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September 29, 2006

Nice cigarette to cigarette lightup pic

This picture shows the cigarette to cigarette light up that is very popular with a sub-community within the smoking glamour/fetish community. I think that when you have a good looking woman lighitng her cigarette from another, it is almost by definition that she is a serious, in real life smoker with a habit, which is required for so many smoking fans to get max enjoyment. 

womzn smoking 

September 25, 2006

Which Smoking Screen Star Are You?

Here's a great quiz to see which 30s, 40s, or 50s smoking screen star you are most like.  Great pics with the quiz!

Come back and tell us all who you are!

Which Smoking Screen Siren/Star Are You?

September 24, 2006

Smoking Site: Smoking Heaven...

I'm still not sure how I feel about the prospects of this site, Smoking Heaven. It is based in the UK, features multiple models, and seems to know what the fetish is all about and not pretend to be a smoking site when it is really a porn site. On the other hand, the previews, while there are some interesting and jaw dropping pics, does not deliver on sample clips that long promised nor is it readily apparent that the site is regularly updated. I have never joined, but did send an email inquiry a while back and heard notshing. I think the the previews are promising, but would be interested in hearing from anyone who has actually taken the plunge.

busty brunette woman smoking

September 18, 2006

Smoke Signals Website...

two girls smokingSmoke Signals
is one of the oldest, and probably, the most well known of the smoking fetish/glamour websites. Until recently, they even had a print magazine to boot. They have a large member's area, though almost all of the content is from other producers, both past and present, not original smoke signals material. To be honest, I was a little disappointed during the time I had a membership, there were tons of pics, but not that much video as most of their video content seems to be in the downloadable/pay per minute site.   Also, I would like to see some changes on their site, the pic above for this blog-while undeniably hot, has been on the home page since at least 1998. But, they are still the kings and there is no better place to get a wide varay of smoking material, from PG to XXX and all variations in between. 

September 15, 2006

Nice Nostril Exhale Pic at Random Snaps

woman smoking nostril exhalesThis one is courtesy of Random Snaps, which is arguably the premier site for quality smoking pics, in my opinion.

 As you know, nostril exhales are near the top of the list for me, and as I've said before, its pretty rare to find one like this, that is well lit and really accentuates the nostril exhale.  

September 14, 2006

The Downloadable Smoking Clip

One of the things that I really like is the advent of the downloadable smoking clips, especially where you can get a preview clip or pic of the particular clip or clips you want to buy. Some of us don't want to get into a recurring membership deal or buy DVDs...or, even if we do, being able to download a clip for a much better price per capita when compared to a DVD or membership if its one they want to see. I know that Smoking Rachel has her own clip store on her site  as well as puts clips in the huge clips for sale site.  Clips4sale, in particular has a nice setup where you can search for the types of clips you want to view, and there are many smoking related clips, believe me. The only problem with that site is that it caters to most any taste you can imagine, and some of the producers might have 2 smoking clips in the 200 in their store, or might include "smoking" in their description, which can mean your search results are not as accurate as you might like, especially if you want to see smoking only, not tied up with some other fetish or scene. But, that seems, to me, like  a small price to pay if buying clips a la carte is what you want to do.

blonde woman smoking nostril exhale 

September 13, 2006

Cameron Diaz Smokes...

cameron diaz smokingIt seems like people either tend to really like Cameron Diaz or not. At least as an actress, that is. Put me in the "like" column, but this blog is about smoking glamour and beauty so lets focus on that and she definitely has the glamour aspect of it down.

From what I've been able to find out, it seems like she is one of those who primarily smokes in her roles, might have on in real life now and then, but would probably describe herself as a nonsmoker. You know, like Teri Hatcher, who gives all these anti smoking interviews, yet has one zillion smoking pics on the 'net from dozens of smoking scenes in her flicks...well, maybe not to that extent.      

September 12, 2006

Natasha Kinski Smokes...

natasha kinski smokingand Natasha-or Natassja-is one og those rare beauties who tantalizes us over a period of time as we see her grow from a teen to young adult to middle age and beyone, looking great the whole time and, luckily for us, smoking some of the way as well.

This pic is one of those that you might think that I would like, but I do, particularly because of the depiction of the lightup...of course, having a smoking celeb like Kinski adds a lot to this, but this is one of my favorite celeb smoking pics that I have posted here on this blog.   

September 11, 2006

My Favorite Drew Barrymore Smoking Pic...

is this one here, showing her demonstrating her awesome talent at blowing smoke rings in this Little Bo-Beep outfit, or whatever it is...I know she is a little younger here, but I'm sure she was of age. I think she is the best "smoke rings" producer I've seen...here's to you, Drew!  

drew barrymore smoking

September 10, 2006

Maria Montez: Smoking Queen

maria montez smokingThis is one of those classic, sultrty beauties of the Black & White age of Hollywood that some of you know I'm partial to when it comes to talking about smoking queens. However, unlike Bette Davis or Joan Crawford, Maria Montez didn't have a long enough career to be widely remembered a half century or more after her heyday; she is not thought of in conjuntion with a cigarette like Bette Davis; she has no famous smoking pic like Rita Hayworth that will be posted a hundred years after her death. But, she was a sultry and classic Latin beauty who would be appreciated by any smoking fan who puts a premium on the sultry and glamour aspect of smoking,

I have not seen any old clips of her smoking, but there are some pictures such as this one on the blog post that convince me that Maria Montez deserves mention as a Smoking Queen...and so she's gotten it from this blog.

The First Cigar Pic...

that I remember seeing on the 'net was this one, which I came across recently. I do not remember where I saw it or if there was any info. on the model, or how I got there, or if I was looking for cigar smoking pics, but I probably wasn't. That's the thing about looking for smoking pics on the web at a site like Angel's Archive, a pic that is at least 9 years old, like this one, will be right next to one that was posted for the first time yesterday, and there is no way to tell in some cases. For some of you, this might be the first time you've seen this pic which I think, for whatever reason, is really, really sexy.

woman smoking a cigar 


September 09, 2006

Madonna Smokes....

Well, it should not be too much of a surprise, some of us of her generation would think that Madonna is the kind of a girl who would try anything...at least once. I remember years ago seeing her at some music awards show where she was smoking as she introduced the next act-or maybe announced an award, I can't remember which-and she was saying her lines in between drags. Her backup dancer girls were behind her and they were taking drags in sync with Madonna...now did I really see that or is it just a false memory? For a mother pushing 50, you have to admit she looks fabulous... 

madonna smoking

September 08, 2006

Kiera Knightley Smokes...

The British Winona Ryder look a like is a sexy smoker, I have seen her myself do a lot of smoking in movies like The Jacket and Domino, where she seemed like she smoked in every scene. Like I said in an earlier blog, it just seems like the British girls smoke more and are more  up front about it than the American girsl...of course, that might not be a good thing,unless you are a smoking fan. And, you probably are or you would not be reading this blog, would you? There are plenty of Kiera smoking pics at smoking celebs   , mostly vidcaps from her flicks, but it seems to me like she might be the type of actress to do some smoking glamour poses, ala Charlize Thereon or Drew Barrymore...hopefully, that is not just wishful thinking

keira knighteley smoking 

Smoking Sites: Dragginladies

It kind of surprises me to realize that I have been blogging about smoking sites and other smoking glamour related topics for a few months now and have not mentioned or done a blog on dragginladies as of yet, one of the older and most trafficked (according to Alexa) smoking fetish sites out there on the web. Dragginladies is a huge site with 40 plus models, and there is an obvious emphasis on Asian models, though they do not make up the entire smoking model cast...I have never formally joined the site, but I have read and heard criticism of of it from the hard core smoking fan corner with regard to the smoking abilities of some of the models, saying the emphasis is more on style than substance. I can see both sides of the argument, there is an incredible number of models and a ton of content, but most of the pics and sample videos I have seen would lead me to believe that there is a heck of a lot more holding and posing than real smoking, and some of the models I have seen are not in real life smokers, obviously. But, that's all subjective and one man's average smoker is another man's smoking dream boat. The model in the pic I used fo blonde woman smokingthis post is Sue Diamond, who they say is one of the better smokers they have had.         

Penthouse Pet Layla Taylor Smokes...

penthouse pet layla talylor smokingAs some of you know, my pal Smoking Rachel has been ablel to do shoots with two Penthouse Pets over the last couple of months, and I did a blog post recently with a blurb about October '05 centerfold Melissa Jacobs, but I had not done one about Layla Taylor, a March '06 model for Penthouse who has also been featured in Playboy magazine. Layla actually shot with Rachel first. So, I'm sorry Rachel and, particularly, Layla, that I didn't give you your propers sooner. My bad, as the kids say.

Rachel tells me that Layla was a blast to shoot with and I can testify that she is a very, very sultry smoker, judging from Layla's Smoking clip package, which I have been  fortunate enough to see.  Layla smokes Parliaments, and Rachel told me that she did an outside shot with Layla that is to die for. I think we can also agree that Layla looks stunning in white.    

September 07, 2006

Eva Longoria Smokes...

eva longoria smokingWell, you wouldn't think that anything, including smoking, would be off limits for the sultry Latina, would you? Not me, as I watch the former skinemax actress (ever see Carlita's Way? ) make it big in the mainstream, as a smoking fan it makes me feel good to know that she is an in real life smoker, though the word on the street is that she is trying to quit...even to the extent of thinking about the patch, according to smoking celebs.

This may peg me as a hopless lover of old movies, but Eva reminds me of Delores Del Rio, a glamorous actress from Hollywood's Golden Age who was also a smoker and has a few classic black and white smoking pics (though mostly holding) floating around on the 'net for all of us smoking fans to enjoy. Will Eva leave the same imprint on the smoking community. I think she will, if she has not already, as long as she puffs away as much as possible before she quits.     

Christina Applegate Smokes...

And she really did it well in the movie Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter is Dead, where she played a character much younger than she is in real life, and her smoking in the film was to make her look more adult, which was part of the plot. Be that as it may, she definitely is a quality celeb smoker, and did it in that movie and others which tell me that she is in real life smoker...which is very important to a lot of smoking fans out there.

chriatina applegate smoking 


Carla Gugino Smokes...

Carla Gugino is one of those younger actresses who, to me, caputures the essence of the old time movie smoking queens, who mesmerized smoking fans with their mysterious and sultry clouds of smoke wafting out of their mouths and above their heads, often in black and white...and Carla Gugino does this as well. Of course, her smoking performance in Sin City-which was in black and white- is the first thing that comes to mind, she also was puffing away a great deal in a movie called Jaded, although the nature of the film was not meant to make her look glamorous...but her smoking glamour and sexy exhales still came through...at least to me. There is a smoking model named Leah on smoking rachel's site who reminds me of Carla Gugino, but make no mistake about it, Ms. Gugino is definitely a smoking queen.    

carla gugino smoking 

Smoking Sites: The Smokegirls

girl in pink hat smoking This is a realtively new smoking site that I just recently came across. The set up is that all of the models offer webcams in addition to clips and videos, but all of it is custom, as the site says, you are in control. There are about twnety five girls or so, such as Cashmere, who is pictured here in this pic for the blog. Each girl has her own page with a little blurb about her smoking history and thoughts on smoking. The girls range a little in age and looks, but all seem to be in real life smokers. To me, the concept is nice, but the cost is a little high...they say video clip start at $1 per minute and $50 for 30 minutes of a webcame show...but I should also say that it does give the models the ability to negotiate their own prices if the want. Think of it sort of as a Southern Charms type idea, only with a total concentration on smoking and a much more pleasing interface and system that is easier to find your favorite smoking girl. It will be interestting to see how this site does.       

September 06, 2006

Smoking Site Review: 1000 Cigarettes

woman doing french inhale1000 cigarettes is a site which is run by Canadia smoking model Jessica.

Jessica is a "next level" smoking model, with incredibly thick and always well lit exhales and is very proficient at snap inhales and french inhales as well.

Her site contains DVDs for purchase and download. YOu can join for web site access for $19.95 per month. Jessica seems fairly prolific, I drop by every once in a while and there do seem to be regular updates.

One thing to knwow going in is that this is strictly a one model smoking glamour site; there are non other models on the site other than Jessica. Also, don't let the 2257 warning on the home page fool you one way or the other, this is strictly a PG-13 site all the way. I would like to see more variety in the clips, the all seem to be shot in the same location with the same type theme, which is Jessica smoking and talking to you a little bit. But, it obviously works and, if you like this smoking model and pretty much just want to see her smoke in the same way over and over  , this site will be a dream come true for you.       

September 05, 2006

Naomi Watts Smokes...

naomi wattsI think of this actress as one of the better ones working today. She's not known for glamour, but has enough beauty for me to happily report that she is a smoker, as some of you who saw her in the Ring will know.

In fact, she seems to be an in real life smoker, for those of you that need that authentic criteria for your smoking celebs. Most of the pics I've seen floating around the net are captures from her movies as opposed to the glamour shots we sometimes see of other smoking celebs, such as Charlize Thereon and Drew Barrymore...at least I have not seen any. If any of you do, let me know or send it to me and I will post it either here or on the main site. By the way, is it just me, or can an argument be made that the British actresses are per capita more sultry smokers than the Americans? Think about it: Kate Winslet, Kate Beckinsale, Kiera Knightley, Naomi Watts, Minnie Driver...I don't know, just a thought.    

Penthouse Pet Melissa Jacobs Smokes...

And she recently did a couple of shoots for Smoking Rachel's site, as I blogged about previously. Rachel tells me that Melissa is a  fairly serious smoker, with some of the thickest exhales Rachel has had the oppotunity to film.

They hope to work together again and Melissa is also a real sweetheart, according to Rachel.

Rachel has set up a clip package with about 40 minutes of Melissa's best smoking clips in Rachel's Clip Pakage store.

There is a clip of Melissa smoking her Capris in a brown bikini that I have seen that is awesome...so maybe there is something to seeing Petnhouse Pets smoke.It definitely worked for me. penthouse pet smoking

Megan Smoking with a Holder

big bust woman smoking with holderThis is another pic  of my all time favorite smoking model, Megan, from Colight. and the first one that I have seen of her smoking with a holder. I am not normally a big holder guy, I don't know, they seem a little too aristocratic for me. But, when Megan is using one and following it up with one of her vcusotmarily awesomely thick exhales, you can't go wrong with that, its definitely a good thing.

One of My favorite smoking pics

woman french inhaling smokeI wish I could remember where this pic originates because I know I've seen it many times before, I think maybe  on Suze Randall's site, but don't quote me on that. I'm glad I found it recently on Angel's Ultimate Archive, because I really think it is one of the best smoking fetish pics I've ever seen.

There are a lot of pics with beautiful girls, but this is one that hits it out on all points, very sultry, well lit, perfect caputre of the smoke, thick exhale, everything that you look for in a smoking pic, at least in my opinion.   

September 04, 2006

Smoking Sites: Smoking-Models

This is a British based site that has a name very similar to another high quality smoking site, but its smoking-models with the hyphen. I blogged previously about how this site seemed to have changed ownership and, with all due respect, the change looks like its for the better. Its a little pricey, and the content is all availiable in downloadable volumes of approximately 1 hour each for $19.95 each. Not outrageously priced, but compared to what you get as a member to some sites like Visual Smoke, Lady-Madonna, and Smoking Rachel when you break it down in terms of how much content you get for every buck you spend.

On the other hand, the quality of models is first rate, they are all serious smokers, and they seem to update very regularly, so its definitely a good site to bookmark and check out again and again. The pic I chose to use for this blog is one of model Dani, who is not really a hooters girl, but I have no problem with the outfit, do you? As for the models, it appears that they are all high level models or adult performers over there in Britain, so those of you who rank looks very high will be pleased. I know I am.   


busty blonde smoking in hooters top 

September 03, 2006

Big Breast Smokers: Alyssa Alps

big bust woman smokingThis pic is of Alyssa Alps, a big bust model who has been on the internet for years, though her site does not seem to be updated regularly anymore. I was a member and there were quite a few smoking pictures and sets in her members area, one of which I have used to decorate this blog.

She didn't do much video, but she did do custom polaroids and may still do so, and one of the things she said on her site that she was willing to do, of course, was smoking content. In fact, she once agreed to do a set of smoking pics for me, but I never got around to the all important order, plus I was more into getting custom video work done.

Alyssa is an in real life smoker, with no intention of quitting, or at least that was the case the last time I checked on her FAQS page in the member's area. It was a nice site, with a nice amount of smoking material considering that was not the main focus of the site, which was Alyssa and her well endowed friends playing solo and with each other.

You can find dozens of Alyssa Alps smoking pics at smoking celebs, and not just posing, either, but some very good french inhales and other candid type shots.   

September 02, 2006

Neat Nostril Exhale Pic

I have heard from my good pal smoking rachel that one of the hardest things to really capture on video or in a pic is a good, thick, nostril exhale. First of all, there are not many who exhale that heavily or noticeably from the nose, and getting it from the front angle is really tough. But, if you set it up right, with sufficient back lighting, it is possible to catch it looking very good like the pic on this post. And, the fact that you see relatively few well lit and thick nostril exhales makes the pics and video clips that do have them all the better. 

woman smoking nostril exhaling smoke

Smoking Sites: Southern Charms:

Actually, Southern Charms is a huge collection of websites of amateur webmistresses, a lot of whom feature smoking on their sites. They also have a searchable database on their main panel, where you can search the sites for what you want to see, such as age, body type, and other things, including, of course, smoking. I was not a huge fan, as most of the sites are cookie cutter, and its hard to find individual sites through normal search engines, unless you know the specific URL.

But, there are some quality smoking pics and some of the weg gals are even willing to do custom videos as well. Its certainly a site to check out, specifically if you really like the girl next door thing for your smoking models.

woman smoking thick exhale 


September 01, 2006

Drew Barrymore Smokes....

drew barrymore smokingand she smokes quite a bit, being almost a chain smoker, according to her own words in some interviews that I have seen and read over the years.

I think I read that she started when she was 12 or something and was up to 3 packs a day in adulthood. Generally, I'm not as much of a fan of those women who smoke "too much", but Drew is an example. She has a picture out there where she is dressed s Little Bo Beep or something, and she is blowing some of her famous (to us smoking fans) thick, creamy smoke rings. She also has a real good smoke ring scene in one of her movies, and she does smoke in a lot of her films, in addition to in real life. She is probably my favorite female smoker, because she does it so well and so obviously enjoys it, too. There are literally a ton of Drew smoking pics at both Smoking Celebs and Smokingsides for you guyas to add to your collection. As for this little blog, this is not my first post about Drew...and you can bet it won't be my last, either.   

Smoking Site: Specialized Videos

women exhaling smoke through nostrilsSpecialized Videos is a high quality, long standing smoking glamour site that had been down for a while, I believe due to the illness of the producer, but now seems to be back up and running. There is no question that this is a quality site with dozens upon dozens of DVDs available for purchase, and most titles also available in VHS as well. The members site seems to be priced right around average, 19.95 per month recurring, 79.95 for six months. I have never joined the members area, but it seems from the site that the videos are in MPEG, which makes them bigger and slower to download than WMV. There isn't a clear indication ofr how much content is in the member's area, it says 200+ vids of an average of 1 minute, selected for their high quality. So, its video club content is significantly less than, say, Smoking Rachel's site which is creeping up towards 30 hours of content for its member's area. On the other hand, I haven't seen another site with more smoking only DVDs available, and the models like Courtney above, all seem to bo upper echelon smokers. Hopefully, this quality site will remain up for some time to come.

Oh, by the way, speaking of Rachel, she wanted me to give a shout out for her own smoking blog, saying she tries to post about twice a week with pics of her models and the scoop of what is going on and coming up in her growing smoking site.