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June 30, 2008

Open Mouth Inhale From Celete

A pretty good pic capturing Smoking Queen Celeste with a fair open mouth inhale.women smoking

Smoking in a Fedora

woman smoking french inhale

I like the image of a woman wearing a fedora while she is smoking. I know that smoking rachel has a model named Titania who did a cigar smoking clip wearing a fedora and it was a very good one.

This is a pretty good pic, as well, and its a nice mix of the fedora and a nice, tight, french inhale.  

June 29, 2008

Unknown Redhead from Colight

woman smoking

This is a vidcap from a pretty good smoking fetish video I saw years ago produced by Coherent Light. It featured three women smoking in a leather domme scene and this redhead was the best, in my opinion. As with all videos from Coherent Light, all the models were seriously heavy smokers. I don't know her name and I don't think she ever did another video that I'm aware of. I don't know the name of the video, but if you see it somewhere, go ahead and pick it up. 

Smoke in the Face

women smoking

This is about as clear cut a face blowing picture as you're going to see, though the smoking models are further apart than usual. The recipient of the smoke in the face really seems to enjoy it, though. Another in the long line of dark side type of smoking so prevalent on coherent light's site.  

June 28, 2008

Handsfree Inhale/Exhale

women smoking

 A handsfree inhale and exhale is pretty rare in my experience of looking at smoking fetish pictures and videos, so whenever I see one I try too get it and put it up here.

Twin French Inhales

If you like french inhales, its hard not to like double the fun when you see two smoking models both doing french inhales at the same time.woman smoking

June 27, 2008

Sexy Gloves, Too...

The old staple of a quality smoking fetish pic is a beautiful female smoker wearing long, elegant gloves or, as in this pic, short, tight black gloves that give off a feel that I like better. Not quite as aristocractic looking as the long gloves, which is a good thing.brunette exhaling

Smoke Swapping from a Distance

two women smokey kiss

The thing I like about this smoking pic is that there is a good deal of space between the mouths of the smoke swapping smoking models. You can really see the exhale going from one girl to the other, although it might disqualify it from being an official "smokey kiss" pic, but smoke-swapping for sure.  

June 26, 2008

Joan Crawford: Smoking Queen

The great Joan Crawford smoking in the movie Rain.joan crawford smoking

June 25, 2008

Drifting in Black & White

I really like black & white smoking pics, I wish we would see even more of them from the many smoking fetish producers.smoking women





Some Lana Cox...

More of the sultry smoking Lana Cox for 'ya.woman smoking

June 24, 2008

Quartet of Smoke Swappers

Its not too often that I use the word "quartet", much less in a multiple smoking girl pictures, but this is the most number of smoking girls I've ever seen swapping smoke/smokey kissing. Had to make it onto the blog.woman smoking

Closeup Exhale Picture

Sometimes you will see extreme closeup smoking pictures on smoking fetish sites like the one on this post, that really capture the essence of the exhale in addition to the mouth/nost of the female smoker.woman smoking

June 23, 2008

Difference between OMI and French Inhale?

The open mouth inhale is, to me, vey much like the french inhale, and I really can't explain the difference, or at least what I think is the diffence, very well...but, to paraphrase a famous definition, I know it when I see it. Maybe its just a matter of the french inhale being ones only in which the smoking model draws/inhales the smoke back up into her nose. This is where being a nonsmoker really hurts me as a smoking fetish fan...but, its the best I can do.woman smoking

June 22, 2008

Cigar Smokey Kiss

women smoking kissing 

One of the few smokey kiss pics I've ever seen with the two smoking models smoking cigars. It works real well with cigars since you know you're going to see so much smoke...pretty good on the kiss for these two as well.




Melissa Jacobs Update...

 melissa jacobs smoking

The stunning Penthouse Pet from OCT. '05, has told Smoking Rachel that she has given up the habit, which is good news of, course, unless you're a smoking fetisher who enjoyed Melissa Jacobs smoking clips and were looking forward to more.   

June 21, 2008

Small Pic, Thick Exhale

woman exhaling thick volume smokeMan, do I wish this smoking picture was a whole lot bigger than this, it would be one of my all time faves if it were, not that it is anything to sneeze at right now.

I just love thick, voluminous exhales that, due to the capacity of the smoking model and the lighting, look almost impossible to have come from one petite (or even if she is buxom) smoking woman.   

Classic 2 Smoking Model Pose

woman smoking 

So I thought this was a classic type of two girl smoking pic, usually the smoking pictures with two female smokers has the implication of sensuality, which is what so many of us like about the, but it is possible to get that quality of theme with two good captures of smoking women without being so obvious about it...which is o.k., too.

Jet Stream Nostril Exhale

woman exhaling smoke nostrilsKind of giving us a look from a little bit below in this pic, so we can clearly see the defined streams of smoke coming out of each one of the smoking models nostrils.

Think of it as two separate jet streams of smoke, if you are into that kind of a description.   

June 20, 2008

Sultry, sultry, sultry

brunette exhaling smokeSometimes its the background setting that makes a smoking model look so good in her picture, like this one, in my opinion.

And, I don't just mean background in terms of lighting the exhale. Maybe I'm really talking about mood, setting, etc. But, if you look at this pic, it just screams "SULTRY SMOKING!" due to the lighting, the fact that she is wearing a bra...all of that.

Can you say smoking in the afterglow?

Blog News

woman smoking

 I haven't forgotten about my promise to start placing some smoking fetish clips on this blog for you.

I'm trying to make the main site and this blog a completely enjoyable and regular stop for you on your surfs around the internet for quality and fresh smoking fetish material.

Give me a few more days to start posting them, they will be free, of course, and right now the only producer I have on board is smoking rachel with some of the material she has produced in conjunction with dreamflixx.

I'm thinking that the clips will be posted within blog posts and will be in addition to the smoking pics and my random smokey musings and observations.


June 19, 2008

A Voluminous Exhale

Some say its all about lighting the exhale, others might say its the lung capacity of the smoking model plus how hard she drags, others would say the type of cigarette/cigar that is smoked is really the key, or it might be a combination of all of these factors to some degree as to the age old question of how and why some female smoking models are able to produce such thick exhales with almost unbelievable volume.women exhaling thick volume of smoke 

Quality of the French Inhale

women smoking

One of the other types of smoking tricks that is pretty difficult to capture from the smoking fetish producer point of view is the french inhale , I don't think so much because its as hard to capture s a clear nostril exhale, but because, for some reason, you just don't see the smoking models doing them as much and its pretty much non-existent from the candid/ in real life smoking aspect.  

June 18, 2008

Close, real close

busty woman smoking

For various reasons, this blog has and will continue to maintain a policy of no nudity in the pictures posted directly on the blog. I believe its more than possible to enjoy pics/videos of beautiful smoking models without seeing the smoking women nude, though I have nothing against it, its a blog requirement thing. This is probably as close as we'll come...on this blog at least.

Chelsea Charms Smokes

O.k., O.k., I know she is not smoking in this picture and almost every pic on this blog features the smoking model exhaling or as least dragging hard for an inhale (there are more than enough posing/holding smoking pics out there), but I do have a category called Big Bust Smokers, and this gal Chelsea Charms evidently smokes and to say she is big busted is a little bit of an understatement...so she fits, right? huge busted woman holding cigarette


June 17, 2008

More Feelings about Holders

The idea of smoking with a holder has never been overly appealing to me, its just too aristocractic, but its not something that is a "deal breaker" to me. There are some smoking pictures with holders that are very high quality smoking fetish representations, usually for me its in spite of the holder,not because of it.woman smoking

June 16, 2008

Smoking Downtown

blonde woman exhaling smokeThis is a pretty good exhale picture, in my opinion, with the smoking model appearing to be outside but she is really against the window of a building with a downtown view, so to speak.

I've blogged before about the effect of natural light on exhales and how, in cases like this one, they can come out even better than those lit with harsh, artificial lights.

I've had a couple of smoking fetish video producers tell me that lighting a scene or pic with natural light is tricky, with much less room for movement on the part of the model because the light has to be just right to get that awesome capture.        

Another Great Nostril Exhale

blonde woman exhaling smoke nostrilsJust when I blog about how difficult it is to capture a good, quality, voluminous nostril exhale when you are trying to do so as a smoking fetish videographer/photographer, I run into yet another such picture.

Maybe they've been out there on the net all of this time and I just did not find them for some reason? Who knows, but guys, I can assure you, I'm really looking. If I had to pic a favorite type of exhale, it would be close between the smoke rings and nostril exhales.  

June 15, 2008

Polish Model Ewa Sonnet Smokes

busty woman smoking 

Ewa Sonnet is an adult webmistress based in Poland who ran her own site at one time which linked to sites of other buxom Polish babes, don't know if she is still in charge of it or not. These smoking pics of her is one of my favorites and the only one I've seen of her smoking on the 'net.ewa sonnet smoking



Lana Cox & Friend

two blondes smoking cigarettesThe amazing Lana Cox, left, smokes seductively with her blonde British friend.

Open Mouth Inhale From The Cigar

woman open mouth inhale cigar smoke 

Thick enough for you cigar loving fetishists? How about you guys that like open mouth inhales/drifting/wafting? I think its an incredible pic of Titania, yet another one of Rachel's models and one who only smokes cigars, I'm told. 

June 14, 2008

Cigarette Between the Teeth


I'm not much for the cigarette clenched between the teeth look, but it is pretty appealing to some in the smoking fetish community, playing way into the "bad girls smoke thing".

Natural Lighting of Exhale

Sometimes nothing will light a drifting exhale, or any kind of exhale, better than the natural light.woman smoking cigarette

June 13, 2008

More Love for Megan

woman exhaling smoke

Just some more love, or an homage if you will, for my all time favorite smoking model, Megan from Colight. 


Classic Nostril Exhale

red haired model exhaling smoke nostrils

I've said before that capturing the nostril exhale was one of the hardest things to do for the smoking fetish videographer or photographer, but this picture is one of those excellent few that does so in the classic way.

Lana Cox: Smoking Queen

lana cox smoking

Lana Cox is a native born Russian who now lives in Britain and ran a high quality smoking fetish site years ago. She did custom smoking fetish videos as well, including one for moi and still has a ton of smoking pictures floating out there on the 'net. Her website now seems to be focused on leg fetish more than anything, don't know if she has given up the smoking fetish niche or not. We'll have to see, won't we. 

Smokey Thoughts

Over the next few days you will be seeing some changes/improvements on this blog, including links to (free) smoking fetish clips, an additional search box, and some of the pics I've accumulated for you in gallery form on the main site. Bear with me, it will take a little time.black woman exhaling smoke 

Lisa Lipps Smokes

big bust lisa lipps smokingLisa Lipps is a well known big bust webmistress and, from what I can tell from her smoking pics, on the 'net, an in real life smoker. Lighting up a More(?) in this pic.  

June 12, 2008

Smoking Queen: Lucy Zara

Lucy Zara is a high profile British model and webmistress who has done quite a bit of smoking fetish work on sites like Elegant Smoking and Smoking-Models. I know that Smoking Rachel was in talks with her, too, to bring her over to the States for a smoking fetish shoot. We can only hope it comes to be.buxom blonde smoking


Smokey Thoughts

Nothing is sexier than a smoking woman who knows she's sexy while she's smoking and works at it. Believe me, I know from talking to buddy smoking rachel that many of them do...sometimes even in real life well before they became "famous" on the 'net in smoking fetish sites.brunette open mouth inhale

Smoking Misc.

busty woman exhaling smokeThis is the quinteesential afterglow smoking pic, what with the robe on, the slightly devilish look, and the high sun that makes it look like its her first smoke of the morning. 

June 11, 2008

Graceful, Thick Exhale

I like the kind of exhale pic where it does not even look-from the smoking model's mouth-that she is really even trying to exhale.

brunette exhaling smoke

Celeste: Smoking Queen

I was a fan of Celeste, who has a nice site with lots of quality smoking content, I was a member several years ago and the site was nice, though I do not think it has been updated in a while, as in years. But, anyway, she was certainly an in real life and provacative smoker with a ton of smoking fetish pics floating around the 'net over the last decade. She is also very beautiful not to mention buxom, which does not hurt her appeal as a smoking queen. busty blonde smoking with holder

Two Models Sharing A Cigarette

two women smokingI like these kind of 2 girl smoking pics where one smoking girl is feeding the other the cigarette/cigar.



There is something erotic about that, at least to me.



This kind of pose is pretty standard for most smoking fetish sites out there on the web, so there must be a whole lot of smoke fetishists who think like me.



I think the ultimate smoking pic in this regard would be to capture exhales from both smoking models in the pic.


June 10, 2008

Dragging in Style

woman smoking cigarette  

 This is a pretty good posed lightup/dragging pic I found recently, I guess its more dragging than lightup, but the lighter in the pose means I have to give it some lightup consideration.

Smokey Thoughts

woman smoking cigarette


Original 2 Girl Light Up

two girls lighting upInteresting way for two smoking girls to light each other up, as they say. Not the highest quality for the pic itself, but I really like the originality of the pose, if you will pardon the overly "artsy" expression.

I would really like it if more of our quality smoking fetish sites on the 'net would try to capture original or thought provoking poses/scenes like this for their smoking pictures and clips.

June 09, 2008

Nostril Exhale Cigar Smoke

woman exhaling cigar nostrilIts really not going to be often that you will see a smoking model exhaling cigar smoke through her nostrils. But, as this pic will prove, Lorie of Smoking Rachel fame, did just that throughout most of her clips for the site.  

Smoking Thoughts

The thing I like most about cigar pics and clips is that the exhales are almost always thicker and easier to see. Of course, some no doubt like cigar pics just because they are longer and thicker, and we can draw our own conclusions as to the meaning behind that.woman smoking cigarS

Shout Out to Specialized Videos

woman exhaling smoke through nostrilProbably the hardest thing to film well is a thick, quality nostril exhale, which almost has to be shot in a studio setting to get the highest quality, at least in my opinion. Specialized Videos gets the credit for this one.

That's The Way to Light an Exhale...

woman exhaling smoke

Now, as all of you discerning smoking fetishists will agree, this is how you light a smoking fetish pic or video!! 

Smoking Thoughts

The proportion of nice quality smoking pics that are candid (opposed to posed/studio) is, in my opinion, about 1 in 10 at best, but there is something kind of special about capturing good smoking in a real life situation with an attractive female smoker. I can see where the candid/in real life smoking fans are coming from.  

buxom woman smoking

Mamie Van Doren Smokes

mamie van doren smokingMamie Van Doren was one of the vivacious, buxom, bad-girl vixxens of the "B" movies in the 50's and 60's...some would still say she turns heads today as she has a very seductive topless scene in the movie Slackers at the age of 71.

I'm not sure if she was in real life or not, or if she actually smokes in this movie (Girls Town) back then movie posters often had the femme fatale pose with a cigarette to enhance the bad girl image.

Selena From Colight: Smoking Queen

 blonde woman smoking in leatherProbably the first great smoking model from the first great smoking fetish site, Coherent Light, was Selena, pictured here. An incredible smoker who was featured when Colight got its famous write up in the Wall St. Journal back in the '90s.

I saw a few of her videos and was disappointed when she stopped doing smoking fetish videos. But, you can still see her work if you like as one or two of her videos are still being sold on Colight, at least the last time I checked/    

Smoking Thoughts

I'm wondering what smoking fetishists think about the effect of different formats on their viewing of smoking fetish clips. I know some sites, like Smoking-models, have some content in High Definition, I wonder if it really has that much of an effect on the quality of the clip, particularly the all important exhale.

brunette exhaling smoke

June 08, 2008

Pink Smokes

pink smokingNot too knowledgeable about the music of Pink, but do know, from this pic alone, that she is an in real life smoker who can produce a healthy nostril exhale.

Smoking Model Carey

Carey did a smoking shoot for Rachel's site some time ago that was very good, in my opinion. She was a very deep inhaler and had classic Mediterranean beauty looks. Don't know if we will ever see her again, but she left some good smoking fetish clips in her wake if was a solo show.busty brunette smoking  

Real Life Cigar Babe

A nice Southernwoman smoking cigar Charms Cigar babe.

June 07, 2008

Match Light Up

Something you see less and less, whether it is on smoking fetish sites or in real life, is a smoking woman lighting up with matches instead of a lighter. I know that there is a distinct sub-group among smoke fetishers that prefer or need the match light up to completely satisfy their compulsion.buxom woman lighting cigarette 

June 06, 2008

Smoking Model Rae

brunette woman smoking

Another one of Smoking Rachel's beautiful smokers, Rae is prolific with both cigarettes and cigars.

Collage of Smoking Pics

I just got a nice litte collage of smoking pics from my good friend who runs one of the better smoking fetish sites on the 'net...at least in my opinion. Sending me pics of smoking models like this  helps that opinion , that's for sure.two blonde women smoking 

Model Suzi

I've talked about Suzi in this blog before. She is arguably the first "big catch" in the growing stable of smoking models who appear on Smoking Rachel's site. A movie actress, you can catch Suzi in a number of gory horror flicks-horror is her genre of choice- or in her biggest screen time to date, the movie Music & Lyrics with Hugh Grant. (Suzi is the nurse in the music vide sequence at the beginning of the movie). Anyway, Suzi was a sexy smoker, the first to really act in the skits Smoking Rachel loves to do, and according to Rachel, one of the nicest models she has worked with to date. No word on whether or not Suzi will ever come back to the world of smoking fetish, but we can always hope.

blonde woman smoking   

My Favorite Sub-Fetish

I don't know for sure what it is for me. I do know there are many sub-fetishes within the whole smoking fetish: smoke rings, holders, lipstick on the cigarette, inhaling cigars, open mouth inhales, you name it, the list goes on and on. I really like nostril exhales, but I don't know that I could honestly say its my favorite sub-fetish. In thinking about this, however, I do think that I have to mention two smoking girls as being up there, I go for that in a major way, no question about it.two busty women smoking

June 05, 2008

Clair Danes Smokes

clair danes smokingNot the best smoking pic you will ever see but one of the only ones, if not the only one, I have ever seen of the star of the Mod Squad, Terminator III, and other films actually smoking. Can't make too educated a guess on her in real life status from the pic, but it does look like she's dragging hard.   

Sofia Loren: Smoking Queen

A much bigger and better close up dragging pic of the smoking Italian beauty than I've been able to find anywhere else on the 'net.sofia loren smoking

A True Smokey Kiss Picture

two women smoking

Probably the closes thing I've seen to a picture where both smoking models are actually smoking and kissing at the same time.

Smoking Seduction Site.

jill kelly smoking

Its almost embarrssing to admit, but I just recently stumbled upon the good smoking fetish site Smoking Seduction, even moreso because they have a link to this site and they've obviously been there for a while, but better late than never for this site which has tons of pics and focuses on celebs and well known internet stars as the objects of most of its pics/galleries. This one is of adult film star Jill Kelly smoking.

June 04, 2008

Smokey Thoughts

I'm toying with the idea of posting smoking clips every once in a while in addition to the pics I post. The issue will be if I can get them regularly enough to make it something readers, who those who just happen on by, can count on.brunette woman exhaling smoke 

I'll be talking to Smoking Rachel about providing me with some. Hopefully, I can convince her, keep your fingers crossed.

Aria Giovanni Smokes

playmate aria giovanni smokesA nice, sultry, and seductive pic of former Playmate and internet webmistress Aria Giovanni smoking what I think is a thin cigar.

Smoking Misc.

Probably the hardest thing in terms of catching a pretty woman smoking in public-aside from the obvious that there are not that many of them because smoking is prohibited in so many places-is the "caught looking" factor, which can be kind of embarrassing. Not only to the fetishists who is trying to see, but also his company, if he has any in the restaurant, bar, whatever...you know, the "what do you keep looking at her for?" factor. Been there, done that a couple of times.buxom blonde dragging on cigarette

June 03, 2008

Thick, thick smoke ring...

woman blowing smoke rings

Now those of you smoking fetishists who like your smoke rings think should be ecstatic over this picture, I don't know if I've ever seen one thicker than this smoke ring.


Lightup for the Girlfriend

This is a pretty good capture of two women lighting up at the same time, I know one is dragging, but its obvious she lit herself up first and then her girlfriend.two blonde girls smoking   

Three on a Match Pic

This picture is from a movie made in the early 1930's called Three on a Match, which features several scenes of three childhood friends getting together every so often to talk about life (one is doing well, one o.k., and one not so good) and they have a habit of lighting all three of their cigarettes on one match, which I guess is some kind of bad luck omen. I saw it years ago on TV as a little guy, so I could not appreciate the fetish aspect of it, but smoke fetishists who love lightups would like this one b/c there are at least 3 scenes of three women lighting up. Of course its in black & white which often adds to the viewing of the smoke. The one on the left is the incomparable Bette Davis, probably the most prolific of all of the smoking queens, the one in the middle is Joan Blondell (best known to people of my generation as Blanche, the bumbling secretary to the principal in the movie Grease ), the one on the right is Ann Dvorak, don't know much about her.bette davis smoking 

The Leather Domme Look


 woman smoking wearing leather

For a lot of smoking fetishists, the act of a woman smoking is mixed up with some feelings of needing a dominant, or "in control" edge from the woman/model, and smoking probably just adds to that. You know, the "only bad girls smoke thing", which is a very real and quiet assumption, but is kind of idiotic if you actually live in the real world. Anyway, the naughty girl smoking/domme thing is only heightened by things like latex, leather, and thigh high boots, like this smoking gal.  

June 02, 2008

An Exquisite Smoking Picture

two women smoking

This is one of the most erotic smoking pictures I've ever seen, It did not come from a smoking fetish site, as you might guess, but from a photographer's portfolio I ran across online.  

Gisele Bundchen Smokes

I have to admit I had never heard of Gisele until she started dating Tom Brady (I follow football a little more closely than the supermodels), but I did see this pic that purports to be Ms. Bundchen smoking and must say she does not disappoint in the least.gisele bundchen smoking   

June 01, 2008

Inhaling the Cigar

So many smoking fetishists don't particularly care for smoking clips or pics where the models are smoking cigars, and one of the main reasons is that the models most often do not inhale, a necessity for some. Smoking model Monique, one of Smoking Rachel's earliest finds, definitely did inhale and this clip from where I got the pic of her smoking a cigar and shooting pool shows the best of her.woman exhaling cigar smoke

Smokey Thoughts

blonde woman exhaling

The more I go around the web, the more respect I have for people who put together themed or niche sites, particularly smoking fetish of course, and keep those sites running over a period of time. It is not easy in the fast changing world of the internet to keep up with the advances and demands of your customers, who are those of us who surf the 'net and expect that each site should have all of the bells and whistles of the best site we ever saw. There is also the competition, which is good in a way, of course, but its got to make it tough in a niche like smoking fetish where so many of us act personally offended if a smoking fetish producer dares to make a clip or post a pic that isn't well lit, doesn't show the inhale (or the exhale) in the way we want, doesn't show the model smoking the particular cigarette (or cigar) we like, has sound (or doesn't have sound), or worst of all, if we don't like the particular smoking model. You guys know how we are. So, thanks to all of the gals and guys out there who produce content that some of us enjoy so much.