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December 31, 2006

Nothing like the Seductive Nostril Exhale...

blonde woman exhaling through her nostrilsif you ask me, anyway.

One of the rarest things to find is a well lit nostril exhale pic, not because people don't try, but because it is hard to capture at all and even harder to capture when the model looks alluring or seductive. But, oh boy, when it is captured well, some of us just get weak in the knees. Kudos for this pic go out to the old realiable standy, Specialized Videos. 

December 29, 2006

Well Lit Exhale Pic

This pic is another in the long, endless line of high quality, well lit exhale pics from Random Snaps. Keep on keepin' on, guys.

blonde girl smoking

December 28, 2006

Helena Bonham Carter Smokes...

I know I have blogged about this smoking queen before, but one reader's comments let me know that the pic I used to honor Ms. Carter does not show up on the blog anymore. So, here is a pic that I hope equally captures her smoking brilliance.

helena bonham carter smoking 

December 27, 2006

Kim Director Smokes

kim direcotr smoking big bust smokerThis busty actress caught my eye in Inside Man and she also gave a virtuoso smoking performance in Blair Witch 2, which I haven't seem or intended to see, but after seeing Ms. Director and some of the smoking pics from the film, I will check it out as soon as I can find it for 2 bucks in the clearance DVD bin.   

December 26, 2006

Southern Style Nostril Pic

One of the better sites for quality of pics is Southern Style, as you can see from this pic of Lynn, who seems to be one of the most prolific models on that particular site.

woman nostril exhaling smoke

December 25, 2006

Always Room for a Cigar Pic

Another good cigar pic, this ond I got from Southern Style. Real good quality cigar smoking pics and models, so you always have to jump on one when you see it, if you are a cigar fan. I'm not talking about the countless cigar holding or unlit cigar pics, but the real deal. This is a good pic in the hall of real deal cigar smoking pics. Don't you agree? 

woman smoking cigar

December 24, 2006

Busy Phillips Smokes...

And its the rare younger starlet that makes it into my personal hall of fame, but this actress with the neat nickname makes it easily. A frenetic smoker, she is in this younger generation of smoking celebs who will puff away non stop on screen, as opposed to the chain smoking in real life queens of yesteryear, who might give us one or two drags in a typical flick. Oh, and when you are this attractive, it certainly helps cement your standing as well.

busy phillips smoking 

December 23, 2006

Smoking Model in Costume

I've always liked those sites and/or smoking models that do pics or clips in costumes, though you don't see it a whole bunch. Smoking Angel has done the most that I've seen, now completely on clips4sale. The nurse theme is probably the most popular, since it takes card of a couple of things that a smoking fan might be "jonesing" after. I like the whole thing of a model smoking in a scenario where you would not expect a smoker, and a nurse certainly fits that bill. I got this pic from the Southern Style site, but I think it might have been originally produced by Noemie.

woman smokinag in nurse costume

December 22, 2006

Smoking Shelby...

                                                                                                                                                             red hair woman smoking thick exhale   
















 is a newer model at Smoking Rachel who looks like Jennifer Garner and s  mokes both cigars andcigarettes. Rachel tells me that Shelby is a former runway model who is a budding entrepreneur and is getting more into the smoking glamour thing every time they shoot. 

December 21, 2006

New Model at Smoking Rachel....

woman smoking cigarand her name is Amanda Lyn. She is a cigar  smoker, and seems to be a sultry one at that. Rachel tells me that she is very funny, does some stand up comedy, and is a very good actress who will have a very big-and smokey-role in Rachel's full length movies, which tell a story with lots of actresses doing lots of smoking. For now, those who join Rachel's VIP Room can see more of Amanda Lyn.

December 18, 2006

Superb Lighting By Specialized Videos...

  I really like the setup of a a smoking model playing cards, the ultimate girl in the "smoke filled room" scenario. Some of the SF sites out there have done this well, like the pic on this post from Specialized Videos. Also, Random Snaps had a few card playing themed sets and Smoking Rachel just added a two girl cigar smoking and playing cards movie to her member's area.  women exhaling smoke playing cards  

















December 14, 2006

Shannon Doherty Smoking...

is always a nice sight, as the tabloid/tv star is definitely an in real life smoker who rates high on my sultry smoking meter. This is one of the rare Hollywood type "posed" smoking pictures that I really, really like. There are plenty of pics of smoking Shannon on smoking celebrities, so you have a great place to go to satisfy your "Shannon Smoking Jones" 

shannon doherty smoking

December 13, 2006

Extreme Smoking from Noemie...

This is another pic from Quebecsmoke's movie, "Extreme Smoking" which is apparently a tape of Noemie's model power smoking like hell. It will be just what the doctor ordered for some of you dark side types, and all of us who like serious smoking. Its been a while since I have seen one of Noemie's clips and I have never joined one of her newer sites, but she has a unique style, heavy smoking only rivaled by some of colight's work, loud background music (which some find annoying), models who speak accented English, pretty good lighting. Since I have never been a member of the site, I won't be critical but I have heard some complain that she does not always deliver with promised 10 minute weekly updates. I don't know, just passing it on. For my money, smokingrachel's site which promises and delivers one new hour of content and one new model each month is about the most reliable one I've seen. Rachel has been at it for about 16 months and has 37 hours of content in her members area, so you do the math.

extreme smoking with two women    

December 12, 2006

Smokey Kiss Pic...

two women smoking together smokey kissI know I have several of these throughout the blog, but when I see a good one, I cannot resisit and, not surpisingly, this good one comes from smoking models  , which is just 'kicking butt" so far when it comes to well lit pictures and videos, along with a good variety of quality models. Hopefully, this will continue and they will be a long running highlight in the smoking fetish community. 

December 10, 2006

Elisabeth Shue Smokes...

elisabeth shue smokingand some of you are probably familiar with this pic, which looks like it is the cover of a magazine or maybe an article from way back when.

Some of you will recall Ms. Shue's smoking prowess in a movie called Leaving Las Vegas, where her character does not smoke a lot, but what she does do is very noteworthy...I really remember one long, thick exhale in the trailer that I don't actually recall from the movie itself, but it has been a while. Apparently, the scoop from smoking celebrities says that E.S. was the type of young gal to sneak her smokes in the bathroom in high school and generally was a little bit of a hell raiser. I don't know that she still is, but the smoking talent is still there and that is really all we are concerned about.


December 09, 2006

Specialized Videos...

blonde woman exhaling smokeis one of the long running, high quality PG smoking fetish sites out there who has set the standard for the SF community. I had not blogged much aboout them because there seemed to be a question, for a while, of whether the owner would be able to continue putting out his well known work. It seems as though he has, and no one can argue with the output over the years. Over 80 titles available, most on both DVD and VHS, which is a huge bonus for many fans. Specialized Videos has always stayed true to the SF community, with well lit productions and a wide array of smoking models. In viewing their work, I would say that I think they are a little bit top heavy on pricing, but there is no arguing the quality of their work, I'm a fan and will continue to be, maybe you should renew acquaintances or check them out for the first time yourself.     

December 08, 2006

New Model at Smoking Rachel..

busty girl smoking cigarand her name is Amanda Lyn. Rachel tells me that Amanda is a super funny and nice woman who does stand up improv comedy, smokes cigars, and has never even tried cigarettes.

So, for all of you cigar aficianados out there, who like it pure, so to speak, you might have to check out Rachel's VIP Room next month when Amanda Lyn is added. 

December 07, 2006

Alyssa Alps...

big bust women smoking alyssa alpssmokes, of course, and is a close second to my all time favorite smoking model, Sarenna Lee. Alyssa was a popular big bust model over the last 10 years or so, and there is still an Alyssa Alps site online, but to be honest, I don't think it is still regularly updated and I would not be surprised if Alyssa does not run it herself day to day anymore.

Alyssa has a ton of smoking pics availiable on smoking celebs, which is where this blog pic comes from.

I was a member of her site years ago and there were some smoking sets then, so I'm sure that they are still there. I wish Alyssa would have done more, but I'm happy with the memories of what she did do that is readily available on the 'net.

December 04, 2006

Face Blowing...

two women smoking smoke in the faceis one of those dark side or edge aspects of the smoking fetish. I have said before that I am not as into that part of the fetish as others, but at times it does work for me, like this pic from our friends at Colight.

If I'm not mistaken, the two models pictured are Nadjia and Keenan, two of the most, if not the most, photographed models from that site as well as the most popular.

I like how the pic captures the thick stream of exhales, as Colight always does, plus the holder action adds to it as well.

I wish more smoking fetish producers would use the understated sexual angle like its used in this pic, leaves much more to the imagination.     

December 03, 2006

Cigar Pic from Colight

I have blogged before about this excellent cigar video from Colight, and I think I used a pic of this model, whose name is Becky. Its a shame there aren't more quqality cigar videos on the market like this one, as I don't even think that Colight has produced one like this since, and this video is from like 1998 or somewhere in there. I know Smoking Rachel has some models who really smoke cigars, maybe there will be a new, high quality cigar video out there before long. 

women exhaling cigar smoke