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January 31, 2007

More Good Work From Smoking-Models

Yet another awesome exhale pic, this one from smoking models, you just can't beat the lighting in this one and the closeup angle. I understand that this model's name is Amber. I think that most, if not all, of the models on this site are English porn stars or adult models.  woman smoking thick exhale

See What I Mean About Suze.Net

I've said before that Suze Randall's site does some of the most alluring smoking shoots, though most of the site is focused on other things. But, in the few non-nude or adult sets that they have done that feature smoking, you can't top some of their scenes and the way they pose the models. In fact, Rachel told me that, before Melissa Jacobstwo women smoking shot for her site last year, she had done a set 

for Suze Randall's site.

Nostril Exhale with Volume...

girl exhaling smoke nostrilssomething that you don't always get, especially with a front view of the model like this shot.

I've blogged before about how rare it is to get a real high quality nostl exhale smoking picture because of the difficulty of capturing the exhale.

So. most of the time when you see a nostril exhale pic its from the side view.

This picture is from Specialized Videos, no stranger to high quality smoking pictures, so its no surprise, but what really caught my eye about this picture is just the sheer volume of the smoke coming out of her nostrils. Especially since she looks like a tiny girl. I know that the excellent lighting makes it look good, but nice lighting usually makes the exhale glow, not seem more than it is, so I think this is one for the record books.

January 30, 2007

Ruby Larocca Smokes...

redhead smokingYou would think that "B" movie actresses like Ruby Larocca would be more likely to be seen smoking in a seductive way on screen...and you'be right.

It seems that the "A" list celebs, when they are smoking on screen, the scene is either chopped up or they cut away at some key point.

Most of all, you usually only see big name female celebs smoking onscreen if they are playing "bad girls", or if they are upset or nervous, which makes it hard to be a real sultry and seductive scene.

In the "B" movies, or T&A flicks if you will, there is a much  better chance of having it be a real sultry or sensual smoking scene or pose.     

Specialized Videos

woman smoking thick exhalehas made a real strong "comeback", so to speak, after it was in kind of a holding pattern for a while due to the health issue with its owner. Well, he is back and producing high quality content, just as before and it seems-according to Alexa-that its traffic was never better.

There is something to be said for a site like Specialized that does so muc in its own focal point of the niche, and never wavers from what it wants to do and does best.

That is a lesson that I think could be learned by some of the other sites.

On the other hand, you have to wonder what could happen with this site if it tried some things a little more outside of the box with different settings, somed new themes, etc. But, you can't argue with its success and, more important, the quality of the work. There is never an issue with lighting or the models correctly understanding the fetish. I think we will see this site alive and kickin' for some time to come. 

Nice, Tight French Inhale Pic...

and by "tight", I mean that the smoke is thick and close to the woman's mouth as it is being inhaled back up through her nose. I understand that this is tough to do, especially when the model is trying to make it very visible, like she would for a smoking fetish shoot.woman smoking french inhale  

January 29, 2007

NIce Cigar Inhale Pic

This is one of the better cigar inhale pics I've seen recently. I know you are thinking, its not an inhale pic, its a nostril exhale pic. Well, you're right, but my pal Rachel tells me that many cigar fans insist that the models have to inhale or else it just doesn't work, then some don't think the models really are inhaling when they think they are. So, a thick nostril exhale is about the best way to prove that a model really did inhale her stogie. This pic is of cigar model Shelby, one of the more prolific models in Rachel's VIP Room.woman inhaling cigar

Martina Warren: Smokin' Penthouse Pet

Martina Warren is one of those rare high profile models who has done a smoking fetish shoot. I believe she did a shoot for Smoke Signals a while back. She joins Melissa Jacobs as Pethouse Pets who are in real life smokers and have done shoots for smoking fetish sites.
blonde penthouse pet smoking

A Candid Pic?

woman smoking in business suitI'm not sure, the woman is pretty and looking at the camera so there is some evidence for it to be a posed photo.

But if its not, you are not going to do better if you are looking for a true, high quality candid picture of a woman smoking. 

I know that there are some fans who much prefer the candid pictures to a posed shot, I've even heard of some who only like the candid pics. I'm not there myself, but since my introduction the feish came in large part from candid in real life female smoker sightings, I do understand. Its just that it is so hard to get a candid pic that is going to have all of those ncessary elements of a nice smoking pic: looks, lighting, smoke capture, etc. Not to mention the fact that the photographer is taking pictures of someone he does not know and who might not want to be photographed.  

January 28, 2007

I Wonder How Lady Madonna's

entry into the world of adult sites is going with its Lady Madonna Undercover sister site that was launched last summer is going. Like I think I said at the time, they were doing fine as is, but there is no question that doing nude work opens up an even bigger potential market. From what I've seen, most of the models from the PG site are not on the adult site. And, from what I've seen, they are staying true to the smoking aspect of things, so don't think for a minute that its a porno site.redhead woman smoking 

Smoking Fiction: Identical Smoking Babes

twin girls smokingMike thought that there was nothing more erotic Than watching a beautiful woman smoking a cigarette, especially if she was doing it in a sultry, seductive way. He was partial to french inhales and open mouth inhales, but most smoking tricks would get him going.

When he checked into the Super 8 that Friday afternoon, it had been a long week in a town he didn't really care for, and he hadn't sold anything at all. Mike figured he just get some sleep, and head for home on Saturday morning.

He had a little trouble falling asleep-ticked off about the lousy week-so he turned to the cable in the hotel room and saw that they were showing Natural Born Killers , a movie Mike only cared for because of Juliette Lewis and her smoking. After seeing the scene where Juliette takes a desperate drag, blows about a dozen of the thickest smoke rings ever caputred and then puts out the cigarette with her bare foot, Mike was jonesing pretty bad. He needed an IRL sighting that night for his smoking fetish fix and so he got out of bed, got dressed, and prepared to go ut. He would just ask the desk manager where there was a nightclub or bar nearby that was lively-sure to be some smoking women there. There has to be some place, thought Mike, even in this one horse town.

He quickly walked downstairs and saw that there was a line of three people wating to check in right in front of the desk clerk. So he would be busy for a couple of minutes. Mike let his eyes drift off to the crummy little hotel bar, whose sign said they closed at midnight. It looked like the kind of bar that maybe saw 10 people a day, thought Mike, and that was counting the nine hard core alcoholics who didn't need atmosphere, just liquor. What the hell? Mike decided he'd have a quick beer while he waited for the desk clerk to get free.

As he walked in the dark litte bar, he immediately picked up on the only other people in the bar, besides himself and the bartender who was watching sonething on a little TV. There were two women, blonde haired who looked like sisters, sitting on a sofa at a small table with a couple of  drinks on top of it. They looked like sisters, in fact, upon closer relection, Mike could tell they were twins.

He sat at the bar and ordered a beer from the bartender, who said "You got it" without even looking at Mike. Mike pretended to look out at the reception area as an excuse to get another look at the women, and to his delight saw that each one of them were taking cigarettes out of their purses. The one on the left had a pack of Virginia Slims and the one on the right has Misty 120's. Mike's heart jumped a little and he let his gaze stay on the women for a minute as they lit their cigarettes off of the lighter of the one on the right.

O.k., thought Mike, play it cool, you know how to do this. He tuned back to the beer the bartender had placed in front of him and took a sip. He turned around to look towards the reception area and the women again, timing it so he should get a look at the exhales. He saw that both of the women were in the midst of deep french inhales! Perfect, thought Mike. He let his gaze stay on them as they weren't looking at him.

The sister on the left blew hers out first, the exhale going right past her sisters left ear. A split second later, her sister's exhale was flowing in a cone past her right ear. Mike turned back to his beer, ecstatic but not wanting to get caught staring. He could hear the chatter of the twins sisters and could make out that they were talking about some long trip they were taking, obviously just bunking down here at the motel for the night. Mike didn't care. He turned again in his pretend look at the lobby and, once again, saw that the sisters were both serious smokers, inhaling deeply, and always performing a snap, french, or open mouth inhale. The exhales were always thick and eassy to see against the dark background of the crummy, dimly lit bar.

Mike turned again, and this time, saw both sisters looking at him. Oh no! Mike smiled and said, "Howya' doing?" in a voice that wouldn't let them know he thought he just got busted for staring too long.

The women didn't say anything right away and Mike turned back to his beer. That was close, he thought. As deep as Mike's fetish was, he had never told anyone about it, not even his non smoking girlfriend.  

A few seconds later, both of the women were standing beside Mike. Mike's ears burned and his palms felt warm. Did they catch him staring....?

"Hi", said the one on Mike's right. "Mind if we sit here?"

"Oh, 'course not", mumbled Mike.

One blonde twin sat to his right, the other two his left, their respective cigarettes still burning.

"My name is Mary", said the twin on the left.

"...and mine's Carey", finished the one on the right.

"Nice to meet you ladies", said Mike, quickly turning his head to each side, and catching Carey in the middle of a french inhale.

Carey blew out her stream of smoke and then said, "Do you mind if we smoke?" 

"No, of course not", said Mike as he tried to look inconspicuous at the same time he oogled these smoking twins.

"What's your name?", asked Carey through the exhale of her cigarette. Mike's heart rate picked up a little.  

"I'm Mike", he said to Carey, then turned his head to Mary to see her finishing off a jet stream nostril exhale.

"Well, hello Mike", said Mary as she took another deep drag. 

"Nice to meet you both", Mike said, looking at Mary start a french inhale and then turning to see Carey in the middle of a snap inhale. Were they toying with him on purpose, he thought. 

"So, what brings you to these parts, Mike?", asked Carey with a talking exhale.

"Oh, just work", answered Mike, turning slightly to catch Mary, who was blowing some smoke rings towards the ceiling.

They were definitely toying with him, though Mike. I can't keep up with both of them without being obvious.           

"How did it go, Mike?", asked Mary as she finished her rings and blew out some residual smoke.

"Oh, uhh...o.k., I guess. Well, not so great, actually." Mike turned slightly again and Carey had the thickest glob of smoke between her mouth and nose he had ever seen. She finished her french inhale and blew the smoke right in Mike's direction.

"Is it getting better now, Mike?", asked Mary from Mike's other side.

Mike's head was almost swimming with the thought that these two smoking twins were putting on a show for him.

"Oh, yeah. No doubt."

"I'll bet it is," said Mary and Carey in unison. Then all three of them laughed.

Mike stammered, "Oh, look, I'm sorry...I mean..."

"Don't worry, Mike," soothed Carey with a wink, "we have plenty of cigarettes." 


Tough To Get Three Girls Exhaling in One Pic...

with it being a good quality smoking picture. This one from the old Cinesmoke comes as close as I've seen to getting all 3 exhaling at the same time and being able to actually see it. The exhales from the two models closest to the camera kind of block the model on the far right, but if you squint and look close I think you can make out her exhale, too.three girls smoking exhaling

January 27, 2007

Light Up Time TV

I'm really not sure how I feel about lightuptime.tv Its the current edition of the old smokevision website. They have excellent pictures and seem to do a wonderful job of capturing exhales, particularly getting some of the best and thickest smoke rings you'll see. On the other hand, I'm not really even sure its technically a smoking fetish site, their focus seems to be on capturing endless data and going forever into the question of why people smoke. But, there are so many beautiful models there, its obvious that they are aware of us out here in what is called the SF community. Its set up unlike any other site, they have a "Model House" that you can subscribe to, bucollage of women smokingt I'm danged if I can explain it to you intelligently. They also have DVDs, too.



Nice Smokey Kiss Pic

This one is from Random Snaps, a well known SF site that is probably the best when it comes to smokey kiss pictures like this one.two women smoking kissing

January 26, 2007

I Thiught This Was Jenna Jameson...

big bust blonde smokingwhen I first saw this pic and its always good to have a pic of the in real life smoking babe who is probably the most famous pornstar of all time.

But, now I'm not so sure, it could be some other porn gal. You know, a "Jenna wannabee" or something.

Even if no one is sure who she is, she is definitely a porn girl. That get up could only be worn by a pornstar, dragging on her cigarette before heading into some pornstar convention in Vegas.

For those of you who may keep up with the pornstars, you probably know that more of them smoke than the general population. I don't know if its just because they are entertainers-who tend to smoke more-or if the whole connection between smoking and sex is just more evident with babes who have sex for a living.

Anyway, back to the point, is this Jenna? Maybe, but I'm not betting on it. On the other hand, with a sexy smoking pic like this one, does it really matter?   

I Rate This as a Good Two Girl Smoking Pic...

two big bust women smoking

even though I doubt the focus of this pose was smoking and there is not an exhale or even a deep drag.

But, it is a two girl smoking picture, which gives it some juice right there, even with only even though the focus is probably not smoking per se and just one model is actuallysmoking.

I think its one of those pics where it is easy, at least for me, to kind of envision what comes next. The blonde takes a deep drag off of the cigarette and then feeds it to her brunette girlfriend.

The implied thing about sexy smoking surrounding a seduction is what does it for me. For some reason I feel like this pic is telling us that the one girl is using the cigarette and her smoking to help her seduce the other smoking girl.

I don't know if that is what it is telling you, but that is the thing about pictures that are posed like this one.

If they are done well, you can imagine anything that you want from the pose and the pic. I had to talk a little bit more than usual about this one because it really does not show much, which is why it is a good smoking pic, even witht any captured smoking from only one of the models. Or, maybe its just me.    

January 25, 2007

Two Girls Smoking ...

two girls smokingI think you've got to love a picture set or video that has two girls smoking, something that a number of SF producers have given us. To me, its simple, two is more than one, twice the fun for the same price, so to speak.

I know that a lot of smoking fans need there to be some "theme" when there are two smoking models, usually some seduction or sex thing among the clouds of smoke; another popular one is the theme of one smoking girl forcing or teaching the other girl how to smoke.

Others like a mother/daughter theme, which I know that in real life has done a good bit over the years. I'm not sure about this one, because I'm uncomfortable with the implications, but to each his own, I guess.  But, this is another scenario I would like to see more of, without the straight sex that you might find on the porno sites that pose as smoking sites, but more implied. It makes the whole thing more sultry and alluring, in my opinion, and it keeps it more about the smoking. At least, that's what I think.     

Smoking Fiction...Brenda & Lizzie

   two girls smoking

Brenda and Lizzie were both sophomores at the prestigious all girl  boarding college that was known for its high standards of academics, and strict discipline codes, barring the use of alcohol of tobacco. Lizzie had invited Brenda over to her dorm room one day after class to study together for their upcoming Latin examination.

Both girls were 19, with Brenda having honey brown hair and blue eyes, Lizzie had jet black hair and green eyes. both wore the red and black pattern skirts that were required by the school code, as well as the stark white blouse to match.

Brenda knocked on Lizzie's door with her right hand, her left holding her textbook and notebook for the study session. Brenda was surprised when Lizzie answered the door in her uniform, but with her blouse tied up so as to expose her midsection and belly button.

"Lizzie", exclaimed Brenda, "you can't show your navel like that, its against school code, even in the dorms."

"To hell with that", answered the more rebellious Lizze, "I'm in my own room and its warm in here, don't worry about it. C'mon in." Brenda entered and saw that Lizzie had her books strewn out on her bed. She also smelled the faint but unmistakable odor of tobacco in the room.

"Lizzie, have you been smoking?" asked Brenda.

Lizzie smiled her evil smile at Brenda and answered, "Well, yeah, it helps me relax when I'm studying."

"Don't you worry about getting caught?"

"No, oh, get real, so many people smoke around here, teachers, students, you just have to be smart about it, you know." With that, Lizzie opened up her desk drawer and pulled out a pack of Winstons, popped one out and into her mouth, and quickly lit it with a match. She inhaled deeply and then let out the smoke in an open mouth inhale, drew it back in, and blew out a thick stream towards the open window.

"See, you just have to be smart about it." Lizzie paused. "Would you like one?"

Brenda hesitated, she had tried smoking a couple of time before, sneaking a one of her mom's Eve cigarettes, but had not really become hooked and certainly hadn't really thought of trying it in this strict school.

"I don't know, Lizzie, what if we get caught..."

"We won't get caught, if you want one, just say so." 

"O.k", Brenda started, "but I will just have a drag off of yours..." Lizzie smiled and took a very deep drag off of her Winston. As she let the thick, white smoke seep out of her mouth in a delicious open mouth inhale, she put the burnig cigarette up to Brenda's lips.

Brenda sucked on the cigarette with hesitation, savoring the harsh but sweet tobacco flavor that filled her mouth and lungs, She looked at Lizzie, whose eyes seemed evil and inviting as she let the smoke out of her mouth.

"So, do you like it?" asked Lizzie.

"Uh, yeah..." started Brenda. She was interrupted by Lizzie placing the cigarette back into her mouth. This time, she dragged with more confidence and attempted an open mouth inhale of her own.

Brenda was surprised when Lizzie placed her mouth close to Brenda's in order to capture Brenda's exhale...

After it was over, Brenda and Lizzie lay on Lizzie's bed, sharing another cigarette and giggling over what just happened. Brenda's white school uniform blouse was tied up to expose her navel, just like Lizzie's, and the girls shared their Winston in between smokey kisses.

"You know what?" asked Brenda just before exhaling a stream of smoke straight up in the air.

"What?" answered Lizzie.

"I think tomorrow will be the first time that I'm not going to be prepared for class since I've been here."

Lizzie laughed and placed the Winston back in Brenda's mouth. She blew a soft stream of smok in Lizzie's face and said, "No, I don't think you will, either".         

January 24, 2007

More from Random Snaps

This well lit exhale pic is another quality entry from Random Snaps, who always chirn out top notch smoking pictures, many of which end up decorating this blog. To me, nothing beats an exhale pic that is well lit and shows a thick stream of smoke coming form the mouth or nose of a pretty model. You just can't beat that, guys.woman exhaling smoke

January 23, 2007

Something that might be neat to see...

combo exhale cigar brunetteis a movie that is made by an SF producer that tells a real story, with all the bells and whistles (fades, sound effects, special features etc.) but is populated by a number of models (actresses) who are smoking the whole time.

Now, I know my pal smoking rachel has put together a couple of movies like that on her own site and the smoking cinema site. But, and Rachel knows I feel this way, they could be better sstories for a movie instead of just scenes spliced together.

I know this is easier said than done, but don't you think it would be cool to see a movie like that from an SF producer? I mean, most of us, particularly if we are over a certain age, realized we had the fetish in one of two ways 1) candid in real life action 2) movies or tv shows...and none of the movies we saw were dedicated to the fetish.

I don't know, just my thoughts. There is so much out there of the model smoking while in front of the dark background-which is real cool-but my idea is something that I don't think we've seen. Just my opinion.     


January 22, 2007

Thelma Todd: Classic Hollywood Pose

This one of those classic old time Hollywood portraits with the actress smoking, in this case Thelma Todd, a young star who was on her way to fame in the young era of talking movies when she was found dead in her vehicle of carbon monoxide poisoning. At the time, and still today, many think she was actually murdered, due to some connections she may have had with "underworld" types in her Hollywood nightclub.

You find most of the pictures you will see of the black & white screen queens will be like this one, posing in a seductive or sultry way with the cigarette, rarely dragging, exhaling, or inhaling. 

thelma todd smoking portrait

January 19, 2007

My "Smoking" Definitions

two women smoking and kissing












I recently got a comment (which are always welcome) that kind of took me to task for including Naomi Watts in my "Smoking Queen" category. It seems that this commenter claims that Ms. Watts quit smoking two years ago, only smoked herbal cigarettes, and even then smoked only herbal cigarettes.

Well, he knows Naomi Watts better than I do, but I do have eyes and can tell an in real life smoker, and she may have been smoking herbal cigarettes, but I don't remember ever saying that the only smokable things that qualify a beauty for inclusion must contain nicotine.

The reason I don't recall is because I never said that. Also, the amount smoked dalily is not important, in fact, as I've blogged before, the sight of a women who is so addicted that it is just a habit is not attractive, at least to me and I'm sure others. No, I don't need smoking like a chimney in rteal life. What I do need  is sultriness and beauty, and, in my opinion, Naomi Watts has it in spades. Only the smoking queens who have demonstrated their beauty and smoking prowess quaqlify on my Smoking Queens list.

So, if you disagree, fine, but now you know where I'm coming from.    

January 17, 2007

Bobs Videos...

One of the oldest and most reknowned of the SF sites, but it doesn't seen to generate as much "buzz" on the message boards as you would think it deserves..., and I'm not sure why. The work is high quality, I have purchased a couple of videos so I'm speaking from direct experience. There is a god quantity of smoking models, including some of the well known like Penny Flame, Jewell Marceau, and Smoking Mary Jane as well as others. And, some of these models are not exactly overexposed on the 'net, as many of them are not smoking fetish only. One of the issues might be that there isn't a lot, if any the last time I checked, downloadable or pay per view material which seems to be the way the community is starting to strongly prefer for their material. I'm also not sure that all of the titles are available on DVD. But, I doubt that there is a producer who puts more in terms of cost into a production, though smoking models might be close.   

two women smoking 


Dragginladies is the most trafficked of the sites producing their own content according to Alexa rankings. I think its a nice site, with over 100 models in various pics and video sets.I've heard the criticism that many of the models are not real smokers, and I think there is some validity to that. Its obvious that the owners want to mix in other things along with the smoking, but I would have to say that the smoking is still the focus of the site. Whether or not models like Shy Love, pictured below, are high enough quality smokers for your membership money will have to be your call.   

brunette smoking in bikini

January 16, 2007

Kate Bosworth Smokes...

I can't comment too much as I have not actually seen here smoking live, so to speak and I will swear she only holds in Superman Returns, and does not smoke as is reported elsewhere on the 'net. But, there is no doubt that, as her pictures show, she has got the potential to be one of the modern smoking queens, along the lines of Kate Winslet and Naomi Watts.  

kate bosworth smoking


January 15, 2007

Model Jess...

is one of my favorite models from Smoking Rachel, I saw her clips in the VIP Room, Rachel's member's area, and she almost chain smokes the whole time. Plus, 6 ft models who are former basketball stars aren't exactly the norm in the world of SF models. I have a sample clip of hers on the this blog as well.

big bust redhead smoking


January 14, 2007

What I think about Smoking-Models...

its probably my favorite site for getting pics for this blog, as you might guess, but what I think I really like abouit it is that they capture the sdultry smoking angle on pretty much all of the pics and videos that I've seen. I mean, the models really get it,   and they seem to know how to play to the wishes of their unseen smoking fans. Not that other SF sites don't do this, but I'm just impressed with how frequently Smoking-Models is right on target. I also know that the new owner has the site going further into the area of "R" material, which is something that many SF fans want to see. But, I would not call it dark side. I think this site, along with Smoking Rachel, are the sites to keep an eye on as far as seeing change and new and better thinks in the SF community. Just my opinion.blonde woman smoking

January 13, 2007

Smoking in the Bikini

is a very alluring look and you don't see as much of it on SF sites as you would like, but whenever there is a pic set or video of a bikini smoking model, I'm there.  

girl in bikini smoking

Tall Goddess...

probably needs no introduction to most of you. She has one of the most stylish websites that is well worth the membership, speaking from experience, her website is about the best for the money, you get so much different type of material, and its all top quality. As for the smoking, understand that its not one of those deals where a webmistress only has 1 or 2 smoking sets among hundreds, smoking was one of the main things that Tall Goddess did, and she has plenty of smoking pics and videos on her site. She has also done smoking vids for other SF producers. The only thing is that I think she is now focusing on directing other stuff more than her own content, but I'm not sure that is a permanent thing. You've got to check this wemistress out if you have not already.

blonde woman smoking tall goddess

January 12, 2007

Lorie: One of the best cigar models

blonde woman smoking a cigarthat I have seen recently is Lorie, who is one of Smoking Rachel's models who did a shoot with Rachel back in the summer and has a couple of hours of video in that member's site.

I think what I liked best about her was her enthusiasm, and Rachel told me that, even though Lorie was not a cigar smoker before she decided to do the shoot, she had tried them once or twice and was really into it during the shoot. Lorie now prefers cigars to cigarettes.

In fact, in a couple of her clips she is really power smoking her cigar and the smoke is so thick that her face is covered by the smoke so much you can't see her for a few seconds.

All you fans of models who inhale their cigars have to love that. I only hope that Lorie makes some future appearances in Rachel's VIP Room.      

January 11, 2007

Shannon Kelly Smokes

She is not a smoking model, but has her own site that is real popular from what I understand. Its not a smoking fetish site only, she is a fitness babe who is into wrestling and various other things, but she has done some smoking fetish work for smoke signals before and I remember Rachel telling me a while back that she talked to Shannon about doing a shoot, but i don't know whatever happened with that...the point is that you might just see her pop up on an SF site more in the near future.  

redhead exhaling smoke

January 10, 2007

Good Deep Draggin' Pic

This pic just jumped out at me, I know a lot people really like a good pic of a smoking model taking a deep, deep drag on a cigarette. It satisfies the fetish while at the same time giving us something to dream about in the form of a potentially thick exhale.

girl taking deep inhale off of cigarette

January 09, 2007

What is the most important thing...

to the average smoking fan, I wonder? I ask only because Rachel recently told me that a long time member expressed some dissatisfaction that all of her cigar models did not inhale all of the time. For fans of SF sites or smoking pics, videos in general, is it something like this, e.g., inhaling cigars, smoking a certain type of cigar/cigarette, or the way the model looks? Or is it the setting or the presence/absence of dialogue? Or is it maybe some sort of a sliding scale...like if the model looks a certain way, it does not matter how she is smoking or if she smokes a certain way, it doesn't matter how she looks. I'd love to hear some comments on this...if you feel like it.  

big bust blonde smoking

January 08, 2007

Melissa Jacobs...

is a Penthouse Pet and centerfold who recently launched her own website that looks very, very good to my objective eyes so far. And, as some of you know, she did a couple of really hot smoking shoots with Smoking Rachel last summer. The word from Rachel is that, as busy and in demand as Melissa Jacobs is, she and Rachel have stayed in touch and the potential for another shoot sometime is real good. I had the chance to see Melissa's bikini scenes and I can tell you that these were some really high quality scenes, especially with the good lighting in the clip. Melissa is a seriouis and n real life smoker who really stepped up to the plate for her shoots with Rachel.I don't know if Melissa will eventually post some of the pics from her smoking shoots on her new site, but hopefully she will. You can certainly see some of the pics on Rachel's site in the free section and all of them in her member's area.    

melissa jacobs penthouse pet smoking

January 07, 2007

Patricia Arquette Smokes...

My favorite of the talented Arquette family, Patricia Arquette is definitely in real life, smokes in a number of her movies, and has the sultry, sexy thing down pat. She has a pretty good sizeds shrine at Smoking Celebs, as well as floating around the internet. All of her smoking scenes are not of the glamour variety, however, because she is a real life smoker and such a good actress, some of her smoking scenes in her movies are in character, e.g. she's upset or something so its not always sultry. But, the overall quality is great and Patrica takes her place in my personal smoking hall of fame.     patricia arquette smoking

January 06, 2007

In Real Life

is probably the most well stocked of the SF sites of them all. Its been up for years, there are tons of dvds, vhs, and pics, over a hundred models, quality seems to be decent. It does seems that the models are on the whole the "girl next door" types, without as much emphasis on the getting the real glamour models, but a lot that is subjective. I was a member briefly years ago, and have also bought a couple of videos. No complaints, though I will say a very high percentage of the shoots take place in the exact same setting. On the other hand, why change what obviously works for you.In real life also has some nudity and sex stuff, but does not skimp on the smoking aspect, so do not confuse this with a porn site trying to sucker you in. I can't say that its my favorite site, but it is one of the best out there, no doubt. 

blonde woman smoking

January 05, 2007

Smokin' Babe Site...

I don't know much about this site, just reacently found it on the net, recently. The models pictured on the home page are really pretty, but there is not much in the way of preview for video. It seems tantalizing, but I would say that the price for recurring membership is a little on the high side when compared to some of the other SF membership sites out there...but it may be worth it, I don't know, someone who does know drop me a comment. 

big bust woman holding cigarette

January 04, 2007

Smoking Angel...

Smoking Angel is one of the preeminent figures on the net in the SF community, if not the preeminent single model. Her site has an incredible amount of DVDs featuring her in every manner of sub-fetish, particularly using costumes, such as the French Maid attire that is in this pic. I have commented before on the slow disapperance of the "single girl" sites, but Angel looks to be here to stay, though she does have some newer productions with additional models. I can tell you that my pal Rachel has had communications in the past with Angel and she seems to be a very nice and open person who is extremely dedicated to giving her fans what they want in this fetish.     

woman smoking in french maid costume

January 03, 2007

Women Smoking BIG Cigars...

is another of the never ending sub-fetishes of the smoking fetish...heck, it may even be a sub-sub-fetish, but I think this pic from Noemie's site certainly fills the bill for those of you guys who want the cigars your models smoke to be BIG.

blonde smoking big cigar

January 02, 2007

Southern--Style vid by way of Noemie

This is one of those hard core smoking videos where the models smoke themselves to the max in a race, in fact, its called "DA RACE"..., I found out about it at Southern Style, but it is a production from Noemie. You'vee got to love it when the smoke is so thick it blocks out one of the smoking models from view on the screen or the pic...at least if you are a fan of power smokint. Basically, it seems that these type of videos are just a high powered smoking race between the models.

one girl smoking face blowing smoke

two girls power smoking