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November 30, 2006

Sarenna Lee with a cigar

Some of you know that Sarenna Lee is my favorite big bust smoking model, although smoking was not her forte in modeling, as you might guess, but the in real life habit was captured many times in pics. She had retired, but recently I found that she has her own message board, and maybe she will come back to do new modeling assignments. There are plenty of sites out there with her name and countless old pics, but they are not the real Sarenna and there is nothing new, but there does seem to be hope.

Anyway, this is one of the few, if not the only, pic I have ever seen with Sarenna smoking a cigar, there is no question she prefers cigarettes.     

sarenna lee smoking cigar

November 29, 2006

Another eyer opening pic from Random Snaps

and its can sound like a broken record, but I think Random Snaps does the best job of the SF non-porno sites in capturing the fetish at its best quality and combining it with the sultry, understated "sexy" edge. I don't know, you might think thats BS, but to me, anyone can pay a model who is willing to stick a cigar or cigarette in her nether regions, but something like this pic, at least for a number of us, works a lot better when incorporated with the symbolism of a good looking smoking model.

tow women hugging and smoking

November 28, 2006

Smoking Rachel Model Poll

A fan of Smoking Rachel's website made a poll looking for opinions for the model fans would most like to see again on her site. The 8 models are pictured here and the link is: favorite smoking model

Rachel would also want me to let you know that there are 10 more models on her site (the poll script probably had a limit) and each one has her own gallery. And, of course, Rachel has downloadable clip packages with most of her models in her clip store.

brunette smoking












brunette girl smoking 











melissa jacobs smoking



Melissa Jacobs











blonde woman smoking











blonde woman smoking a cigar


layla taylor smoking



Layla Taylor










blonde model smoking










redheaded model smoking




November 27, 2006

Suze.net Smoking Lounge

two women smoking face blowingHas always had some provacative and awesome pics in its "Smoking Lounge", but that was not updated regularly, at least when I was a member. But, Suze.net is not focused just on the smoking fetish, but deals with pretty much every "mainstream" aspect and fetish in adult entertainment.

But, what it does have is choice and I decided to blog about this site again since it looks as if there is some new smoking content being added, so some of you might want to give the Lounge a try.

The quality of the content, lighting, and models is second to none.  

November 26, 2006

Smoking-Models Again...

two women smokingI think this new site is really looking good, it seems to update regularly and there are a good variety of new models and, as you can see, the lighting and smoking quality seems to be very good.

As I think I said in a previous post, I think that the prices of the volumes are a little steep for the download volumes, which are generally about an hour. On the other hand, you can download the content and its yours, plus there are a good set of preview pics and clips to give you a good idea of what each voume is about.

So, keep your eye on smoking-models, I think its going to give Smoking Rachel a run for the most energetic newer PG smoking glamour site.  

November 25, 2006

Scarlett Johansson Smoking

The young blonde star who was recently name the most beautiful woman in the world is the present day image of the film noir smoking beauty. That is particularly evident in her smoking performance in the "Black Dahlia".

scarelett johansson smoking

November 23, 2006

Tahnee Welch Smokes...

tahnee welch smokes






















and, unlike her mom, it seems to be a regular in real life habit..to me, this is the classic film noir type pic with her, and she looks every bit as sxultry as her famous mom...maybe even more.   

November 22, 2006

Racquel Welch Smokes...

racquel welch smokingwell, mainly cigars according to the scoop on the net, with some anecdotes about cigarettes from back in the day. The pic on this blog post is the only one I have seen...it looks like she is relaxing on set during a break or something, so if it is really a candid pic, that would seem to answer the in real life question. Still, having one of the all time movie babes in the hall of female smoking celebrities is all any smoking fan could ask.  

November 21, 2006

Uma Thurman Smokes...

The tall, sultry star of the Kill Bill movies and Pulp Fiction reportedly an in real life smoker, and I would not dispute that from her performance in Pulp Fiction, not to mention the several candid pics, like this one on the post. Boy, wouldn't it have been great to see some nice drag/exhale scenes from Uma as the "Bride" in the Kill Bill flicks...not that would have been something... 

uma thurman smoking 

November 17, 2006

Force Smoking Site

women smoking face blowing Force smoking is the sister site of Quebec Smoke, who I blogged about recently. Force Smoking is, as you would think, a lot more about the dark side or edge of the smoking fetish, something webmistress Noemie has been known for on the net for years. two women smoking face blowingAgain, the pics and the sample vids seem to be of pretty good quality, and for those of you who like you're smoking models to be doing some serious face blowing into the faces of both male and female "victims" this is your site. As is the case with most scenarios that are dark side, like this site and Coherent Light, the models who participate are obviously very heavy smokers in real life.   






November 14, 2006

Good Wafting PIc from Smoke-City...

I can't honestly say that I've ever been a huge fan of Smoke City, a porn site pretending to be a smoking site, in my opinion, but this is one of the better wafting pics I've seen in a while,,,

big bust woman smoking

November 10, 2006

Smoking Site: English Girls Smoking

two women smoking smoke in the faceThis one looks like it is going to be a pretty good one, too. English Girls Smoking is , as you might guess, a site based out of England with in real life English girls doing the smoking. The site is PG, focused only the girls smoking in everyday settings. Volumes of about 1 hour in length are available for download and the prices look pretty good. Up until now, I thought Smoking Rachel's Clip Store had the best price for length of content, but this one might be just as good or better, depending on the exchange rate (its priced in pounds). The sample clip I saw was good quality and lighting. Right now there appear to be 5 or 6 different models, so the variety is there or looks like it will be there. I'm going to keep an eye on this site.

November 09, 2006

Courtney Cox Smokes....

and I have blogged about this sultry star of Scream and Friends before who, at least is supposed to be, an in real life smoker. I came across this pic below and just wanted to include it in the blog post.

courtney cox smoking 

November 07, 2006

Brooke Hunter Smokes...

and she is, without a doubt, in real life. The adult star and webmistress has done some smoking fetish videos, though they were mixed with hardcore porn. For those of you who like your smoking getish without porn, she has also done custom smoking fetish videos, including one for me some years back. My pal Smoking Rachel also told me that she had been trying to hire Brooke to do a shoot for her site, but I'm not sure where that is at. I do know that she has a site that has been in reconstruction for a while now, but Brooke Hunter is a heck of a sultry smoker, as you can see by the french inhale pic below.

brooke hunter smoking french inhale     

November 06, 2006

New Smoking Model...

woman smoking nostil mouth exhaleat Smoking Rachel's site is coming in the next update of the member's area on November 10.

Rachel tells me her name is Shelby and she is a model with some New York City runway experience who is a relatively new smoker with a general preference for Black & Mild cigars.

Judging from the neat combo exhale pic I copied from Rachel's site for this blog post, the member's of Rachel's VIP Room have something to look forward to with Shelby. 

November 04, 2006

Quebec Smoke

Noemie has been producing smoking fetish content on the web for some time now and her latest site is Quebec Smoke which seems to be her own baby, most of her earlier video work is with Smoke Signals now. Noemie definitely walks on the edge, so to speak, with a lot of her work being forced smoking or in the in your face variety. Her current site seems to have a pretty good variety of models, and the videography is pretty good as well, judging from the few clips that I have seen. As you might think, Noemie is French Canadian and most all of the dialogue that I have heard in the clips is French, but that may or may not make a difference for some of you.

The pic here is from a clip she calls Extreme Smoking, where two models basically have a race to see who can smoke down their cigarette first. Its pretty intense, with some serious exhales going on, for a good part of the clip the smoke clouds are so thick that you can't really see the model's face. I'm guessing that some will really like this type of action and some won't be into it at all, but you can say that about almost anything. There is also some good cigar work on this site, though the models are always smoking those huge, huge, oversize cigars that don't do it for me as much as something a little more realistic.    


two women exhaling cigarette smoke

November 03, 2006

Pay Per View...

is a way of getting content that seems to be more and more prevalent. Its no different in the smoking fan community as producers are offering it more and more. Not surprisingly, Smoke signals is at the forefront, with hundreds of clips and movies that you can view by paying for a set amount of minutes. I also noticed that Jessica's 1000 cigarettes site has a couple of videos that can be viewed by buying a license for a particular amount of time, during which you can view the movie as many times as you want.   

Also, I hear from Smoking Rachel that she will soon be jumping into the fray with her site, which will still offer its member area and clip download store, but will add the option of buying a license, ticket, or whatever you want to call it, to view movies and clips.

Of course, the thing about this is that the content is rights protected, so it can't be copied or downloaded. But, for some, this is perfect and its also a good way to preview content for a smaller price before joining a site or buying a dvd or downloadable clip.

redhead girl smoking  

Brooke From Visual Smoke

woman smoking a cigar












Most of you are probably aware of the high quality work done by Visualsmoke, as they put out high end smoking glamour videos featuring serious in real life smokers. And there is another one out there for you now, Harmony & Brooke, which is going to be available in DVD and in the member's area of that site. To be honest, I'm not sure if this is Harmony or Brooke in the pic, but when there is a pic with a cigar combo nostril/mouth exhale as good as this one, I don't sweat the details too much.  Hopefully, this site will continue to pump out this kind of content for a long time to come...if you can, get yourself a membership for a few months. The $12.95/month price is well worth it and one of the best deals out there for the level of quality that you will get.     


November 01, 2006

Julie Strain Smokes...

Julie Strain will be familiar to anyone who has ever watched late night Cinemax movies or caught her cameos in movies such as Naked Gun. She is a tall, former Penthouse beauty who is looking very well-thank you-into her middle 40's. More importantly for us smoking, however, is the fact that she used to be a smoker, and a fairly heavy one at that, although she has reportedly quit. She has a movie-sorry I forget the title-in which she plays a socialite type who doubles as a dominatrix at night in an undergound B&D clun in L.A. You know, the standard B movie T & A plot line. Anyway, she does an incredible talking exhale/residual nostril exhale in one scene that will have you all giving her a standing ovation. The pic for this blog demonstrates a pretty darn good french inhale and there is also a movie in which she plays a cowgirl that features her smoking a cigar. I'm sure that most of her movies are on video or DVD-hell, most of them went straight there bypassing the theaters...so you might want to check out smoking celebrities to see if you can get the names and availaility of any of the films I sort of described here...you won't be disappointed in Julie Strain's smoking prowess.

julie strain smoking

New Site for Melissa Jacobs...

meliisa jacobs smokingthe October '05 Penthouse centerfold who did a couple of smoking shoots for Smoking Rachel last summer.

Melissa's new site is obviously designed by pros and is, to say the least, very nice to look at although parts of it are still under construction. I know from seeing some of her clips shot by Rachel that Melissa is a regular smoker who loved doing her smoking fetish shoot and, according to Rachel herself, will be shooting again.

When we smoking fans have a Penthouse Pet at the top of her game who is willing and able to provide us with top quality content, I think we should support her all we can in whatever she does...so make dang sure you check out her new site often, join it if you can. I will keep you posted as to when Melissa Jacobs will appear on Rachel's site again.