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October 31, 2006

Devon Smokes...

Devon is a fairly well known adult star, who also has some very sultry smoking pics like this one that really captures a deep drag, she had her own website, but I never joined and I'm not sure its still up and running. So. I would not know how much smoking related material would be on it. But, some pics like this will probably be more than enough for most smoking fans.    

devon smoking

October 30, 2006


Mistress Devilyn is another smoking wemistress who has left the web in the last few years. She was more into the femdomthng,but she also had a definite thing for cigars, particularly the bigger, thicker kind of cigars that are necessary for some fans of cigar smoking women. Its been a while since Mistress Devilyn and, in fact, until I saw a couple of pics floating around recently, I had kind of forgotten about her and her site. That is no slam at her, but it just didn't seem like she was around very long, but what she did do certainly left an impression, especially for those fans of smoking women who puff huge stogies.

buxom woman smoking a cigar

Random Snaps

girl smoking at card tableWell, as you know, I've blogged time and time again about the quality of Random Snaps, the UK based site that is the best at putting out quality pics on a regular basis...with the arguable exception of Colight, they are second t none when it comes to lighting.

What I really like about this picture is the backdrop of the woman smoking while playing cards, the stereotypical smoke filled card game. I don't know why, but this scenario really appeals to me.

Smoking Rachel has told me that she is planning to do a shoot with this type of theme, only it will be with the models smoking cigars. She said that she has previously done a couple of clips like this, but she was not happy with the lighting and she wants to focus on this particular thing for one shoot.   

Tall Goddess Smokes

tall blonde woman smokingTall Goddess if a 6 foot tall glamour model from Germany by way of London who is now living in L.A. and producing her own line of fetish videos. As you might guess, her body of work inclues several smoking sets, especially the face blowing/domination variety. She has a pay site, which I was a member of a couple of years back. It was well worth it, as she indulges pretty much everything except boy-girl hardcore. The smoking was one of the more substantial portions of the site, and, as you can see from this pic, she is at the top of the scale when it comes to beauty and the sultry aspect of smoking, she knows what it is about. I don't know that I feel good giving her site a big thumbs up when I have not been a member for such a long time, but unless its a lot worse than it used to be-and I doubt that it is-it will be great even for fans who just want quality smoking pics and vids, its there.   

October 27, 2006

Eva Mendes Smokes....

eva mendes smokingEva Mendes is another one of the Latin sultry smoking beauties that is near and dear to my heart, and I'm happy to report to smoking fans that she is at least an occassional smoker, having lit up in a couple of her movie roles.

The pictures of her smoking on the internet are, unfortunately, fairly sparce, and the few I've seen are all of the holding/posing variety, but that does not take away from the sultry look of Eva smoking for us, wouldn't you agree? 

Marilyn Monroe Smoking

marilyn monroe smokingWhat else needs to be said about probably the most famous screen legends who still makes hearts flutter more than 40 years after her death, including some hearts who weren't even alive when she was the number one object of men's thoughts?

Well, you know all of that and, if you like old movies or have read this blog for a while, you know Marilyn Monroe was an in real life smoker, too. To my knowledge, there is only one movie where she smokes onscreen, Niagara, where she takes several drags while wrapped in a towel after a shower. I've the seen the movie and, as you might guess, its a very good scene.

There are, I'm happy to say, plenty of Marillyn Monoroe smoking pictures available on the 'net, mostly in the classic old "Hollywood" pose, but I have seen one or two inhale/exhale pics, though those are candids.

The pic I've chosen for this post is probably my favorite one, courtesty of my buddy Smoking Rachel ,but if anyone has any other Marilyn Monroe smoking pictures, by all means, don't be shy. 

October 26, 2006

Smoking Model: Lana Cox

blond smoking in lingerieLana Cox is a Russian model who lives in Britain and used to run her own site, which primarily dealt with smoking fetish...it was a big site, she did custom videos (including one for yours truly), she had a big members area, and did some sets with other models.

It wasn't completely smoking fetish, there was plenty of nudity and girl-girl stuff, no hardcore.

Then, she just disappeared from the net. Its been a couple of years now, I've looked for her here and there but nothing. Fortunately, a whole lot of her old picture sets are still on the web, particularly at Angel's Smoking Fetish Archive. 

October 21, 2006

Seductive Smoking:Naomi Campbell

I have blogged about smoking supermodels before as well as Naomi Campbell, so the background is there. this pic is an ode to seductive smoking, made all the more alluring because its Naomi. What more could you ask for in a  seductive smoking pic>

naomi campbell smoking

October 19, 2006

Holiday Exhale Pic

Well, I have always had a thing for excellent pics of thick, streaming exhales, and this pic of the model blowing her stream exhale straight up is possibly the best lighted exhale pic that I have ever seen. It may seem like I say that type of thing often, but I don't think I actually say any one pic is the best, not to mention that there is also the possibility of me seeing another pic that blows me away...which is just what happened here. I saw this one at Smoking Angel's Archive  the

busty women smoking




















treasure chest of awesome smoking pics, in my opinion. The santa hat is kind of a nice touch here, as well, but to me this one is all about the exhale. Also, lets not overlook the fact that the model is also doing a great job of playing into the whole aura by the way she really seems to be enjoying her Xmas morning cigarette. And the tight black top doesn't hurt either.   

October 18, 2006

Smoking Site: Karen Smoking

Karensmokingis a new smoking site that I have not had a chance to check out, yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so. It seems like this is a one model site, if I'm not mistaken, but judging on the pictures that I have see, she certainly looks very good and the smoking seems to legit. I'll talk more about it later when I know more.  

women smoking

New Model at Smoking Rachel

Yet another new model is on Smoking Rachel's site. Rachel reports that the model's name is Carey and that she is an amateur model who smoked when she was real young, quit for five yeas, and has recently picked up the habit again! There is a hour plus video of Carey smoking her Camels in Rachel's VIP Room and several free pics of her as well, such as the one here that Rachel let me post for this blog post.  

busty brunette smoking

October 17, 2006

Another Sarenna Lee Pic

Sarenna Lee has made several appearances in this blog before, being a very popular big bust model of a few years ago who  also did several glamour smoking pics and was an in real life smoker as well. This pic is from a premium pic-from a smoking fan point of view-but what I liked about it is that it captures her in a totally real life, candid, pose and shows beyond any doubt that she smokes offscreen and off camera. Sometimes, when you hear that a celeb or model is a smoker, you never really know for sure because so many of them fib about it, one way or another and its often hard to be sure after looking at their pics or video. Here, there is no doubt about Sarenna, who is probably having a cigarette during a break in one of her model shoots.
big bust blonde smoking 

October 16, 2006

Smoking Hot sultry, wet look

This is an older smoking pic, one that I've seen a bunch of times on places like Angel's Smoking Fetish Archive a lot of times, and to me you can't beat if for capturing the essence of the sultry smoking look. Nice exhale pic, beautiful model, wet hair look that really adds to sensual look. I wish I knew who this model is or where the pic came from, drop me a line if anyone out there knows...if not, well, just enjoy the pic...I know I have.


girl smoking in bathtub 


October 15, 2006

A Nice Pic

I really like this pic, thought its hard for me to classify it...the exhale is o.k., but what I really like about it is the fact that the model seems to be a fitness gal, who you might not otherwise think of as a smoking girl. I love it when good looking models or female celebs are smokers when you wouldn't think they would be based on whatever stereotype. I just do.  

muscular woman smoking

October 14, 2006


two girls smoking














I've posted before of course, about Colight and the wonderful job that I think they do with the filming of exhales and, of course, edgier or 'dark side' stuff for those fans that are into that sort of thing. This pic is a great example of the "smoke in the face" act that some fans find enticing, for me its one of those female to female smoke in the face pics that I like and, of course, filmed very well to accentuate the exhale.  

October 13, 2006

Skye Blue Smokes...

skye blue smoking
Skye Blue is a very well known adult actress and webmistress who actually appeared in the movie "Boogie Nights" and is obviously a fitness buff. But, she is into fetish work as well and this small pic is the only one I have ever seen of her smoking...I would not hold out much hope that she is in real life, but at least we know that she is open to smoking...at least she was one time which may be enough for some of her fans. 

October 07, 2006

Megan Once Again...

Megan, ahh, Megan...those of you who have read this blog at all know that the former mainstay model from Colight is my all time fave, and I will regularly show her my love by poaitn some of her awesome, seductuve, smoking pics on this blog...and this is yet another. 

busty woman smoking in lingerie

October 06, 2006

Brigette Bardot: Smoking Queen

brigette bardot smokingOne of the most heart stopping ingenues of the 50's and 60's was Brigette Bardot (on the right), a classically sensual European screen siren, who is also a regular smoker, at least in real life.

Bardot, to me, is one of those female celebs is a gorgeous smoker just by the fact that she is smoking, which is not necessarily the case for most celebs or smoking models. The pic on the right is older, obviously, as Ms. Bardot receives a light from her girlfriend, but more recent pictures I've seen of her prove that she looks wonderful. Any more recent pics of Brigette Bardot smoking will be happily posted here.

October 03, 2006

Isabella Rossellini Smokes...

The identical twin looking daughter of screen legend (and real life chain smoker) Ingrid Bergman is certainly the epitome of the sultry looking smoking siren, particularly in black and white, as in this dangling cigarette photo.

isabella rossellini smoking