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December 31, 2008

Kyla Cole Smokes

woman exhaling smokeThis is Kyla Cole, a former Penthouse Pet and bit player on the The Sopranos, she is not a bad smoker either, I don't know that she would qualify in most people's book as a "celebrity", but she does in mine, so count Kyla Cole as one of your (hottest) female smoking celebs.

December 30, 2008

Rae: A Cigar Smoking Expert

One of the best, not to mention the prettiest, cigar smoking models I've seen in content produced for the 'net is definitely Rae Rocca. women smoking cigars

Rae has appeared in several cigar smoking fetish clips online, as well as some cigarette, but to me its her cigar smoking prowess that makes you take a second look (and maybe a third and a fourth as well).

woman exhaling cigar smoke

She smokes her cigars seductively and also with a lot of femininity, which is big for me as, sometimes, cigar smoking models go to far in trying to capture the "masculine" look of cigar smoking. I know that is big for some fetishists, but for me when a smoking girl is smoking her cigar with the same care (including sometimes inhaling) that a lady would her cigarette, its tops in my book.woman exhaling cigar smoke

Nice Smoke Swap

As I often say, the only thing better than a pretty smoking girl is two pretty smoking girls, when they are swapping their smoke, it gets downright hot, let me tell you. In this pic, can you even tell which smoking babe is blowing and which is receiving?

two girls kissing smoking

December 29, 2008

Two Smoking Girls In Artistic Black & White

woman exhaling smoke 

I really love, as you might be able to tell from reading this blog, the scenario of two smoking girls smoking together in a photo or in a video scene. Especially if they are somewhat amorous with each other in sharing their cigarette or what have you.

December 28, 2008

Janine Lindemulder Smokes

Janine was probably the best known adult star until she was totally eclipsed by Jenna Jameson and, in addition to wondering if this "do girls only" porno gal if  liked boys, you had to wonder-if you were a smoking fetishist-if Janine Lindemulder smoked, too. I think I have seen a clip of her smoking somewhere along the line and she seemed to be in real life

 janine lindemulder smoking

but you can't be sure. It seems to be to be likely that an extraordinarily high percentage of porno

janine lindemulder smoking

girls are in real smokers though you don't see too much of it in adult movies. Of course, I don't know that first hand, since I don't look at porn (wink), I'm just going by what I've heard. Anyway, found these few pics of Janine-now heavily tatooed-smoking while she's posing for the sets. Believe me, if I had found a Janine smoking exhale pic I would have included it.

woman exhaling smoke 


December 27, 2008

Jennifer Love Hewitt Smokes

I think Jennifer Love Hewitt is one those actresses who most people think is beautiful, even if few would describe her as "hot", I even know females who think she is "cute". But, for our purposes, the issue is that Jennifer Love Hewitt smokes and therefore has a place in our gallery of smoking female celebrities.

Jennifer Love Hewitt smoking    And another where Ms. Love Hewitt is actually exhaling smoke in one part of the collage.

Jennifer Love Hewitt smoking 

December 26, 2008

Difficult Capture of Good Nostril Exhale

Its pretty rare to get a high quality nostril exhale smoking picture from the front of the smoking girl where you can easily see the separate streams of smoke coming out of her two nostrils. Its rare because its difficult to capture, plus this pic was shot outdoors so it was even more difficult. Kudos to the producer/photographer.  

woman exhaling smoke

Teasing Open Mouth Inhale in Fishnet

woman exhaling smokeCropped this pic to keep in line with the mandatory PG-13 limits of this smoking fetish blog, but the fishnet bodysuit and the tight open mouth exhale probably gives you more than enough to fill in the entire picture of this beautiful smoking girl in your mind. Which is more fun most of the time, anyway.

December 23, 2008

Sabina Leigh Smokin' With Attitude

sabina leigh smoking

Actually this picture is from a skit Sabina Leigh did for smokingrachel.com, in which she plays an undercover cop who is pretending to be a 'good time girl' in order to get close to the mobster. Oh, and as you might guess, she is smoking girl with a chain smoking habit.

Danni Ashe Smoking

danni ashe smokingThis is internet website superstar and mega 'net business woman Dani Ashe who, as many of you know, built the biggest subscription website and claims to be the most downloaded woman in history.

This is the only pic I've ever seen of Danni smoking, as you can tell by the phone she is holding, its a good decade old, if not more. But, it is Danni Ashe smoking and not just posing with a cigarette or cigar, so lets be satisfied with that.  

December 20, 2008

Stogie At The Card Table

two women smoking kissingIt seems like a good bit of the time when a smoking girl is posed like she's playing cards, there is a better chance the normal it will be a cigar smoking pic or scene.

No complaints here.  


December 19, 2008

More Tara Reid Smoking

Like I confessed when I first blogged about the smoking status of celebrity Tara Reid, I'm not too familiar with anything she's done, which isn't an attempt at a put down or anything (like she cares what some blogging schmuck thinks) but its just my ignorance. However, for those of us who like our female celebrities to be smoking, literally, Tara Reid fills the bill fairly well, thank you.

tara reid smoking 


Who Does This Smoking Girl Look Like?

woman exhaling smoke 

I know this picture is kind of grainy, but its a nice effect shot, kind of like the "after glow" of the exhale. One thing bugs me about this picture, I'm sure the smoking model is just one of many beauties hired by the smoking fetish producers who make the content we love available on the 'net, but she sure looks like some famous smoking actress to me, but I can't figure out who. Can you?

Like The Exhale, Not So Much On The Tats

Call me old fashioned or whatever, but I'm one who misses the old days when most pretty young women didn't mark up their bodies with tatoos. Anyway, that is another blog-who knows, maybe another fetish-and this smoking fetish blog will overlook tatoos when a pretty smoking girl is blowing a nice, tight, stream of exhale.

woman exhaling smoke 

December 18, 2008

Wafting Smoke On Her Back

woman exhaling smoke
I always like it a lot when smoking fetish producers or photographers set up a pose or setting for the smoking model that is a little different, if not avant garde. Can't say that this pose is revolutionary or anything, but we don't see it as much as we should because it is hard to be hotter than watching a pic or video of a smoking girl on her back as she does a wafting inhale or exhale

More Jenna Jameson Smoking

Most of you smoking fetishists who know of Jenna Jameson know that she smokes and there is no doubt that she is, or was, an in real life smoker. There are a ton of smoking pictures of her floating around the 'net, most of them vidcaps like these two from her movies or behind-the-scenes-in real life type of pictures.

jenna jameson smoking I found these two on the always reliable smoking celebs, where they usually have vidcaps that are too grainy or dark to be fully appreciated, but these pictures fill the bill, no doubt its Jenna and you can see her really smoking, the requirements for female celebrity smoking pictures to make it onto my blog. How much does it fit into the stereotype of the allure of smoking that the most famous and arguably most beautiful sex kitten in the adult entertainment industry is also a sultry in real life smoker?

jenna jameson smoking 

Classic Noir Smoker Pose

I really liked this pic when I saw it on a site that was not smoking fetish themed. I love the classic look, and a buxom smoking model is always a plus for me, only thing from making it perfect is its not an exhale pic.   

woman exhaling smoke 

December 17, 2008

Two Girls In The Smoking Afterglow

You guys know I love two smoking girl pictures, and I realize that both models are not smoking in this pic, but I thought I would make an exception in calling this one a two girl smoking pic because of all it implies and how well shot and lit it is. I hope you don't mind. 

woman exhaling smoke

Artistically Perfect French Inhale

woman exhaling smokeNow this is, truly, a very beautifully shot french inhale picture.

Lets not forget the smoking model, not only does she seem to be a flawless beauty, she is performing the french inhale just the way I like it, with a tight exhale being drawn quickly back up towards her nose.

Hard to beat that.


More Mary Carey Smoking

mary carey smokingThe vivacious webmistress, adult movie star, B-movie star, former California gubenatorial candidate, and, most importantly for anyone who reads this blog, in real life smoker Mary Carey never fails to disappoint.

I actually checked her out in a flick called "Pervert"  , which is not what those of you familiar with her porn movies might think, but actually a pretty good B-movie/grindhouse/homage to Russ Meyer/drive in movie type of flick that was a pleasant surprise in terms of being a decent-if totally absurd-story.

Mary was only one of the buxom babes in the flick and, of course, she was awesome and you only briefly get to see her with her clothes on.

However, though a couple of the other babes do a little smoking, Mary does not, but that won't keep most of you from enjoying the flick.

December 16, 2008

Ultra Lighting The Exhale

woman exhaling smoke

 One thing I've always liked is when smoking fetish producers or photographers light a shot in such a way as that the exhale covers the face of the smoking girl.

It probably seems a little weird to say that because so many of us like it very much when our smoking models are beauties and, of course, if there is a huge plume of thick smoke blocking her face we can't see her too well.

I understand that, but I really still like these kind of smoking pics anyway.

Tara Reid Smokes

 tara reid exhaling smokeI don't know a whole lot about Tara Reid, know she's an actress, couldn't tell you what she's been in or anything of that nature, but the point of this blog is to celebrate beautiful smoking girls through pictures, with a special emphasis on female celebrities who smoke.

Judging from this picture I found on smokingcelebs.com, I would say their is little doubt that Tara Reid is an in real life smoker and she also produces some very nice exhales.

Thin Stream Of Exhale

A nice smoking exhale picture, nothing outstanding, nothing to write home about, but good enough for placement on the blog, or so I thought, at least.

woman exhaling smoke 

More Lisa Lipps Smoking

lisa lipps smoking 

Big bust and long time wembmistress Lisa Lipps is a very sexy smoker who has more than a few smoking pictures on line for the searching smoking fetishist. She is a good friend of mine on Myspace as well (o.k., me and 9 thousand others, but I name drop anytime I can make it sound even half way legit) and I think that many of you who know of Ms. Lipps would be surprised that she is now going as a brunette.

December 15, 2008

Not A Big Dangle Guy, But This Is Good

woman exhaling smoke  

I'm not normally a fan of the dangle from a smoking model, to me its one of those things that smokers do that I, for one, consider to be masculine, like holding the cigarette backwards, clenching it between the teeth, etc. And, for me, anything that makes a smoking female seem-even a little bit-more masculine kind of kills the deal for me a little, sometimes a lot. Of course, I'm not a smoker myself, just a smoking fan so maybe I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Having said all of that, I really liked this picture and choose to place it here on the blog because this smoking model is just plain hot and I love the setup of the picture.  

Artistic Rendition of the Open Mouth Exhale

You've got appreciate this picture, which I can tell you for a fact did not come from a smoking fetishist, for its focus on the eroticism of the open mouth/wafting exhale.

woman exhaling smoke 

December 14, 2008

She Enjoys Smoking

This is a picture of a smoking model who is obviously posing for this shot, as so many of the pics on this blog are, of course, but she genuinely seems to be having a good time. One of the prettier smiles I've seen from a smoking girl.

woman exhaling smoke

Ines Cudna Smoking

buxom woman smoking I think this is busty Polish model Ines Cudna, who some of you big bust model fans may know from some of her pics on the web.

For those of you who love it when big bust is combined with smoking fetish, like moi , a picture of a big bust starlet smoking is twice the fun.

I know what you're thinking, is she an in real life smoker? Answer: I don't know, this is the only smoking picture I've ever seen of her online which is why it makes the blog, but we all know many non-smoking models have done the dangling thing.

On the other hand, the cigarette is actually lit and a higher portion of European women seem to smoke, so who knows for sure? Just enjoy the pic.   

December 12, 2008

The Sexiness of Implied

brunette smokingOne thing I know from talking to some artsy types is how so many of them strongly feel that what is implied is more sensual than what is shown, particularly when it comes to nudity.

Here, we're concerned completely with the smoking aspect, of course, but if a beautiful smoking girl strikes a very hot implied nude pose like in this smoking pic, no one is going to complain.

Over The Shoulder Nostril Exhale

woman exhaling smoke 

This is just one hell of a thick, creamy, nostril exhale from a smoking girl that I am pretty sure we've seen before on the 'net.

Open Mouth Inhale, Up Close in Black & White

Now is this a cool open mouth inhale/wafting pic of a smoking girl, or what? Plus, its black and white so that makes it even more sensual, IMO.

woman exhaling smoke 

December 11, 2008

Busty Domme Betka Schpitz Smoking

big bust brunette smoking 

This a vidcap of Mistress Betka Schpitz from a smoking video clip she shot for good pal smoking rachel some time back. Mistress Betka was a tall, busty domme who covered a broad range of niches and fetishes, but she seems to have left the web for now as far as having an active site is concerned.

December 10, 2008

Alicia Silverstone Smokes

I saw a movie once on USA cable or something, no idea what it was about or anything, just one of those things you come across when you're sick of playing with the remote and let what's on play for a while before you go back to ESPN to get the scores for the ninth time that evening. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to see Ms. Silverstone, in an outdoor scene, produce one of the longest 

alicia silverstone smoking

and thickest exhales I've ever seen from a smoking girl, whether on video or in real life. Unfortunately, the scene was not well lit so I'm not sure if it was just a mouth exhale or a combination nose/mouth for those of you guys who like that sort of thing. I can say with certainty, however, that at least of the time of filming this long forgotten movie, Alicia Silverstone was definitely an in real life smoker. No doubt.

alicia silverstone smoking 

Shelby: Cigar Smoking Fetish Model Extraordinaire

redhead exhaling cigar smoke 

Shelby is one of the better cigar smoking fetish models you will see in smoking clips, combining both exhales and that awesome wafting so many of us cigar smoking fans love to see.

December 09, 2008

British Smoking Babe Lucy Zara

Smoking Rachel tells me that about a year ago she was a hillbilly's heartbeat away from getting sultry smoking babe Lucy Zara over from the UK for a shoot, here's hoping she hasn't given up on that effort!

busty blonde exhaliing smoke 

December 08, 2008

Jet Stream Effect, Oh My

busty woman smoking There is nothing quite like the jet stream from the nostril effect for those smoking fetish fans who particularly love the nostril exhale.

Lana Cox & Brunette Smoking Friend

two women smoke swapping

I've posted some smoking pics before of Lana Cox-the blonde on the left-who used to run her own site that was primarily smoking fetish.

She now has a site but its focused more on legs/panthose fetish content.

But, the good news is that there are still a ton of quality smokign fetish pictures of Lana out there, usually smoking with another hot looking smoking girl.

December 07, 2008

Erotic Smoke Swapping

woman exhaling smoke  

Kind of a grainy smoke kiss picture, but I think it will do the trick for a quality blog post, don't you?

December 05, 2008

Nothing Better Than A Girl Wafting Cigar Smoke

brunette smoking cigar

I know there are some fetishists who love wafting or open mouth inhales anytime, but for me, it is usually a lot better when the smoking girl is smoking a cigar, if for no other reason than the filmed wafting smoke is much thicker and therefore easier to see. These two pictures show a cigar smoking girl doing it right, IMO.  

brunette smoking cigar

A Familiar Busty British Smoking Girl

big bust blonde inhalingThis a picture I found on the free samples of the British based Smoking Heaven website.

I believe it is of a model named Sarah Louise, who did a very good 2 girl smoking clip with a model named Wendy Jayne a while back...I'm talking a few years.

So, I don't know if it is anything that might be found now on a site or anywhere else, maybe you have to join Smoking Heaven to see it.