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July 31, 2008

OMI Closeup

woman smoking

This is a pretty good open mouth inhale, from Random Snaps, I believe, who are probably the best at consistently capturing french inhales, open mouth inhales, and smoke rings of all of the smoking fetish producers out there, in my opinion. 

July 30, 2008

Smoking Model's Thick Nostril Exhale

Kind of a classic smoking pose from one of Random Snaps more photogenic and beautiful smoking models, and a nice capture of the volume of smoke coming from her nostrilsblonde exhaling smoke nostril


Thick Nostril Exhale from a Cigar

blonde exhaling smoke nostrilsThere are so very few pics of smoking girls nostril exhaling that every time I find one, no matter how small, I'm going to post it here for you.

The smoking model in the picture is Lorie, who shot for Smoking Rachel's website a couple of years back.  

July 29, 2008

Smoke Swapping British Style

This is the essence of smokeswapping or, as some smoking fetishists call it, smokey kisses. To me, its key that you can actually see the exhaled smoke being passed between the smoking girls and both are actually smoking. Like it, guys. No surprise, given that it is a smoking-models. com production.two girls smoking kissing

Thick Exhale Lit From Overhead

blonde woman exhaling smokeWell lit exhale, it seems, from above the smoking model. I'm always amazed at the volume of smoke some smoking girls can produce when exhaling in addition to how well it can look when its lit properly.


July 28, 2008

How to Smoking Pic on Smoke Rings

This gal is certainly in the middle of producing another real thick smoke ring to follow the one she blew earlier that is captured in the same pic. This is a good instructive smoking picture for any smoking model who wants to learn how to blow smoke rings the proper way.girl blowing smoke rings

Paulina Porizkova Smokes

paulina porizkova smoking

This Czech super model was on the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue back in the day, so maybe I dated myself by giving that up to those of you too young to know who she is.

But, anyway, I do recall having seen some smoking pics of her on the 'net and in the media along the way, but not enough for me to make a call on whether or not she is, or ever was, an in real life smoker.

What I can say, however, without any hesitation, is that she is one very sultry and sexy smoker when she does smoke, no question. 


July 22, 2008

Danni Ashe Smoking...

Acually, I don't think the name sake of the most successful adult site of all time does smoke in real life, though some of her many, many gorgeous girlfriends do. But, there are only a couple of legit smoking pics of her out there, and this is one of them.danni ashe lighting up cigarette  

Swapping Smoke: Asa & Fayth

This is a pretty good smoke swapping pic from a couple of Smoking Rachel's models, Asa and Fayth. The clip this is taken from actually has three models swapping smoke from their exhales.girls smoking kissing

July 21, 2008

Open Mouth Inhale in Shades

The effect of a nice, thick, opewn mouth inhale is enhanced very much, at least to me, when the model is wearing something dark, or has dark features, or when the lighting really accentuates some but not all of the smoke. Kind of like this pic, which is why it made it to the blog.woman exhaling smoke

Julie Simone: Smoking Queen

brunette smoking wafting exhale 

Julie Simone has been a presence on the net for a while and has a fair share of smoking fetish work in her content. I'm not too familiar with it, other than to recognize her in smoking pics I find on the 'net, such as this one. She sure does have the sultry aspect of smoking down to a 'T'. 

Smoking Model's Thick Nostril Exhale

Kind of a classic smoking pose from one of Random Snaps more photogenic and beautiful smoking models, and a nice capture of the volume of smoke coming from her nostrilsblonde exhaling smoke nostril


Can't Get Enough Thick Exhales

I love, and do mean really love, very thick exhales in a high volume.woman smoking

July 20, 2008

Nice Tight Little Smoke Ring

woman blowing smoke ringsA pretty decent smoke ring from this lady in the fedora.

July 19, 2008

Nostril Exhale from a Stogie

This is cigar smoking model named Janice who had never smoked a cigar prior to her shoot with Smoking Rachel, but wanted to try them and inhaled her way through a couple of cigars, giving some decent combo and nostril exhales in her premier smoking fetish performance.blonde smoking cigar nostril exhale


July 18, 2008

More from Sultry Sabina Leigh

One of the most sultry models my pal Rachel has ever worked with, in my opinion. Buxom, beautiful, and a very deep inhaler for all of you hard core smoke fetishers. On some of her clips you can hear her inhaling deeply.buxom blonde smoking

Cat Smoking with her Hookah

Cat is one of the more prolific smoking models that has worked with Smoking Rachel since I've been a fan of that site. It seems that Cat is fairly partial to the hookah, and I do like hookah smoking pictures and clips, if for no other reason than the large volume of smoke that is produced.

brunette smoking hookah nostril exhale

July 16, 2008

A Pretty Thick French Inhale for 'Ya

An extremely thick open mouth, or french if you will, inhale. I like it, don't know about you. Does the B&D collar add to it at all for you?woman smoking french inhale

July 15, 2008

Cigar Smoking Specialist Leah

Leah was one of those smoking models who preferred and did most of her smoking fetish work with cigars. She was very prolific with the open mouth inhales and wafting.woman open mouth inhale cigar


Two Open Mouth Inhales

Two smoking girls is fast becoming my favorite sub-genre of the smoking fetish, although big busted smokers and smoke rings will always be up near the top.two women smoking 

July 14, 2008

Julia Roberts Smokes

julia roberts smoking 

No doubt about it, she has turned in a couple of smoking performances in her movies that are enough to convince me that Julia Roberts is, or was, an in real life smoker


Another Busty Smoker with a Holder

busty woman smoking with holder 

Some of you have read this smoking fetish blog a little know that I have no great love for holders in my smoking fetish content in and of themselves, but I can deal with holders if there is something about the model that draws me to it. 

July 11, 2008

Marlene Dietrich: Smoking Queen

marlene dietrich smokingOne of the most classic smoking vamps of yesteryear, and probably one of those smoking sirens from the film noir era who is probably, in some small way, responsible for the creation of the smoking fetish as it exists in the cinema.

Marlene Dietrich actually did have some virtuoso smoking performances in herw movies, though most of them will probably be hard to find. I did see one years ago on TV but, alas, I do not recall the name of the flick, but it is clear she was a hellacious in real life smoker, she did some awesome handsfree inhales and exhales.      

Frankie from SmokingRachel

Petite, yet buxom, model Frankie has done a couple of smoking clips for Smoking Rachel's site that are, I'm told, among the best selling and most popular clips Rachel has ever produced. Even if this is the first pic you've ever seen of her, I'm sure you can tell why.big busted blonde smoking bikini

July 10, 2008

Serious Nostril Exhale

woman exhaling smoke through nostrils

A nice, heavy volume, nostril exhale from the very reliable producers who run Random Snaps.

Justine Joli & Smoking Friend

The one on the left is Justine Joli, a former Penthouse Pet, if I'm not mistaken. Don't know who her blonde friend is but you can't go wrong with any two girl smoking picture even if you do not know who they are.two girls smoking

July 09, 2008

Smoking with a Collar

blonde woman smoking

I know its not politically correct, but I do like the way some models look while wearing a collar, and if its a picture of a smoking model like this one, well, that is pretty good thing.

July 08, 2008

Smoke Swapping with the Nurse

A staple of all fantasy/fetish or whatever you want to call it, is the nurse character and smoking fetish is no different, with many multi model smoking girl pic sets and videos having one of the models dolled up like a nurse. two women smoking

July 07, 2008

A Pretty Good Exhale

women smokingThe ultimate key for smoking fetish producers who really want to produce the highest quality smoking pictures is backlighting.

All of Specialized Videos smoking clips are always well lit. I'd like to see more-or even some-variety in their settings, but you can't help but love the lighting.  


Smokevision Tops with the Smoke Rings

The smoke ring captured in mid formation, the old Smokevision, now Lightup Time, has to have more quality smoke ring picture sets than any other producer I've seen out there on the internet.women smoking

July 06, 2008

Combo Nostril/Mouth Exhale

woman exhaling smoke nostril

A really nice closeup of a combination nostril and mouth exhale, hopefully the combination of the mouth and nose won't ruin for the smoking fetish guys who only love nostril exhales.  

July 05, 2008

Smoking Melissa Jacobs

melissa jacobs smoking

The smoking clips of Penthouse model Melissa Jacobs were very, very sultry and seductive.

July 04, 2008

Lisa Lipps: Busty Smoker

Webmistress and busty model Lisa Lipps is an in real life smoker and her smoking pictures can be found both on this blog and all over the web for the smoking fetishist who is looking.lisa lipps smoking

July 01, 2008

Thick, Closeup Smoke Ring

women smoking 

The one thing I really like about seeing an awesome smoke rings picture is when the exhaled smoke ring captured in the picture is really, really thick. The smoking fetish producer who has the lighting down to a science can provide this, but of course its really the smoking prowess of the model that is most valuable.