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March 31, 2007

Justine Joli Smoking

Justine Joli is a Penthouse model who has her own site and tons of pics all over the web. This pic has to be one of the better in real life candid pics you are going to see. I've seen some of her "posed" smoking pics and this one is much, much better. Score one for the candid guys.justine joli smoking

An Exquisite Exhale...

This pic is probably the signature pic for Random Snaps, one of the ones they feature prominent ly on their homepage. To me, its one of the best exhale pics I've ever seen, everything is perfect, lighting model, pose, etc. You can't get much better than this.brunette exhaling smoke




March 26, 2007

Smoking Misc.

Do you ever wonder about people who go to blogs and make sure to let people know they are "disgusted" by the content. I just wonder, could any think of a greater waste of time? I'm talking about the clowns who pretend that the sight of a woman smoking is disgusting to them. So what? Fine. Why are you going to sites that feature that? Plenty disturbs me, but I don't see it much on the net because, its real simple, I don't see it because it disturbs me. Why would I surf the net to find something I supposedly don't like, leave an idiotic comment, and then actually think its going to stay there for someone to see? Well, I guess there is something I'm missing. So, keep it up, blog spammers, you are changing the world.woman exhaling smoke

March 21, 2007

The Shotgun Effect...

with two smoking models-one feeding the cigarette to the other-is another one of those things within the fetish that a lot of fans, including me, really like but you don't see as much as you would think. Of course, I understand, its hard enough to get one quality model, less two. And, of course, its the sensual implication that I really like. This great pic is from Random Snaps.two women smoking   

March 19, 2007

Power Smoking...

Well, its definitely a popular sub-festish of the main one and, like I've ssaid in this blog before, you can always safely expect Colight and Quebec Smoke to put out this type of content, usually of the "smoe in the face" variety, but sometimes it will be the "smoking race" type of thing between two models, sometimes blocking out the camera with all the thick smoke.two women smoking

March 18, 2007

Jamie Pressly Smokes...

Jamie Pressly is a former gymnast who is a good actress and legitimate smoking beauty who seems to have picked up the habit in real life, from what I've seen of her on screen smoking performances. I wish I could remember the name of the movie, but she played a trashy type of young womwan who comes to L.A. with her family to be on a "Springer" type show and ends up competing for a couple of men with her mother, . Its a comedy, and not bad for a cable flick. Jamie must have a dozen smoking scenes in that one, most of them fairly high quality. Its clear that the script called for her to always be smoking. And she did it well, it was not just acting or holding.jamie pressly smoking

March 17, 2007

Nice Thick Smoke Ring Pic

I'm always on the lookout for any pic that shows an extremely thick, well formed smoke ring, you don't find too many out there that do, but this fits the bill real nice for even the most demanding smoke ring fan.woman blowing thick smoke ring

March 15, 2007

Good Thick Ring Pic

here from Random Snaps. Those of us who like smoke rings really like them thick, like you see in this picture. For some reason, not every smoking female model can get them out this thick, I guess it just a lot of practice or lung capacity.woman blowing smoke rings

March 14, 2007

Cindy Crawford Smokes...

even though the supermodel says she doesn't, there are many very sultry pictures like this one floating around out there on the web that sure will get your attention. This one is the epitome of a very good staged smoking pic.chrstina crawford smoking

I Miss Alyssa Alps

big bust blonde smokingA very nice pic of former webmistress Alyssa Alps, who still has a site that I don't believe she runs anymore.

Alyssa was an in real life smoker who had several pic sets in her member;s area when I was a member.

I tried to convince her to do a custom smoking video for me but she would only do the polaroids.

I don't know if her site as it still is has the old smoking pictures, I really doubt that she has posted new material of any kind in years.

Even when I was a member, there were slow updates and it was obvious she was not doing as much stuff. And that was around '99 or 2000.

Having said that, it was a quality site and her smoking material was very good, especially when you considered that smoking was not her main niche or focus. As you can see, big bust was.

This pic is an old one, but for a webmistress to post an obvious candid pic that is as good as this one is something that I'm glad will be on the internet for years to come.   


March 13, 2007

The Girl Next Door Smoking model

A good thing about the smoking fetish online is that so many of the models and pics we see are the cute, wholesome, "girl next door" look, in addition to the knock-em-dead professional webmistresses and actresses whose pictures we love. For some of us, the fact that a great smoking pic like the one on this blog is of a good looking girl who looks like she might be your cashier adds a lot to the fetish, especially if it is a candid pic. For me, its all good.woman exhaling smoke

Nice Cigar Pics...

are a little harder to find for the discerning SF fan, as I have blogged about in the past. This is one of my faves with one of Rachel's models named Nicole, who Rachel says was one of the most prolific smoking models that she has shot. The word is that Nicole will have a clip package coming out real soon that will feature this cigar clip. BTW, Rachel says that although Nicole was great with the cigar, she much preferred her normal cigarettes.blonde woman smoking cigar

March 12, 2007

Salma Hayek Smokes...

One of the best natural and exotic beauties out there is also a tantalizing sesuctive smoker to swoon over. There have always been a lot of her pics floating on the 'net, but this one for the post is the best one that I've seen.salma hayek smoking

March 10, 2007

Well Lit With the Natural Light

Sometimes, nothing lights an exhale better than natural light. And, when an exhale is lit very well with natural light, it looks better than artificial light. The only problem is that is relatively rare to get a pic lit perfectly with natural light. From the SF producer point of view, you've got to be shooting in the daytime, have the perfect light, have access to a window near your studio, have the right amount of wind if you are shooting outside, etc. Of course, candid fans will say that is one of the benefits of their first love, but then you've got the whole "filming someone in public" if you want to capture it.woman exhaling smoke 


March 09, 2007

The Drifting Exhale

Drifting exhales can be extremely erotic, though I know some fans really live for the inhalew. Me, I can get into a seductive drifiting exhale pic like the one that is in this post. No problem.big bust woman smoking

March 08, 2007

Awesome in Black & White

You can't pass up a high quality black and white pic like this. Sometimes its amazing how much smoke a model can get in her lungs and then exhale, isn't it?woman exhaling smoke black and white

March 07, 2007

Smoking Heaven

busty brunette smokingSmoking Heaven is anothe one of thew British smoking sites that are so prevalent in the SF community.

The model pictured is Vickie Powell, who is apparently a popular adult level model over there.

From the preview clips and pics on the site, its apparent that the producers understand the fetish and the models all seem to be legitimate smokers.

One thing I would note is that the site does not seem to update as often as others, I go there regularly to see what is new on the home/preview page. I've never joined, but would consider it and probably will some day just to get a front row look. You know, you just can't join all of these sites at the same time.

According to Alexa, its very well trafficked, so you have to think that the quality of the content is as good as it seems to be. One day soon,  I'll be able to give you a first hand account.    

March 06, 2007

1000 Cigarettes

Jessica keeps putting out the videos every so often and, you have to say, she does pretty much the same thing and has kept a lot of fans happy and her site running for a long time, so you know she is wonderful at it. This pic caught my eye because it is a hardcore nostril exhale, nothing amateur about that one.blonde woman nostril exhale


March 05, 2007

Jenna Jameson Smoking

Popular adult star Jenna Jameson is a stop-and-stare smoker who is in real life. She has made a few appearances on this blog and, if I keep finding pics like this, she will make more...you can count on that.jenna jameson smoking

March 04, 2007

Smoking Misc.

There is no doubt that the sight of a pretty woman smoking does things to those of us who have this attraction-or festish if you must, but what about the sound and smell of it as well? One thing I've learned from reading forums and message boards is that there is something out there for everyone, and there are probably those who need the full sensory experience to get the most out of their smoking female sightings. I, for one, don't always need the sounds and never the smell...I can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke most of the time-which is interesting in itself, I know-but that's just my thing. I don't know about anyone else.woman deep drag

Colight's Newest Video

Colight has long been one of the standard bearers in the online SF production world. Recently, it seems the owner has had a few setbacks which have slowed things a little, but the site is still pumping out hard edged and well lit smoking videos. Maybe not as prolific as some of the other SF sites, but as I've said before, you don't see a Colight video without a serious, heavy smoking model(s). This may hurt in some other areas, but like all of this, that is just subjective. The most recent new production is a single model video with Ramona, pictured below.woman smoking heavy exhale  

March 03, 2007

Hard Drag Nostril Exhale

One of the ultimate signs of a serious in real life smoker is a woman who drags hard and exhales a thick stream of smoke with the cigarette still in her mouth. NO doubts there, just like in this awesome pic I got from Southern Style.  woman dragging nostril exhale smoking

March 02, 2007

Specialized Videos

big bust woman smokingThis is another model from Specialized Video, a site that I have praised as having some of the best lighting in the business.

Well, the other day I took the plunge and got a membership to this site.

As for the cold, hard, facts, you can purchase a membership for $19.95, with a slight discount for buying a three or six month membership. All of the content that has been shot over the years is not in the membership area. There are about 8 galleries of pictures, maybe 700 or 800 in all, along with three groups of various MPEGs, one group of "All Stars", and one group of "Full Scenes". Most of the clips, as advertised, average 1 minute, with some being as short as 30 seconds and view over 2 minutes. This does not count the Full Scenes, which seem to run 5-7 minutes.

There is no question about the quality of smoking or variety of models, particularly if you are into the "girl next door" look. Don't get me wrong, some of the models are gorgeous, just not the webmistress/model kind, but the kind of girl you might see in a restaurant. The smoking is very good, with the exhales always well lit.

As for negatives, the sound leaves a lot to be desired, with it being fairly haphazard on the clips. Its seems as if it is added on the clip, which may bother some people. My biggest gripe is that, as a member, I don't get access to all of the material. I have to be a member for an unknown length of time to see that. Plus, the clips aren't easily described other than model name and pic. Sometimes you might like to know when a clip was shot or how long it is before you open it or download it. Also, although there is a great variety of models, the settings and backgrounds are not that varied.

On the whole, though, this is a very good site and well worth the money for a month or six. I'm just of the opinion that it could be better and more user friendly than it is.       

Pink: Candid Nostril Exhale

pink smoking nostril exhaleThis nostril exhale picture of the singer Pink is an older one that has been around on the 'net for years.

But, I still have to say it is one of the best-if not the best-nostril exhale pic I've seen.

Especially considering it is a candid pic of a celebrity, it gives you several hard to find elements all in one. 

March 01, 2007

Alana at Lady Madonna

In my opinion, one of the more outstanding smoking models currently on the 'net is Alana from Lady Madonna . I think that she only does sets for the PG site, not the naughty version. Its fairly rare to see black smoking models, so when you add that to Alana's beauty and smoking prowess, it makes her stand out all the more.black woman smoking