009

Smoking Internet Fetish Model

smoking girlThis smoking girl is Mz. Berlin, a popular busty internet model who does aa wide range of things for many of the adult sites. I was pleased to find that she has at least one smoking clip in her store on clips for sale 


Busty Smoker In A Bra

girl smoking

I like the way this busty smoking girl exhales, and the tatoo on her belly button doesn't even bother me that much even though I'm not into tatoos. I wish the exhale was a little thicker, but I do like this pic.

January 21, 2009

Good Smoke Rings

Always been a huge fan of smoke rings, like this smoking girl because you can see she produces thick, big, rings with her exhales.

smoking girl

Laura Prepon Smoking

The tall statuesque star of That 70's Show, Laura Prepon, is definitely an in real life smoker who does it with a sultry way of exhaling. 

smoking girl

Thick OMI Side View

NOw, this is what I'm talking about when I say I like thick, wafting, open mouth inhales from pretty smoking girls.

smoking girl

January 20, 2009

More Busy Phillips Smoking

Busy Phillip smoking

There is absolutely no doubt that Busy Phillips smokes, and smokes very well, thank you.

Nice Exhales From Elegant Smoking

smoking girl

Elegant Smoking does a great job of always highlight the exhales of the smoking girls very well. Their models are almost always regular to heavy smokers, usually smoking all whites. They do a nice job most of the time.

Smoking School Girl Staple

girls smoking

The use of the smoking school girl is a staple of most smoking fetish sites, much like the sexy nurse or cheerleader is a staple of most raunchy mainstream movies, or the kind of schlock you see on late night Cinemax and Showtime. This smoking model probably did not learn how to produce such thick french inhales in school  

January 19, 2009

Blonde Smoking Girl's Combo Exhale

I'm not crazy about the glasses on this blonde smoking girl, but it is a very good capture of a combo exhale, if you look close you can see the streams of smoke coming from her nostrils along with her mouth exhale.smoking girl

Great OMI From The Smoking Model

Now, in my honest opinion, this is the way an open mouth inhale smoking picture should be shot. Kudos to the photographer and the smoking girl. 

smoking girl

Black & White Cigar Smoking Girl

A big bust cigar smoking girl posed in the seductive way in black and white. I usually like black and white smoking pictures a little more than color, but I think this one would have been more provacative with some color.smoking girl

Smoking Girl Like the 1940's

smoking girl

This smoking girl caught my eye in this picture with her 40's style look.

She is done up more like a model posing for a magazine than your classic pose for a smoking fetish picture, but that can sometimes be a good thing.

January 18, 2009

Smoking Penthouse Girl?

I'm not positive, but I think this smoking girl is a Penthouse Pet, judging from the charm on her necklace that looks like the Penthouse key symbol the pets wear...but maybe I'm just seeing things?

smoking girls

OMI From Alta Smoking Girl

A pretty intense open mouth inhale from one the awesome smoking girls at Alta Smoking.girls smoking

January 17, 2009

Thick, Thick Stogie

A lot of smoking fetish fans like it when smoking girls smoke the really thick cigars. I usually like the medium sized ones better because they produce more smoke most times.smoking girl

Angelina Jolie Smoking

Well, there is no doubt that Angelina Jolie is one of the hottest celebrities out there, and, not surprisingly, she presents well while smoking, too, so here is your confirmation that Angelina Jolie smokes, or at the very least she sure looks good while she is posing.

angelina jolie smoking 


Busty Smoking Heaven Girl...Again

There is something about a buxom smoking girl who is photographed or shown in a video clip smoking in her bra.girls smoking

January 16, 2009

The Smoking Tall Goddess

smoking girlThis a picture of Tall Goddess, a German born amazon webmistress who had quite a bit of smoking fetish material on her site.

She is, or at least was, an in real smoker who even did some custom smoking fetish videos, too. 

Danni Ashe Smoking

smoking girl

There are only a couple of smoking pics of the incomparable Danni Ashe, who made herself a multi million dollar site online. I think that is because she is not an in real life smoker.

You can tell by the phone in the picture that this is an older picture, but whenever I see one of the few pictures of Danni Ashe smoking, I will post them here.

Small Pic, Thick Waft of Smoke

smoking girl

I generally like my smoking pics to be big...really big (a little William Shatner from the early days of Priceline for 'ya) but when it is a clear smaller pic of an incredibly thick wafting exhale coming from the mouth of the smoking girl, an exception has to be made.

January 15, 2009

Smoking Girl Frankie From Smoking Heaven

smoking girlAnother gorgeous smoking girl from Smoking Heaven, I believe her name is Frankie, a blonde British beauty who has done some smoking fetish sets previously and has been posted in this blog.


Smoking Girl With Tatoo

girl smoking

I'm not too much into tatoo girls, but I really like good quality black & white smoking pictures, so this picture of a heavily tatooed smoking girl in black and white did give some brief pause, but not too much because I'm always going to err on the side of nice smoking fetish pictures. And some of my blog readers (meaning one of you two guys) might be into tatoos. 

Closeup of Blonde Cigar Smoking Girl

I've always been a sucker for good pictures or video clips of pretty smoking girls wafting or exhaling their cigar smoke. Don't know why, just am.smoking girls

Provacative, Buxom Smoking Girl

I usually do not post smoking pictures that do not have the smoking girl exhaling or at least dragging on the cigarette or cigar, but with a smoking model as provacative as this, I decided to make an exception. Hope you don't mind.girls smoking

January 14, 2009

Wet Hair & Thick French Inhale

blonde smoking girlA pretty serious french inhale from this smoking girl, her hair being wet and all really adds to that "afterglow" effect.

Hat Wearing Cigar Girl

girl smokingI like how the cigar smoking girl has a cigar that has been smoked most of the way down-by someone-when usually a cigar model, assuming the cigar is even lit, will be taking one or two puffs off a freshly lit cigar usuallly before it really gets going.

Our smoking girl iin this picture took a pretty good drag.  


January 13, 2009

Nice Setup For A Smoking Picture

The setup for this smoking pic is very original, at least in my opinion, plus the smoking girl is very pretty so I had to include this pic even though the strict smoking itself is not up to the exhale standards of the true smoking fetishist.girl smoking

Busty Carolyn Monroe Smoking Again

busty blonde smoking girlThis is another vid cap of busty smoking adult movie star Carolyn Monroe, who was active back in the '90s and did one or two smoking fetish videos for Bob's Videos


Serious Smoke In The Face

I guess there is no question about the seriousness of the domination inherent with smoke blowing in the face when the girl receiving the smoke from the other smoking girl is wearing a blindfold. I'm sure the sensory deprivation of one of the senses enhances the other senses.girls smoking

January 12, 2009

Busty Smoking English Babe

busty smoking girlThis is a picture of a buxom English smoking girl named Frankie, whose pics can be found on the web for smoking fetishers who are really looking, edited here for the PG-13 restrictions of this blog. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt Smokes

I have a friend who really likes Jennifer Love Hewitt, thinks she is "wicked cute". Can't honest say I'm as much of a fan, but I do like some stuff I've seen her in. These pics may or may not answer for you the question of whether or not Jennifer Love Hewitt smokes.

jennifer love hewitt smoking

 For our purposes, the only thing that matters is that Jennifer Love Hewitt is definitely in my ever growing pantheon of female celebrity smokers

Jennifer Love Hewitt smoking


January 11, 2009

Modern Smoking Girl In Film Noir Pose

girl smokingThis smoking picture is very sultry, very film noir style even though the beautiful smoking girl is maybe too modern for a classic noir feel. Its o.k., I'll take it. 


Smoking Penthouse Pet Charlie Laine

I'm not completely sure, but I do think this is a smoking pic of the gorgeous Charlie Laine, Penthouse Pet and good buddy to Melissa Jacobs, another Penthouse smoking girl who has been featured on this blog and in some smoking clips available on the net.

smoking girls


January 10, 2009

Another Alta Smoking Girl

smoking girls

I've posted some pics of some of the beautiful smoking girls from my pals at Alta Smoking and here is another one, be sure to check out their site if you have not already.

More Drew Barrymore Smoking

smoking girl 

Any smoking fetish fan who is into female celebrities knows that Drew Barrymore smokes and might be the quinessential female smoking celebrity who rivals the truly great celuloid smoking queens such as Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and Rita Hayworth.

Decent OMI Picture

smoking girlA pretty good smaller pic of a smoking girl in the midst of an open mouth inhale. Nothing to write home about, but its pretty smoking model so why not.


January 09, 2009

New Smoking Girl At Smoking Rachel

This is Joan, a lifestyle fetish model who also smokes very seductively and did some smoking clips and other content for buddy smokingrachel not too long ago.brunette smoking girl

Smoking Girl In The Brassiere

girl smokingI've posted pis of this German smoking girl before, found some pics of her on a German language site where she is smoking in her brassiere in the entire set.

Carolyn Monroe: Smoking Babe From The '90s

girl smokingThis is a vidcap of former adult star Carolyn Monroe, who did a couple of smoking fetish videos for Bob's Videos several years back. She was a very sensual smoking girl from what I remember and it is too bad there is not more content out there from here.

January 08, 2009

Classy, Feminine Cigar Smoking Girl

Now this is the epitome of what I like in a cigar smoking girl, elegant, feminine, and seems to be completely comfortable with the cigar.

smoking girls 

Smoking Girl With Pack In The Waistband

girl smokingI know some guys really like it when they can see the pack of cigarettes in the picture of the smoking girl.

I can take it or leave it myself, but it is a nice touch here in this picture of the long legged brunette smoking model.


Smoking Girl From Alta Smoking

girl smoking

 Nice pic from my friends at Alta smoking. Very nice picture of the smoking girl capturing the exhale and I like the red corset look, the only thing is the light background kind of washes out the exhale a little bit. But, it is so hard to capture exhales perfectly.

Smoking Girl's Lipstick On The Cigarette

girls smokingI'm not usually too much into smaller smoking fetish pics or pics that don't show at least the full head/face of the smoking girl.

But, I liked this pic because it gives us a real good look at the cigarette with the smoking model's lipstick prints on it, which is of high importance to a lot of smoking fetishers.

There is no doubt that this was the intention of the photographer, and I have to think you would agree that it worked well. Just wish I could have gotten it a little bigger, though. 

Big Bust Smoking Babe From Smoking Heaven

Smoking Heaven always looked like a good smoking site not only for smoking fetish content in general, but big bust girl smokers in particular.girls smoking

January 07, 2009

Two Smoking Babes...Pretty Much

smoking girls 

Really a two smoking girl picture, though the photographer didn't get the head and face of the other smoking girl, but that was undoubtedly be design, I think we get the erotic point.

Smoking Girl In The Afterglow?

smoking girlsI really liked the setting of this pic, I wish there was more smoke visible from the model's exhale, but I liked the setup of the smoking girl leaning forward after taking a drag. You know I'm a sucker for B&W smoking pics, too. Could do without the tatoo. 


Big Cigar Between The Teeth Of A Hot Smoking Girl

One confession that I have to make to the loyal readers of this smoking fetish blog (shout out to both of you guys!) is that, when deciding what pics to post, I very rarely post any without an exhale unless its a celeb or maybe a serious inhale picture, but in this case where the picture is so hot, so erotic, so sensual as this one with a big cigar clenched between the teeth of the smoking girl, well I made an exception. 

smoking girls

Intense Open Mouth Inhale

girls smoking

Now this is some primo professional photography by a guy (I would assume) with a healthy dose of the smoking fetish. I love the way he got up close on the smoking girl and captured her wafting exhale with good definition.

Lisa Lipps Keeps On Smoking

The picture says it all, the incomparable Lisa Lipps, smoking in real life as some of us smoking fetishists who have surfed the web for a while well know.

smoking girl 

January 06, 2009

Good Capture of Thick Exhale From Smoking Girl

smoking girls 

It is very, very hard to capture a thick exhale when the background surrounding the smoking girl is light colored or, worse, white. But this picture did it, must be a highly skilled photographer with just a touch of the smoking fetish

Outstanding Wafting Picture

Now, this is just about as awesome of a well lit, closeup, wafting/combo mough & nostril exhale picture of a smoking girl as you can hope to find out there on the 'net.

girls smoking 

In Real Life Smoking Scene

 girl smokingThis picture is a vid cap that is, obviously, not the best quality smoking picture that you will ever see, but even though it is a posed scene with a smoking model, I really like the "in real life" smoking aspect and look of this set, with the smoking girl with her hair in rollers talking on the phone. It is probably real life scenes like this that got the fetish going for many smoking fans. 


Sultry Brunette Wafting Exhale

smoking girlThere is sultry and then there is really sultry and the picture of this brunette smoking girl is, in my humble opinion, really, really sultry.


I don't know if it is the sexy soft wafting of her exhale or if its the girl herself. Looking at the picture and trying to figure it out is a lot of fun, though. 

January 05, 2009

Smoking Domina Girl Up Close

girl smoking The neck collar, chain, and hat sure do add the whole 'female domina' aspect to this picture, which I am in favor of, bt to me, its good enough just as a great closeup picture of a pretty smoking girl just after an inhale.

Another Smoking Babe From Smoking Heaven

girl smoking 

Smoking Heaven is a high quality smoking fetish site that comes from across the pond and you can always count on them to provide some really turn-your-head type of smoking girls.

Is It A French Inhale or Wafting Exhale

There is something about seeing a smoking fetish picture in black & white, maybe its a generational thing for those of us who realized we had this fetish by watching old movies on TV which were often in black and white. This pic is really good because it captures the smoking girl in the middle of what could be just a sexy wafting exhale or she could be in the process of a Hall of Fame french inhale. Works either way for me. 

girls smoking 

January 04, 2009

Pretty Alta Smoking Girl

girls smoking 

This is another in a set I had previously posted of a hot smoking girl from Alta Smoking.

Blast From The Past: Alyssa Alps Smoking

Alyssa Alps was a popular big bust model online several years back and she did post some smoking sets in her member's area that convinced me she was in real life. I think there is a site still running that bears her name, but I doubt seriously that she still runs it or has anything to do with it. Smoking fetish was not Alyssa's primary focus, but she was a very satisfying smoking girl to see in pictures, I don't know of any video out there with her.

girls smoking 

Trying For Smoke Rings From a Cigar

woman exhaling smoke 

You don't often see a picture or video clip of a smoking girl exhaling smoke rings from a drag off of a cigar. To be honest, I'm not sure this pic actually captures the cigar smoking model doing it successfully, but I think you will agree its a hell of an effort.

January 03, 2009

Smoking in Fishnets

smoking girlI love it when smoking fetish producers do clips or smoking pictures where the girl is smoking while showing us fishnet stockings...just love it.

Deep, Sensual Smoke Sharing

The is quite a nice, and erotically intense, picture of two smoking girls sharing the deep exhale from a cigarette, I can never been 100% sure, but I think the one of the left is the smoke giver and her friend on the right is the smoke recipient.

woman exhaling smoke 

January 02, 2009

Buxom British Smoking Babe

big bust blonde smokerI posted a pic of this British smoking model, Sarah Louise, once before if I'm not mistaken. She did a custom smoking fetish video for yours truly a few years back and she can be found on the very good smoking site Smoking Heaven, too.    


Fashion Model Actually Smoking

smoking girlNot the greatest pic you will ever see, from a smoking fetishist point of view, but its rare to see a glamour fashon model posed in a non-smoking fetish set up where the girl smoking is actually either inhaling or exhaling. Usually, a fashion model is just holding the cigarette, which is often unlit.  


January 01, 2009

Salma Hayek Smoking

Salma Hayek is one of the most beautiful actresses I've ever seen on screen and, in my opinion, a pretty sexy smoker as well so, yes, my determination is that Salma Hayek is definitely an in real life smoker. Sigh.Salma Hayek smoking

Black & White Cigar Smoking Girl

woman exhaling smokeI think this is just a kick butt picture of a cigar smoking girl, I especially love the brim and the black and white effect.