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January 31, 2008

Smokey Musings....

One thing i've wondered about is why more smoking fetish sites don't make movies or scenes-with a plot- in their content. I would guess that most guys who have a smoking fetish realized they had it by watching a movie/TV show or watching someone in real life going through her normal routine...probably not just sitting against black fabric and smoking while not saying a word or doing anything else...not that there is anything wrong with that, bu c'mon. But, I guess its hard to film that sort of thing and, of course, you would not want to skimp out on the smoking. Just a thought.     

brunette smoking

January 24, 2008

This is a French Inhale!

busty blonde smoking 

The very essence of a french inhale!!

January 22, 2008

Smokey Musings...

The thing that is so attractive, to me, about smoking pics, clips, and sites is that they capture moments you would almost never see except for them being staged. And, even if you do see an awesome sighting in real life, its gone in an instant unless you have it captured on film. Smoking fetish sites, in particular, can do this for you. I just think this one thing that will always beat the candid, public sightings. 

blonde woman smoking cigar

January 09, 2008

To Waft or Inhale a Cigar?

busty woman smoking cigar

Some guys don't  like gals smoking cigars because they rarely inhale, but I have never minded the wafting you almost always get with a cigar pic or video. I know from some smoking fetish producers that they prefer shooting cigar clips if for no other reason than you can more easily capture the smoke. Other guys only like cigar shots if the model is inhaling. Me? I'm easy, have found plenty of beauty in both. 

January 01, 2008

Smoking Girl From Deutschland

woman exhaling smoke in bra This is a pic of a German smoking girl that I found on a German language smoking fetish site.