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October 12, 2008

Priscilla Presley Smokes

Another picture of Priscilla Presley smoking in a movie, actually its more of a vidcap than a legitimate smoking picture, but for those of you wondering about the smoking status of the former wife of the King of Rock & Roll, here is your evidence.

priscilla presley smoking 

October 07, 2008

Gorgeous B & W Smokeswapping Picture

two women smoking 

I know it may seem like I say this a lot (for the 94 of you out there worldwide who read this blog everyday), but this is absolutely, positively, the most erotic and highest quality smoking pictures I have ever seen, no doubt about it when it comes to smoking girls who are smoke swapping. I'm not even going to blog everything that makes this picture so good, its just too obvious.

October 04, 2008

More Smoking Artistry In B&W

This is another of several pics I saw while cruising an artistic modeling site, and being so surprised at how many smoking pictures there were from photographers who are experts but not, I presume, smoking fetishers. The one thing I noticed was that nearly all of their smoking pictures were in black and white.

woman exhaling smoke 

October 03, 2008

Laura Linney Smokes

Don't know if she is in real life, but if this hard core dragging picture is any indication, when Laura Linney has to smoke for a role, she really goes for it.

laura linney smoking 

October 02, 2008

More Good Smoke Rings

One heck of a smoke rings producing model in this picture, she does it all: thick rings and lots of them, too. Not sure, by I think this pic comes from the excellent smoking fetish producers over at Random Snaps. woman blowing smoke rings  heck of

October 01, 2008

Recruiting A Model To SF Video?

This elegant smoking picture is of a gorgeous print model named Heather Gates. I sent this pic to good buddy Smoking Rachel and, true to form, she tracked down Heather and made email contact and they have a tentative agreement to do a shoot sometime in the next few months. I'll keep you posted.

woman exhaling smoke 

Face Blowing From a Distance

This picture makes me thing that, when setting up the shot, they mistakenly sat the smoking models too far apart and the blonde smoking girl is having to exhale for all she's worth to get it in the face of the brunette smoking girl. 

two women smoking 

Good Pic From Amateur Smoking Girl

A pretty good wafting pic from what looks to me to be an amateur smoking girl smoking her all white 120. Maybe just a pic taken in the house by a smoking fetish fan who wanted to see his girlfriend on the 'net?women smoking