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August 31, 2008

Julia Stiles Smokes

julia stiles smoking

Found this lightup pic of actress Julia Stiles smoking somewhere on the 'net, don't know if she is in real life or not, but the pics I've seen seem to be pretty legit to me.

August 30, 2008

Nostril Exhales From French Canada

woman exhaling smoke nostril

Quebecsmoke does some very good work, particularly with more intense smoking fetish stuff like smoke in the face, but they also can be counted on for good old fashioned nostil exhale pictures as well, like this one.

August 29, 2008

Cigar French Inhale

You don't often see an open mouth or french inhale off of a cigar, but this Quebecsmoke smoking model is doing a pretty good one in this picture.

woman smoking cigar

Drew Smoking With A Friend

drew barrymore smoking with girl

This is a pretty suggestive and erotic picture of Smoking Queen Drew Barrymore sharing a smoke with a female friend. its pretty well known around the web for those of us who surf, looking for such things.

More Nostril Exhales For 'Ya

Another in the long line of pretty good, well lit, quality nostril exhale smoking pictures from our friend in French Canada, Quebecsmoke.woman exhaling smoke nostrils

Mistress Artemis, I Think...

women smoking

I think this smoking girl is named Mistress Artemis, who had a website at one time (she may still, i'm not sure) that featured her and other models engaging in all kinds of fetishes including, as you might guess, smoking. I saw one movie with her in it years back, and she was definitely very good and aware of the seductive aspect of smoking fetish

August 28, 2008

Two Lingerie Smoking Models

I posted a similar pic not too long ago with these same two blonde smoking models, only in the other one, the one inhaling was exhaling and vice versa. Nice both ways, I can't figure out which one I like better, which is half the fun of looking at the picture.

woman smoking

Smoking Rachel Model: London Andrews

This a pic forwarded to me by friend Smoking Rachel of a great model she shoot with recently named London Andrews. London is a big bust model who has been featured in SCORE magazine and did some nice smoking clips that will be featured on the dreamflixx site for download as well as on Rachel's site. buxom brunette smoking

August 27, 2008

More Melissa Jacobs

As I've blogged previously, the super hot and amazing smoking Penthouse Pet Melissa Jacobs has quit smoking, but her incredible smoking clips and pics do live on...some of them on this blog, of course.melissa jacobs smoking

Swapping Some Cigar Smoke

woman smoking 

You don't see too many smoking pics with the smoking girls swapping or blowing cigar smoke into each other's faces or mouths, so I had to give some love to this one. 

Mary Carey Smokes

Mary Carey is a famous internet webmistress and adult movie actress who made quite a name for herself a few years back by running for Governor of California (for those of you who don't follow politics...she didn't win). She has also done at least one smoking fetish movie I'm aware of, called, creatively enough, Smoking, produced by one of the commercial adult companies. It was o.k., the director was clearly not a smoking fetishist, but Mary was the best of the smoking girls and obviously in real life.mary carey smoking

August 26, 2008

Exhaling Cigar Smoke From Her Back

Always like good quality smoking pictures that have different from normal poses, a smoking girl on her back exhaling cigar smoke in black & white will do just fine for today.

women smoking

Thick Schoolgirl Nostril Exhale

woman smoking 

Random Snaps does a lot of its smoking pictures and video clips that feature a schoolgirl type thing, often with the necktie look which is, I guess, more prevalent in Britain. It works pretty well for me because they always come up with some very intense looking in real life smokers, and make the setting and exhales look sultry, very important for me.


August 25, 2008

A Real Smoking Kiss?

two girls smoking kissingI thinks its pretty obvious that, in this pic, these smoking girls are going to do the actual kiss, not just the sultry exhale of smoke into each other'e mouths.


Joan Crawford: Smoking Queen

The incomparable Joan Crawford, maybe the ultimate smoking queen of the film noir era. This smoking pic is from a movie called Rain, where Joan Crawford has a few very good dangle scenes like the one shown here in this picture.joan crawford smoking

August 24, 2008

Cigar Girl Real Closeup

women smoking cigar

This is one of the better up close pictures I've seen recently, I believe this hard core cigar smoking girl is one of the models from Noemie's Quebec Smoke. 

Sabina in "The Smoking Therapist"

Th is just one of the many smoking pictures I have of hot, buxom smoking blonde Sabina-Leigh from the hot smoking clip named "The Smoking Therapist" she shot for Smoking Rachel some time back, Rachel tells me it is probably one of her most popular clips she has ever produced. sabina leigh smoking in lingerie

You Can't Go Wrong With Black...

One of the ways the enterprising smoking fetish website/producer can hardly ever go wrong, aside from the all important issue of lighting the smoking girl, is to provide a dark, preferably black, background for the shoot. Almost always works out really well.

women exhaling smoke

Smoke Rings From A Nurse

Models in latex fetish costumes, particularly nurses, are not rare on the 'net, this one with the smoking girl in the uniform blowing tight smoke rings kind of caught my eye. Its probably the whole aspect of a woman smoking-a nurse who we wouldn't ordinarily expect to be smoking, of course, I know this isn't a realistic depiction of a nurse....of course. 

women smoking

August 23, 2008

More Good French Inhale Work From this Smoking Girl

woman smoking

I believe this is the same smoking model I've posting pics of previously doing some serious open mouth/ french inhales, but I think this one is my fave since you get a real good view of the smoke curling out of her mouth and back up into her nostrils.  


August 19, 2008

Thick or Thin Cigars, Does It Matter?

busty blonde smoking cigar

Like a lot of smoking fetishists, I really like to see girls smoking cigars, to me it doesn't really matter what kind or even how big, though I do prefer real cigars over thin things like Mores. 

January Jones Smokes

I don't know a whole lot about actress January Jones, other than I love the name "January", but this is a nice quality celebrity smoking pic and she looks in real life to me.january jones smoking 

August 18, 2008

Two Girl Smoking by Random Snaps

Do you ever notice that many times when smoking fetish producers make two girl smoking clips or pictures, they will pick smoking models that have a strong resemblance to each other, maybe trying to go for the quick, "hey, are they twins or sisters?' reacdtion. Or is it just me?woman smoking

Cigar Open Mouth Inhale

woman smoking cigar

You're more likely to see an open mouth inhale coming from a cigar smoking girl, like in this picture with the thick white smoke curling up from her mouth and around her nose. Good stuff if you ask me. 

August 17, 2008

Priscilla Presley Smokes

Probably the most famous smoking picture there is of the few showing the former wife of the King of Rock smoking. I have seen some others though, and will try to find them and post them for you. I know this one is not an exhale or inhale, but the lipstick on the cigarette is proof oenough, for me anyway, that Priscilla is legitimately smoking here. Not sure of her in real life smoking status, though. 

though.priscilla presley smoking

August 16, 2008

Megan Kicks Up Her Heels

Megan from Colight once again giving us everything we could ask for in a teasing smoking fetish picture and more with a hint of high heel/foot fetish as well.

woman smoking

August 15, 2008

Jamie King Smokes

One of the best mainstream movies I've ever seen from a smoking fetish perspective is Sin City, shot in black and white and with plenty of sultry female smokers and smoking scenes. Jamie King is just one of the beauties who did the classic film noir queens proud with her smoking performance.jamie king smoking

August 14, 2008

Intense Open Mouth Inhale

A pretty thick and, I'd say aggressive, looking open mouth inhale from Colight, arguably the best smoking fetish producer when it comes to the quality of the smoking picture or smoking video.woman smoking

Where There's Cards, There's Good Smoking

There is something about a card playing setup that often brings out the best in good looking smoking models, especially for those of us who really dig thick exhales. Randomsnaps has done quite a few smoking sets with the 'playing cards' them and this pic is another excellent capture.woman smoking

August 13, 2008

Now, That's a Deep Drag

woman smoking

A well known older smoking pic to many smoke fetishers who have been surfing for a couple of years, this is one smoking girl who is a serious deep inhaler.

August 12, 2008

Two Smoking Girl B&W Picture

woman smoking

Pretty artistic rendition of two smoking models, even moreso because its shot in sultry black and white. 

Yet Another Sultry B & W Smoking Picture

woman smokingYou guys who have been by and all through this blog over time know that I'm a sucker for a classic black & white smoking picture.

So, I did not want to disappoint you after coming across this picture somewhere on the 'net.

The thing I really liked about this capture is that it looks like it could be a nostril exhale or even the residual of a combo nostril/mouth exhale. I like the intrigue with that. 

Megan: Again....and (Hopefully) Again & Again

There was no beating Megan, IMO, when it came to smoking fetish models, and many of her videos would satisfy those smoking fetishists who have other fetishes as well: big bust, of course, and like in this picture, long, sultry fingernails. Not my thing, but they sure look good on Megan...almost anything would, don't you think?woman smoking

Smoke & Balloons?

women smoking

There is definitely something with the balloon fetish, and they often team with a pretty smoking girl blowing smoke on or in the balloons. I've got to say, I don't quite get the balloon thing. I don't say that to be mean, many, many people do not 'get' our beloved smoking fetish, either, but, to me anyway, the connection between eroticism and seduction and smoking is well evident in our popular culture. Balloons? Not dumping on it, guys, just don't get it. Feel free to explain it to me. 

August 11, 2008

Smooth Looking Exhale

woman smoking

One of the things I really like is when a picture of a smoking girl captures the exhale coming out of her mouth in such a way that her mouth isn't pursed or in a way that mouths often are with an exhale, in pics like this its just like there is a thick plume of smoke emanating from her mouth for no reason. I just like that.

Modern B&W Sultry Smoking Picture

woman smoking

I think this is a modern smoking pic that captures many of the elements of a Golden Age smoking pic, with the smoking girl in a classic prose, with the expression, the eyes, and the thick, wafting smoke being all about emphasizing the sultry, seductive power of smoking women...at least for those of us who are smoke fetishists. Obviously, the black & white aspect is a huge part of this, too.  

August 09, 2008

Nostril Exhale with Volume

As some of you know, I love voluminous exhales in general, voluminous nostril exhales in particular, though its harder to find huge nostril exhales than mouth exhales. So, I've got to give some love whenever I see a nostril exhaling smoking girl with some serious volume.blonde exhaling smoke nostrils 

Exhales, Always Looking For Exhales

woman smokingThere is always room on this smoking fetish blog for a nice exhale picture, as you all well know, and this time is no exception with this busty, blonde, smoking girl giving us a nice smoking pic capture with the exhale from what appears to be a thin cigar. 


Janice: Smoking Rachel Cigar Model

This is a cigar model named Janice, one of smoking rachel's smoking girls who did one shoot before heading off to college and knocked a lot of socks off with her inhales and combo mouth/nostril exhales on her first ever cigar.blonde exhaling cigar smoke

August 08, 2008

Smoking A Long, Long Cigar

When you look at smoking pictures like this one, you can't help but think that there is something really phallic at the heart of the smoking fetish for those of us who have it.women smoking

Shy Love Smokes

shy love smoking cigarette

She is a well known adult actress who can be found on various sites throughout the web, not sure if she has her own site or not, and I can't quite make a definite call-based on pics I've seen-as to whether or not she is an in real life smoking girl. 

August 07, 2008

Megan, Redux...

Almost nobody in the world of smoking fetish models can be counted on to produce a high quality smoking pic with the frequency of Megan from Colight.buxom blonde open mouth inhale

Exhale From Above

I always like smoking pic captures that are shot from different angles or against different backdrops or settings, anything that shows some originality. This isn't the greatest smoking picture of a smoking girl that you will ever see, but it does qualify as a decent smoking exhale picture shot just a wee bit differently. 

woman exhaling smoke

August 05, 2008

Thick Open Mouth Inhale

An exquisite open mouth inhale pic for you here in this post.brunette open mouth inhale

Blonde Exhaling Upwards

woman exhaling smoke

This would be a primo smoking fetish picture, in my opinion, if we had just a little more volume of smoke coming out of the mouth of this smoking girl. 

August 04, 2008

Smokey Kiss, Lips Touching

women kissing smoking

Well, its going to be hard to beat this smoking kiss picture for really capturing all the necessary elements of the quinteessential smoking kiss: exhale visible from both smoking girls and a legitimate "kiss" with their lips actually touching at the time of the capture. There are some like it floating around in cyberspace, but if legit smokey kiss is what you want, you won't find too many others this well rounded.

Shannon Doherty Smokes

shannon doherty smoking exhalingI am from the generation of Shannon Doherty, but I was never into the 90210 thing that made her famous...nor was I that surprised that her current return to that show was met with some laughs.

Whatever. My thing about Shannon Doherty is that any smoking picture I've seen of her shows me, at least, that she is a very sultry smoker. Often times, in real life regular to heavy smokers are not necessarily the most sultry smokers. I don't know why, maybe its because its more of a habit to them.

I seem to remember years ago reading somewhere that she smoked heavily and was trying to quit. I have no idea if she still smokes or not. Any picture of video clip that I've ever seen of her is from the '90s.

What I've seen is enough for me, at least, to crown her as a smoking queen

Classic Big Bust Smoker

buxom blonde woman exhaling smokeGoddess Sondra was a fixture online years ago, I don't think she still has a site up. She indulged in many different fetishes, smoking among them and she did produce some good quality smoking pics and smoking videos. I just don't know if they are available anywhere online.

Sabina Leigh, What A Character

buxom blonde exhaling smoke

One of the most popular clips, I'm told, on the downloadable fetish clip site Dreamflixx, is one of Sabina Leigh, a buxom SCORE model, playing a chain-smoking shrink who is seeing a patient who is, you guessed it, trying to get over his smoking fetish. This picture of Sabina is from another smokey short along the same lines, only Sabina this time is Sherry Calihan, the chain smoking "daughter" of fictional tough cop Dirty Harry Calihan. She's just as tough as Dad, but a whole lot sexier...and she is, of course, smoking all the time. Nice clip, but it doesn't take much to get you going when its Sabina Leigh.   

August 03, 2008

Asa Sharing Smoke with a Friend

This is a pretty good smoke swapping pic between Asa & Moxie from one of smoking rachel's clips, this is one of the classic smoke into the open mouth captures. Just wish it was a little closer and clearer.

two women smoking

Classy Cigar Smoking Lady

blonde smoking cigar

 A nice little french inhale pic from cigar smoking model Lorie of smokingrachel.com fame, she is also wolfing down her cigar in a very elegant dress in this particular clip. 


August 01, 2008

Erotic Smokey Kiss

brunette redhead smoke swapping

A nice bit of smoke swapping in this pic from "Betka's Smoking Pets", a really erotic smoking clip with four female smokers.  

Jenna Jameson Smokes

There are not too many quality smoking pictures of arguably the most well known adult movie star of all time, but there is more than enough out there to prove to the most discerning smoke fetishist that Jenna Jameson is an in real life smoker. Good thing for guys who follow that kind of thing, don't you think?jenna jameson smoking  

Melissa Smoking in her Bikini (Again)

melissa jacobs smokingI just love some of the smoking fetish clips former Penthouse Pet Melissa Jacobs made before she gave up the habit. My favorite set of smoking pics from her are the ones she did in her brown bikini, smoking her Capris. You can find her smoking work on one of Smoking Rachel's websites.