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August 29, 2007

Tracy Scoggins Smokes

tracy scoggins smoking

These are not the best quality smoking pictures, really just vidcaps from a B movie, a sci-fi flick with middle age beauty Tracy Scoggins playing an alien life form who is always smoking. Unfortunately, she is only in the movie for the last few minutes, but the smoking is pretty sexy from her and might be worth a pickup if you can find it cheap. I don't remember the name of the flick, but you can probably find it on IMBD by searching under Tracy Scoggins name.tracy scogins smoking

August 28, 2007

Justine Joli Smokes

The adult webmistress and Penthouse model use to have her own site and is definitely an in real life smoker. She has a few of those sultry wafting exhale smoking pics out there in cyberspace, so look for them.justine joli smoking

August 27, 2007

Marcia Brady Smokes


maureen mccormick smoking

These aren't the best smoking pictures you will ever see, but how often do you see Marcia Brady herself-brought to life forevermore by actress Maureen Mccormick-smoking like she knows what she is doing? Not often, that's right, so these grainy pics-no doubt its Marcia-will warm the heart of any true smoking fetishist who loves to know which one of his fave female celebrities smoke. And, we all know Marica Brady is one of our favorites.

marcia brady smoking 



August 22, 2007

Melissa and her Capris

Rachel told me once that when she shot with Melissa Jacobs for the second time, Melissa had done her "smoking research" and found out from some other model friends of hers told her Capris would produce a great volume of smoke, but were light enough that Melissa could smoke them all day...being a nonsmoker, I have no idea if this is true, but I do know Melissa's smoking clips are top tier all of the way.melissa jacobs smoking    

August 21, 2007

Smoking Model M.J.

M.J. is a new addition to the growing stable of smoking models on Rachel's site this month. Very petitie, but a powerful smoker as you can see from her clips.brunette smoking bikini 

August 15, 2007

Wafting From Cat

This is a nice looking, hefty wafting exhale from one of Smoking Rachel's models named Cat. I love the way Cat lets the smoke waft from her mouth and often follows up with a residual exhale. But, you have to see the actual smoking clip to get the full benefit of it, in my opinion.brunette blowing smoke

Thick, Thick Exhales from Astrid...

busty woman thick exhale

Thick exhale from Astrid, who Smoking Rachel says is probably the deepest inhaler and thickest exhaler of all the models she has ever shot with, what's even better is that, though Astrid lives quite a ways away from where Rachel shoots, they both has a great time, loved working with each other, and have talked about that next shoot. So, smoke fetishists, stay tuned.  

August 08, 2007

The Wet Hair Dangle

I'm normally not a big dangle guy, though I know some smoking fetishists love a good picture of a woman dangling her cigarette. But, I can make an exception for Sarenna Lee.sarenna lee smoking    

Smoking Model Nicole

blonde exhaling smoke

Nicole is one of the most classically beautiful smoking models that I have ever seen on the web, bussy Smoking Rachel says that Nicole was fun to shoot with, unfortunately her burgeoning career means that she might not hook up again for another ahoot...don't be shocked to see Nicole one day in the future when you go to see a flick. 

August 04, 2007

Nostril Exhale From Below

woman exhaling smoke nostrils noseCertainly nothing to write home about, this pic of the smoking model exhaling through her nose will not make it into the pantheon of nostril exhale smoking pics.

But I do like smoking pictures that do something a little different, and I like the slight down below vantage point of the picture here.


August 01, 2007

A Girl Who Really Loves Her Cigar

girl smoking cigar

There is something for a lot of smoke fetishists about a smoking girl who really goes to town, so to speak, on her cigar. Especially if she is really taking a thick exhale or puff or an actual inhale. I like this pic, particularly, because the smoking model here is definitely really smoking the cigar and seems to be comfortable with it.